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Human hair bulk
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You want to become a wholesale hair reseller? But you haven’t got enough knowledge in the human hair bulk business? Then in this post, we will provide you with the most necessary information. In general, one of the most important things to consider is to find a reliable and prestigious human hair bulk distributor. But before, you’d better define what to sell first. Then you choose distributors and learn all the steps and lessons in the process of importing source goods. There are quite a lot to remember, but don’t worry, as all will be clarified for you now.  


Human hair bulk


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I. All things you should know about human hair bulk/human hair in bulk

Before starting a hair business, one of the most important terms you need to understand is human hair bulk from wholesale bulk hair distributors. You may think that a bulk of hair simply indicates a big quantity of hair. However, there are tons of issues related to it. Three most outstanding ones that we are going to introduce to you are the definition of human hair in bulk, popular & best-selling hair bulk as well as notes to consider before importing from human hair bulk suppliers.


About human hair bulk

1.1. What is human hair bulk/human hair in bulk?

  • Human hair bulk or human hair in bulk is simply the term used to indicate the wholesale buying of hair. Buying hair in bulk means that you buy hair extensions in quantities. This term is often used to indicate the big deals between wholesale resellers and factories. Therefore, you as a reselling human hair bulk buyer need to comprehend this phrase to deal with factories.
  • When is a hair order considered as one in bulk? Buying in bulk means buying in quantities, but what exactly is the quantity? Trading in the hair business, you need to remember that an order is called “in bulk” only when it is an order of at least 10 kg of hair. If you don’t know, 1 bundle usually weighs 100 gram, so 10 kg consists of 100 bundles. Remember this, as you cannot order human hair bulk at a wholesale price with fewer than 100 bundles.

A human hair bulk order

See the best human hair bulk supplier here:

1.2. Favorite types of human hair bulk for wholesale hair sellers

  • Human hair in bulk/human hair bulk/bulk human hair means buying hair in quantities/buying wholesale, so you can follow it with the type of hair you want to buy when making an order. For example, you can use the phrase “bone straight hair in bulk” to buy wholesale bone straight hair, or use the phrase “curly hair in bulk” to buy wholesale curly hair, etc.
  • In addition, some will ask that “I want to buy hair in bulk, but I don’t want to buy just one kind of hair in quantity; I want it to be diverse, so what can I do? Actually, very simple, you can combine many types of hair in one order, as long as the total amount is at least 10kg (100 bundles). In other words, you can certainly buy 50 bundles of wavy hair, 30 bundles of straight hair together with 20 bundles of kinky hair or mix any of your favorite choices for one order.
  • About favorite types of human hair bulk for wholesale resellers to consult, there are 3 considerable types: human hair bulk afro kinky, human hair bulk braiding and human hair bulk for braiding. If you feel interested, please keep reading for more concrete information about these kinds.

Popular human hair bulk styles

1.3. Notes when buying human hair bulk to resell

Understanding what is buying hair in bulk is very important, knowing what to consider before dealing is even more important. Here are some useful tips you can consult before buying human hair bulk:

  • Always make a sample order: You should buy to test the quality of 3 or 5 bundles at first. That will ensure the quality of your bulk hair order from wholesale bulk hair distributors in the future. If you don’t test the quality beforehand, you cannot know whether you will be satisfied with the quality or not, and then your order in bulk will be very risky.
  • Always test and compare different factories to choose the best: Nowadays, there are such a number of human hair bulk suppliers, choosing one that is reliable is not easy at all. The only solution to this is to test, test and test!!! Only by making sample orders from different factories can you be able to compare and decide on the best distributor.
  • Always buy a variety of hair types in your order: When making sample orders, you also need to remember that an order of diverse hair types is the most effective. One factory may be good at producing these kinds of hair but not good at producing those kinds. Therefore, you’d better buy 2 bundles for each hair to make your test as much overall as possible.

Note when buying human hair bulk

Afterall, before deciding to buy human hair bulk, you need to take the factories and the hair quality into careful consideration. Only when you can make sure that the factory is prestigious and the quality can meet your demand that you finally make a wholesale order! Otherwise, the rate of being deceived is unpredictable. 

II. Human hair bulk afro kinky – the most favorite choice

As mentioned above, hair bulk afro kinky is one of the most popular options for human hair bulk, especially in Africa. So in case you are not very clear about this kind of hair, the following is about the hair quality and its reliable suppliers.

2.1. What are the criteria of qualified human hair afro kinky bulk/human hair bulk afro kinky? 

  • What is human hair bulk afro kinky?

Human hair in bulk afro kinky is one kind of curly hair, especially kinky hair means the hair is tightly curly or hair with zigzags. This kind of hair is very popular in African countries.

  • What are the criteria of qualified human hair bulk afro kinky?

It is said that afro kinky hair must be processed to reach the satisfactory degree of curly texture and natural-look color, so one apparent requirement is that the hair materials must be virgin bulk human hair which is fresh and healthy enough to restyle.

Also for this reason, afro kinky hair is very favored. Not only is it qualified but it is also a great choice to protect the natural hair look as well as to add volume or length to users’ real hair.


Human hair bulk afro kinky

2.2. Where to import human hair bulk afro kinky?

Then, where to import this kind of hair if you want to wholesale resell it? We want to introduce to you 3 most popular wholesale hair distributor factories. In fact, there are a variety of factories that supply human hair bulk afro kinky. However, through lots of research and practical experiences in the hair business, we conclude that 3 most prominent distributors of all hair types are from 3 countries: Viet Nam, China and India. Chinese and Indian factories have a strength of low price, and Vietnamese factories are well-known for perfect quality.

Although all of 3 countries’ factories have their own strengths, the point is, for this kind of hair, quality must be given priority, which means Vietnamese human hair bulk factories are the best choice. The reason is, hair materials must be processed before turning into human hair in bulk afro kinky, they need to be 100% human virgin hair. Hair sources in China and India are often remy hair, non remy hair or mixed-up imported hair. It needs the extreme intervention of chemicals to turn into afro kinky one. Therefore, the end-hair is easily tangled, shedding, dry and straightened. Only in Vietnam, the hair is 100% local virgin hair, which ensures that the afro kinky hair produced is not dry and can keep curl durably. 


Human hair bulk afro kinky of 3 distributors

III. Human hair bulk braiding – a wise human hair bulk choice 

Another popular hair in bulk choice is human hair in bulk braiding. This kind of hair is also very popular in the African as well as African American market. Below are some criteria and suggestions of distributors.

3.1. What are the criteria of qualified braiding hair in bulk/human hair bulk braiding?

  • What is braiding hair in bulk/human hair bulk braiding?

Braiding hair in bulk from wholesale braiding hair vendors is simply one kind of hair extension. However, its pattern is braiding, which makes it stand out in the collection of hair in bulk. There are many styles of braiding, but usually the hair is braided tightly and also colored.

  • What are the criteria of qualified braiding hair in bulk?

Similar to human hair bulk afro kinky, braiding hair in bulk from wholesale braiding hair vendors is required to be fresh and strong enough to apply this hard pattern. It is required to be soft enough when touching and the braid must not be tangled, shedding or splitting. If the hair is not qualified, after a short time, the volume of each braid will turn uneven and the hairs will untidily unbend, which is very unaesthetic. 

A qualified braiding hair extension from braiding hair wholesale vendors is appreciated for people who want to have a sporty African American look – a super popular trend, so if you are reselling in this market, you should consider this kind of hair.


Braiding human hair bulk

3.2. Where to import braiding hair in bulk/human hair bulk braiding?

Knowing about the characteristics of braiding hair in bulk from braiding hair wholesale vendors, the next issue is to find out which factories are dependable for this kind of hair. Similarly, braiding hair demands for high-quality hair materials. Therefore, Vietnamese wholesale hair factories are also again the top best distributors of all braiding hair wholesale vendors.

Besides, when it comes to producing human hair bulk braiding from wholesale braiding hair vendors, many factories such as Chinese factories choose another solution of production. They don’t produce human braiding hair, but they choose synthetic braiding hair instead. This option enables wholesale hair factories to supply braiding hair with a much cheaper price. However, hair made from man-made fibers is of low quality and the price is actually still high for such an unqualified product. Therefore, if you are considering importing this kind of synthetic hair from these braiding hair wholesale vendors, you should remember that it is not a good option when you want to gain your loyal customers from your human hair bulk prestige.


Human hair bulk braiding

IV. Human hair bulk for braiding – another great choice for wholesale resellers

Top 3 popular kind of hair in bulk is human hair bulk for braiding from wholesale braiding hair vendors! Why is this type so popular and what to bear in mind when choosing a distributor? All will be explained right now!

4.1. What are the criteria of qualified human hair bulk for braiding?

  • What is human hair bulk for braiding?

Human hair for braiding from braiding hair extensions wholesale is the hair that end-customers purchase to braid and customize by themselves. In other words, hair for braiding after being customized will turn into braiding hair.

  • What are the criteria of qualified human hair bulk for braiding?

As the hair must be ready for users to braid, it must be very soft, sleek and smooth to make sure that there is no difficulty in the braiding process. In addition, many people require hair from braiding hair wholesale vendors that is separable and healthy to freely add other customs like dying or bleaching. For these reasons, human virgin hair is the most suitable material to produce human hair bulk braiding. Bulk human hair is super supple and endurable, which ensures the quality and the life-span of hair bulk for braiding.

As a hair in bulk reseller, you really need to consider this kind of hair. More and more people are choosing to buy this kind of hair from braiding hair extensions wholesale as they want to have a unique look by customizing and blending hair according to their own creativity. They can apply any trendy colors, any types of braiding or so on. 


Human hair bulk for braiding

4.2. Where to import human hair bulk for braiding?

To find a reliable hair bulk for braiding factory or distributor, again, quality is the most concerned. When comparing 3 most prominent factories: Vietnam, China and India, it is clear that only Vietnamese hair from Vietnamese braiding hair extensions wholesale can meet the qualified criteria. 

  • Vietnamese human hair bulk for braiding is made of human virgin hair, so it minimizes the probability of the hair being tangled, shedding or detangling. It also ensures the capability to bleach or dye the hair into any favorite color.
  • Meanwhile, Chinese wholesale hair factories often choose to produce synthetic hair, which may give a good look at first, but then the quality will be worn down soon. Also, synthetic hair cannot give such a natural-looking vibe as human hair. 
  • For Indian factories, though the hair materials are mostly human hair, it is mainly remy or non remy hair, and the quality is not good. Even Indian virgin hair has lots of weaknesses, as the nature of Indian hair is always dry, curly and weak. It will take Indian braiding hair extensions wholesale lots of time and effort in the chemical process to turn the hair into human hair bulk for braiding, and the quality even degrades more, too.

Human hair bulk braiding of 3 distributors


After all analysis, we know that human hair bulk afro kinky, braiding hair bulk and hair bulk for braiding are 3 kinds of popular hair extensions for their special characteristics. To help wholesale hair resellers have an overview of these hair types and the distributors, here is the synthetic table. This table will also contain the information about prices of each distributor, to illustrate more clearly which factories supply the most qualified hair together with the most reasonable price!


Kinds of hair


Human hair bulk afro kinky

Braiding hair in bulk

Hair bulk for braiding


Price (USD/bundle) Quality Price (USD/bundle) Quality

Price (USD/bundle)


high 11.4 high 10 high 11


low 10.5 low 8.5 low


India low 10 low 8 low


Above is the price of typical factories of each country. In fact, the prices can vary a lot depending on the distributors. However, in general, it is quite clear that Vietnamese wholesale hair factories provide the most qualified human hair bulk with the most reasonable prices. For other factories, even though the quality is much worse, the price is not very low. Then you as a reseller need to consider very carefully and remember that the price is always worth the prices. Don’t be charmed by such a low price and forget that quality is what builds up your prestige and long-term development.


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V. Why choose Vietnamese factories for your human hair bulk business?

As mentioned above, Vietnamese hair factories are proven to be the top best hair in bulk suppliers. Especially towards human hair bulk afro kinky, braiding hair bulk and hair bulk for braiding, quality is of the most importance. Needless to say, Vietnam is a great distributor.


Vietnamese human hair bulk factories

5.1.  High quality of Vietnamese human hair bulk

The high quality of Vietnamese hair lies in many different factors:

  • Sources of hair: Vietnamese hair is 100% local virgin hair which is super supple, strong, silky, no tangled or shedding and very durable thanks to Vietnamese women’s healthy lifestyles. This is the unique strength of Vietnamese hair that no other suppliers can surpass.
  • Life-span of hair: Vietnamese hair is the only kind that can last as many as 10 years  with suitable care.
  • Restyling capability: As Vietnamese hair is virgin bulk human hair, it is easy for producers to bleach or dye into any color, including the most tough color like 613.
  • The stability of hair quality: Many factories may produce hair with high-quality at this time but low-quality at another time. For Vietnamese human hair bulk, the quality is always guaranteed as the hair sources are stable and the production is qualified when the workers are all skillful.

Vietnamese human hair bulk quality

5.2. Best price offer of human hair bulk in Vietnamese hair in bulk factories

In addition to providing hair with high quality, Vietnamese wholesale hair factories are also worth choosing for the reasonable prices:

  • Bulk hair prices in Vietnam are minimum prices. Vietnamese human hair bulk factories can directly produce the hair, so production cost is not very high and the end-price is reasonable. Meanwhile, many other factories worldwide import cheap hair materials or even hair extension products from other countries to resell at much higher prices. 
  • The hair prices in Vietnam are always suitable together with the quality. Many human hair bulk factories can offer a cheap price, but the hair quality is terrible. Many others request a much higher price, but it is just the result of high materials importing costs or famous labels that are fakely created to increase the prices. Not many factories can guarantee that the quality is worth the price as Vietnamese distributors do.
  • All the information above is not biased at all, we did do lots of research before coming up with the most objective conclusion. You can read more findings about human hair bulk factories all over the world in this blog: Top 1 Hair Factory: New Truths about Wholesale Hair Factory

Vietnamese human hair bulk prices

5.3. K-Hair Factory – Top 1 Vietnamese hair factory – Your best partner in the hair business

When talking about Vietnamese human hair bulk factories, it is a deficiency if we don’t mention Vietnam’s most reliable hair distributor factory. Being in the hair business for decades, K-Hair gradually builds its prestige as a factory supplying a variety of qualified hair at reasonable prices. K-Hair is always appreciated for real faithful feedback from customers about high-quality hair and good prices, clear policy (of payment, shipping, return, etc), diverse hair choices and professional customer care services. A picture is worth a thousand words, below are pictures about K-Hair Factory.


K-Hair human hair bulk feedback


K-Hair human hair bulk order


K-Hair human hair bulk


K-Hair supplies human hair bulk worldwide

You can also find more about K-Hair Human Hair Bulk Factory through these official channels:


K-Hair human hair bulk factory

To more understand why K-Hair is top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, you should also consult this: Compare hair suppliers in Vietnam

VI. How to start your business in human hair bulk wholesale?

After getting so much knowledge of wholesale hair, you must be very curious about the way to start your own hair business, right! Below is our sharing of the most concerning issues: how to import hair from the best human hair bulk factory and useful tips that every wholesale reseller needs to pay attention to.


How to start human hair bulk business

6.1. How to import human hair bulk from Vietnamese factories: a five-step process

In general, all hair factories will give the same process of an order, and here is a specific example from K-Hair factory. You should remember that as long as the factory provides you with a clear ordering policy, there is nothing to be scared of when making an order in bulk.

  • Step 1: Check the price and contact the factory to confirm the order

After researching and comparing different human hair in bulk factories, you will choose for yourself the most suitable supplier. Then you just need to chat with them to get more advice and make an order. This step is very simple, yet you still need to consider some notes:

Always tell the orders in detail. A human hair bulk order should contain all information about: hairstyles, quality grade, color, quantity and length


Afro Kinky Hair – Super Quality – Natural Color – 1kg – 22 inch

Braiding Hair – VIP Quality – Natural Color – 0.6kg – 20 inch

Remember to order together with closures. Usually, 3 bundles will go with 1 closure for a full head wig. Closures are often ordered 2 inch shorter than hair bundles.

E.g. You need to buy 22 inch hair, then please order 20 inch closure.


Human hair bulk order

  • Step 2: Make the invoice

In case you are confused when listing the order, the sales staff of human hair bulk factories will help you list the orders and make an invoice. Your job is to check and make sure that all the information is clear and correct

  • Step 3: Confirm the invoice, pay the full money or make deposit

One thing to pay attention to is that you must make sure the account information is correct and the transaction is carefully recorded.

  • Step 4: Update hair conditions

Before shipping the hair, the factories have to let you check the hair quality beforehand. Just make sure that you feel satisfied before having the hair shipped.

  • Step 5: Confirm shipping and pay the rest (if any)

The last step is very simple. You confirm your satisfaction about the hair and wait for the hair to be delivered to you.


Steps to import human hair bulk

6.2. Advice for resellers in human hair bulk business

Above is general knowledge of hair wholesale that every reseller needs to know. However, just obtaining those lessons is never enough to become a successful wholesale hair reseller. The most precious lessons are your own experiences in the human hair bulk business. In addition, advice from former businesspeople is also useful. On the way of your own business, getting recommendations from experts will make your business much smoother. Therefore, don’t miss these invaluable suggestions below.

6.2.1. Advice for newbie wholesale resellers

What to do before starting your hair business?

  • Define your business direction

In this dynamic hair market of wholesale hair distributors, the most beneficial choice is B2B e-commerce. Nowadays is the period of online platforms. Every human hair bulk hair reseller needs to quickly adapt to the development of the environment, especially the technological environment. If you merely continue the traditional form of selling and buying, your business will be outdated, backward and cannot compete with other strong competitors. 

So, what are the e-commerce platforms that you can make use of? The answer is a lot. Just go online and make the most of your social networking! You can build for your human hair bulk business a website, create facebook, whatsapp, instagram, zalo accounts or so on. Also, you can spread your hair on famous trading channels like Amazon or Alibaba. As the technology is advancing each day, you’d better keep the information up-to-date.


Human hair bulk B2B

  • Be competent in the five-step process in making an order in bulk above

Make sure that you grasp the simplest task: making an order!!

  • Prepare all the resources

The resources here include: money, time, plan and human resources.

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What to do when you first start your human hair bulk business?

  • Define your business goals and target market correctly and keep track on these

You ought to always make sure that your business is on the right track. Whenever you see that the human hair bulk business is not effective, and it does not bring the results that you expected in the beginning, or your customer groups are changing differently from what you planned, you have overly reflect on your business to find out the causes as well as the solutions.

  • Decide on your products smartly

Normally, human hair bulk resellers have the tendency to start with a small budget to avoid as many risks as possible. There is nothing wrong with this. However, one point is that customers nowadays meanwhile have the tendency to spend such a big amount for their beauty. When they decide to be grooming, then they will be willing to pay for high-quality products, as long as they are worthy. Therefore, you should be more confident and try to offer not too bad or not too cheap products. Wonderful choices for you are double drawn and super hair. All of these two kinds of bulk hair from wholesale bulk hair distributors have medium to high quality, and the prices are also more affordable.


What to do when starting human hair bulk business

For your information, normally the human hair bulk quality has 4 grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double hair and VIP hair (full same length hair). The quality and prices of VIP hair is the highest, following is super double, the double drawn and final is single drawn hair. To read more about hair quality, you should consult this: Vietnamese Hair: The Best Hair Quality to Invest in Hair Market


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6.2.2. Advice for former wholesale resellers

For former human hair bulk resellers, it is much easier to develop as you gained lots of experiences in your business. You already have a variety of customers: those with high budget and demand, and those with lower budget. What you should do is to focus on the way to meet the demand of each group of customers.

  • For customers with high budget and demand

Customers with a high budget definitely require high-quality hair extensions and are willing to purchase luxurious hair. If you can meet their demand, it will be pretty beneficial as you will gain more loyal customers. As a result, your human hair bulk business will gain more prestige and popularity.

So, what to provide for this group of customers? Certainly super double hair and VIP hair. Remember that not all human hair bulk distributors can really supply you with VIP hair, you should check the quality carefully before buying in bulk.

  • For customers with lower budget

Customers with a low budget only care about the price and hardly care about the quality, so you can provide them with single drawn or double drawn hair. However, as long as people think of beautifying themselves, they still somewhat prefer better products with reasonable prices, so double drawn hair from wholesale bulk hair distributors is more considerable. You just need to patiently explain that the quality is worth the price, then gradually they will understand and say thank you to you for advising them to buy such more beneficial products! As long as you are faithful, you will gain the trust of your customers.


Advice for hair in bulk sellers

In conclusion, you need to have diverse choices of hair to attract and please all your potential customers. In addition, your attitude and customer care services are also the key that defines your success. Therefore, although you already have experience in the human hair bulk business, don’t forget to learn and improve yourself everyday. If you need a faithful distributor as well as a long-term partner, don’t hesitate to contact us!  

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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