How to bleach natural hair to blond 613

Apply the bleach to get the blond 613 you want
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Hair bleaching trend has never been out of date in recent years, accompanied by beautiful hairstyles such as gorgeous shoulder-length hair, fancy ombre or outstanding colors such as platinum, pastel pink, purple, smoke … These dyed hair colors force you to apply methods of bleaching many times to get the right color. The following blog will introduce to you in detail about the things you need to know how to bleach natural hair to blond 613, let’s check it out!

1.Things you need to know about “Bleach natural hair to blond 613”?

A lot of people are still having no idea what bleaching hair to blond 613 is or still blurred about the definition. Keep reading to know about how to bleach natural hair to blond 613 in detail.

1.1.  What is “Bleach natural hair to blond 613”?

What exactly is “Bleach natural hair to blond 613?” This is the process of removing melanin in the hair with specialized chemicals to help lose the original hair color. Melanin is known as the dark pigment that gives skin, hair, and eyes color. Melanin is available in the body, when melanin is lost, the hair will turn white or gray, and this will be the premise for dyeing colors such as platinum, smoke, light colors…

How to bleach natural hair to blond 613?

How to bleach natural hair to blond 613?

Depending on each person’s natural characteristics, the darker the hair color, the more often it is required to apply the bleaching method with a high concentration of concentrated detergent to make the hair color completely disappear.

Hence, to bleach natural hair to blond 613, we need to be careful in bleaching the hair to get the exact 613 blond color. In addition, bleaching or dying hair will be much more appealing with a curtain bang, you ought to try!

1.2.  Types of dye can be used To bleach natural hair to blond 613.

Currently, there are 3 main types of dye to bleach natural hair to blond 613, which are:

– Oil type: Slow, mild, lift up 2 levels This is a popular hair softener for brittle and gray hair. Used to bleach the whole hair, using this type will be less harmful than hair bleaching it less, using (glossy).

– Cream type: very popular because hair is easy to brush, does not flow, and dries long. The conditioner in the cream gives some protection to the hair. The bluing molecule removes red and orange pigments. The thickener in the medicine makes it easy to apply to your hair.

– Powder type: contains oxygen releasing boosters that have a fast and powerful effect when combed up very quickly and dries this powder bleach part strong for the hair close to the skin. So only use bleaching new hair growth (easily irritated skin). Used to bleach hair difficult to eat drugs: fast, strong. Do not bleach weak hair. Adjust proportions according to the quality of the hair. When you need to bleach many times, use oxygen in a descending direction from 12% to 9% to 6% while increasing nutrients to protect hair. In the scalp using low oxygen concentrations to avoid scalp irritation can use scalp protectors. Spread 0.5mm is best. Use a heater, or put on a plastic cap.

2. How to bleach natural hair to blond 613?

In this section, you’re gonna learn how to bleach your own natural hair (for hair extensions, they are usually for virgin hair, as remy hair cannot ensure a good outcome) to blond 613 if you follow the exact preparations and steps below:

2.1. Preparations before bleaching natural hair to blond 613.

Here we go, before bleaching the hair, you need to arrange for perfect preparations, which are:

a) Work on natural hair (not or away from hair treatment time)

The steps below are mainly for natural hair, which means natural color or it’s been a long time since you last processed your hair with chemicals. So, do not do any hair treatment for at least 3 months before you intend to bleach your hair. If you have treated or dyed your hair, I recommend waiting at least three months before deciding to bleach. Because bleach works best on natural and untreated hair. Your hair is also more susceptible to damage if you continue to bleach it.

b) Limit styling before bleaching

Stop using heat to style your hair and do not use shampoos and products containing sulfates and alcohol. This will help prevent the hair from losing moisture. So before we start to bleach natural hair to blond 613, we need to mind it carefully.

c) Good hair treatment

You need to start conditioning your hair 2 weeks before bleaching. And by the way, it doesn’t mean you have to use as much conditioner from the store. Instead, use an intensive hair conditioner mask at least twice a week. You can make your own homemade masks using ingredients like coconut oil, eggs, olive oil, banana, and butter.

When applying this mask, you must make sure that you never wash your hair before. This will keep the shampoo from drying out your hair.

d) Coconut oil is the best companion for your hair

One thing K-Hair’s experts have realized after bleaching many times is that coconut oil can prevent damage to your hair. Applying coconut oil overnight, before you do your hair bleaching can make a completely different feel. Coconut oil will form a protective barrier on your hair fibers, preventing hair from losing too much moisture, but also does not affect the hair removal process.

Also, Coconut oil is exactly what K-hair Factory has been using to protect and keep the hair moisturized before starting the bleaching process.

2.2.  6 steps to bleach natural hair to blond 613

There are 6 main steps that need to be followed if you wanna get the dreaming blond 613.

Step 1: Wear old clothes and gloves

Make sure to put on old clothes so you don’t damage the new clothes when detergent gets on and wear gloves. So before starting to bleach natural hair to blond 613, we need to wear protective clothes like old ones to prevent dye from getting in our clothes.

 Wear old clothes and gloves

Wear old clothes and gloves

Step 2: Split the hair.

Divide your hair into sections and secure it on top of your head. This way you can easily manipulate each part of the hair in the back. This is the best way for you to get the first volume of hair done because it is hard to reach. 

Split The Hair before Bleaching The Hair to Blond 613

Split The Hair before Bleaching The Hair to Blond 613

Step 3: Mix the hair bleach with dye

Mixing bleach and dye is carried out. You will have to add two parts of dye aid to one part of bleach. You beat well to make the mixture smooth, not clumped.

Step 4: Apply the bleach

Apply bleach to each strand of hair below, then do the same with the rest of the hair. As soon as all your hair is bleached, wrap it entirely with a shower cap or plastic bag.

Apply the bleach to get the blond 613 you want

Apply the bleach to get the blond 613 you want

Tip: First apply bleach on the ends of your hair and from the middle of the length of your hair, as they take longer to lighten your hairline. Leave the bleach on your hair for at least 20 minutes and then apply bleach to the roots. This way, you can ensure uniform colors.


Step 5: Sit back and wait for the bleach to seep into your hair

This is considered the most important part when we bleach natural hair to blond 613, so focus completely on this step!

Now, it’s time to sit back and wait for the miracle to happen! The maximum time for bleach on hair is from 30-45 minutes. Check your hair repeatedly every few minutes to see if the color has been raised to your desired level. Don’t worry if your hair turns orange, it’s normal for darker hair to turn orange.

Remember to check out if the color is the blond 613 or not before coming to the final step.

 Step 6: Wash and dry

After waiting for 45 minutes, wash the bleach off with water, then use a balanced shampoo to balance the pH of your scalp. Next, you need to use a protein-balanced conditioner to protect your hair. And finally, perform the blow-dry and you’re done, you’ll get the blond 613 as you wish.

3.How to take care of hair after we bleach natural hair to blond 613

After bleaching hair to blond 613, you’ll have to face a lot of trouble and difficulties, which may change your daily routine a lot. First of all, you may know that after being bleached, the scalp can be easily damaged, not simply burnt. In addition, A standard hair care routine must be followed every day. Last but not least, you need to be prepared for the worst possible situations when bleaching hair, such as hair shedding or brittle hair loss.

Here are some tips that may help you protect the hair after being bleached.

          Use the matching shampoo, do not wash it too much!

          Boost the conditioner

          Limit the times you dry the hair

          Change your towels regularly

Read more on “HOW TO PROTECT BLEACHED HAIR FROM K-HAIR EXPERT” to know the explanations in detail.

4.K-Hair’s Products: Is this where to find the best ones after they bleach natural hair to blond 613?

What if you’re scared of the fact that your hair may be damaged badly if you’re not confident in bleaching the hair yourself at home or the hair colorist? Bleached hair extensions are the best solution for you. However, it’s not that easy for us to find the best hair factory that can produce the best quality blond 613 hair extensions. Based on almost 30 years of research on hair and how to process the hair while limiting the damage to the hair, K-Hair’s bleached hair is believed to be one of the best among thousands of hair vendors’ in the world.

Let’s see some of the 613 blond hair produced by K-Hair in the pictures below.

Beautiful Blond 613 Hair Bundles By K-Hair. 

Beautiful Blond 613 Hair Bundles By K-Hair.

Gorgeous Blond 613 Straight Hair Bundles From K-Hair.

Gorgeous Blond 613 Straight Hair Bundles From K-Hair.

Read more on The Best Blonde For Black Women to have more choices for blond 613.

Come and get free hair expert’s advice if you wanna start your business with us now.  

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K-Hair_Wholesale Contact

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