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There are many different techniques of how to tie a beautiful ponytail, such as high ponytails, low ponytails, puffy napes, and so on. Girls care about how to do a ponytail perfectly because each hairstyle accentuates a different feature. Please get the best guides right below, and you’ll also get to know more about this amazingly trendy hairstyle as well.

1. How to do a ponytail: What is a ponytail?

For those of you who don’t know what a ponytail is, it’s a hairstyle in which the hair is tied all the way back and is incredibly energetic and youthful. Lazy women have to express “love” with these lovely high ponytail hairstyles since they are exactly the easiest trend, extremely fast, no need to groom.

Whether you have shoulder length hair or a bob, dreamy curly hair or calm straight hair, the ponytail will undoubtedly make you stand out and cool in this hot summer, as long as you know how to do a ponytail. The globe model village’s spring-summer hair fashion trend this year is known to tilt toward rustic, uncomplicated, and less polished hairstyles, and ponytail is no exception.


How to do a ponytail: What is a ponytail?

For ones who are concerned about wholesale hair business and buying hair in bulk, ponytail can also be understood as the ponytail hair bulk which is 100% high-quality raw hair. This is classified into the luxury hair group which has the highest quality. People usually buy hair in bulk for customizing and wholesale purposes.

2. How to do a ponytail: Ponytail hairstyle tips

Fashion has the ability to transform at any time. We’re all used to seeing attractive chicks with new hairstyles every time they show up. The ponytail is a mantra that modifies every girl’s essential appearance. When tying the excellent, thick ponytail with the tips on how to do a ponytail below, remember the golden principles to maintain a youthful appearance that is both charming and sexy.

2.1. How to do a ponytail: Assumption of the ponytail’s height 

There will be no such thing as a basic, sleek, and cool haircut as a ponytail. So, despite the fact that this hairstyle is not new, it is still the most popular among women. However, do not be greedy and knot your hair too high when it comes to how to do a ponytail, as this can cause you to lose your sexy beauty while remaining very young and energetic.


How to do a ponytail: Ponytail with perfect angle

Many people still believe that the higher the hair tie, the more attractive the hair, but this is not true. The best hair tie height to enhance the facial angle is to create a straight line at a 45-degree angle to the ears. This is sometimes referred to as the golden angle.

2.2. How to do a ponytail: Using bobby pins

The toothpick is a little item that many ladies use. Bobby pins are particularly useful in shaping the hair in the Korean ponytail when it comes to how to do a ponytail. Specifically, after tying your hair, shape it and push it higher with two to three bobby pins.


How to do a ponytail: Using bobby pins

With regular bobby pins, the artistically molded hairstyles are indispensable. If you don’t want them to be visible, use bobby pins that match your hair color and skillfully bury them in your hair. After fixing your hair with bobby pins, use hairspray to set it up and protect it from becoming cluttered.

2.3. How to do a ponytail: Tie the hair in two half

This is a fantastic tip for enthusiasts of high ponytails. The half-tied hair will act as a “hanger” to assist keep the ponytail in place. With this clever approach, your ponytail will not be delayed like a regular knot, but will retain its “proud” height even after many hours.


How to do a ponytail: Tie the hair in two half

This method of how to do a ponytail is particularly great for girls with very thin hair who want their ponytail to look thicker without messing up their hair. You can achieve it by tying the lower part of your hair first, then ponytailing the upper half. This haircut will organically thicken hair and provide more curves to the face.

2.4. How to do a ponytail: Showing frontal hair out

Another reason why women appreciate this simple and unique hairstyle is that the way you tie your hair or add a little highlight to the ponytail can fully conceal defects on the face. However, for girls with a wide forehead and a short face, leave a little side bangs with sideburns on both sides. Therefore, the disadvantage of your forehead will be ingeniously concealed. 


How to do a ponytail: Showing frontal hair out

When you wear this ponytail with bangs or only some strands of frontal hair on your forehead, you will seem incredibly appealing and feminine. Then, when it comes to how to do a ponytail, the bangs will help to conceal some of the flaws in the face. Not only that, but it extols the soft beauty, the lady who is still youthful and happy.

3. How to do a ponytail hairstyle for every face shape

There are numerous adorable ways to knot your ponytail, but it must complement your facial shape. Only then may the girls’ faces be made more pretty. Here are the ponytails for every face shape.

3.1. How to do a ponytail for round faces

When it comes to gorgeous hairstyles for women with round faces, we frequently consider the “higher the better” rule. Women with round faces should therefore prioritize high ponytail hairstyles when it comes to how to do a ponytail. This lovely at-home hairstyle will effectively lengthen your face.


How to do a ponytail for round faces

Another alternative, especially if your ponytail is long, is to make a deep portion and rub it across your forehead. Pull the rest of your hair into a little elastic at the nape of your neck, as instructed. This creates a lovely side-swept angle on the face and helps to conceal the spiky hair in the back. It will be even better if you know how to do a blowout as well. This will help create perfect curls or waves for such bouncy hair.

3.2. How to do a ponytail for square faces

The line around the jaw and hairline is angular for square-faced ladies, so if you are wondering how to do a ponytail and want to wear one, you must choose carefully. As a result, the best recommendation for this situation is to tie a ponytail of lovely long curly hair with thin or slanted bangs that hug the face. This combination aids in “camouflaging” the face so that it appears more harmonious on both sides.


How to do a ponytail for square faces

Hairstyles for square faces can be tough to find, but a ponytail can soften the hard lines on a square face by leaving a few thin strands of hair on the side. These hairs are purposefully left loose in order to conceal the square jaw. As a result, even if you tie your hair up high, the features of your face will become much more harmonic and pleasant.

3.3. How to do a ponytail for diamond faces

The diamond face or heart-shaped face is distinguished by a broad forehead and a small chin. As a result, you should tie your hair in a medium to high ponytail. If you tie your hair too high, it will highlight your weakness in the forehead, and if you tie it too low, it will make your chin appear elongated. Keep your hair in a medium ponytail with bangs for the greatest results. Horizontal, sparse bangs or side parted hair not only conceal the flaws of the forehead and face, but also make you appear younger and fresher than bangs alone.


How to do a ponytail for diamond faces

This lovely bang perfectly balances the heart-shaped face when it comes to how to do a ponytail attractively. This bang will assist to conceal the large forehead, bring attention to the cheeks, and lengthen the face. A lovely high ponytail with a crown braid is an excellent choice for you.

4. How to do a ponytail: Some beautiful and outstanding ponytail hairstyles

You could desire to wear a unique and eye-catching ponytail for important occasions. I’ll show you some lovely ponytails and how to do a ponytail with each style.

4.1. How to do a ponytail with bobby pins

This is simply a way to keep your ponytail in shape by styling it. Regardless of how busy you are, your hair is less likely to move after several hours.

  • To begin, you tie your hair in a high ponytail as usual.
  • You expertly wrap a little curl of hair around the hair post to help cover the elastic band.
  • You gently pin three bobby pins in an X shape into your hair. These three bobby pins serve as a holder to assist secure the ponytail’s highest point.

How to do a ponytail with bobby pins

Thanks to the small bobby pins used in the process of how to do a ponytail, you now have a lovely high ponytail. High ponytail hairstyles are ideal for girls that are outgoing and lively. Your face will look more elegant and brilliant with this lovely ponytail. Bobby pins can also be used as an accessory. For example, using colored bobby pins to fix the bang is a recent trend. It may appear silly and out-of-date, but if you know how to pair it with clothes and makeup, you will be really unique and elegant.

4.2. How to do a ponytail: Messy ponytail hairstyle

A gorgeous hair trend that is likely to ignite a fever recently is the messy ponytail hairstyle. To keep up with the style, try a basic sloppy ponytail like the one shown below. Here is exactly how to do a ponytail to follow.

  • Gather all of your hair and secure it in a high ponytail behind your head with an elastic.
  • To add volume, loosen the hair exactly at the elastic tie with your hands.
  • Alternatively, use a comb to tangle each strand of hair as desired.

How to do a ponytail: Messy ponytail hairstyle

This basic and lovely haircut can be adorned with a variety of accessories. Bow ties, hair ties with one-color ribbons, and so on. This lovely high ponytail can be worn to school, out, or to work.

4.3. How to do a ponytail: The ponytail of Ariana Grande

The majority of Ariana Grande’s “fans” like her sleek, stunning high ponytail. Do the following to create gorgeous ponytail in the style for female artists. Here is the step-by-step guide of how to do a ponytail.

  • Make frizz with hairspray.
  • If your hair isn’t long enough, use a wig to make it longer and smoother.
  • Gather all of your hair and knot it into a high ponytail.
  • Wrap a tiny branch of hair around the tie to conceal the elastic band.
  • To keep the hair in place, apply another coat of gel.

How to do a ponytail: The ponytail of Ariana Grande

In fact, if you know about Ariana Grande, you definitely know that her hair was extremely damaged after the film “Victorious”, and wearing ponytail hair extensions is one of the ways to let her real hair rest. As long as choosing prestigious hair suppliers, buyers will be provided with the best hair extensions with the best services and prices. If you are also into trying new hairstyles and your real hair condition prevents you from that, you can consider using hair extensions as Ariana Grande does. It is almost all about choosing the right hair suppliers!

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