Bleaching knots: 5 convenient steps to bleach the hair knots at home

If you are a hair lover or have basic knowledge about the hair extension business, you may know that bleaching knots is a necessary process in manufacturing some types of hair extensions. If this term is new to you, don’t worry, this article will give you an insight into the bleaching knots and further information about it. 

Bleaching knots in human hair extensions

Bleaching knots in human hair extensions: 5 steps to bleach the hair knots at home

1. Bleaching knots: Summary about the hair knots

What is the hair knot? Which types of human hair extensions have the hair knots? This part will tell you about the definition of hair knots, categorize them and point out which hair item has the bleaching knots.

1.1. Bleaching knots: What are the hair knots?

There are body wavy vs straight hair strands attached to the base lace to make human hair extensions. When the hair strands are weaved into the piece of net, there are knots to secure them firmly with the lace. After sewing the hair strands onto the lace, the before bleaching knots have black color and are easy to see one by one.

Bleaching knots means the pigment that keeps the hair strands fixed on the lace being removed. After this process, your hair extension will look more natural, easy to blend with the real hair and become seamless.

bleaching knots 2

What are the hair knots?

1.2. Bleaching knots: The human hair extensions having knots

The hair knots almost appear in the lace closure/frontal human hair extensions or wig, even from a reliable wholesale hair distributor. These three types of products have the same technique of production: hair strands after being processed are weaved or sewed into pieces of net. While the common sizes of lace closure/frontal are 3×4, 3×6/13×4; 13×6, the wig has a 3D shape of lace to cover the whole scalp of the user.

Although both types of lace have the same manufacturing technique, people have the tendency in bleaching knots of lace closure rather than the frontal. The reason is that the frontal has a smaller size and is applied at the top of the user’s scalp with the hair blended well with the natural hair strands. Therefore, bleaching knots helps the extensions hair strands seem to grow from the scalp. 

bleaching knots 3

The human hair extensions having knots

1.3. Bleaching knots: Types of hair knots 

There are two typical types of hair bleaching knots available among human hair bulk companies in the present hair market: single knot and double knot.

One the one hand, the single knot is simply understood that there is only one hair strand in each knot. This type of knot is mostly used for lace closure as the size of it is smaller and lighter than the double knot. As a result, the lace closure human hair extensions would have a more natural hairline and bleaching knots is easier with the single type. The single knot requires more effort to manufacture; thus the factories just make it for closure lace with small amounts of hair strands. Of course there are wigs with single knots; however the price would be much higher than the normal wig.

On the other hand, the double knots have two or more hair strands in each knot, which are mostly found 2 inches under the wig hairline. This type of knot has a bigger size and is heavier than the single knot. The main purpose of a double knot is to increase the density of the hair strands attached to the lace. It is harder in bleaching knots of the hair extensions with double knots.    

bleaching knots 4

Types of hair knots

2. Bleaching knots: The process of bleaching the hair knots

This would be the most expected part in this writing. Here is the valuable information about the bleaching knots as well as the guideline for people bleaching knots at home and also solutions for the issues arised. 

2.1. Why is bleaching knots of human hair extensions necessary?  

Beside “how long does a closure sew in last”, “should we bleach the hair knots” is another common question. The biggest difference between bleaching knots and unbleached knots is the invisible look. As mentioned before, when the hair knots are bleached, the pigments are removed and the closure when being applied on your scalp will look more natural. The hairline and hair strands of the human hair extensions will blend better with the natural hair as well as become more ressemble with the head skin color.  

There are still human hair extensions lace frontal with unbleached knots from a reliable hair factory available in the hair market and they are hard to be noticed from a far distance. However, when seen closely, the unbleached knots are significantly visible and look unnatural. If you can not accept this advantage of unbleached knots, you can go for bleaching knots hair extensions.     

bleaching knots 5

Why is bleaching hair knots necessary?

2.2. Bleaching knots process: The steps to bleach the hair knots

Although the knots on human hair extensions are always bleached before being sold, bleaching knots at home are necessary when users want to keep their hair extensions at the original condition. Here are the basic steps of bleaching knots that you can take into account.


  • Mixing bowl, brush
  • Hair bleach
  • Developer
  • Gloves
  • Aluminum foil
  • Neutralizing shampoo
  • Conditioner

Steps for bleaching knots at home:

  • Step 1. Preparing the mixture for bleaching: Take the developer and bleach powder in the mixing bowl and mix them in equal parts. If you want to lighten the knots more, you can add more developer. To the beginners, it is advised that you should take the 20 volume developer. To make sure that the mixture will not go through the lace and onto the hair strands, you have to stir the mixture properly until getting the thick texture. Make sure that there are no lumps remaining in the texture. 
  • Step 2. Applying the mixture onto the lace: In this step, you should be delicate with the knot as much as possible. While bleaching knots, do not press the brush too hard if you don’t want the mixture to be leaked or your hair roots to blonde. Make sure the texture is evenly spread and cover all the knots. 
bleaching knots 6

The steps to bleach the hair knots

  • Step 3. Covering the bleaching knots with aluminum foil: After checking the lace and make sure all the knots are bleached, cover them with aluminum foil. Let it sit on the bleaching knots for 15 to 20 minutes. Different amounts of waiting time is applied for different hair types and will result in different colors. 
  • Step 4. Washing the hair and rinsing the bleaching knots: Have a double check to make sure there is no knot that is unbleached. You can rinse the bleaching knots as soon as they turn into the honey blonde color. Doing this step in a short time to avoid the mixture from getting onto your hair strands. Then, use the neutralizing shampoo to wash your hair strands and leave it on for about 10 minutes. At this time, if you find the hair is brassy and orange, you can tone the brassiness down by applying the purple shampoo. Finally, hydrate the hair strands with conditioner.
  • Step 5. Getting your lace frontal human hair extensions dry: You can properly use the dryer to dry your hair strands and bleaching knots. However, to avoid the bad effect of high temperatures, you can use a towel to squeeze the water out.      

2.3. How much time should I spend on bleaching knots?

bleaching knots 7

How much time should I spend on bleaching hair knots?

Remember that you can not spend more than 20 minutes on keeping the aluminum foil on the bleaching knots. The longer the time is, the lighter the color of bleaching knots becomes and the weaker they get. Therefore, keep a regular check on the time after applying the bleach mixture on your lace. 

Furthermore, for beginners, you should use the developer with 20 volume as recommended in the previous part. In the next times of bleaching knots, you can go for the 30 volume. The 40 volume is the strongest type of developer; therefore, remember that this one will be only relevant for the strong hair knots bleached to blondes, especially high-lift colors. 

2.4. Bleaching knots: How to fix overly bleached knots? 

bleaching knots 8

How to fix overly bleached knots?

There are two solution for the issue of overly bleaching knots:

  • The temporary solution: You can take the mascara and brush the texture gently and evenly on the roots until they get less blonde. When finishing the appliance, use the dryer to dry the fixed knots.  
  • The permanent solution: This method is to dye your hair with a matching color with the strands on your lace closure. Dyeing the hair at the roots is the normal process of dying hair. You can search for the tutorial videos on youtube and follow the steps. Remember to use a small brush for applying the texture to avoid the color getting onto the lace.    

2.5. Advices for bleaching knots and the maintenance

After bleaching knots, the lace as well as the hair roots will be weakened. The more volume of developer you use, the weaker your bleaching knots get. Therefore, remember to use the 20 to 30 volume developer as mentioned before.

The bleaching knots as well as the whole human hair extensions lace frontal should be hydrated regularly. Although the lace should be washed to remove the dirt and bacterias, you should apply a deep conditioner after washing. However, the oil hair seems to be relevant to the middle part and ends of the hair strands rather than the bleaching knots.

bleaching knots 9

Advices for bleaching hair knots and the maintenance

You should not bleach the double knots at home as this type has greater density of hair strands in each knot, which causes uneven color after bleaching. Moreover, the ideal color of bleaching knot is honey blonde or gold, if the hair knots have too light color, there will be possible shedding.    

3. Bleaching knots: Vendor of human hair extensions with bleached knots

If you are not confident in bleaching knots of your human hair extensions at home, the best option is to purchase the lace closure with bleached knots. You can purchase this product from hair stores in your location or order it online via e-commerce. The product is sold at retail price and may not have diversified options.

bleaching knots 10

K-Hair Company: Vendor of human hair extensions with bleached knots

There is another address to purchase the human hair extension closure lace with bleaching knots: contacting the reliable wholesale hair vendors suppliers. They are the hair factories producing the lace closures and hair extensions properly and exporting them in large quantities and diversified types. If you have not got a name for a trustworthy vendor, you can go for the K-Hair Company. This is a wholesale supplier of lace closure human hair extensions in Vietnam with committed quality. 

Website: K-Hair Company.


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