3 Useful steps to comb pixie hair in the right way

If you ask  hair experts or hair extension lovers about their favorite hairstyles, there is no doubt that Lace Wig, Wavy Curly and especially Pixie Curl will be mentioned a lot. Indeed, this hair texture is popular with all hair dealers, hair starters, and customers. However, not everyone knows how to comb pixie hair in the right way. Wearing hair extension bundles enhances your appearance but taking care of the hair can last its beauty. Let’s take a look at this report to make sure you comb pixie hair correctly. 

1. Must know things before you comb pixie hair

Before moving to the most important part: comb pixie hair as proper maintenance, hair starters need to know more about this trendy hairstyle: How does the hair texture look? What is the density of 1 bundle? Does it come with different colors? And how many bundles can make a full head?

1.1. What is Pixie Curl hair?

Pixie Curl hairstyle is the curly hair texture with deep curly hair strands. The process to make Pixie Curl needs heat and steam by hair experts. Its color can be customized as requirements and its density depends on the grades. The hair is also amazing with curtain bangs.

Different from Chinese hair companies selling hair with A grades, the Vietnamese hair factories produce hair with 3 grades: Super Double Drawn, Double Drawn and Single Drawn. You can choose the appropriate one depending on your purpose. With the long hair, the Super Double Drawn is the perfect choice for the full tail. 


Vietnamese hair is divided into 3 groups with different density

With the short length from 8 to 10 inches from a good wholesale hair factory, 2 weft hair bundles and 1 closure can make a full head. From the length of 12 inches and above, 3 weft bundles and 1 closure or frontal are enough to make a wig. If you want the wig doesn’t look thick, 2 weft bundles and 1 frontal can be considered.

1.2. Can the Pixie Curl hair be dyed or bleached?

Some customers want to buy the natural black color hair and freely put other colors on it. It’s an amazing idea of hair creation. While the natural straight hair can be easily dyed or bleached to other colors, wavy and curly hair texture is hard to change their colors. After the heat and steaming process, the hair strand is weaker and drier than its natural characteristics.  If you are not sure about the coloring ways, the hair may not be transformed into other colors perfectly.


Vietnamese Pixie Hair

In case you want to reduce the aforementioned risk and still have beautiful pixie curl hair weaves, you can order the colored ones from suppliers. The pixie hair extension bundles from good vendors can be soft and fluffy with light colors. And of course, you can  use hairbrush to comb pixie hair without any damage. 

1.3. Why do people find it hard to comb Pixie hair?

Due to the complicated hair texture, customers might be afraid of losing the curl after they wash or comb Pixie hair. The common thought of customers is how to keep the curl for a long time. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to comb Pixie hair and other wavy or curly hair texture in the right way. 

2. Knowing how to comb pixie hair in the right way can maintain the hairstyle

Let’s move to the main part of this report with the full advice from a hair expert. You won’t regret reading the below sharing tips. 

2.1. Things you can meet if you comb Pixie hair incorrectly

Undoubtedly, if you treat the hair roughly, its life span will be shortened. Some signals can be easily seen such as: the curl is losing, hair is tangled and shedding. Consequently, the true Pixie style is gone and the money is no longer worthy. 

2.2. The step-by- step guideline to comb Pixie hair

To prevent the unexpected bad hair things due to wrong maintenance, let’s do it correctly from the first step. It’s much better if you use the specific hairbrush for curly hair. If you don’t, at least please remember these 3 steps to comb Pixie hair.


The steps to comb Pixie hair

The keyword for taking care of hair weaves is: “Gentle”. You will see how long your hair bundles can last if you follow our guideline. Our video shows you how to comb Pixie hair and other curly or wavy hair correctly.

Some customers may see it hard to comb pixie hair and other curly hairstyle. One reason comes from the thought: they are afraid to lose the curl and only use hair spay to clean the hair, not comb it. Others don’t know how to comb pixie hair and comb it very roughly.  Then you can remember that: human hair is friendly with heat and water. The hair extension bundles need to be washed as our real hair for sanity and moisture.

The way we comb our real hair is also the way we treat the hair weaves. If you see our hair has tangle hair strands at the tip, we will gently hold the tangle hair strands and comb it first, because we want to reduce the pain we can suffer if we choose to comb straightly from our head skin. Therefore, let’s do it in the same way when you comb pixie hair and other hair bundles in general.

2.3. Some hair care tips to maintain the Pixie hair

Taking care of hair bundles is not only the way of how to comb it  but  also the other necessary skills. There are some tips you can use at home to take care of your hair weaves:

  1. Wash hair bundles with shampoo and apply hair conditioner. You may also concern: How to wash human weft hair extensions properly.
  2. Comb the hair from tip to the top.
  3. Don’t comb the hair when it’s wet, that’s when the hair is vulnerable and easy to shed. Let’s comb it when it’s dry.
  4. Use hair spray with keratin and coconut oil to apply on the hair before using hot tools.
  5. The temperature of hot tools for natural black hair is 180 Celsius (= 356 Fahrenheit) or 160 Celsius (= 320 Fahrenheit) for colored hair.
  6. Hair rollers can be used for keeping curly hair. You can use a hair dryer with medium temperature for the hair wearing hair rollers. 

3. After knowing how to comb pixie hair, where can I buy the good hair?

Thanks to the popular hairstyles, you can buy Pixie Curl from a lot of hair vendors. However, price and quality are the crucial factors for wholesalers to consider their suppliers. 

K-Hair factory is one of the most trustworthy hair distributors from Asian area. During 30 years producing hair, K-Hair continues opening potential in Europe, America and Africa. These benefits their partners can have from working with them are:

  1. Factory price, competitive with other hair suppliers coming from Vietnam.
  2. Quality is king, all the hair is collected from luxurious Vietnamese hair sources, durable and good texture.

Besides the Pixie curl hairstyle, K-Hair also produces other trendy hairstyles for African market, such as: straight, bone straight, wavy, curly bundles, each one comes along with the matching closures and frontals. Thanks to the advantages of a factory, K-Hair can customize the length, color, mesh size and other customer’s requirement. 

Not only for reselling hair, customers come to K-Hair also for the advice from hair experts and Marketing support. Therefore, besides maintaining the reasonable wholesale price and quality products, K-Hair factory put customer service on the priority as well. K-Hair is a reliable wholesale hair distributor to come to.

“Life is too short to wear boring hair”, it’s a Marketing quote of hair dealers. For me, your hair can never be boring if you treat it well. By following and sharing our useful hair care tips, you can be a hair expert as well. Let’s read carefully all the guideline steps showing how to comb Pixie hair and choose a good hair vendor for your business. 


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