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If you are in the process of discovering one type of hair extension that best suits you, weave extensions are highly recommended. With a variety of styles available, weaves are supposed to be matching with all users’ styles. In this article, we will give you more information about the weave that look natural, so that you can have more data for your consideration. Our post will include the weave definition, types, styles as well as the instructions to choose and use the most natural weave.


Weave That Look Natural

I. What to know about weave that look natural

If you have not got many ideas about what weaves are, this part will give you the information initially needed. Reading this, you will know what weaves are, why you should choose a weave as a hair extension choice and which choices of weave types are available for you.

1.1. What are weave that look natural?

First of all, what are weaves? In fact, a weave is a hair extension, and the top part of the hair is woven together into a weft. As a result, it is also known as a weft hair extension. The hair wefts can normally be classified into 2 main types: hand-tied and machine-sewn wefts. The names indicate the way that the top part of the hair is woven together. If the hair is woven by hand, it is called hand-tied. If the hair is woven technically by the machine, it is called machine-sewn.


What are weave that look natural?

1.2. Why should I choose weave that look natural?

Every hair extension user should try wearing a weave for its amazing advantages. Below are significant points to consider.

  • Long-lasting time: A weave can stay on your head for 6 to 8 weeks straight. This is a pretty long time in comparison with other hair extension types like the clip in or tape in ones. Especially, the weave can easily be protected and reused with a long lifespan. As a result, you can have weave that look natural for months or even for years.
  • Well-blend ability: Using weave is one of the best ways to add length and volume to the real hair naturally. The weaves are usually attached in the middle of the hair layers or full head with leave out, so they just look like your real hair.
  • Style diversity: Like any other types of hair extensions, weave extensions are extremely diverse in hairstyles. From straight, bone straight to curly wavy, colored hair, etc you are free to look for weave that look natural with your own style.
  • Damage-free installation: Weaves are usually installed with damage free methods like sew in or glued in quick weave. Both cause no damage to your natural hair. For more details, let’s move on to the next part!

Why should I choose weave that look natural?

1.3. Which types of weave that look natural can I choose?

As mentioned, when it comes to weave types, there are 2 significant types with 2 different ways of installing. They are both effective methods to make the weave look more natural than ever. Let’s dig into each type to see what and how they are.

1.3.1. Quick weave – Top choice for weave that look natural

Quick weave is a popular method of wearing hair extensions in Africa. The outcome is like you are using a wig that covers all your head. It is because when applying quick weave, you have to tie the hair up neatly, and all the hair revealed is almost all weft hair extensions except for some leave out for natural effect. The hair extensions are attached using glue. However, this method usually causes no harm as the real hair is well protected in a cap. With this method, the hairline is kept, so it is weave that look natural.


Quick weave – Top choice for weave that look natural

1.3.2. Sew in weave – Best natural-looking weave

Sew in weave extensions are extremely popular and suitable for users all over the world. With this method, the hair wefts are sewn in the middle of the real hair layers. The wefts are firmly attached on the tiny braids made of users’ real hair, so they are pretty stable. Especially, the installation requires only a needle and thread with no chemicals or heat added. Therefore, not only is it weave that look natural, it is also totally damage free.

Both the quick weave and sew in weave are natural looking weaves. However, the sew in seems more popular as it suits users of all countries all over the world. Therefore, in this post, we will focus on the sew in hair extension as a method of natural weave. If you are searching for specific natural styles for Caucasian, you can also consider the best natural looking wigs.


Sew in weave – Best weave that look natural

II. How to choose weave that look natural

To make sure that your weave looks natural, choosing the weave is an important step. Below we will show you how to choose the weaves that look best natural on you.

2.1. Choose human hair weave that look natural

The most important factor that affects the naturalness of the weave is its material. The material directly decides how the texture is and how it looks on you. The best natural hair texture is definitely that of human hair. To choose the best human hair extensions, you can contact the top 1 human hair vendor K-Hair:


Human hair weave that look natural from K-Hair

2.2. Say NO to synthetic weave

If you are going to a synthetic hair extension supplier to buy the weave, you need to think twice, especially when your desire is weave that look natural. The synthetic extension may have an extremely attractive price, but the hair texture is totally artificial and never looks natural at all. The hair will also quickly and easily become dry, tangle and degrade.

2.3. Be careful in choosing the weave style that match your real hair

Choosing a wise hairstyle is also essential to have weave that look natural. 3 most important factors you need to consider is the hair extension length, color and style (curly, straight, wavy, etc). You need to make sure that the extension can match your hairstyle well, or at least you can blend and restyle them to create a final natural look. For example, just imagine your real hair is black straight and you choose a ginger voluminous curly extension as it looks too attractive, then how can you blend the hair? Just be realistic in your choice!


Choosing weave that look natural

III. Best hairstyles of weave that look natural

To solve the issue of choosing a natural weave style from wholesale hair vendors, we will now introduce to you the three most trendy extensions which can be easily blended for specific basic hairstyles.

3.1. Layered straight weave that look natural

Creating layered straight style is the most basic but natural way to blend your straight hair and the straight weave hair extension. Instead of keeping the weave equally straight which can sometimes expose the difference between the weave and real hair no matter how well you choose the extension color and length, you can consider layering the hair. Just by some actions of simple trimming, you already the weave that look natural.


Layered straight weave that look natural

3.2. Bone straight weave that look natural

Bone straight is another style that makes the hair look pretty natural. By using the hair straightener to straighten your real hair, the 2 hair types: real hair and weave will have exactly the same texture and look so natural together.


Bone straight weave that look natural

3.3. Wavy weave that look natural

While curly hair with a variety of curly patterns like kinky curls, loose curls, tight curls, deep curls, etc that make it hard to choose a matching weave, the wavy style is extremely easy for blending. Even when the weave is wavy and the real hair is straight, you can easily restyle your real hair with an iron straightener or a hair curler to achieve the same texture.


Wavy weave that look natural

IV. How to use weave that look natural

Now we come to the methods to wear the weave naturally and the tips to take care of the weaves to maintain their naturalness. In fact, they are all easy methods that you can do mostly at home. Let’s see what they are!

4.1. Use the weave together with hair closures

When using the weave extension, one way to have the weave that look natural is that you pay attention to the leave out part or combine using the hair closures to make sure the hair volume is equal among the parts. With this combination, the hair will look more natural than ever. For your information, hair closures are exactly the small hair pieces attached on a mesh and are usually used to attach to the side part of the head.


Weave & Closures

4.2. Style the weave with damage free method

To keep the weave that look natural for a long time, the best way is to minimize the times of using damaging styling methods on the extensions. Otherwise, your weaves will quickly become dry, damaged and lose their naturalness. The best choice is that you only choose the damage free styling method like trimming, cutting or using flexi rods, hand scarfs, etc for curling. Not only are they damage free but they are also simple and economical methods to apply at home.


Maintain weave that look natural with damage free styling

4.3. Take care of and maintain the weave that look natural

Last but not least, taking care of the hair plays an important role in keeping the weaves natural. As the weave extensions are firmly attached to your real hair, you just treat them as carefully as your natural hair. The hair care of importance is hair washing and moisture adding. 

  • For hair washing: You should wash both the weave and your natural hair at least twice a week. This makes sure the hair is always clean and smooth. Please remember to use the suitable shampoo for weave that look natural.
  • For moisture adding: You should use hair care products that have moisture adding usage. It is highly recommended that you use a natural based conditioner.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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