Quick Weave: Say Goodbye To Boring Quick Weave Styles

Among different types of hair extensions weft application, quick weave is now more and more popularly chosen. The most easy-to-recognize strength of this hair extension type is its convenience. How about other characteristics? In fact, quick weaves have far more pros and cons, so this article will help you clarify all. In addition, we will also give you the best suggestions on quick weave styles to match all interests!


Quick Weave

I. Initial introduction about quick weave

Before discovering a variety of quick weave styles to try on your hair and their pros & cons, we highly recommend that you learn about its overview first. You will see how amazing it is when people can think of this method of wearing human hair extensions weft! Therefore, let’s get started with the definition, significant characteristics and applying method of this kind of hair extension.

1.1. What is quick weave?

Quick weave is literally a combination of many weft hair extensions to cover your head. Normally, to fully cover a head needs about 5 bundles. This hair extension type is very special because it has the function of covering your head like a wig, but the applying method is far more different with the use of the specific gel and glue.


What is quick weave?

1.2. Characteristics: quick weave vs. normal wig

Reading the description of this kind of weave, you may think of it like a normal wig, right? However, this weave is totally different from a wig. Let us help you analyze further.

  • A wig, like we all know, is a completely done 3D hair extension with closure/frontal and bundles of hair. With a wig, users just simply put it on their neat head to cover the bald or quickly change into a new hairstyle. The wig is easily put off whenever you want.
  • Quick weave, on the other hand, is the application of some bundles of weft hair extensions on your prepared head with glue. It can stay on your head for about 4-6 weeks. The process of applying and removing requires a bit more effort. Also, you can choose to have the weave cover all your head or just choose a half up half down style.

Wigs vs. Quick weave

1.3. How to wear quick weave

You can choose to apply this weave at home or at a salon. For users who don’t have much experience, it is better that you go to the salon to have the hairdresser help you. In fact, you can choose many ways to apply a quick weave, but below will be the best way that minimizes the damage possibility for your natural hair.

Step 1: Deal with your natural hair: At this step, you’d better wash your hair, brush it and let it dry a bit. Then, you let it flat with oil or conditioner if your hair is not flat enough. After the hair is dry, you cover it with hair solution which helps protect your hair from the glue used afterwards. Also, don’t forget to tie up your hair if it is long.

Step 2: Use a cap and apply the glue layer: In order to make the quick weave stuck firmly on your head, you will have to use the glue to cover your cap first. You should choose a reliable glue brand to protect your hair. In this step, you can also leave the middle part of your natural hair outside the protective cap, so that you can use it to make the quick weave look more natural afterwards.


Wearing quick weave

Step 3: Stick the weft hair extensions on the cap: This is nearly the last step in the whole process. The weft hair tip needs to be filled with glue and carefully stuck on your head. After you finish sticking, you ought to cut the redundant cap and blend your leave out (if any) with the quick weave. Please remember that if you use the wefts from a famous hair factory, they will look much more natural in the end.

Step 4: Blend, comb or restyle if necessary: After you are done with all the bundles, you can trim the hair to let it look more natural. You can also restyle it by straightening, curling, etc to get the hairstyle you want.


Wearing quick weave

II. Pros and cons of wearing quick weave

Although wearing a quick weave is now very popular, especially for African customers because of its diverse advantages, users also have to face some trade-offs to get this kind of hair extension. Further analysis is available below.

2.1. Advantages of wearing quick weave

First of all, this weave supplied by famous wholesale hair distributor has many strengths that make a lot of people choose it.

  • Reasonable time of applying: Unlike weft hair extension sew-in which is also a kind of weft hair extensions that takes hours to wear at the salon, quick weave can be quickly applied even at home.
  • Easy removing: As the hair extensions are stuck on the cap, they can be quickly and easily put off without pain or complication.
  • Protective method: Again, the hair extensions are stuck on the cap, not directly on your hair, so your natural hair is free from the glue. Applying quick weave and you won’t have to worry that the glue may damage your vulnerable hair.
  • Natural final look: When applying the weave, you can also leave your middle hair part or some front leave out, so that these parts will make your weave look much more natural, like the weave really comes from your scalp.
  • Free restyling: After applying the quick weave, you can freely restyle your weave without damaging your natural hair as it is actually carefully covered under the cap. Then, your natural hair can rest, and  you can also try new hairstyles at the same time.

Advantages of wearing quick weave

2.2. Disadvantages of wearing quick weave

Besides all the advantages above, this kind of weave also has some disadvantages.

  • Hairline damaging effect: In the process of wearing the weave, you have to make your hair really flat and tie it very tightly. As a result, the scalp can be badly affected, and the hairline can be easily damaged or broken. In addition, there is a likeliness that the glue still somehow accesses your hair and damages it.
  • Low quality risk: As the quick weave is for you to freely restyle, it can easily suffer from tangle, shedding, split-ends or many other types of hair damage.
  • Short durability: The weave is recommended to last on your hair for 4-5 weeks only. Therefore, it is not suitable for ones who want the hair extensions to last for months without having to remove them.
  • Complicated hair care: As there is a cap between your natural hair and quick weave, your hair care is for the weave, not for natural hair. Then, you ought to pay attention to your hair care method in order not to loosen the glue or make the weave out of its initial mold.
  • Possible uncomfortable feeling: Just imagine that your natural hair will be covered under the quick weave cap for one month straight without any washing or conditioning! Undoubtedly, many people just cannot get used to this situation.

Disadvantages of wearing quick weave

In conclusion, wearing this weave is an effective choice to both let your hair rest and try new hairstyles. However, it also carries some drawbacks. Therefore, you’d better take it into consideration before deciding to wear it or not. 

III. A variety of quick weave styles to help you shine

Now comes the part that you are the most interested in! As an experienced wholesale hair vendor in the market, we will help you find out a variety of hairstyles to make your weave always look fresh and attractive.

3.1. Best short quick weave styles 

Many people are concerned whether this kind of weave is suitable to style a short hairstyle, and the answer is definitely yes! In fact, there are numerous styles for you to choose. Below will be the top 3 most attractive styles for you.


Short quick weave styles

3.1.1. Crochet braids quick weave – best choice for badass girls

If you are a badass girl who wants a unique look, you can choose to apply crochet braids weave. Like any other kinds of weave, the crochet braids can be applied to cover all of your head or just half up half down. This can give you a really fresh and attractive look. You will stand out for sure.


Crochet braids quick weave

3.1.2. Quick weave bob – best choice for sporty girls

Another amazing short weave hairstyle is bob style. Not only choosing basic straight bob, you can also choose curly bob as well. To have more fun with the hair, you can also have it dyed into many different colors. Another point is, with bob style, you can choose not to let the weave cover all your head but just the side part instead. This will help you save more time applying.


Quick weave bob

3.1.3. Short layer quick weave – the “international” hair choice

Last but not least, short layer weave is always in the top 3 best chosen hair extension styles. This style is said to be suitable for any kind of face and fashion styles. Of course, the hair bundles you use to turn into the quick weave are not layering cut beforehand, and you have to trim the hair extensions after applying to style the layers. Also for this reason, you can adjust the length and the volume of the layers according to your interest.


Short layer quick weave

3.2. Best long quick weave styles 

Besides short styles, long weave styles are needless to say the fancy styles that a lot of people desire. Below are our suggestions on the 3 most special hairstyles.

3.2.1. Bone straight quick weave – never-out-of-fashion hairstyle

The first style to mention must be bone straight hair. This is the style that will never go out-of-fashion. With the typical bone straight hair pattern, your hair will look pretty silky and shiny. For ones with curly hair nature, this hairstyle will bring an absolutely fresh look.


Bone straight quick weave

3.2.2. Body wave quick weave – hairstyle for muse

For ones chasing for a muse vibe, body wave weave is a highly recommended choice. If you are afraid that this hairstyle is too common and not a special trait, don’t forget that you can totally get the hair restyled with a variety of colors. You can apply the color in terms of highlights, ombre, hidden dyeing, full head or so on. It can bring you a totally new look!


Body wave quick weave

3.2.3. Funmi pixie quick weave – classy hairstyle

The last style to mention is funmi pixie weave. This is a curly style which is very bouncy and silky. This will definitely give you a classy look.


Funmi pixie quick weave

IV. Where to buy best-quality quick weave

After all, where to buy such high-quality hair extensions weft to style your weave? It is highly recommended that you use Vietnamese human hair extensions which are made from healthy hair of young Vietnamese women only. The first option for you is K-Hair Factory – the biggest and the best hair factory in Vietnam. It will provide you with the best hair quality at the best price and the best customer services. You can get more information through:


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