Human Hair Extensions Weft: The secret behind its production

Hair extension products are becoming the favorite items of numerous women around the world. As this business field is booming, there are countless hair types, colors and so on. Meanwhile, human hair extensions weft appears to be one of the all-time favorites of most consumers thanks to its benefits. What are the benefits? This article will tell you in specific.

Human Hair Extensions Weft 2

Human Hair Extensions Weft

1. Summary about human hair extensions weft

If you are new to the hair market, acknowledging the hair types is necessary. Human hair extension weft is considered a typical extension. Here is the fundamental information about it for you to have a comprehensive understanding.

1.1. Why call human hair extensions weft? 

Firstly, the human hair extensions weft is made from real hair provided by condors. This is the best material compared to synthetic hair or fabric threads. The Asian hair market has the most potential human hair source, especially in Vietnam, India and China. The hair in those countries is gathered from native women living in the rural or mountainous area. As these Vietnamese condors have strong hair thanks to the limited use of chemical products, it is considered to be the most luxurious human hair. The human hair in China and India is famous for their sufficient quantity as they have multiple sources of supply like local women, waste and temple hair or even imported hair from neighborhoods. 

Secondly, the human hair extensions weft hair can be simply understood as the hair that has been sewn or woven on a horizontal strip of fabric to form a bundle of hair extensions. It is different from human hair extensions tape in or clip ins.

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Summary about human hair extensions weft

1.2. How is human hair extensions weft made?

Weft hair is real human hair extensions which is sold in bundles (100 grams per bundle), so the thickness of the hair varies according to its length. First, raw hair is passed through a sewing machine to add a reinforcing weave near the base of each hair. The hair is then folded and woven to create the final horizontal band. The woven hair sections point in the same direction on a seamless line.     

1.3. Pros and cons of human hair extensions weft

There are some significant benefits of human hair extensions weft that make it a dominant item in the hair market.

  • Does not require heat or glue when attached to the hair like human hair extensions i tip, so it protects the scalp and real hair
  • Products containing oils or silicones can be used
  • No seams, natural look.
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Pros and cons of human hair extensions weft

However, a few disadvantages still exist during the time of usage

  • Tightly tying or braiding your hair will irritate your scalp
  • Large wefts can be a bit heavy and cause headaches
  • Hair requires careful care and washing, otherwise it is easy for bacteria to multiply
  • Needs to be disassembled by an expert

1.4. Human hair extensions weft in comparison with wigs

Wig is a type of natural hair that is manually crocheted each strand onto a mesh with a circular 3D shape. Weft is ideal when it comes to length, volume, longevity, and realistic look of hair. Wigs are far more suitable for hair loss, thinning, or damaged hair.

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Human hair extensions weft vs. wigs

2. Consumers of human hair extensions weft

This part is specially for newbies and the human hair extensions weft users. There are tips and useful advice available.

2.1. Who suits human hair extensions weft?

Weft hair is the most adaptable with women who already have long hair. This product will lengthen and thicken the real hair and make it look more attractive. At present time, human hair extensions weft are purchased mainly in Africa, particularly Nigeria.

2.2. How can I buy human hair extensions weft?

It is advised that you should go to a wholesale hair vendor to buy human hair extensions weft at a reasonable cost. The hair vendors have a wide range of grades, colors and styles of hair weft to meet individuals’ demands. There are supplement from various countries like UK human hair extensions, Asian hair vendors…

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How can I buy human hair extensions weft?

Otherwise, thanks to the development of Internet and logistic service, you can purchase weft human hair extensions online through e-commerce like Amazon, aliexpress… or the official websites of the suppliers. 

2.3. Tips to use and preserve human hair extensions weft

  • You should remove the tangles before washing your hair extension by brushing the weft. Use the soft brush and the wide toothed one for the curly human hair extensions weft.
  • You should find the natural shampoos and conditioners for your hair extension because they can hydrate your hair and have less chemical criterias.
  • While you are styling your human hair extensions weft with the heated dresser, the ideal temperature is under 180 degrees and remember to put on heat protection.
  • After washing your real hair, make sure that you have dried it properly before putting on the human hair extensions weft.

3. Wholesale business of human hair extensions weft

The hair business emerged and became a promising investment. Do you have a plan to take up the job of wholesale hair extensions suppliers? Here is the comprehensive guidance for newbie and interested people. 

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Human hair extensions weft vendor

3.1. Should I become a human hair extensions weft vendor?

If you are a hair lover and have a desire for doing business, being a human hair extensions weft vendor is beneficial. You just need a small amount of capital and start the first step of being a hair supplier. At first, just focus on the common weft hair types like straight hair or curly hair to attract the consumers. 

3.2. Guideline to start a hair business

  • Step 1: Choose a distinctive and interesting name for your company. Consumers would be more impressed by a name with a hidden significance.
  • Step 2:  Locate reputable human hair extensions dreadlocks wholesale vendors. It is recommended that you establish a hair business with suppliers that are running a business to ensure that they are wholesalers.
  • Step 3: Register your company. To ensure that your job runs successfully, you should file all relevant documentation with state and municipal agencies and complete all other necessary tasks.
  • Step 4: Make contact with wholesale sellers and negotiate a deal. Keep in mind to follow the logistic policies.
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How to import human hair extensions weft?

3.3.  How to import human hair extensions weft?

  • Step 1: Make a product list: In order to focus your business, you need to consider the sorts of real human hair extensions to acquire. To appeal to a wide range of consumers, you should start by focusing on popular items such as bone straight.
  • Step 2: Locate wholesale hair suppliers: Choosing a dependable distributor will make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, because there are no middlemen, wholesale real human hair extensions will provide lower prices.
  • Step 3: Approach the vendor: Contact information may be found on their website or in their brochures. In order to receive a prompt response, you should call the hotline directly. You should be wary of the vendor’s con and untrustworthy hair source.
  • Step 4: Review and sign the contract: Before completing, pay attention to the logistic service and other policies linked. Check to see if the articles are appropriate and relevant to your circumstance.
  • Step 5: Pay the bill and get your goods: The majority of merchants of real human hair extensions accept a variety of payment options. As a result, based on your location, select the most appropriate ways.

4. Top 5 worldwide wholesale human hair extensions weft distributors

4.1. BIGLOVE- Indian Hair Vendor of human hair extensions weft

BIGLOVE is a well-known brand in India, having been around for a long time and gaining a lot of expertise in delivering real human hair extensions. The firm gives excellent service and round-the-clock assistance.

Human Hair Extensions Weft 9

4.2. Nadula Hair- Brazilian Hair Vendor of human hair extensions weft

The distributor’s major market is Brazil, where Nadula offers a wide selection of hair types such as bone straight, wavy… This is a reputable source for real human hair extensions at a reasonable price.

Human Hair Extensions Weft 10

4.3.  Beyond Hair- UK Hair Vendor of human hair extensions weft

Beyond Hair is a hair manufacturer known for its high-quality products and plentiful hair supply. They are the dependable distributor for a large number of multinational suppliers all over the world. Their employees are kind and helpful, and they are ready at all times to assist consumers.

Human Hair Extensions Weft 11

4.4. K-Hair Factory- Vietnamese Hair Vendor of human hair extensions weft

K- Hair has been a trustworthy supplier to hundreds of hair vendors all over the world, notably in Nigeria, Brazil, the United States, and the United Kingdom, with the tagline “Quality is King”. You may acquire the manager’s contact information from K- Hair’s website and ask for more information about the items you wish to buy.

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4.5. TedHair– Hair Vendor in China of human hair extensions weft

In terms of supply-scale, the Chinese market is the most likely rival to the Indian market. The reason for this is that they have a large population that can offer a large volume of material, as well as importing hair from other nations. TedHair is an excellent choice if you need a huge quantity of burgundy human hair extensions for your store.

Human Hair Extensions Weft

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