Human Hair Extensions online: where to find the best hair extension products?

Human hair extensions online

human hair extensions online- where to find?

It cannot be denied that E-commerce is developing at a rapid rate, mostly because of technological advances and, recently, the huge impact of Covid-19 epidemic. As a result, both businesses and individuals start to make purchases of human hair extensions online. In this blog, first I will compare human hair extensions online vendors versus in-store ones, and move on to suggest several reliable online platforms that sell best hair extensions online for you to choose if you are interested in buy hair extensions online.

1. Advantages of human hair extensions online suppliers over in-store suppliers 

Human hair extension is a highly profitable industry in recent years. In consequence, to keep up with the ever-changing business approaches and astonishing growth in demand, more and more human hair extension businesses switch into human hair extension online business models to attract more customers. Indeed, more and more people are tend to buy hair extensions online. Below are 3 main reasons why online purchases for weft hair extensions online are more appealing to both sellers and buyers, instead of in-person purchases.

Human hair extensions online 2

human hair extensions online versus in store

1.1. Human hair extensions online suppliers provide cheaper price 

It is obvious that without maintenance costs like employees’ salary and monthly rent, products of human hair extensions online come at much lower prices compared to physical stores. Furthermore, because of competitiveness, lots of online shopping sites even offer promotions and discounts to attract customers. More and more resell wholesale hair vendors now are also using Internet as an effective platform for their business and more customer has also considered the Internet as the best place to buy human hair.

1.2. Human hair extensions online suppliers are more accessible 

If you are an international consumer, it will be costly and time-consuming to make overseas in-store purchases. As a result, more and more people choose to shop weft hair extensions online as the best place to buy human hair, which is way faster and convenient. With just one click, you can find the hair extension products you want from miles away. Moreover, many human hair extensions online suppliers have navigated their target to international consumer markets, so you can buy hair extension products as well as weft hair extensions online from overseas with the seller’s support about shipping policies.

1.3. Human hair extensions online suppliers provide a vast array of choices 

When shopping online, it is easy to compare products of the same kind, considering you have plenty of buying options. This freedom of choice can help the consumers of human hair extension online business optimize their purchasing decision and gives them a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction. 

2. Top 3 world-popular websites for buying human hair extensions online

Human hair extensions online 3

Top 3 world-popular websites for buying human hair extensions online

If you usually do your shopping via the Internet, these 3 e-commerce platforms must be familiar. These websites are the most reliable and user-friendly, comprising thousands of online distributors that specialise in every type of merchandise. In further discussion on these websites, we will focus mostly on the product section of human hair extensions.

2.1. – the largest retailing human hair extensions online market 

Amazon, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, is a long-established and reliable Internet-based retailer for mostly every kind of goods, including human hair extension online products. The human hair extensions on Amazon vary in prices and quality because the website is made up of thousands of hair wholesalers and retailers worldwide. Therefore, you will have numerous choices of products of human hair extension online to compare, which is a big advantage. 

Human hair extensions online 4

human hair extensions online on Amazon

2.2. – the most popular B2B human hair extensions online market 

Alibaba is known as the world’s biggest e-commerce company, founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. The website is mostly customized for business purchases between manufacturers and wholesalers, or between wholesalers and retailers. In fact, most Chinese wholesale human hair extensions online suppliers use Alibaba as their major trading platform. Therefore, if you are looking for wholesale suppliers to start a business with human hair extensions, Alibaba could be the first online site and the best place to buy human hair you most want to know. 

Human hair extensions online 5

human hair extensions online on

2.3. – the human hair extensions online site from China

AliExpress is a China-based online company, mostly specialised in Chinese merchandise. This company is owned by the Alibaba Group, but what distinguishes AliExpress from Alibaba is that unlike Alibaba, AliExpress is an online retail service that sell weft hair extensions online which facilitates transactions between businesses and individual consumers. 

Another trait of human hair extension products on this website is their cheap price compared to other online services like Amazon or Alibaba. Because most businesses on AliExpress are based in China and so are their raw hair sources, their price is very tempting, especially to international consumers. 

Human hair extensions online 6

human hair extensions online on Aliexpress

3. Top 3 exclusive human hair extensions online distributors 

Beside these aforementioned human hair extensions online platforms, you might want to consider buying weft hair extensions online from websites that are owned by the human hair distributors themselves. Next I will give you the list of 3 company-owned human hair extensions online websites that are the most reliable in the global supply market.

3.1. – the authentic human hair extensions online wholesale supplier in Vietnam

K-hair company is the leading hair supplier in Vietnam, with over 30 years of experience in the hair extension business. K-hair prides themselves on being the most trustworthy hair distributor in many countries from Africa to Europe. The company’s online service is mainly customer-centric with global shipping and return policies. Moreover, as K-hair specialises in authentic high-quality Vietnamese virgin hair extension products, the prices of their products are the most competitive in the supply market.

Human hair extensions online 7

human hair extensions online wholesale supplier in Vietnam

The picture below is K-hair’s price list of virgin straight hair bundles depending on hair lengths and types. The prices listed are for 10 bundles (1 kilogram) of hair in 3 types: super double, double and single. As a result, you can find the best kind of product that suits your budget. Keep it in mind that many other human hair extensions online businesses can be ambiguous about the hair sources and types to take advantage of the consumers’ lack of human hair knowledge.

Website: K- Hair Factory

3.2. – the largest human hair extensions online supplier in China

Beautyforever was founded in 1999 in Xuchang, Henan, China. With 15 years of experience, they grew from a tiny local textile processing business to a global online-based human hair business over time, becoming one of the best place to buy human hair. Their hair extension products come in a wide range of colors and textures, with products which are claimed to come from a lot of sources like Brazil, Peru, India and Malaysia. 

Address:  Building Room 1 East Region, 16th Floor, Unit A, Building 16, Lan Wan Jia Yuan Community, Xin Xing Road, Xuchang City, Henan Province, China. 

3.3. – the human hair extensions online supplier in India

India is the country with an abundance of raw hair supply from religious activities. Indian Hair Extensions Inc is one of the largest manufacturers and online wholesale suppliers of Indian hair extension products as well as best hair extensions online. While looking for human hair extensions cheap wholesale products, overseas customers regard Indian Hair Extensions Inc as the best place to go, along with their product diversity. The company’s most popular wholesale export is South Indian Temple raw hair.

Human hair extensions online 9

human hair extensions online supplier in India

4.How to import hair from human hair extensions online suppliers

After going through the list of reliable human hair extensions online websites if you want to buy hair extensions online, some of you can be confused about the purchasing process. Now I will give some detailed guidance on how to place online orders so that you can be satisfied with your buying decision in order to get your best hair extensions online.

4.1. Search for your wanted products of human hair extensions online 

When you intend to buy human hair extensions online, think about your product requirements first. What kind of hair extensions do you want? It can be weaves, frontals, closures or wigs…

Human hair extensions online 10

How to buy human hair extensions online?

After that, search the keywords of your wanted product, for example,human hair extensions near me. The results will show the most suitable products based on your search, and you can click on the products, which will directly link you to the online website. Make sure that website is secure and reliable, or you can take a look back at the toplist above. Then compare prices and choose the products that are most suitable with your preferences.

4.2. Getting more information about the human hair extension products online

When you are purchasing goods as well as best hair extensions online on the Internet, there are several things you can do beforehand in order to understand more about the product you are going to purchase:

  • Look up the info/description part of the product to see the source of hair import, name of the distributor, users’ reviews,… Be sure that the information is all validated.
  • Get consultation of the product from its online supplier, usually via Whatsapp. It is necessary to ask the seller about available discounts, shipping policies, payment methods, customer service,… in detail, especially when you are buying human hair extensions online in large amounts.
How to buy human hair extensions online?

How to buy human hair extensions online?

4.3. Place your order with human hair extensions online vendors

Now you are ready to place an order with an online vendor. First, provide the online hair extension vendor with a detailed description of your wanted product. The seller will then give you an invoice, which you should examine carefully before you buy hair extensions online. 

After that, you are required to pay a deposit so that the hair manufacturer can start working on your order.

Before your order starts to be delivered, you must request a picture or video of the product for confirmation. During delivery, contact your shipping agent to track your order.

4.4. Check the order’s condition after arrival

When you talk with the representative of this Factory, please describe your orders in detail when speaking with vendors about the hair you want, such as HAIRSTYLES – QUALITY GRADE – COLOUR – QUANTITY- LENGTH, so that your vendors can comprehend what you want and give you the best hair extensions online.

Upon receiving the order, check the hair extension product’s condition carefully and give your feedback to the online store. 

In summary, the hair industry is a lucrative one to invest in, but figuring out how to make your own hair business succeed in the long run is a difficult task. Choose the appropriate manufacturer to put your confidence in, pay greater attention to customer care, and never pass up possibilities that occur just once in a lifetime. If you follow these steps, you will become the king of the hair industry.


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