Human hair extensions cheap: Is this the real bargain?

The Internet provides customers with the freedom of choice, and this is also true in the human hair market. As a consequence, the human hair extension industry is becoming more and more competitive. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why human hair products are getting cheaper, and look further into 3 countries with the most thriving hair extension business.

Human hair extensions cheap 6

Human hair extensions cheap

1. Four factors that make human hair extensions cheap 

When you click on several hair extension websites on the Internet, you can be surprised by the diversity in products and also in their prices. Why do two products look identical, but another will have a more tempting price at some other marketplaces? In this part, I will show you 4 main factors that make human hair extensions cheap, which are: hair source, labor and manufacturing, business method and product types.

Human hair extensions cheap

Factors that make human hair extensions cheap

1.1. Human hair extensions cheap depend on the source of raw hair supply 

A lot of hair extension products are sold at a low price because they are mixed with other low-quality hair sources or synthetic hair. Because of the chemical process, it is usually difficult to tell each hair type apart. Some self-proclaimed human hair extensions cheap vendors actually take advantage of customers’ lack of hair knowledge. That is the reason why many cheap hair extension products may appear smooth and good-looking at first, but after some weeks of usage, tangling and shedding problems will occur.

1.2. Human hair extensions cheap depend on the labor and manufacturing costs 

In many countries where hair extension supply industry is thriving, such as China or Vietnam, the problem of lacking in labor force or manufacturing equipment rarely exists. Also, you can notice that human hair extensions cheap vendors are sometimes wholesale hair extensions suppliers with their own hair factories. Because the time needed to make a hair product is shortened, the price of that product is relatively cheaper than other retailing prices. 

Human hair extensions cheap 7

Human hair extensions factories

1.3. Human hair extensions cheap depend on the business method 

It is without doubt that human hair extension vendors are navigating their traditional business method to cost-effective ones, which you can see from the astounding growth of online vendors. Unlike physical stores, hair extension products online do not include maintenance costs such as rents, decorations, employees’ wages… For instance, if you search for human hair extensions on Amazon, you will find the products at a cheaper price than the same kind you come across at the shopping mall or an in-store vendor. 

Another business method that makes human hair extensions cheap is wholesale selling. Obviously, after manufacturing, selling the products directly to the customers would be cost-effective without the third party’s involvement. However, wholesale selling requires customers to buy in a large amount, so customers are usually retailers, or small businesses.

1.4. Human hair extensions cheap depend on the types of products 

When you buy human hair extension products cheap, it is important to know whether they are wigs, weaves, frontals or closures. Because these kinds of hair extensions differ in the making process and functions, their price will vary a lot. Human hair extensions weft is the cheapest product, while the most expensive ones are wigs. Furthermore, price variation also depends on the natural hair quality, such as single drawn or double drawn, therefore indicating different durability of the products.

2. Comparison of human hair extensions cheap vendors between 3 countries: Vietnam, India and China.

         To better exemplify the situation, I will show you the most popular human hair extensions cheap distributors in 3 Asian countries, Vietnam, India and China so that you can have a closer look into hair extensions’ market price.

2.1. Human hair extensions cheap vendors in Vietnam 

The price list above is the wholesale hair price of K-Hair Factory-the most famous wholesale hair distributor in Vietnam. We can see that 3 types of hair, single, double and super double, vary a lot in price. The cheapest hair type is single straight hair, with only $89 for 8 inch, while the super double straight hair of the same length cost more, at $165. The price gap also rises with the hair length. 30 inch of super double hair can cost $800, while 30 inch of single type is relatively cheap, at $653.

Hair extension factories in Vietnam have a lot of well-trained employees, with many years of experience. Moreover, with the modern manufacturing process, the necessary labor time for a hair extension product is shortened. 

Furthermore, Vietnamese human hair vendors mostly use hair supply from virgin hair donors across the country. The donors are mainly women in ethnic minorities, who have an age-old tradition of maintaining their hair long and silky. With the stable local hair supply, which means reduction in importation costs, the price of human hair extensions products is the most affordable around the world.

Human hair extensions online 8

Human hair extensions cheap vendors in Vietnam

Last but not least, Vietnamese hair vendors also have the highest quality with the most reasonable price in the market. Because Vietnamese ethnic women, the major virgin hair donors, live in mountainous areas, so they usually use natural vegetation instead of chemical products to take care of their hair. For that reason, Vietnamese natural hair is known for its durability and smoothness under a variety of weather conditions. Because Vietnamese virgin hair does not need chemical involvement, the price remains reasonable and stable. In fact, the reasonable price, along with the impeccable quality of human hair extensions cheap vendors in Vietnam, are attracting more and more overseas consumers.

2.2. Human hair extensions cheap vendors in China

China is long known as the “enterprise” of the human hair industry. As a result, the country has brought out the full potential of its large population. Human hair extensions cheap vendors in China have abundant workforce and supply. In addition, Chinese hair factories often have large-scale processes, so the labor time required is considerably reduced. Because of that, Chinese wholesale hair extensions price is among the cheapest in the world.

Human hair extensions cheap 3

Human hair extensions cheap vendors in China

Moreover, Chinese factories are reputed to import raw hair of average quality, which is bought in bulk from developing countries like India and Cambodia, to mix with synthetic hair (Chinese factories used to import hair from Vietnam in the past, but Vietnamese hair vendors now develop their own business). Then the hair mixture would go into a chemical process in order to look smooth and seamless when arriving to customers. You can see that many human hair extensions cheap usually have a good appearance, it is possible that those products are mixed with synthetic or low-quality hair, instead of real human hair extensions.

2.3. Human hair extensions cheap vendors in India

Human hair extensions cheap 4

Human hair extensions cheap vendors in India

First thing you want to know is that India has the largest supply of human hair around the world. Because women in the country have a religious ritual of shaving a part of their hair, these hair bundles (often called temple hair) are of great value to the hair extension factories in India. 

Like China, India also has an abundance of employees in the hair manufacturing process. However, most workers from Indian hair factories are women, especially housewives, who desperately want a job to take care of their families. As a result, the employees of Indian hair extension industry are often underpaid, so the price of Indian hair products is very cheap.

Human hair extensions cheap 5

Indian hair extension industry

Another thing that makes Indian human hair extensions cheap is  that a large amount of raw hair supply is of average quality, mixed from Cambodia and other unknown sources across the countries. To put it in other ways, besides virgin Indian hair (or temple hair, which is of high quality), other raw hair sources that are mixed into Indian human hair extensions cheap products are often in low quality and incredibly cheap.

3. How to buy hair in bulk from human hair extensions cheap vendors 

Everyone wants to buy a cheap product that is worth their money, and so are we. In this part, I will show you how to make wholesale purchases with human hair extensions cheap vendors.

3.1. Choosing your hair extension partner 

The first thing is to do some research in the marketplace, you can look up some keywords like “human hair extensions near me”, then choose a hair extension vendor with products that suit your price demand.

3.2. Contact the human hair extensions vendor

Human hair extensions cheap 8

Work with hair vendor

After that, get in touch and work closely with the representative of human hair extensions suppliers to know more about the hair extension products. The most common way is to discuss through Whatsapp. Make sure you get what you pay for. A lot of human hair extensions cheap vendors are ambiguous about their products, especially about their raw hair source. As a result, you should find out more about the company information and its credibility, or else you are more likely to get scammed. To be more subjective, check other customers’ feedback on the products you are going to buy.

3.3. Place your order with human hair extensions cheap vendors

This is the most important step. While placing hair orders, remember to clarify the product requirements with the wholesale vendor and conclude orders with an invoice. 

After receiving your invoice, you need to pay the deposit money, which can be in your country’s currency.

Human hair extensions cheap 9

Place your order with human hair extensions cheap vendors

Once the payment is settled, the manufacturer will prepare the products according to your order. You will get pictures or videos of your required products when they are finished. After you are satisfied with the order, it is ready to be delivered. 

Delivery time can vary depending on where you live. To be sure, you can contact the shipping agent to track your order.

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