Real Human Hair Extensions: The secret of the hair business has not been revealed.

Today multiple hair companies do not provide their real human hair extensions as they committed in order to make more profit. However, you do not have to be worried as in this article, we will equip you with the knowledge about features of this hair type; thus, you can distinguish which are the reliable products.

1. Basic understanding about real human hair extensions

How can we call products as real human hair extensions? What are real human hair extensions made from? The answers are available.

Real human hair extensions

What is real human hair extensions?

1.1. The definition of real human hair extensions

Real human hair extensions are made of 100% hair provided by women. After being gathered, the hair is slightly processed and separated into different types such as virgin hair, human hair extensions remy… according to different using purposes.

1.2. The origin of real human hair extensions

The hair companies receive the hair sources from native women or importation. For instance, in Vietnam, the women living in mountainous and rural areas supply the hair for the vendors. Otherwise, the hair source of China partly comes from India due to the high demand of material for production.

1.3. Pros and cons of real human hair extensions

The benefits of real human hair extensions:

  • Silky and Soft: As this product comes from purely human hair, it has the resemblance characteristics of natural hair and can easily blend with natural hair.
  • Easily to style and dye: The real human hair extensions can be either curled or straightened properly. This hair type can also adapt with a wide range of dyed color.
  • Long duration: If real human hair is carefully preserved, it can last for 2 to 4 years of usage.

However, there is a significant disadvantage of real human hair extensions: the cost is higher than other types of extension. However, as this hair type has the quality of overweight others and lasts for a long time, the price is still reasonable, especially the price of a top best hair warehouse.

Real human hair extensions 8

The comparison between real and synthetic human hair extensions

1.4. The comparison between real and synthetic human hair extensions

In short, synthetic human hair extensions are mostly made from acrylic fibers; therefore, this hair type looks less natural than the real human hair extensions. Although the price of synthetic hair extensions are pretty cheaper than the real ones, they have lower quality and shorter time of maintenance.

2. The wholesale market of real human hair extensions

Due to the high demand of hair products, the wholesale market of real human hair extensions is promising as the source of products is sufficient and the cost is reasonable. However, there is little variation in the costs offered by hair vendors from different national markets. You can also read more about the truth behind human hair extension for more details.

2.1. The wholesale prices of real human hair extensions

As you can see, here are three different price lists of human hair extensions. They are the wholesale prices offered by vendors from India, Vietnam and China respectively. The costs range from $18.50 to $23 per 100 gram 10-inch-long human hair extension. The differences are rooted from the distinguished sources of hair and the products’ quality from each country. The Vietnamese real human hair extensions are considered to have the best quality while the Chinese vendors provide the most sufficient products and the Indian hair has the cheapest prices.

Real human hair extensions 2

Wholesale prices of real human hair extensions

2.2. The best wholesale real human hair extensions vendors worldwide

In case you are confused with finding a realiable address to buy the real human hair extensions with high standard and affordable price, there are some dominant names of hair vendors recommended.

2.2.1. Remi Cachet- One of the top European hair vendors

The main market of this distributor is the United Kingdom, Remi Cachet provides a wide range of hair styles such as bone straight, wavy… This is a reliable place for you to purchase real human hair extensions with a pleasing cost.

Real human hair extensions 3

2.2.2. Meir Hair Factory- Brazilian hair vendor

Having been founded for years and gained great experience in supplying real human hair extensions, Meir Hair is the familiar name of various consumers in Brazil. The company provides impressive service and full-time supporting.

Real human hair extensions 4

2.2.3. K-Hair Factory- The best hair seller in Vietnam

K-Hair is a Vietnamese hair factory which is famous for their high-quality product and sufficient human hair extensions cheap. They are the trust-worthy distributor of dozens of international vendors around the world. Their staff are supportive and available all time to support the customers.

Real human hair extensions 5

2.2.4. Indian Hair Giant- The biggest supplier in India

Known as the flagship factory in supplying real hair extensions products in India, Indian Hair Giant offers multiple choices of wigs, weaves and the like. Their manufacturing area is about 4000 square feet.

Real human hair extensions 9

2.2.5. Rebe Hair- The top Chinese hair vendor

Rebe Hair Vendor is known as the leading Chinese distributor in the hair business. They commit to provide real human hair extensions with reasonable price and pleasing customer service.

Real human hair extensions 6

Those are the significant vendors located in different regions around the world. Because there are countless hair vendors available, those names are considered as the reliable distributors to start a cooperation with or to purchase real human hair extensions from.

3. How to be a wholesale real human hair extensions distributor

As the hair market is very promising, being a wholesale hair extensions supplier can bring a lot of benefits. If you are into this field, you can start your own hair business by following those steps below.

3.1. Get a business name

It is advised that the starters should choose a distinguished name with a special meaning. The name is the way to identify your brand and your business. It should have a meaningful story behind so that the consumers would be more impressed.

3.2. Find a reliable real human hair extensions vendor

As the hair market is properly potential, there are countless vendors being active around the world. Some of them are not innocent in selling products and have some cheating on the importers. Therefore, if you want to run your hair business smoothly, you should choose the reliable vendors to cooperate with. How to define a vendor as a reliable distributor? You should read their customers’ feedback, request the real video and photos and so on. You can also go for distributors of human hair extensions on Amazon with high rating.

Real human hair extensions 7

How to be a wholesale real human hair extensions distributor

3.3. Register your business of real human hair extensions

File fully the required documents to the state and local agencies to make your business legal. Pay attention to the tax and other policies as well to minimize the mistakes.

3.4. Build a website and rent a physical location if necessary

Having a website for your brand is essential as the Internet will help you promote your products the fastest. If you are an online seller, you can contact your consumers through your website. Otherwise, if you also prefer physical selling, it is recommended to rent an outstanding location to place your shop.

4. Guideline for real human hair extensions importation

Real human hair extensions 1 1

Importation of real human hair extensions

  • Step 1. Make a list of products: You should take into account which types of real human hair extensions to purchase in order to orient your business. You should focus on popular products like bone straight at first to attract a variety of consumer groups.
  • Step 2. Choose the wholesale hair vendors: Choosing a reliable distributor will help your business smoothly and more conveniently. Besides, a wholesale real human hair extensions will offer better price of products because there are no mediators. 
  • Step 3. Contact the distributor: There is information of contacts available on their website or brochures. You should contact directly through the hotline in order to get a reply as soon as possible. You should be careful with the vendor’s scam and unreliable hair source.
  • Step 4. Discuss about the contract and sign: You should pay attention to the logistic service and other policies attached before signing. Make sure that the articles included are acceptable and relevant to your situation.
  • Step 5. Pay the bill and receive the products: Most of the real human hair extensions vendors offer diversified payment methods. Therefore, choose the most suitable methods based on your location. Regularly check on the delivery during the process to avoid unexpected delay.

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