Human hair loc extensions: Top 3 stunning styles of dreadlocks 

Do you keep your eyes longer on the unique and special hairstyle? The hairstyle may have a greater impact on our appearance than we expect. For instance, the dreadlock hairstyle always brings a cool and artistic vibe that can make the users outstanding in the crowd. However, the making process of it requires certain effort and time; thus, the human hair loc extensions appear to be an ideal replacement. This article will provide all the knowledge that you need to know about this product. 


Human hair loc extensions: Top 3 stunning styles of dreadlocks

1. Human hair loc extensions: The overview about this hair product

As dreadlock hair style has a special look and is still not common in comparison with other styles, a lot of people may be new to it. This part will tell you about the hair locs, the human hair loc extensions and the characteristics of this hairstyle. 

1.1. Definition of human hair loc extensions

The locs can be also called the dreadlocks, or dreads are the hair strands formed by braiding or locking hair. This hairstyle is considered to have first appeared during colonialism in the late 19th century, in the fight between the English and Kenyan warriors.

Human hair loc

Definition of human hair loc extensions

Human hair loc extensions are the products made from 100% hair provided by people. The hair source after being washed will be manufactured to become the hair loc extensions. Otherwise, hair lovers can purchase the basic body wave vs straight hair extensions to make the dreadlocks at home. Human hair extensions are the highest quality products in the hair business as their characteristics are similar to natural hair the most.   

1.2. The typical types of human hair loc extensions and styles of locs

The human hair loc extensions has two main types available in the hair market at present. Here they are:

  • Single Ended human hair locs: This type of dreadlock human hair extension has a loop that is attached at the top of the user’s scalp. The natural hair can be out through and make a braid to blend with the extensions.
  • Double Ended human hair locs: On the other hand, this human hair loc extensions type is folded in the middle to become two separated dreadlocks when it is installed. The length of double ended dreadlock can be upto 100 centimeters, after being put on, the loops are 50 centimeters long.  
Human hair loc

The typical types of human hair loc extensions

There is a wide range of hair locs styles that have been designed up to now to satisfy different demands of users. Here are three typical dreadlocks trends with brief descriptions: 

  • Traditional locs: These locs are usually not bigger than the medium-size box braid, whose size is considered to be standard-size. This is one of the most popular types of dreadlock hairstyle as the upkeep of the traditional locs is not super involved.
  • Sisterlocks: This type of locs hair is considered to be similar to the microlocs. As the size of each loc hair strands is small, the process of making sisterlock requires great effort and is quite time-consuming. This type of dreadlock also demands for the skillful technique to have the on point final look. Therefore, for the amateurs, instead of making this hair type by yourself, you should go to the hair salon and have the professional hair expert do it for you.    
  • Freeform locs: The last type of dreadlock hair is the freeform locs. As it is called, this hair type is created naturally and flexibly. The freeform locs require simple twisting or manipulation, which can be the braid out or twist out style. However, this type of dreadlock only stays for a short time. 
Human hair loc

The typical styles of locs

1.3. Pros and cons of human hair loc extensions 

Like any other types of human hair extensions, the human hair loc extensions has both weak points and strong points. If you are confused about the features of this hair type, take this information into account:

The pros of human hair loc extensions: 

  • Easy to apply on real hair: Most of the human hair loc extensions’ categories in the hair market have convenient designs that the users can put on easily. There are also tutorial videos on youtube for the newbies to follow step by step.
  • Long durability: With the special design, the strands of dreadlocks are firm and fixed. Therefore, the human hair loc extensions have a longer duration of using period. Moreover, it does not require to be replaced overtime.
  • Diversified types and styles: As the human hair strands can be dyed and applied heat-styling, the range of style and types of human hair loc extensions is great. You can get colorful strands with single or double ended dreadlocks.
Human hair loc

Pros and cons of human hair loc extensions

The cons of human hair loc extensions:

  • Luxury price: As the manufacturing of this hair type requires more technique and time, the human hair extensions dreadlocks are sold at more expensive price than other types of hair. 
  • Hard to maintain: As the loc hair strands are easier to get dry, it is necessary to take care of the human hair loc extensions regularly. You need to invest in caring products to hydrate and keep the strands stay aligned. 

2. How to make human hair loc extensions 

Is the process of making human hair loc extensions similar to the real dreadlocks? Can I make the hair loc extensions at home? You can get your own answer for those questions after reading this part.

2.1. How are human hair loc extensions made at home?

Although there are the human hair extensions dreadlocks available in the market, if you want to make the locs at home by yourself, you can definitely buy the normal human hair extensions items. The recommended types should be wig, lace frontal/closure with bleaching knots, which are the hair items with firm attachment on the scalp.

Human hair loc

How are human hair loc extensions made at home?

This is the guideline to make the simplest style of human hair loc extensions at home:

  • Step 1. Washing your hair properly: After ordering and receiving the human hair extension, use the relevant shampoo to wash the hair as well as the lace properly to remove all the dirt. After washing, you should apply conditioner to hydrate the hair strands. Then, use a dryer or a towel to squeeze the water away, wait until the hair is 90% dry.
  • Step 2. Separating the hair into small parts: After the hair gets dry, use the wide-tooth brush to remove the tangled hair and keep the strands aligned. Apply the hair oils to have a better hydration and form for the human hair extensions. Sectioning the hair into small square-shaped parts.
  • Step 3. Twisting your hair sections: The simplest method for this step is dividing each section of hair into two strands and twisting them one by one. Use the hair tie to tie at the end of the twist outs. The final look of each hair section will be the cylindrical wrap. 

The amount of time taken for this process depends on the speed of twisting and the length of the hair strands, often up to 4 hours.

2.2. The maintenance of human hair loc extensions

Although the human hair loc extensions have a stable durability, this item still requires proper care to stay in the original condition. This part will reveal the tips to maintain and lengthen the durability of your dreadlocks human hair extensions.

Human hair loc

The maintenance of human hair loc extensions

  • Keep your scalp clean: As this hair style has a special design, it requires less washing than the other types. However, make sure that your scalp is alway clean, if not, you will feel uncomfortable when putting on the locs and the locs will get dirty and have bacterias faster. 
  • Regularly hydrate: The hair strands of dreadlocks are twisted together, the outside of each section can get dry easily. Thus, it is essential to hydrate your human hair loc extensions regularly by deep conditioner as well as the moisturizing oil. Reducing the use of heat-styling and dryer is also a way to keep your hair hydrated.
  • Care for your locs while sleeping: Before going to bed, you should put on the silk bonnet to keep your hair locs in shape and hydrated. If there is no bonnet, you can go for a silk scarf as a replacement.    
  • Re- touch and re- install the lace: If you know the importance of how to define curls regularly, it is similar to the demand of locs’ being re-touched. You should re-touch your dreadlocks strands every six to eight weeks to keep their form. Besides, as your natural hair keeps growing long, you also have to re- install the lace to make sure that it always stays near the hairline.   

3. The market of human hair loc extensions

If you are interested in the human hair loc extensions and ready to purchase this product, this part is for you. Here is the overview about the trading activities of the dreadlocks hair extensions with the price list attached. In addition, the suppliers list and overview about hair extension are available here: Top 1 Best Human Hair Bulk Wholesale Suppliers for Resellers, please read for valuable knowledge!

3.1. How much are human hair loc extensions?

Human hair loc extensions have price varying based on the length and the number of strands. For example, the blonde dreadlocks hair extensions with the length of 12 inch is sold at the cost of $81.88 for 30 strands. 

Human hair loc

Retail price of human hair loc extensions

3.2. Who buys human hair loc extensions the most?

  • The Africans: the dreadlocks hairstyle is common among men and women in this continent as the native people have naturally curly hair, which is relevant to this style. However, the original hair of those people are short and thin; thus, they buy the human hair loc extensions to thicken and lengthen their real locs.
  • The celebrities: The famous people, especially rappers, hip-hop singers or dancers are into this hairstyle a lot. In addition, there are also models and fashionistas who put on dreadlocks to mix with their clothes. However, the real hair locs are time-consuming and stable, while those celebrities tend to change their concepts regularly. Therefore, buying human hair loc extensions is the best option.
  • Other people: People in other continents can buy the human hair extensions to refresh their appearance. For instance, the young who are active and eager to show their cool characteristics can purchase the wig dreadlocks as an accessory to define their personality.
Human hair loc

Who buys human hair loc extensions the most?

3.3. Tips for customers of human hair loc extensions

  • For online consumers: You can take advantage of the Internet to order human hair loc extensions via e-commerce such as Aliexpress, Walmart or Amazon. Meanwhile, you can go to the official website of hair sellers to connect the staff and order directly. Both methods are convenient and save time; however, there are multiple scams and fake information. To avoid the risk, you should ask the staff to show the unfiltered photos or videos of the products. You should consider the previous feedback as another evaluation.
  • For offline consumers: To be honest, buying human hair loc extensions at the hair stores or hair salons is a secure way for customers. You can go to the shops of retail sellers in your location and try on the wig to choose the most appropriate size and style for your face. 
Human hair loc

Tips for customers of human hair loc extensions

Those are the advices for retail buyers. If you are running a hair business or want to import human hair loc extensions in a large quantity, the wholesale market is more suitable for you. You can purchase the human hair extensions dreadlocks at a more reasonable cost by starting a cooperation with reliable wholesale hair vendors suppliers in your location. Asia is the most developing continent in exporting human hair extensions products, including the dreadlocks or the hair to make locs at home. 

Human hair loc

K-Hair commits to provide high quality human hair loc extensions with pleasing price

If you are interested in this hair market but are still confused about choosing a trustworthy address, K-Hair Factory is a highly recommended choice. This vendor comes from Vietnam that has dozens of long-term relationships with consumers in Europe, Africa, America… K-Hair commits to provide high quality human hair loc extensions with pleasing price and the finest customer service. Go to the website of K-Hair Factory to contact the manager and get your order: K-Hair Vietnam.       

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