What is braid out: 5 steps to make amazing braid out at home

The hair has a greater impact on your appearance than you ever expect. Thus, choosing a relevant style for your hair is crucial if you want to fully express your beauty. This article will tell you about a style called braid out, which is simple but effective. If you are new to this hairstyle, this writing includes the basic information about it.  

braid out

What is braid out: 5 steps to make amazing hairstyle at home

1. Overview about the braid out style

As mentioned before, this style is easy to make and very popular among hair lovers. This part will provide the knowledge about the definition and users of the braid out.

1.1. The definition of braid out

Braid out is a hairstyle that is made by braiding your strands into small bundles to emphasize the movement and wave-like look of your hair. There are multiple methods for you to style your hair for braid out such as the half-up, half out; low-high puffs and so on. This style has no requirement for heat effect or complicated tools to make. It is also available in terms of human hair bulk extensions as well.

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Definition of braid out style

1.2. Who makes the braid out: Can I make this hairstyle at home?

This style mainly applies for the African people whose hair is naturally kinky with tight curls but the curls are not deep and aligned due to the lack of being hydrated. Therefore, people here tend to make the braid out as a style to define the curls apparently and make the strands more aligned.   

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2. Comparison between braid out and twist out

Although braid out is a popular style, twist out is another hairstyle that is also favored widely and can be a potential one to be put into comparison. This part will give an insight into these two hairstyles. For your information, twist out hairstyle is also a popular item of hair suppliers all over the world. The main customers of this hair extension style is definitely American-African women with individual vibes.

2.1. Another style beside braid out: What is twist out?

Twist out, similar to the braid out, gives the naturally wavy patterns for your curly hair. Twist out can be made more simply than the braid out as you just have to twist each small amount of your hair strands from the roots till the ends and keep them overnight. 

To make the twist out, you have to brush and detangle your hair first. Then section your hair evenly into small buns, you can tie them separately to avoid being blended with the others. The next step is spraying water to hydrate your hair strands and applying the hair oil, gel or leave-in conditioner to help your hair have more emphasized curls after styling. Finally is twisting your hair from the roots till the end bun by bun. It is recommended to make the twist out at night and you will get the result in the next morning.   

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Another style: What is twist out?

2.2. The pros and cons of braid out and twist out

Both mentioned styles of hair have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some significant features of these two braid out and twist out hairstyles. 

The pros and cons of braid out hairstyle

  • Multiple methods available to make the braid out: half-up, half out; low-high puffs…
  • Ensures the tight curls the most
  • The braid out can avoid the hair getting frizzy 
  • Seems to stretch out the natural hair and make the hair appear to be more elongated.
  • It takes a certain amount to make braid out style as this style is made when your hair is wet, after braiding, it takes a longer time for the strands to get dry.
  • When you take down the buns of braids, the hair can be easily get broken. 
  • Requires certain care for maintenance
braid out 5

The pros and cons of braid out and twist out

The pros and cons of twist out hairstyle

  • The twist out requires less time and effort to make 
  • This hairstyle can be kept as buns of twisted hair or put down the twisted buns to have the waves on  hair.
  • Requires simple care for maintenance.
  • Offers multiple shrinkages that some people may not be into
  • Be careful when putting down the twisted buns to avoid frizziness
  • The twist out requires it to be kept overnight to form, which may disturb your sleep.

2.3. Braid out vs twist out: Which one is better?

As both braid out and twist out hairstyles have strong points and weak points listed in the previous part, no one can confirm which one outweighs the other. In other words, users can put the characteristics of each hair style into account to consider if the style fits what you demand or not. For instance, if you find the heat impact not annoying, you can go for the braid out style. If you want to save time or find making braids buns hard, you can choose the twist out hairstyle. 

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Braid out vs twist out: Which one is better?

3. How to make the braid out hairstyle?

There are tutorial videos of making braid out hairstyle on youtube to imitate. However, this part will give you a brief guideline of making simple braid style at home for newbies.

3.1. Guideline to make the braid out at home by yourself


  • One of those holding products: Hair oil, leave-in conditioner, hair moisturizer or any other products having the same function
  • Tools to tie hair: small hair bands or hair elastic
  • Shower or spray bottle

Steps to make braid out style:

  • Step 1. Making your hair strands wet totally: You can make this style after having a shower or after washing your hair as usual. If not, you just have to rinse your hair strands into water as long as the whole scalp and hair is wet. As the hair will be more malleable when it gets completely wet, do not use a towel or dryer for drying too much. One more tip is that you should brush and untangle your hair before making it wet. 
  • Step 2. Applying the hair products: In this step, you apply the holding product that you have prepared. One product is acceptable but if you want to have a more effective process, you can combine the products together. For instance, you can follow the LOC method, which means you apply a liquid leave-in conditioner then a hair oil and finish with a creme. During the applying time, you can remove the knots or tangles remaining on your hair. However, the more products you apply, the more time required for drying the braid out.   
braid out 7

Guideline to make the braid at home by yourself

  • Step 3. Braiding up your hair: Firstly, the hair must be sectioned into small parts evenly and start braiding them up one by one. The most common and simple braid type is french braid, in which you separate each hair section into three smaller ones at the roots and add the entire hair of each part along the way till the ends of strands. You can add more holding conditioner during the process. Tie the bun with hair elastic at the end of the braids. For a more specific description of this technique, you can go to the tutorial videos on youtube. The smaller the braid buns are, the tighter the curls become and the less time the drying process requires. 
  • Step 4. Drying the braid buns: To be honest, this style can be kept overnight to form like the twist out. You can put on a silky bonnet, go to bed and wait for the result the next morning. However, the braid out can avoid the frizziness and drying hair is the more frequent method. You just have to use the dryer to get your wet hair dry in a short time. 
  • Step 5. Untying the braid buns: When your hair is completely dry, it’s time to take out the buns. As the hair is set and blended well by the effect of the holding products, you should untie the braids carefully. You can rub the hair oil on your fingers and unravel the sections gently. Avoid disrupting the formed curls of the braid out as much as possible. You can spray your hair after finishing to keep the alignment longer.

Many hair in bulk distributors also recommend applying this hairstyle on your hair weave or hair extension in general. It is quite similar to the styles created with flexi rods on weave.

3.2. How long does the braid out last?

Normally, the braid out can last from 5 to 7 days if it is made carefully and well preserved. The maintenance time of this hairstyle can vary based on how careful you make it and how it is preserved after that. However, braid out is considered to stay longer than the twist out as its waves are more defined and the hair curls are tighter. 

braid out 8

How long does this hairstyle last?

3.3. How to maintain the braid out?

First and foremost, remember to wear a silk bonnet, scarf or a du-rag every night you go to bed. This accessory will keep your braid out in a  fixed shape, hydrated and safe from dust or being tangled. Secondly, you should apply the hair oil on your hand fingers before touching and styling your braid out in the next morning. This step can avoid the disrupting of your hand on the curls. Remember to hydrate your hair regularly and keep it intact as much as possible by avoiding stretching or combing with a tight-tooth brush. 

4. Having braid out with human hair extension

Otherwise, if you want to save time and do not want to have a bad effect on your natural hair, you can consider purchasing the human hair extensions. This part will explain why this is the best solution for a real braid out.

4.1. Which type of human hair extension can make braid out?

Which styles of hair extensions should be chosen: body wave vs straight hair? The best option of human hair extensions to make the braid out is the human hair extensions wavy or curly. The reason is the straight hair, particularly the bone straight hair has flattened hair strands, which are hard to stay aligned when they are braided. You can choose the wig, lace closure/frontal types for the whole scalp or just buy the human hair extensions tape in, clip in types… to thicken your real braid out hair.   

braid out 9

Styles and types of human hair extensions

4.2. Where can I purchase the human hair extensions for braid out?

Beside buying the human hair extensions from retail hair stores or via e-commerce, the consumers can purchase this product from wholesale hair vendors suppliers. They are the hair factories that manufacture the hair extensions in large quantities with committed quality. Therefore, the hair is sold at reasonable prices. 

Asia is the most developing continent in exporting human hair extensions and Vietnamese human hair is recognized as the most luxurious product in this market. K-hair Vietnam is the flagship company in these countries with dozens of relationships with other countries around the world. They offer a wide range of human hair extensions curly and wavy for making braid out. The payment methods from K-Hair Vietnam are diversified and their customer service is on point. If you are into the wholesale market of human hair extensions, you can give K-Hair a try, this brand will properly satisfy your demands.

Website: K-Hair Vietnam 

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K-Hair Vietnam: Top hair vendor in Asia

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