Red Lowlights In Blonde Hair: 8 Steps To Make Lowlights At Home

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If the light color of blonde hair still can not satisfy you, the red lowlights in blonde hair would bring a new appearance. If the ombre hairstyle offers a gradient color, from the dark to light, the lowlights, meanwhile, brings a mysterious taste for your hair. If you have no ideas about the lowlights, don’t worry, this article includes a detailed definition and other features of this hairstyle which is also suitable for human hair bulk. Moreover, for anyone wanting to dye the lowlights at home, find the guideline in this writing. 


Red lowlights in blonde hair: 8 steps to make wonderful lowlights at home

1. Red lowlights in blonde hair: Summary about lowlights

As mentioned before, the red lowlights in blonde hair make it appear more stunning. What are lowlights and are they the same with highlights, the answers will be revealed in this part.

1.1. Red lowlights in blonde hair: How can I define lowlights?

Lowlights is defined as a technique of coloring hair strands to make a darker base. Thanks to this, your light hair look is added depth and dimension. The lowlights are most favored by the people with natural blonde hair that finds their hair too light or thin. 

Red lowlights in blonde hair are the hair strands dyed into the deep red color of blonde hair. Although the common color of lowlights for blonde hair is often brown, this combination of deep red and blonde strands brings a cool and outstanding taste for your appearance. You can also search for lowlight hair extensions from wholesale hair distributors for more images and information.


Red lowlights in blonde hair: How can I define lowlights?

1.2. Red lowlights in blonde hair: Are lowlights and highlights the same?

The similarity between lowlights and highlights in hair is that they have the same method in making. You can either dye the hair strand by strand or paint on freehand into another color different from your hair color. Both techniques emulate the different tones that are shown on your hair naturally.

The difference is while the lowlights have darker color than your hair natural color, the highlights offer a lighter tone than the natural ones. Thus, the functions of lowlights and highlights are different as well. When you buy hair in bulk, a wholesale hair factory will also help you tell them apart.


Red lowlights in blonde hair: Are lowlights and highlights the same?

1.3. Red lowlights in blonde hair: Do red lowlights need bleaching?

Fortunately, the lowlights, including the red lowlights in blonde hair do not require bleaching. As you dye your hair strands in darker shade, it means you take your base color of natural hair down a few shades, you do not need to bleach the hair beforehand. Meanwhile, having highlights means you have to tone up your hair strands, which is the process having bad impacts on your scalp and real hair strands.

Therefore, the lowlights are often applied on the natural hair with light colors such as blonde hair. The darker-colored hair strands will add more depth and dimension on your blonde colored hair. Otherwise, if you add highlights to your naturally dark hair, such as black lowlights for brown hair, the contrast will not be vivid and effective. In addition, between body waves vs straight, the lowlights in hair with waves will be more visible. 


Red lowlights in blonde hair: Do red lowlights need bleaching?

2. Red lowlights in blonde hair: How to get lowlights at home

This is the part that you have been waiting for, the guidance to dye red lowlights in blonde hair at home is included. Moreover, the preservation with full details is attached. 

2.1. DIY red lowlights in blonde hair


  • Deep red hair dye (two to three shades darker than your natural hair)
  • Developer
  • Mixing bowl, brush, gloves, old clothing

Steps to DIY red lowlights in blonde hair:

  • Step 1: Have an allergy test on your skin. Place a drop of hair dye on your hand skin to make sure that the hair dye is safe. Wait around 10 minutes, if the skin does not turn red or bumpy, you are not allergic to the dye. Meanwhile, if there are, stop using that kind of hair dye.
  • Step 2: As the oil on your hair will make the hair dye bind on the strands more effectively, wash your hair one or two days before dying. It is advised that you should not apply the conditioner on your hair strands the day before dying as this texture will disrupt the natural oils on them.
  • Step 3: Put on a pair of plastic gloves and an old shirt before dying to avoid ruining your favorite clothing as well as bad impacts on your hands skin. Place an old towel on your shoulders, cover your ears carefully. Apply a layer of vaseline or petroleum oil close to the hairline on the forehead.

DIY red lowlights in blonde hair

  • Step 4: Take certain amounts of hair dye in the mixing bowl, follow the instructions on the box of dye. You can add the developer in the mixing bowl with the ratio of 1:1 with the hair dye then use a brush to stir the textures until they are blended completely. 
  • Step 5: Section your hair into small strands. Use a tail comb with a metal end to separate your hair for lowlights. The hair strands for dying are at the lower layer of your hair. Thus, wrap up the upper half of your hair and take the strands for lowlights from the other half.
  • Step 6: Use the brush to apply a small amount of deep red hair dye on the strands you have prepared for lowlights. Massage the hair strands to make sure they are coated evenly from the roots till the ends. Use pieces of plastic silver paper to wrap the dyed hair strands.
  • Step 7: Continue doing the same with the other strands until all are done. Let the hair dye sit on your scalp for around 30 minutes to help the color soak into the strands. Wipe off the hair dye remaining on your face or neck if there is.
  • Step 8: Wipe off the vaseline base and remove the wrappers on your hair. Rinse your hair with cool water to protect the color. Do not apply the shampoo, use the conditioner provided in your dyeing kit instead. Keep rinsing until you see no color going down the drain anymore. Use a towel to wipe the water drops and dry the hair. 

2.2. How to maintain red lowlights in blonde hair

The tips for preservation of red lowlights in blonde hair is the same as other dyed hair:


How to maintain red lowlights in blonde hair

  • Reduce washing times: All wholesale hair vendors suppliers and hair stylists will tell you that the more you wash, the faster the color goes off. Thus, instead of washing your hair three times a week as normal, you just do it once or twice a week. Remember to rinse the hair only with cool water as the high temperatures will make the color faded as well.
  • Avoid heat styling and UV rays: At least one day after dyeing, protect your hair from direct sunlight as the UV rays can reduce the deep red color. Minimize the use of dryer and iron curling as the high temperatures will make your strands dry and the colors will be faded as well.
  • Use the relevant products: Wash your hair with shampoo made for dyed hair instead of the normal one. Apply the equivalent conditioner after washing to hydrate the hair strands. You can use the hair oil regularly to moisturize your dyed hair as well.
  • Re-dye your hair if necessary: As your hair keeps growing out daily, when the hair gets longer, the roots of dyed strands will appear with the originally blonde color. Thus, when the new roots are significantly vivid, often after 6 to 8 weeks, you should re-dye the hair strands to have the best deep red lowlights in blonde hair. 
  • Take care of your hair during your sleep: Not only for the lowlights, your blonde hair will take advantage of this tip. You should put on a silk bonnet before staying up to keep the hair in shape as well as keep the strands hydrated. When the red lowlights are moisturized, the color will stay longer. 

3. Red lowlights in blonde hair: Other types of lowlights in blonde hair

Blonde hair with red lowlights:

The lowlights have to be darker than the base blonde color; thus, remember to choose the deep tones of red for your lowlights such as the burgundy or wine colors. Although the red lowlights in blonde hair require certain care and have shorter durability than other colors, this combination becomes more and more popular among the owners of blonde hair.

Beside the red lowlights in blonde hair, there are multiple other colors that can be used for the lowlights in blonde natural hair. Here are some typical combination of colors:


Red lowlights in blonde hair: Other types of lowlights in blonde hair

Blonde hair with brown lowlights:

As mentioned before, the brown color is more common than the red lowlights in blonde hair. Instead of dyeing deep red, the strands used for lowlights are colored dark brown to keep the blonde hair dimensional. This combination fits almost all face shapes and ages of users.

Blonde hair with caramel lowlights:

If you find the dark brown too dull, you can give the caramel color a try. The caramel lowlights offer a warmer vibe, which is extremely relevant to the autumn season. Moreover, you can mix highlights with lighter color than your base hair to make it more stunning.

Ash blonde hair with milk chocolate lowlights:

The milk chocolate lowlights are even lighter than the caramel color with a little red mixed. Meanwhile, the ash blonde color is impressive with the bright and stunning look. When there are lowlights of milk chocolate color, the ash blonde even becomes more attractive.

Blonde with toasty lowlights:

Both the warm and ash blonde fits the toasty lowlights. Similar to the red lowlights in blonde hair, the toasty ones give a deeper look for your hair as well as give more volume to the strands. Your hair will appear thicker and balanced with colors. 


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K- Hair has provided the knowledge about the lowlights, especially the red lowlights in blonde hair. Hope that the information is useful and helps you find the suitable hairstyle for your own. Visit the website of K-Hair to explore more informative articles. 

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