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Hair extension is always an updated business and a level playing field for all creative spirits. Customers want to try new things and hair experts need to find out such insights and create trends if possible. In particular, there are some colors that are favored by almost all women. Let’s scroll down the screen to review the top 3 trendy hair colors. For Nigerian, you can also consult these top 3 trendy hair colors to widen the choices!

1. PLATINUM- The “never out of style” hair color

Platinum is the lightest shade of blond. Though it doesn’t suit all skin tones, it can bring an edgy look for many women. The process to color platinum hair includes bleaching hair then dyeing it. It may take a substantial amount of time by professional hairstylists. There are a lot of platinum shades, with the creation of hair experts, it can be mixed with other colors for a gorgeous look. Let’s take a quick look at some favorable platinum hairstyles.

Silver white platinum

Silver white platinum is an amazing combination of 3 color shades, including silver, white and platinum. With this characteristic, the color is so sparkling. Especially, when you stand under the sunlight, this hair color will look super amazing and attractive. This color is supposed to best suit ones with light skin tones, especially Caucasians.

This style is usually seen in many hair salons and often mixed with soft wavy texture. The color gives the feeling of modern and elegant women. It is also a good choice of color for summer hair extension styles! Also, to make the hair more attractive, you can apply different styles in addition to soft wavy texture. You can have the hair cut with bangs, tied half up half down, braided or so on.


Luxurious line of Silver Platinum

White platinum blonde

From the first look of this hair color, you may feel your mind is blurred. The shade is incredibly out of imagination and brings a fresh edgy look for women. This hair color is quite similar to the silver white platinum one. However, instead of including silver shade, this color consists of blonde shade. As a result, this color is not as sparkling as silver white platinum, but it will have more pure white and blonde shades.

White platinum blonde hair color also matched wavy hairstyles. Short or medium-long hair of wavy style and white platinum blonde color is so popular in many regions such as America, Caucasia or Europe, etc. In terms of hairstyles, you are free to choose among a wide range of hairstyles for short hair, long hair and medium-long hair.


White Platinum Blonde products of K-HAIR

Pearl platinum

Pearl platinum is the “mildest” shade of platinum in comparison with 2 other shades above. This color is quite natural and gentle. It will help you look so elegant and sweet. Please just try this hair color and see how amazing it is on you!

This color is perfectly adapted to fair complexion. It will be a good choice to pop your appearance in the crowd. The color is also now a hot choice in the wholesale hair vendors business a s well. Instead of bleaching and dyeing the real hair with risky results, many people now tend to use an already platinum hair extension for the ensured color.

When it comes to using platinum hair extensions, users are served with a variety of benefits. First of all, wearing hair extensions is the safest way to have platinum hair without damaging real hair. In addition, hair extensions offer a wide range of choices of hairstyles and color shades. Moreover, the color of hair extension is durable and correct. On the other hand, if you choose to bleach and dye your real hair platinum, you will find it costly, time-consuming, hair damaging and low color achieving!


Pearl color from K-HAIR

2. ASH GRAY- A new try hair color for European women

Ash gray is nearly similar to Platinum color but looks a bit smoky and a bit darker. This hair color is suitable for many fashion vibes, from individual, active to sweet ones. Choosing this color will help brighten your face and skin tone!

We see Ash color is ordered by Russian hair sellers and expect this unique shade will be in the top trend. Ash gray hair extensions are exactly never out of fashion but always trending instead. This hair color can go with any hair extension styles, from straight to bone straight, curly, wavy, pixie or so on.


Must be trendy color- Ash

3. OMBRE COLORS- Personally labeled hair colors of hairstylist

You can freely make memorizable work with the mixture of a ton of colors. Some ideas are beautiful from the paper draft to reality. With ombre colored hair, you can choose those from top hair in bulk brands, so that the quality of the colors will be guaranteed and much better.

To give you a better illustration, below are 3 groups of ombre hair color that you can consider:

  • Dark ombre hair color: The most typical option for dark ombre color is hair with black root and dark tail. The dark tail colors include popular choices such as honey, brown or chestnut, etc.
  • Medium-light ombre hair color: This choice of ombre color is alo typical with black root and colored tail. The medium-light colors used can be dark wine, dark blue, dark green, dark orange or dark pink, etc.
  • Light ombre hair color: Talking to light color is definitely talking to a wide range of blonde, white and platinum shades. These colors are super standing out and trending.

For all of these colors, you can choose a dark root or a light root based on personal preferences. It is all up to you. Normally, the dark root can go with all kinds of tail colors, including dark, medium-light and light ones. Meanwhile, light roots can go better with light tails than with dark ones. However, there are also many other cases like hair with a blond root and chestnut tail that is amazing. Then, just be creative and choose the color you want!


Shades of ombre color


As a role of a 30 years factory, K-HAIR is making a thousand hairstyles and colors. Sometimes we receive orders with colors out of our color palette, but they are just a piece of cake. With our hair expert, we still keep customers satisfied with the high quality products. Let’s look at some photos below of customized colors.


Burgundy – one of the hottest trend hair colors in 2020


Baby Pink- Revolution of Color in Vietnamese hair business


Enchanting Brown from K-HAIR experts


Matcha Ombre- one of the unique hair colors

Different from normal trading companies, K-HAIR has our own factory to produce and design. This is a fundamental factor to help us to control all the process from seeking ingredients to complete the hair. As our slogan: QUALITY IS KING, we are determined to be of attention to details and use  QUALITY to raise our brand, satisfy our customers and compete with other competitors in the long term. Besides, as a factory, we offer the most reasonable prices for all hair sellers: wholesalers, distributors, exclusive distributors and start-up companies.

There are still many more colors and styles that you can order from K-HAIR, we always try to change to the updated things and explore our potential. Let’s be a part of K-HAIR family and go with us in an incredible creative journey.

Deal with wholesale via WhatsApp: +84398344444 (Ms Astrid- CMO)

Instagram: kinghair_factory


Facebook: Astrid Taylor



I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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