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When it comes to hair extensions, you’ve definitely heard of many different types of hair and hairstyles. One of them is remy hair extensions. Then, what may you not know about this hair extension type? This article will help you understand more about this type of hair extension through clarifying its characteristics, pros & cons, classification, the reasons to choose and its distribution in the hair business.

1. Overview of remy hair extensions

In the hair extension industry, there is a phrase that is frequently used: remy hair extensions. Because of its reasonable cost and high quality, this type of hair extension is popular in the hairdressing industry.

1.1. What is remy hair extensions?

Simply explained, remy hair extension relates to the method of collecting human hair in which the cuticles and hair strands all move in the same direction. This may be accomplished by gathering feathers directly from the root. 


Remy Hair Extensions

Raw hair will be little treated after being gathered before being utilized to produce human hair extensions. As a result, it’s no wonder that remy hair extensions are among the best-looking and most natural-looking alternatives on the market.

1.2. Compare virgin vs remy hair extensions

There are two sorts of hair extensions: virgin hair extensions and remy hair extensions. However, very few hair extension vendors on the market give information to assist consumers differentiate between these two notions.

1.2.1. Virgin hair extensions

Virgin hair extensions are hair extensions that come from a single donor and are free of chemicals. Virgin hair extensions have intact cuticles and the same hair alignment. For instance, if it is composed of straight and black human hair, the hair extension will remain the same. Therefore, if you come across naturally curly hair, you may simply straighten it and utilize it. Untreated natural hair, of course, feels soft and silky to the touch, and you may totally extend your extensions as well.


Virgin or untreated hair extensions


  • Unlike remy hair extensions, you may totally color this virgin remy hair extension just like your real hair. In general, you may use a hair dryer, blow-dry, or even hair care products to color, bleach, or wave your hair.
  • Another advantage is that they may be utilized for a longer period of time than treated hair. If properly cared for, this type of hair can persist for several years. Because they are typically silicone-free, the hair will grow softer and simpler to use after washing.
  • Furthermore, virgin or untreated hair is more heat resistant than treated hair. As a result, you may wear it in inclement weather, high winds, or high humidity without concern of harming your wavy hairstyle.

Virgin hair extensions


  • Virgin hair extensions can be more expensive and difficult to locate than processed hair kinds, and they come in a variety of extensions hairstyles. Because unprocessed genuine hair has not been chemically treated, the hair will remain in its original state when separated from the original hair. 
  • For example, if your extensions are naturally straight and you want to curl them, you will need to style them in order to get Jerry’s curly hair.

1.2.2. Remy hair extensions

Remy hair extension or treated hair are made from hair that has been chemically treated throughout the production process. They were treated and bathed in acid before styling to eliminate the cuticle as well as all of the natural characteristics of the hair. However, this does not imply that remy hair extensions are not beneficial. This hair coloring and bleaching method will aid in the creation of a wide range of hairstyles and spectacular hues. These contemporary hair color wavy hairstyles are unquestionably superior than doing it yourself at home with natural, untreated hair extensions.


Remy hair extensions


  • All of the cuticles in remy hair have been removed, allowing the hair extensions to be totally dyed and styled in any way requested by the manufacturer.
  • The silicone in the treated hair extensions will also make the hair shine more.
  • Remy hair extensions are less expensive than untreated actual hair and are widely available in the market.

Cons: Remy hair does not last as long as a virgin hair extension.

2. Classification of remy hair extensions methods

Many ladies enjoy using remy hair extensions because they allow them to modify their appearance in a matter of hours. There are several hair extension methods available for ladies to select from, so think carefully before making a decision. Because each remy hair extension method has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

2.1. Remy hair extensions tape in 


Tape in remy hair extensions

Remy hair extension tape in is a simple hair extension process that can be completed in a matter of hours. These hair extensions can range in length from 3.8 cm to 20 cm. Each hair extension comes with either 2-sided or 1-sided polyurethane tape to match its size. This method of applying Remy hair extensions can last between 4-6 weeks.


Tape in remy hair extensions

However, the glue of r must be in place for at least 24 hours. So you can’t wash your hair or do anything else that could cause you to sweat. Any silicone or hair conditioner-containing products should be avoided as they may cause the hair extensions to fall out. When using this hair extension method, hair cannot be fastened comfortably.

2.2. Remy hair extensions clips-in

Remy hair extensions clips-in are hair extensions with clips at the top, which are also considered a technique of extension. It allows you to have longer and thicker hair in a matter of minutes. You only need to snip it at the hairline. Hair clips may be found in sizes ranging from 2 to 8 inches.


Clip in remy hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the greatest option for anyone looking for longer hair in a hurry. They are hair extensions with clips at the top. You only need to cut them at the hairline. They might be as little as 3.8 cm or as large as 20 cm. It just takes around 5 to 10 minutes. You may now finish clipping the curls to each region of the hairline. Remy hair extensions clips-in are incredibly simple to use since you may clip and remove them whenever you want. 

2.3. Heat remy hair extensions

The heat remy hair extensions procedure is highly sophisticated and should only be performed by a professional hairdresser. To attach to the hair extension, a silicone-lined U-shaped keratin tube is employed. The hair extension is then glued to your hairline with a heating instrument. The silicone liner essentially shields your hair from heat damage. Implementation time is 6-8 hours, with a follow-up period of 4-6 months when properly taking care of. Because the keratin is dry, you can’t see the connected hair extensions. Hair extensions will blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.


Heat remy hair extensions

Heat can cause damage to your hair. This procedure requires the use of qualified specialists. Because if it is not done correctly, the hair might be severely damaged.

3. Who buy remy hair extensions and their various purposes

Buyers of remy hair extensions are frequently split into three groups based on its intended use: retailer, hair salon, and user. These customers’ purchasing sources are also separated differently, although in general, hair extensions all originate from wholesalers.


Buying and selling chains of remy hair extensions

3.1. Remy hair extensions retailers

Retailers are one of the most promising customer segments for wholesalers. They might be agencies or shops looking to purchase a large quantity of your remy hair extensions. They are also more likely to establish long-term commercial relationships with distributors if their product is qualified and reasonable pricing. 


Store selling remy hair extensions

Retailers’ target clients are often hair salons and retail customers for personal use. Products for these two sorts of clients differ significantly as well. Because of the features of their profession, hair salons purchase more merchandise than retail clients. Remy hair extensions purchased from merchants are all pre-processed, becoming goods like hair clips, wigs, and so on. The price of unprocessed hair extensions is lower. However, the steps are time consuming and careful, making it impossible for beginners to accomplish it both artistically and fast.

3.2. Remy hair extensions – Hair salon

Hair extensions are typically imported straight from hair salons by large salons. Importing hair from wholesalers or hair stores both have pros and cons. Hair outlets are easy to discover, handy for securing a steady supply of items, and wholesalers’ remy hair extensions are inexpensive.


Wholesalers and hair retailers both sell remy hair extensions to hair salons

Hair salons frequently purchase the remy hair extension for two reasons: to connect straight to customers’ hair and to construct wigs. Many ways of hair extensions are updated at hair salons and are conducted by experienced stylists. There are usually a variety of choices of hair extension lengths, styles and colors for you to choose here. You can also easily get the hair extensions customized by professional hair stylists right here if you want.

3.3. Remy hair extensions user

The majority of customers do not purchase remy hair in bulk products from suppliers. These consumers all purchase hair extensions from hair salons or use hair extension services provided by hair salons. Most hair salons create remy hair extensions by connecting hair extensions to each natural hairline using elastics, silk, fiberglass, or keratin, etc. Many consumers choose these procedures because they are long-lasting and look realistic, much like real hair. 

If they have the necessary skills and experience, they can get a remy hair extension from a hair salon and apply the hair extensions themselves. However, because this can cause harm to natural hair, hair extension procedures are frequently advised, necessitating the participation of specialists.


Common remy hair extensions types for users

In addition to the usage of hair clips, hair extensions tape, and wigs, easy at-home procedures are becoming increasingly popular among hair extension users. These remy hair extensions are intended for use as beauty accessories on a daily basis.

4. Reliable supplier of remy hair extensions – K-Hair Factory

Vietnamese hair has traditionally been known for its great quality and low cost. The greatest provider in Vietnam is K-Hair Factory, the country’s first and largest hair factory, which offers pure hair goods as well as a variety of different remy hair extensions. It is a trusted partner for hairdressers all around the world.


K-Hair Factory – Best virgin remy hair extensions factory

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