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All people in the hair extension business need to know about the 3 types of hair extensions or in other words, 3 hair quality grades, including single drawn hair extensions, double drawn hair extensions and super double drawn hair extensions. In this post, we are going to introduce to you one of the most popular items. It is the double drawn hair. Our sharings below will help you know what is the definition, typical characteristics and reliable suppliers of this type of hair extension.


Double Drawn Hair

What is double drawn hair?

When hair extensions are prepared as the double drawn hair weft, this necessarily means that within a bundle of hair. The producers remove and replace the bulk of shorter hairs with the longer hairs inside the hair bundle. This also means that if you want to purchase Vietnamese double drawn hair extensions 24 inches from Vietnamese hair factories, for example, the hair would be thick from root to tip. It’s about 70–80% within the bundle would contain the full 24 inches, the rest is the mixed length. This is the most valuable type of your business and all users also like to buy.

In comparison with 2 other quality grades of hair extensions, the double drawn raw hair extensions has the quality in the middle level. It is much better than a single drawn hair extension, but not as good as the super double drawn hair extension. You also need to remember that the quality I mention here is just about the hair volume or the uniformity of the hair lengths among hairs in one bundle. These quality grades imply no difference in the hair texture quality. When it comes to this kind of quality, we will have other terms of virgin, remy and non-remy hair.


Double drawn hair extensions

In particular, below are the hair volumes of 3 hair quality grades for you to imagine:

  • Single drawn hair: 60-65% of the hair has the same length. The rest is shorter in length. This causes clear differences in volumes of the hair root and hair tail.
  • Double drawn hair: 70-80% of the hair has the same length. Then, the uniformity in volumes between the hair root and hair tail is quite good.
  • Super double drawn hair: 80-85% of the hair has the same length. The volume uniformity of the hair is amazing. You just need to touch the hair, and you will see that it is so full.

Double drawn hair vs single and super double drawn hair

In case you are also curious about the 3 hair texture qualities mentioned, including virgin, remy and non-remy, you can also consider this:

  • Virgin hair: Virgin hair is collected from one donor who has never applied chemicals on her natural hair before. Thanks to this fact, the hair has the highest quality and uniformity. In particular, this type of hair has intact cuticles and one-direction alignment. These are the great criteria that ensure the best results when you restyle the hair with chemicals and heat in terms of straightening, curling, dyeing or even bleaching to a wonderful blond color.
  • Remy hair: Remy hair is collected from two or more people. Though the hair cuticle quality and uniformity is not as good as those of virgin hair, this type of hair still has amazing quality. You can freely straighten, curl or dye the hair without worrying that the results will not come out good. However, this type of hair is not so suitable for bleaching.
  • Non-remy hair: Non-remy hair is collected from many people. No one can guarantee the quality of this type of hair. In addition, there are times when this type of hair is literally hair waste. This will require such severe processing with chemicals to turn into hair extensions. Even when non-remy hair is produced into hair extensions, the real quality will still be so bad, and the hair extensions will quickly degrade.
Double drawn hair made from 100% human hair

Double drawn hair made from 100% human hair

Vietnamese double drawn hair extensions suppliers quality

Vietnamese double drawn hair extensions 24 inches made from 100% high-quality human hair. The hair would be thick from root to tip, with 70–80% within the bundle would contain the full 24 inches. This is the most valuable type of your business as wholesale hair vendors and all users also like to buy.

Vietnamese double drawn raw hair from Vietnamese top best hair factory is the best raw human hair that is always available in large quantities in our company. That is nothing special until this hair type has become one of the best selling, also one of the most profitable products in our list of products. Customers really love this hair type, especially hair salons and wig makers or hair extensions suppliers.


Vietnamese double drawn hair

Advantages of double drawn hair

The double drawn hair extensions are always lucrative items in the hair business. If you are a hair reseller, you are highly recommended to pursue the double drawn hair extensions wholesale. Here are their significant advantages that will help you understand more.

  • High quality double drawn raw hair – raw Vietnamese hair is the great hair from 100% human hair without toxic chemical, no lice, no shedding.
  • The thickness of strands enables you to easily achieve a full-bodied finish
  • Each strand of the double drawn hair weft is thick from root to tip
  • Easy to cut, style, and blend — even hair extension fitters without hairdressing preparation.

Vietnamese double drawn hair super high quality 24 inches

Of all double drawn extensions available in wholesale hair vendors worldwide, Vietnamese double drawn extensions are always considered one of the best items. Vietnamese double drawn hair extensions suppliers are able to supply double drawn extension products which are made of 100% high-quality Vietnamese human hair. More about the product details are available below.

Product detail

Product name Vietnamese double drawn hair high quality
Materials 100% human hair, without synthetic hair
Length Available from 8- 32 inches
Color Natural black
Weight 100 gram/ bundle
Style Natural straight
Payment method T/T, Money Gram, Western Union, Bank
Delivery time Within 1 week by UPS, DHL, Cargo carrier

double drawn hair

double drawn hair

The best address to buy Vietnamese double drawn hair of high quality: K-Hair factory

With 30 years of experience in the hair industry and an understanding of each hair type, we are one of the leading suppliers in Vietnam. products are top best human hair bulk and always have a competitive advantage superior to other manufacturers because of the quality, price, and customer service. We ensure that we can supply the highest quality Vietnamese double drawn hair.

In comparison with other big hair suppliers in the world, K-Hair is still one of the best choices for customers and hair resellers. It is a prestigious hair factory that say no to producing low-quality hair extension products like synthetic hair or non-remy hair. In addition, the production is carried out by skillful workers only. Moreover, all the services are professional and amazing!

Besides double drawn hair, K-Hair, top best wholesale hair distributor factory, also offers customers a wide range of hair extension types including single drawn hair, super double drawn hair or even VIP hair. The variety in types (weft hair extensions, tip in hair extensions, closures, frontals, wigs, clip in hair extensions, sew in hair extenisons, tape in hair extensions, etc), styles (natural straight, natural color, bone straight, pixie, curly, wavy, colored, blond, etc), quality grades (single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn) and prices will definitely meet the demands of all customers!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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