Raw Vietnamese Hair: Top 6 Best Wholesale Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Raw Vietnamese Hair is famous for the pure and silky of hair quality. Raw Vietnamese Hair can be bleached to 613 colour and many other colour tone. Let’s find out all facts about Raw Vietnamese Hair

I. Raw Vietnamese Hair: Top 6 Best Wholesale Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Raw Vietnamese Hair is a specific type of hair, which is widely used to bleach to #613 colour and to dye to many tone of hair colour. Why this type of hair is loved among hair salons, especially Nigeria hair salon and hair sellers? Let’s find out secret together!


II. Raw Vietnamese Hair: All Things You Should Know

Understanding profoundly about characteristics of Vietnamese Hair will help you to be master in the hair business. Let’s find out together the definition, characteristics of Raw Vietnamese Hair.

2.1. What Is Raw Vietnamese Hair?

Raw Vietnamese Hair is 100% pure bulk hair material, which is taken directly from hair donors (the hair sources from donors must be virgin straight, no curly or colour styled)


raw vietnamese hair

2.2. Characteristics of Raw Vietnamese Hair

Characteristics Of Raw Vietnamese Hair includes natural characteristics and ability to bleach and dye.

2.2.1.  3 No: No Chemical, No Synthetic, No Mixed Hair

In K-Hair factory, we are pround to be the best reliable hair factory supplying 100% raw Vietnamese Hair with 3 prominent characteristic: No chemical, No synthetic, No mixed Hair.

  • To have 100g pure raw Vietnamese Hair, we must go through strict progress for the best perfect raw hair. First, it is from hair donors. The hair sources from donors must be 100% pure ( that donor’s hair must be virgin, not dyed or styled). If the hair donors have hair styled before, it will not considered as raw hair, it is processed hair. That is the reason why raw vietnamese hair is very rare and expensive, also if you don’t research carefully before buying raw hair from hair sellers, then you will be treated because 90% of hair sellers will sell you remy hair not raw hair.
  • Normally, a donor just can be suppply 200g raw hair

2.2.2.  Can Be Bleached To 613 Colour

Raw Vietnamese Hair is 100% pure hair, no chemical, no mixed, that is why it can be bleached to 613 colour tone (lightest tone). In K-Hair factory, each raw hair bundle is taken FROM JUST 1 DONOR. 2 hair donors can’t be tied in 1 bundles because their characteristics of hair is not the same, therefore can’t be bleached to 613 colour.

If you buy raw hair from other hair factories, when you bleach 1 hair bundle and you see it does not turn out to be in same colour between strands, then the hair is mixed from many hair donors (BECAUSE ONLY 1 HAIR DONOR IN 1 BUNDLE CAN BE BLEACH TO UNIFORM COLOUR). In order to limit all the risks, you’d better import qualified Vietnamese hair. To do so, you can read this post for detailed instruction: How to import hair from Vietnam – best details.

III. Raw Vietnamese Hair Can Be Used To Make Which Specific Type Of Hair?

Raw Vietnamese Hair can be used to bleach to light colour tone like 613 blond tone and used to dye to many colour.

3.1. Light Colour Tone

  • As mentioned in 1.2 about characteristics of Raw Vietnamese Hair, the hair is 100% virgin hair donor. Therefore, it can be bleached to light colour tone like 613 colour, 60 colour tone,…
  • Remy mixed hair can’t be bleaced to light colour because it is mixed from many hair donors with different charecteristics of hair

raw vietnamese hair can be bleached to 613 hair colour

3.2. Dyed Hair

You have bought hair from other hair seller before, and you have problems in dying hair colour. The hair can’t come up with the colour tone you want but you don’t know what the reason is? That is because the hair source you buy is mixed hair from many hair donors with different characteristics, so it can’t come up with same colour tone

If you want to buy hair to bleach and dye with ambition that all hair strands can come up to same and best perfect hair colour, then raw vietnamese hair is your best choices!

IV. How To Import Raw Vietnamese Hair – A Five-step Instruction 

As mentioned above, Vietnamese raw hair is of wonderful quality, so how to import this raw hair to carry out a hair business? In fact, it is quite simple if you follow this five-step instruction from K-Hair – the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam.

Step 1 – Check The Products And Contact Wholesale Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendors

This is the first step and also one of the most important steps in the process. You’d better do a small research on all hair suppliers to see which ones provide most qualified hair, which ones provide cheapest hair, which ones are most highly recommended by other resellers or so on. Then, you decide which one is the most suitable with your business goals and make a contact.

When contacting the raw Vietnamese hair suppliers, don’t forget to make the most use of their advice. They are all experienced experts in the hair business, so they can give you lots of invaluable sharing. In addition, please remember to be active and describe your order in detail to avoid any possible mistakes. The typical order is suggested in the picture below.


Step 2 – Confirm The Invoice 

After confirming the order, you will have to make and confirm the invoice. The invoice includes all information about the order: the agreed quantity, price, added fees, etc, so it is a legitimate document and of importance. You’d better have the raw Vietnamese hair sellers make the invoice, and then you check it carefully. 

Step 3 – Make Payment

After confirming the invoice, you will have to pay money in advance to have the factory produce your hair.  You can choose to make a full payment or pay a certain part first.

Step 4 – Check Hair Quality

After the raw Vietnamese hair factories complete producing your order, they will video call or use any other forms to let you check the product quality before delivery. Please make sure that you are satisfied with the quality before confirming the shipping!

Step 5 – Pay The Rest (If Any) And Receive Your Hair

After being sure that you are satisfied with the raw Vietnamese hair and want to receive it, you will have to pay the rest if you didn’t make a full payment before. Then, the only remaining thing to do is to wait and have your hair delivered!


How to import raw Vietnamese hair

V. Top 6 Best Wholesale Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Here are top 6 best whosale hair vendors supplying raw hair with best hair quality and the best price. This list is voted by online competition among wholesale hair sellers in the world. Rank top #1 is K-Hair factory for the king quality and best wholesale price.


Top 6 vietnamese Raw Vietnamese Hair suppliers

5.1. Top 1 – K-Hair  Best Raw Vietnamese Hair suppliers

  • K-hair factory is considered to be the BEST HAIR FACTORY in Vietnam. With more than 30 years of history, K-hair brand is proud to be the first & loyal hair supplier of many wholesale hair sellers in Nigeria.
  • K-Hair factory supply variety of hair styles such as: weft curly wavy, colour hair extension, lace frontal closure, wigs,…
  • The K-Hair bran has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting hair around the world. They always supply the best hair quality to many salons, retailers, wholesalers and other factories worldwide,…
  • Loyal wholesale customers: Nigerian, South Africa, Ghana,…
  • Dealing directly wholesale Vietnamese Hair Extension order with CHEAPEST PRICE IN HAIR MARKET – FACTORY PRICE

What makes K-hair more prominent than others Vietnamese Hair Factories?

  2. Focus on HIGH QUALITY, with slogan ” Quality is King”
  3. Long-term hair factory with more than 30 years of experience. Absolutely reliable hair factory
  4. ALways update and be the first factory in applying newest and high-tech in production
  6. Free customization for customers such as: Hair tag, hair logo, hair bag…

Check intro video of K-HAIR factory – Best Wholesale Hair Factory in Vietnam 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Contact Cherry Ceo for now to get best wholesale deal price:

Let’s K-hair accompany with you to the pinnacle of success!



If you think that raw Vietnamese hair is only sold by Vietnamese factories, then you should read this piece of information. In fact, many other worldwide suppliers do import hair from Vietnam, and part of their hair is from Vietnam, part of it is from local sources, and part of it can be from other suppliers such as Chinese, Indian, Cambodian ones or so on. So now, let’s take a look at these following distributors!

5.2. Adore Hair Extensions – A Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendor From The UK

Adore Hair Extensions is one of the most popular hair suppliers in the UK. Besides selling their local hair, they also import hair from many other factories worldwide. As Vietnamese hair is famous for its best quality, Vietnam is always a prior choice when it comes to a reliable supplier to import hair from. 

5.3. Hair Are Us – A Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendor From The USA

Hair Are Us is a famous hair supplier in Atlanta and was founded in 2011. With a decade in the hair business, this hair distributor is experienced. However, most of their time is online-based selling, and they eventually settle down with an offline base now.

5.4. Unice Hair – A Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendor From Brazil

Unice Hair is a company based in Brazil and provides a wide range of hair extensions. It is said to only supply high-quality virgin hair in terms of a wide range of hairstyles such as wigs, hair extensions or weaves, etc. 

5.5. SalonLabs – A Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendor From Ghana

SalonLabs is a famous hair company in Ghana. It is said to sell 100% virgin hair with a wide range of products. You can contact the seller and find all kinds of human hair extensions, human hair wigs, lace frontals and 360 frontals, etc.

5.6. – A Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendor From Nigeria is a top raw hair supplier in Nigeria. Besides Vietnamese raw hair, it also provides many other kinds of hair. Some of them are Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair or so on. The company is also appreciated for good customer services.

As you can see, all of the suppliers above are highly appreciated for providing high-quality hair. However, if you want to buy raw Vietnamese hair, you are more recommended to import from a reliable Vietnamese hair supplier like K-Hair Factory and not to buy from any intermediaries. As a result, you can be assured that all the hair is real Vietnamese raw hair sold at the best price.


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