Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian: Amazing Secret for Your Business

Want to find the hair extension from Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian that looks up to your expectations? Then consider these details in the following article, I will be sure that it will change your mind much and help you to make a better decision. You will be provided with the most updated information about wholesale hair vendors in India as well as further recommendations from hair experts.

Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian

Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian

1. Overview about Wholesale Hair Vendors from Indian

Here, I will give you a brief vision of Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian. We will focus on the hair origin, hair extension features as well as the notices to take when buying hair extensions from hair vendors in India.

Indian Hair Extension from Indian women donor.

Indian Hair Extension from Indian women donor.

1.1. Overview of Indian Hair Extension

Most feedback from Indian hair vendors said that Indian hair is quite cheap and quite good quality. So let’s find out how is the quality of Indian Hair Extension from hair vendors in India.

1.1.1. The origin of Indian Hair Extension

The hair extension of the Indian women came from specific temples in South India. Traditionally, women presented long hair in exchange for prayers. The Hindu temple authorities collect this original Indian hair and auction it to Indian hair suppliers every month. As the result, the quality of the hair from hair vendors in India is inconsistent since it is derived from hundreds or thousands of women in a particular region. Then, between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair, which one is better? You can read more here: Vietnamese hair vs. Indian hair.

Indian Hair Extension

Indian Hair Extension

1.1.2. The main features of Indian Hair Extension

  • Indian hair is generally in naturally straight hair and a natural wavy style. It has natural curls and can sometimes be very curly. When you buy straight hair to the bone, the quality may not make you satisfy.
  • Hair from hair vendors in India is mixed as well which causes cuticles to become misaligned.
  • Indian hair is versatile. You can curl it in many ways. But you should be aware that dyed hair can be mixed with Indian hair. This is important if you are considering bleaching your hair at a later stage because colored hair is difficult to bleach and will negatively affect the quality of the bleaching process.
  • Indian Hair Extensions have a limited lifespan, just a few months. Although it looks shiny, after a few washes, the hair will get rough and knotted and will eventually fall out.
  • And with these main features, are you curious about the prices offered by hair vendors in India? Check them out here: Indian hair price list.

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1.2. What I should take notice of when purchasing Indian Hair Extension

  • As I mentioned before, Indian hair is not suitable for people with high demand because its quality is not stable.
  • Plastic combined with fallen hair will burn when straightened or bleached at high temperatures. The hair is combed, chemically treated, silicone-coated, and occasionally mixed with synthetic strains and animal hair. Although acceptable to some users, it is not as good as higher quality elusive hair. After all, you can have a larger view of hair extensions from top 3 distributors here: Vietnamese hair vs. Indian and Chinese hair.
  • With the development of the hair extension industry, more and more scammers are emerging. The scam association acts as a mediator between the exporter and the buyer (as the person who belongs to the buyer of these large scam companies), without being invited by anyone and sending threatening emails to the seller. You should be careful and learns cautiously the facts before purchasing.

1.3. Introduction about Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian

Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian

Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian

Although being the largest market for Hair Extension in the world, Indian Hair is not recognized as a high-quality product for most international customers because of the old-fashioned Hair Extension processing. However, with the customer with a low budget, the product from Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian may be a good choice. Then, one of biggest customers of Indian suppliers are wholesale hair suppliers in South Africa. Because of the abundance of domestic hair, Indian hair producers can give their clients low prices. Prices start at $3 or $4 per 1 bundle. One more point should be clarified: because the hair comes from a mixed source, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the price cannot be greater. 

2. Comparision between Wholesale Hair Vendors from Indian and Vietnam

Comparision between Wholesale Hair Vendors from Indian and Vietnam

Comparison between Wholesale Hair Vendors from Indian and Vietnam

In this table, you can see the outstanding advantages of Vietnamese Hair rather than Indian Hair Extension. This comparison has been exposed by a lot of international wholesalers.

No.FactorsVietnamese Hair VendorsIndian Hair Vendors
1Origin of hair100% human raw hair from Vietnamese women.Mixed hair from Cambodian and other unknown hair sources
2Quality of hairThe best hair quality in the hair market. Vietnamese Hair is famous for its long-term durability and high quality under many conditions of weather. As mentioned above, Vietnamese women use natural vegetation to maintain the hair to keep the hair in the best silky and perfect shape.Indian Hair is mixed hair from many unknown hair sources. Indian hair as a whole is very weak, gets tangled, and shedding easily.
3Durability of hairThe hair can be used from 2–10 years with intact hair qualityJust only 2-3 months
4Ability to bleach and dyeCan be bleached and dyed to any color tone. Especially Vietnamese Virgin Hair can be bleached to 613 tones and now white color.Can’t be bleached or dyed because the hair is mixed with many unknown hair sources.
5PriceAt a reasonable price, from 8.6 USD/ bundleAt the cheapest rate of price, just from 6.9USD/bundle
6Feedback of customersMany Nigeria customers come back to buy Vietnamese hair after buying China hair because of high-quality products with friendly customer services.They only buy one time to test and don’t come back because of tangle and shedding problems.
7PolicySome Vietnamese Hair Vendors have a guarantee policy that ensures all the customers can have a product suitable with the money they have paid. K- Hair Vietnam and 5S Hair Factory are the top vendors that bring customers this policy.The shipping policy of Indian Hair Vendors is strict for international customers and you have to wait a long time to receive your product.

3. Why do most customers tend to switch to Vietnamese Hair Extension after purchasing an Indian one?

All information below may change your mind a lot about purchasing a Hair Extension product from hair vendors in India. Here, welcome to Vietnam – the country of premier quality that can bring you the sense of satisfaction the most.

3.1 Vietnamese Hair Extension – Bring the best quality product!

Vietnamese Hair Extension - Bring the best quality product

Vietnamese Hair Extension – Bring the best quality product

  • The source of Vietnamese Best Hair Extension is 100% virgin hair from healthy women. This hair is known for its strength, softness, and durability, especially the raw Vietnamese style.
  • Unlike China and India, Vietnamese Hair Factories run their factories in a completely different yet modern way, paying more attention to the quality of each hair extension they produce. More specifically, Vietnamese manufacturers generally separate their processes into smaller steps and proceed in specialized rooms, rather than making them look like an industrial-scale organization.

3.2 Opportunity to have experience in Vietnamese Hair Factory

Here in Vietnam, Customer or Wholesallers can have amazing opportunities to visiting the factory also the processing while the workman creates a Hair Extension Product.

Meanwhile, when working with commercial compannies, you won’t have this chance. Commercial companies are literally only resellers who buy hair extensions from real factories to resell afterwards. Hence, working with factories like those in Vietnam will give you the opportunity to come and check the hair production directly.

Opportunity to have experience in Vietnamese Hair Factory

Opportunity to have experience in Vietnamese Hair Factory

International Wholesalers visited Vietnamese Hair Factory

International Wholesalers visited Vietnamese Hair Factory

3.3 Amazing Customer Policy from Vietnamese Hair Factory

Vietnamese hair Extension providers have tried to hire a qualified customer service team, focusing on providing clients with a great experience in many aspects, including price discounts, delivery, and consulting. Here I will give you the Return and Exchange Policy from K-Hair Vietnam.


  • Conditions
    • Products remain in the original state in the video (the video before shipping)
    • Products are unused
  • Shipping fee
    • Manufacturer’s mistake: When the merchandise has faults such as wrong types or manufacturer’s errors, the shipping cost will be provided by the K-HAIR company.
    • Customer’s mistake: When the problems result from the customers, the responsibility for the shipping fee belongs to the customers.
  • Refund: Only when the products meet the K-HAIR conditions can the customers receive refunds on Paypal or Bank accounts.

If you are from USA and you want to find reliable wholesale USA hair vendors which supplies Vietnamese High Quality hair, then you can check it our in this link below!

4. Should I start a Hair Business with a Vietnamese Hair Extension?

The following details below will help you to consider comprehensively starting a Business with a Vietnamese Hair Extension.

4.1 How much does Vietnamese Hair Extension costs?

Vietnamese Hair Extension products have flexible prices depending on each manufacturer, supplier, and technology.

Here are the standard costs from K-Hair Factory which is considered one of the most typical wholesale prices. The following hair suppliers price is about Natural Straight with Natural Color – a typical Vietnamese Hair Extenstion product on the market.

The standard costs from K-Hair Factory

The standard costs from K-Hair Factory

For example, Natural Straight with Natural Colour in Single Drawn grade with 8’’ length costs 8,9$ per bundle per 100g or 89$ per kilogram.

4.2 Expert Advice for a Hair Business Importing Extension from Vietnam

4.2.1 For start-up businesses

For any start-up company, focusing on quality is the best first aim to keep customers and strengthen your brand as well as the reason to choose Vietnamese Hair. Because the first customer generation of your company is willing to pay for a high-grade product. Moreover, with your customer satisfaction feedback, your customers will come back many times.

In detail, especially Vietnamese Hair Extension is a potential product because there are not many businesses aware of this promising vision.

4.2.2 For the wholesale sellers

If you are an experiencing seller who works with  wholesale hair distributor factory, you are so lucky that the profit comes from Vietnamese Extension Hair is bigger by a hundred times for them. Because you have vast sources of customer like the hair-cut salon, hair vendor, beauty salon,… and their file client is broadened fastly. Especially, you own the majority of customers with high budget and demand. They always search for high-quality products and be willing to purchase luxurious hair, this grade of customers can be considered as loyal customers and they are key customers to spread your brand to popularity. And luckily, with Vietnamese Vip hair and Super Double Drawn Hair, we can bring the best satisfying to your business.

5. How to Import Hair Extension from Vietnam at Wholesale Price?

Deciding to invest in the cosmetic industry especially the hair extension industry is an emboldened decision but also brings to your business a lot of opportunities to develop rapidly.

5.1 Steps to import Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Weft Hair

  • Firstly, Please be sure that you have enough budget to import Vietnamese Hair Extension and be aware of the product cost.
  • Secondly, Searching for a trustworthy supplier. This top list below will help you to choose the best trustworthy vendor suitable for your business.
  • Thirdly, Let’s find the information and the contact of this supplier. You need to know the quality of its product, the cost range, their hair in bulk factory position, sources of hair and obviously the contact of the company representative.
  • Finally, Contact the representative and make a reasonable deal for your business. The shipping services may be included in the contract because the shipping fee is not cheap at all. Take notice of that.

5.3 Tips to avoid being scammed

Last but not least, I want you to know that many fraud companies are selling low-quality products. Be alert and careful!

Here are warning signs of wholesale vendor scams:

  • These hair vendor websites do not contain contact information, making it easier for them to run away with your money and preventing you from contacting customer service.
  • When you contacted the provider, the person who answered the call did not specify their name or company name, which means that they are most likely calling a private number rather than a company.
  • Your wholesaler’s price is ridiculously cheap.
Tips to avoid being scammed

Tips to avoid being scammed

6. Top 3 Hair Factory in Vietnam bring the best product for your business

Knowing that Vietnam is an amazing destination for hair extensions, you’d better take some top best ones in mind. below are top 3 best hair factories in Vietnam with their detailed information.

6.1 K-Hair Factory – The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors of Vietnam

K-Hair Factory – The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors of Vietnam

K-Hair Factory – The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors of Vietnam

Introduction: K-Hair is a big manufacturer and wholesaler in Vietnam, which has ranked in the top 1 biggest hair factories in VietNam in 2020. K-Hair has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting hair around the world. They always supply the best hair quality to many salons, retailers, wholesalers, and other wholesale hair factories worldwide.

Quality: 100% non-chemical Vietnamese women hair

  • Taken mostly from the villager’s women aged 18-25 living in high mountains where their hair doesn’t be affected by the sunlight.
  • The quality of their hair is as durable and strong as the donor’s health (mountainous people).
  • Hair is taken carefully.
  • Be very thick, soft, and silky – In high demand due to its capability to hold curls as well as its softness.

Price: K – Hair is the top factory that has the best price in the Vietnamese Hair Market.

Feedback from K-Hair Factory – The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors of Vietnam

Feedback from K-Hair Factory – The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors of Vietnam

Feedback from K-Hair Factory – The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors of Vietnam

Feedback from K-Hair Factory – The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors of Vietnam

Contact for more information: 

6.2 Michair Company

Introduction: The first company which exports and sells hair extensions worldwide.  Michair became one of the top companies of Vietnam which specializes in trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and human hair of Asian humans with many countries in the world.

Featured product: Bulk Hair, Weave Hair, Closure, Frontal, Hair Extensions.

Contact for more information: Sun Square Building, 21 Le Duc Tho Street, My Dinh Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam.

6.3 5S Hair Factory – Supplying the trading 21st Hair Extension products around the world

5S Hair Factory – Supplying the trading 21st Hair Extension products around the world

5S Hair Factory – Supplying the trading 21st Hair Extension products around the world

Introduction: A young hair business but having a variety of special and premium hair products. 5S is trying to assert itself in this industry.

Quality: Supplying 100% high-quality Vietnamese Hair Extensions product with various types of hair. Such as Raw Virgin Hair, Human Hair Bulk Braiding, Weft Hair, Curly wavy hair, Closure and frontal, Human lace wigs.

Feedback from 5S Hair Factory – Supplying the trading 21st Hair Extension products around the world

Feedback from 5S Hair Factory – Supplying the trading 21st Hair Extension products around the world

Contact for more information: 

Price: 5S Hair Company is always proud of being one of the leading companies in Vietnam which supply the best quality Vietnamese virgin hair at the most reasonable price. The price is given by us in the most particular way for customers to understand easily.

6.4 Extensoes De Cabello

Established in 1996 under the management of talent Rick CEO, with the long term of 24 years, The Extensoes De Cabello has become the biggest factory of Raw Bulk Hair in Asia ( ranked by Hair business Magazine 2019) – Until 2019, The Extensoes De Cabello has three different factories: Virgin factory, Remy Factory, and Colour Factory. Double Check Technology ( DCT ), the most modern hair technique is applied for the best perfect quality of hair.

6.5 Queen Hair

Queen’s hair has over 5 years’ experience in both manufacturers of hair extensions and distribution of the same. They are proud of quality hair products which are believed to be 100% human hair. Since it has remained so since their beginning has it their promise to customers and themselves.

Service overview: 

  • Customization of clients packaging
  • Research for continued quality control
  • Product supervision for quality hair extensions
  • Product catalog

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