Top Best Wholesale Hair Vendors Suppliers: How to Start Your Hair Business?

You are about to start your own business in the hair extensions field? First, congratulations on having chosen one of the most potential markets to invest in! You want to become successful wholesale hair vendors but have no clear direction yet? Then this piece is totally for you. All of your wonders about wholesale hair vendors will be clarified, ranging from the ambiguity in basic knowledge, market, products, customers and distributors researching to steps to build a real plan!


Start your wholesale hair vendors business


I. Overview of wholesale hair vendors market

Before starting any business, the very first step is to do research on the market. How much have you known about the hair business? Do you know who mainly distributes hair currently? Do you know where the hair comes from? Do you know all the types of hair that wholesale hair vendors supply?… If you don’t, then how can you also become one of the lucid wholesale hair vendors resellers in such a competitive market? But don’t worry, better late than never, keep reading to get useful knowledge of the overall hair business before starting one for yourself.


Wholesale hair vendors market


The increase in wholesale hair vendors market

Source of data: Global Hair Extensions Market Study

1.1. Sources of hair extensions – wholesale hair vendors factories all over the world

Currently, wholesaling hair extensions is a pretty profitable industry. More and more people are choosing a wholesale hair vendors reseller career. And one of the top concerns is about the source of hair extensions. Finding a reliable supplier is such a time-consuming process. Knowing this, we are here to give you a synthesis on 3 hair markets: Asian, European and American ones which have the biggest wholesale hair vendors factories. All the information of their hair origins, strengths and weaknesses will be clarified.


Wholesale hair vendors exporters by county

Source of data: World’s Top Exports

Among all, K-Hair is one of the best hair factories that have the best hair sources:

1.1.1. Asian wholesale hair vendors suppliers

Asians are undoubtedly the biggest suppliers of hair extensions. If you are interested in hair and are about to start your own hair business, then you must have heard of Chinese hair, Indian hair or Vietnamese hair, etc. But what is the profound information about these wholesale hair vendors factories that you hardly find out on the internet? Let us give you all! Chinese wholesale hair vendors factories

China is the country of giant wholesale hair vendors and exporters of hair extensions. With an industrial-scale of producing hair extensions, it is one of the fastest growing human hair distributors with the increasing rate of up to 22.8% in 2 years 2019 and 2020 (according to World’s Top Exports).


Chinese wholesale hair vendors development

So, how can China reach that amazing number of hair exports, where they get the ingredients for the hair extensions business? Many will think that the huge population of China creates an enormous source for hair extensions, but actually it is not true. Only mountainous women who are poor will agree to sell their hair for money. The rest of the hair source literally comes from other countries! Chinese wholesale hair vendors factories often have to import low-price hair from their neighbors (especially India) to meet the demand of its giant market. Even worse, the investigation by BBC also finds out that Chinese factories can even mix up human hair and animal hair (goat hair) for a better profit! In the market, you also may see “Brazilian” labelled hair but it is actually Chinese hair instead!


Chinese wholesale hair vendors

Due to using unqualified sources of hair and the capability of running industrial-scale hair factories, Chinese wholesale hair vendors factories have a super strength in price. Their factories are often specialized, which helps save a lot of production costs. So, if you are starting with a small capital, Chinese hair seems to be an appealing option. However, bear in mind that price goes together with quality, you’d better take it into consideration before deciding to choose Chinese hair. Indian wholesale hair vendors factories

As mentioned above, Indian wholesale hair vendors are a cheap hair source of China. They also produce their own hair extensions and export to many countries at a low price. So why are their hair extensions so cheap? The answers also lie in the hair sources and the production.


Indian wholesale hair vendors

Where do Indian wholesale hair vendors factories collect their hair? According to our research, Indian hair is mostly collected from villages and temples that are in rural areas. In these regions, there is a custom that Hindus women have to go to temples to shave their heads to show their belief and respect for Gods. Then, all the temple hair will be purchased at low prices to make hair extensions. Although it is human hair, it is often mixed up and becomes remy or non-remy hair, whose quality is quite low. Another source is “comb waste”. Have you heard of that? It is actually hair collected from salon floors as well as “hair dumps” which can also be considered as wastes. These sources are undoubtedly unqualified. What’s more, even natural Indian human hair’s characteristics are quite dry and not sleek, so their natural hair is usually not as attractive as the final hair extensions that they call “virgin hair extensions”.


Indian wholesale hair vendors hair sources

How about Indian wholesale hair vendors factories’ production? It cannot be denied that India’s hair industry is still so simple and not specialized. Laborers of this business are usually poor people from undeveloped villages. As a result, the wage expenses are super cheap. The lack of modern equipment also makes the production costs pretty low. All of these make Indian hair extensions one of the cheapest hair products in the market.  

So, choosing Indian wholesale hair vendors factories as your suppliers is another economical choice. However, again, price goes together with quality, after all analysis above, make sure that the quality of Indian hair extensions meets your expectation before deciding to import in quantities! 


Indian wholesale hair vendors factories Cambodian wholesale hair vendors factories

Cambodian hair extensions can be quite new to you if you are not in the hair business long enough. The point is, there is not much research on this business in Cambodia. Wholesale hair vendors factories in Cambodia are not developed and often of small scale and simple technique. 

About their sources of hair, Cambodian wholesale hair vendors factories collect hair from women in rural areas. Donors are usually from Western Cambodia and their hair quality is quite good. It is said to be smooth and tangle-free. However, there are also research reported that “In 2012, many of the women evicted from Phnom Penh’s Borei Keila slum resorted to hair sale, sometimes for no more than $8, after losing their homes and jobs in one of Cambodia’s recent bitterest land disputes. The main motivation was buying rice for the family.” So, with such a low living standard, it is hard for them to take care of the hair well to bring the best quality. It marks a question of whether the good quality is the truth or just something people overstate in terms of marketing. No resellers can confirm this unless they buy from Cambodia and have their own assessment. However, don’t be too pessimistic, as there are certainly good suppliers if you put enough effort in researching.


Cambodian wholesale hair vendors factories

Similar to Indian’s, Cambodian wholesale hair vendors factories are usually of house-hold scale and very simple, and the labor costs are super low as well. That’s why Cambodian hair extensions are not very expensive, but they can’t be considered as cheap, though. Malaysian wholesale hair vendors factories

Malaysian hair extensions are often quite appreciated in the hair business. However, not many people know that “Malaysian hair extensions” don’t truly exist”. Research shows that most of the hair extensions of wholesale hair vendors factories here are actually imported from other countries. They often get hair sources from China or Cambodia. In addition, the hair business here is not closely regulated, so nothing can ensure the prestige of the brands or products. Myanmar wholesale hair vendors factories

Myanmar is one of the top countries that receive the highest value from exporting human hair. The hair source here is from women of rural areas. Also, hair is collected from the “selfless act” that occurs in April every year when girls cut their hair as a tradition. Hence, the quality of hair is quite fixed. 

However, the technology of Myanmar wholesale hair vendors is still basic and backward. They mainly work in house-hold scale and the quality of the process is not very good. In general, the hair quality and price are quite cheap, which makes Myanmar one of the top exporters of human hair. If you are to start your hair business, Myanmar can be a worth trying choice.


Myanmar wholesale hair vendors factories Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories

Another prominent hair extensions supplier is that of Vietnam. Although Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories are not former in the hair business, it achieved considerable attainment. Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors have become the top choice of resellers all over the world, especially for African ones. Giving prominence to 2 most important factors: quality and price, their prestige is more and more known day by day.

So, where do Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories get their hair source? It is similar to many others, Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers go to rural and mountainous areas to buy women’s hair. The special point is that they only buy hair of women aged from 18 to 25, who are still young and have good health and also pay more attention to hair care, too. As a result, the hair source is ensured to be fresh and high-quality. Often, it is very smooth, silky and not tangled, shedding or split


Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors hair sources

About the production, actually Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories are still working in house-hold scale. However, this does not prevent them from ensuring the quality of their hair extensions. Usually, the laborers are chosen carefully and they are very skillful. What’s more, each process is highly concerned to make sure that the hair still keeps its cuticles and same direction. For all the quality, Vietnamese hair extensions can’t be so cheap as Chinese or Indian ones, but they are definitely not expensive. It can be said that the price is reasonable for such a high quality! This is the important demand that almost all the factories above can’t meet! You can try and have a confirmation for yourself.


Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors

1.1.2. European wholesale hair vendors suppliers – Russian  wholesale hair factories

European hair extensions are ones that are naturally blond and of good quality. But the point is, they are pretty rare and expensive. The original sellers of these are Russian wholesale hair vendors factories or somes suppliers in Northern Europe. And the number of wholesale hair sellers in the market is therefore pretty small. For new wholesale hair resellers, these distributors are not highly recommended, as you’d better find for yourself a long-term and fixed partner.

1.1.3. South American wholesale hair vendors suppliers – Brazilian and Peruvian wholesale hair factories

Have you ever heard of Brazilian or Peruvian hair extensions as of top high-quality and then the prices are of top most expensive? But then, you’ll be surprised to learn that actually these hair extensions are just imported from China and India! It is clear that people in these South American countries are not so broke that they have to sell their hair to earn money. Then, to meet the demand of such a big market, South American wholesale hair vendors factories have to import hair from foreign countries. For you to have a clearer illustration, here is the claim of a knowledgeable hair importer: “It’s all the same hair. [Chinese or Indian]. They have different names for it. Whenever they exhaust one name they tag on another name. So, at the moment they have Brazilian hair, they have Peruvian hair, Indonesian hair, they have Malaysian hair, Italian and French too. Customers think it’s a new product and so they are going to buy it and try it at least once.” After reading this, you’d better be more aware of the marketing effect to be a lucid reseller!


Brazilian wholesale hair vendors

1.2. Clarify 2 most frequently mistaken terms: resell wholesale hair vendors vs. wholesale hair vendors factories

In case you read our above analysis and sometimes feel confused because of the phrases “wholesale hair vendors factories” and “wholesale hair vendors resellers”. Then, before continuing with further analysis, you’d better make it clear between a normal reselling wholesaler and a wholesale factory (which are two forms of wholesale vendors). Please read our explanation below to make everything clear at first. Then, grasping this basic difference will help you understand our analysis more easily.


Resell wholesale hair vendors vs. wholesale hair vendors factories

1.2.1. Resell wholesale hair vendors/sellers

What are resell wholesale hair vendors? 

They are simply sellers that buy hair extensions in quantities from factories/sellers to resell to other sellers or customers. Actually, they cannot produce hair, but they can still resell at pretty reasonable prices for importing hair with wholesale prices.

You can imagine resell wholesale hair vendors as intermediaries. They are the “bridges” between original distributors and other small scale sellers or customers.


Resell wholesale hair vendors

Nowadays, many commercial hair companies claim themselves as wholesale factories whereas they are just resellers. They do so to try to get trust from other importers, so be alert and you can recognize them by following tips:

  • Make video calls to confirm the factories, commercial resell hair companies have no factories!!! They can’t call themselves as the best wholesale hair vendors factory when they don’t even have a factory!
  • Require guarantee under ordering time, commercial companies can’t meet your requirement as they don’t directly manufacture the hair!
  • Make sure the prices are near to basis prices; otherwise, those companies are just resellers

1.2.2. Wholesale hair vendors factories

Unlike resellers, wholesale hair vendors factories are the ones that directly manufacture hair extension products. They have factories, equipment, technique and laborers to produce hair. Those factories are where the hair extensions come from. 

If you call the sale of hair a successive range of chains, then hair factories are the first chains. They are the original distributors of hair extensions. They are the suppliers for reselling wholesalers, retailers or even buyers with personal use (salons, hair stylists…)


Wholesale hair vendors factories

Here is the best wholesale hair vendor factory in Vietnam – K-Hair factory:

1.2.3. When is a vendor considered as a wholesale hair vendor factory?

As we know, both kinds of wholesale hair vendors are wholesalers, but they have different roles. So how to know whether a vendor is a wholesale hair vendor factory or not? The answer is that only when the vendor meets all these demands will it be called a factory:

  • A factory will have material facilities in appropriate scale, including qualified factory and equipment
  • A factory have its technique which is modern enough and productivity which is big enough according to factory’s scale 
  • A factory has the ability to confirm quality of hair at the standard requirements – very easy, reliable wholesale hair vendors factories produce the hair, so quality is in their calculation
  • A factory has enough human resources (managers and labors) to run the factory

You can also consult this post to get more knowledge about the differences as well as a clear table of comparison between a wholesale hair factory distributor and a retail hair vendor: Wholesale hair factory distributors vs. Resell wholesale hair vendors


Differentiate resell wholesale hair vendors vs. wholesale hair vendors factories

After all, beginners in wholesale hair vendors should choose to be resellers. This choice is apparently more simple and less costly than the choice to hold a factory. Knowing this, this text will focus on sharing the experience to become successful resell wholesale hair vendors.

1.3. Price range of hair extensions from worldwide wholesale hair vendors factories

After learning about the characteristics of all wholesale hair vendors factories above, you must have some imagination about their relative prices, right! And to help you know more clearly, here is the synthesis of prices of wholesale hair vendors factories worldwide.

1.3.1. Overall of price lists of wholesale hair vendors

Following are the price lists of most typical wholesale hair vendors factories that you can consult. This price is just a specific example of price lists in every country, AMONG DIFFERENT HAIR FACTORIES. Price will be different and variable from different Hair Factories but with this price list you will have an overview of world market price!

1.3.2. Chinese Hair Factory Price List


Chinese wholesale hair vendors prices list

Here is explanation for above Chinese price list:

  • This price is just an example of Chinese price list, AMONG DIFFERENT CHINESE HAIR FACTORIES. Price will be different and variable from different Chinese Hair Factory but with this price list you will have an overview look of the price.
  • In China, They use A grade to express quality grade of hair like 6A,7A,..9A,10A,11A,.. The higher of grade, the better of hair quality. Example in the above price, you can see this is 9A price list (9A is a high A grade so it can be understood as high quality)
  • The price is per kg. 10 bundles = 1kg. Example when you see in the price list 1kg 9A straight hair 12”  bundle is $210

As we can see, Chinese wholesale hair vendors factories work in an industrial scale and use unqualified hair sources (as mentioned earlier), the price is pretty cheap, even for the high quality 9A hair. So, here are some advices for sellers to consider before purchasing Chinese Hair:

  • If you want to import hair from cheap sources and hair usually is usually in stock, than Chinese wholesale hair vendors factories are good choices
  • However, again and again remember that “Price goes together with quality”, you cannot demand such high-quality hair with low prices. You’d better consider your target and goals carefully before deciding whether to import Chinese hair or not





1.3.3. Indian Hair Price List


Indian wholesale hair vendors price list

Here is the explanation for the price list of Indian Hair Factories Price:

  • As you can see here is the wholesale price list from Indian Hair Factory. Price is per kg (1kg = 10 bundles = 1000gam)
  • Prices vary in length: Example 1kg 10inch straight hair is 170 USD for 10 bundles, 1kg 12inch straight hair is 200usd for 10 bundles……

As we can see, Indian direct wholesale price list is quite affordable compared with Chinese Hair and Vietnamese Hair. This is because of the origin of Indian hair and manufacturing processes of Indian wholesale hair vendors factories which have been mentioned in “Overview of hair market” above. Here are some advices for sellers to consider before purchasing Indian Hair:

  • If you want to focus on cheap prices as prominent advantages for your business, you should consider Indian hair because its price is cheap. 
  • Quality is always together with the price list. If your grade of customers just want to buy hair with a cheap price and not consider too much about quality, then you can consider importing Indian Hair to resell.





1.3.4. Cambodian Hair Factories Price List


Cambodian wholesale hair vendors price list

Here is the explanation for the price list of Cambodian Hair Factories Price:

  • As you can see here is the wholesale price list from Cambodian Hair Factory. Price is per kg (1kg = 10 bundles = 1000gram)
  • Prices vary in lengths and quality: Example 1kg 10″ single drawn straight hair is $357 for 10 bundles, 1kg 12″ double drawn straight hair is $408 for 10 bundles, etc.

As we can see, Cambodian wholesale hair vendors factories’ hair is not too expensive, but it is not cheap, although its quality is still controversial when some say that it is qualified and some don’t. So, what is our recommendation about this kind of hair? You only ought to buy this kind of hair when your customers request, or when you want to confirm the hair quality by yourself. We say this as there are many other factories that produce better hair with better prices than Cambodian ones. You’ll see it right below!





1.3.5. Vietnamese Hair Factories Price List


Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors price list

Here is the explanation for the price list of Vietnamese Hair Factories Price:

  • As you can see here is the wholesale price list from the Vietnamese Hair Factory. Price is per kg (1kg = 10 bundles = 1000gram)
  • Prices vary in lengths and quality: Example 1kg 10″ super double straight hair is $220 for 10 bundles, 1kg 14″ double drawn straight hair is $287 for 10 bundles, etc.

As we can see, Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories’ hair is not too expensive, but it is reasonable. This is because of the high-quality of the hair origin as well as good production analyzed in “Overview of hair market” above. So, what is our recommendation about this kind of hair? 

  • You ought to buy this kind of hair when your target is to build trust from customers through your prestige, as the quality is great and the price is pretty reasonable
  • Remember that although the price is quite high in comparison with Chinese or Indian hair, the quality is worth it. Instead of buying unqualified hair with inferior characteristics, why don’t you try better ones which will bring more benefits in your long-term business?





1.3.6. Russian Hair Factories Price List


Russian wholesale hair vendors price list

Here is the explanation for the price list of Russian Hair Factories Price:

  • As you can see here is the wholesale price list from Russian Hair Factory. Price is per kg (1kg = 10 bundles = 1000gram)
  • Prices vary in lengths and quality: Example 1kg 12″ raw light to dark hair is £950 for 10 bundles, 1kg 12″ luxurious light to dark hair is £2350 for 10 bundles, etc.

As we can see, Russian wholesale hair vendors factories’ hair is super expensive. It is as we mentioned above, European hair is super rare and high-quality. So, what is our recommendation about this kind of hair? You only ought to buy this kind of hair when your customers request, or when you target at luxurious hair wholesale. However, this hair is very scarce and you as a new wholesale hair vendors reseller are hardly able to find a good supplier.





1.3.7. A quick comparison among Chinese Price – Indian Price – Cambodian Price – Vietnamese Hair Price – Russian Hair Price!


Compare wholesale hair vendors prices

As we can see, there is a big gap between the highest and the lowest price of different hair wholesalers. We can summarize it as:

  • The wholesale hair factories offering the highest price are undoubtedly Russian with best quality as well as rareness (this is for European hair market and European customers)
  • The wholesale hair factories offering the lowest price are undoubtedly Indian factories with low quality and backward production.
  • The factories that offer the most reasonable prices are Vietnamese ones, who produce high-quality hair through the hands of skillful workers.

In conclusion, the price range of hair extensions in different wholesale hair vendors factories is very great. Above are just some typical price lists of typical factories. But we think it is enough for you to practice assessing a price! Just remember that you are new wholesale hair resellers, don’t overly stick to low prices and forget the quality issue. What you need the most is first impression and prestige, so you’d better choose acceptable-quality hair with reasonable price! You can consult more about double and super double hair of Vietnamese factories as your starting products!

1.4. A variety of hair products of wholesale hair vendors

When learning about the overall market, one important thing to master is all kinds of hair extensions that are sold in the current market. Especially for newbie wholesale hair vendors resellers, many terms are so unfamiliar, but you’d better remember and understand the nature of all of them to hold your business. The following is the very short, basic and necessary information you need to firstly understand.

1.4.1. Human hair vs. synthetic hair

  • Human hair, as its name implies, is hair cut from human (raw hair). There are many kinds of human hair that have different qualities. They are virgin, remy and non remy hair:
    • Virgin hair: hair of one donor, has never been chemically processed and still keeps the cuticles. It is therefore the most qualified hair and suitable for styling and also the best choice of wholesale hair vendors.

Human hair of wholesale hair vendors

    • Remy hair: hair of 2 or more donors that has been mixed, then it is not as good as virgin hair. However, the quality in general is still okay.
    • Non-remy hair: hair that is mixed up, not of the same direction and of very bad quality. It is easily tangled and shedding, so prestigious wholesale hair vendors tend to not choose to sell it.

To differentiate these 3 kinds of hair, you can consult the 3rd part of this useful post: Three hair types of Vietnamese hair

  • Synthetic hair is also called man-made hair. It is not natural human hair, so artificial technology cannot give it true cuticles or silky and healthy hair nature. After a period of time, synthetic hair will be soon worn-out.

Human hair vs. synthetic hair wholesale hair vendors

1.4.2. Popular types of hair extensions

There are a variety of hair extensions styles that you should know:

  • Ponytail hair extensions: one choice of extensions that make users’ ponytail looks thicker and longer
  • Clip in hair extensions: hair extensions that usually include one or more pieces, are temporarily used to make hair look fuller
  • Tape in hair extensions: semi-permanent hair extensions which are thinly spread in a special piece of tape for users to stick to their natural hair
  • Tip in hair extensions: similar uses as tape in hair extensions, but the hair is sticked on users’ hair with metal cylinders
  • Weft hair extensions: hair that is sewn into a line used to stick on human hair or to make wigs
  • Closure/frontal hair extensions: arrays of hair consist of hairs plugged in a holey fabric, used to cover bald-headed or to make wigs
  • Wigs: complete hair extensions to cover the full head, usually made of 3 bundles and 1 closure/frontal

Hair types of wholesale hair vendors

All of these types have their own characteristics and different files of potential customers. You as wholesale hair vendors resellers ought to do research carefully for each type instead of only reading this very basic synthetic information!

II. Factors affect B2B wholesale hair vendors

If you are to start your own reselling hair business, then B2B is a considerable choice. One of the most important things is that you know all the factors of this business form to make the most use of this. And another thing even more important is to decide which factors heavily affect this business form to prepare the best plan. So now, we will give you overall information of B2B first, in case you haven’t got time to research much, and then there will be the important factors affecting B2B wholesale hair vendors that you need to consider.

2.1. Overview of B2B – benefits of choosing top B2B wholesale hair vendors distributors

What is B2B wholesale? 

B2B stands for business to business; we can understand that wholesale companies sell products in quantities to other companies.

What factors are the benefits of choosing B2B wholesale hair vendors as your distributors?

  • Variety of products: factories can provide you with various models, and you can even have special model on order

Products choices of wholesale hair vendors

  • Guaranteed quality: you can surely check samples beforehand to ensure the quality, which is of the most concern of every seller
  • NO INTERMEDIARIES: this pretty much helps you save expenses and time, hence getting more profits
  • Clear customer service: guarantee, shipment, payment, advice…
  • Ability to have online transactions: This is a super convenience; working online gives you the chance to bargain about the price, quality as well as requirement. You can thereby easily have more discussion with the wholesale hair vendors to make sure that your partners can meet all your demands. As a result, the possibility of building a long term relationship is also increased

As we can see B2B hair vendors can bring about lots of benefits. Then, the point is, how and where to find such a reliable distributor? You’d better find the answer here: Find a Suitable Hair Supplier


Choosing B2B wholesale hair vendors factories

2.2. Factors affect B2B wholesale hair vendors

There are many factors that have influences on B2B wholesale hair vendors, you’d better do research beforehand to prepare for your business in the best way! The following are 4 most considerable factors that we want to share.

2.2.1. Supplier sources

You know that B2B wholesale hair vendors can make their deals with businesses all over the world. Although it can bring about lots of benefits as analyzed above, there is an outstanding issue of how to find the right wholesale hair factory to be the main supplier in such a large world. Two most important factors are price and quality of the hair extensions. Once you find for yourself a factory which seems to offer good quality and price, but actually you still cannot check the true quality of the hair source of those hair extensions. Under the treatment of chemicals, hair extension products can look very silky, smooth and tangle-free, but you cannot forecast when the quality will seriously degrade. As mentioned in the part about sources of hair extensions, many wholesale hair vendors factories such as Chinese and Indian ones cannot guarantee a really high quality of hair. 

So, you’d better always make sample orders to make sure that both the price and quality meet your demands. Below are the categories of hair that you can consider to make sample orders.

Sample for wholesale hair vendors

2.2.2. Shipment

Another factor that affects B2B wholesale hair vendors is the shipping issue. Just imagine, you find out a very qualified factory, but there is no way to deliver hair extensions from its country to your country. Or the shipping is very difficult and costly due to many customs policies. Then how to solve the problem? The only answer is that you do research beforehand about the shipment, then only concentrate on finding suitable factories in possible shipping regions to save time and effort. Here are some findings that we researched before:

  • For African wholesale hair vendors resellers, remember that most of the cargo is imported to Africa by air and sea. So, you’d better choose suppliers from Asia. The distance is much shorter and shipping policy is easier. For example, when importing hair extensions from Vietnam, Nigerian resellers can choose between slow or quick shipping agencies which are specially built for them. Other resellers can use UPS or DHL to get their goods delivered.
  • In Great Britain, hair extensions usually come from Indian wholesale hair vendors. But it is the story of many years ago, when people thought that Indian hair quality is the most similar to Western people’s and the natural blond hair from Russia is too rare and expensive. Now, when the quality of hair is more clearly learned, importing now needs to base on convenient shipment.

Wholesale hair vendors shipping

  • Actually, another effective way to research shipping policy of different suppliers is to concentrate on only the difficulties to find out the best choice. You can consult these findings:
    • Chinese shipping: in 2021, cost of shipping by containers increased 5 times. Over the years, the delay issue is increasing, some shipments of wholesale hair vendors can be delayed for as many as 2-3 months. This can be said as an impact of Covid-19 from 2019. The pandemic first started in the Middle of China, which then spread all over the countries, causing deaths to numerous people. Due to the danger of the pandemic, all borders needed to be closed, which made goods stuck in Chinese border and cannot go through customers

Wholesale hair vendors delayed shipping

    • Indian shipping: got influences due to the arrival of European corporations during the colonial time, even when independent, “there are only 59 big and small ships with less than 2 lakh tons of GRT”
    • Vietnamese shipping: in 2016 unbalanced fleet proportions are recorded, but after 5 years, many policies are enacted to solve the problem
    • Myanmar shipping: logistics is still a challenge; for example, there is not enough labor at shipping ports
    • Cambodian shipping: still full of logistics issues

Shipping of wholesale hair vendors

2.2.3. Time of goods produced

For wholesale hair vendors resellers, time of goods produced is such an issue. How to find suppliers that have a short time of production but still meet the demand of quality when dealing in B2B form is really hard. Actually, you often have to choose between a quick but producing unqualified hair distributor and a not quick but producing qualified hair distributor. So here are your options:

  • Quick but producing unqualified hair factories:
    • Chinese wholesale hair vendors factories: it is no surprise that such industrial-scale-suppliers as Chinese always have hair extensions in stock. Whenever you want, they can most of the time have the models you want. However, due to the long time being in stock as well as being made from unqualified sources of hair, these hair extension products are of very low quality.
    • India wholesale hair vendors factories: also the suppliers of Chinese ones. Due to bad quality hair and simple production, the time needed to produce hair is not long, yet you know what is the trade-off!
  • Not very quick but producing qualified hair factories:

The suppliers meet the demand of quality and still have a reasonable time of producing, unbiasedly can be said to be Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories. As analyzed a lot above, hair sources of Vietnam are from young women of mountainous areas, which are collected and processed only when there are orders. As a result, the hair is always fresh and keeps its natural high quality. Through the hands of skillful workers, all the hair is treated carefully, which can take a bit of a long time but what you can get is high-quality products. Here is the picture of Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factory – K-Hair.


K-Hair wholesale hair vendor factories

A Vietnamese hair factory you can consult is K-Hair factory, which is the top 1 wholesale hair vendors factory in Vietnam. This factory is where high-end hair extensions are produced and exported to many countries in the world. K-Hair is now the prestigious partner of lots of resellers in Africa as well as US UK. So, many resellers trust and choose K-Hair, it means the quality is great and the time of producing hair is acceptable. If you feel interested, you can consult its official channels here:

2.2.4. Impacts of Covid-19 on B2B wholesale hair vendors

Covid-19, the pandemic started in December 2019 in WuHan, China, was widely spread and has caused enormous effects on the economy worldwide, especially the economy in Asia. The wholesale hair vendors business is not an exception. The pandemic caused some significant changes to this industry, and the 3 most significant countries affected in Asia are China, India and Vietnam:

  • China – the origin of the pandemic – is undoubtedly affected the most. For the first time suffering from such a terrible pandemic, Chinese hair factories were almost frozen. No production or export activities could happen. As a result, Chinese from one of the biggest hair suppliers for resellers all over the world then became powerless in the industry. This forced resellers to quickly find for themselves alternative distributing factories, and Vietnam gradually became a well-known choice. This is also a milestone for Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors to be known and to build trust up to now.

Pandemic in China

  • India is another country that suffered seriously from the pandemic, especially when the pandemic outbreak in 2021. This period is considered as one of the most terrible one as each day, the number of dead people could be as many as 2,761! As a result, no hair production could be carried out. This not only affected Indian’s hair business, but it also affected Chinese’s, as we’ve mentioned above, India is a big hair distributor of China.
  • Vietnam is also in Asia and near China, but the impact of Covid is not as rigid. The point is that Vietnam at that time applied rigid methods to prevent the pandemic and got good results. The wholesale hair vendors business still increased. The hair exporting value even turned twice as much as that of the previous year. Due to the stagnancy in China and India, Vietnam became known and had the chance to determine its strengths.

Pandemic in Vietnam

In conclusion, the wholesale hair vendors business is affected by lots of factors. What wholesale suppliers should do is to consider all the possible situations and prepare the best alternative plans.

III. A comparison of current wholesale hair vendors factories

We are pretty sure that all the information above is quite enough for you to make for yourself a critical comparison. And to help you save time, here is a summarized synthetic table of comparison to consult, which focuses on 3 most concerned criteria:


Compare wholesale hair vendors

As you can see, there are a variety of choices for resellers, besides these typical wholesale hair vendors factories, there are lots of other developing suppliers. Your mission as a wholesale hair reseller is to find out the most suitable one. Our suggestion is that you bear in mind the truth “Price goes together with quality” and find factories which supply hair of medium-high quality

IV. Do research on resellers market – an important preparation of resell wholesale hair vendors suppliers

Another important step in the researching process is to investigate the market of resellers, and this market is included in the overall market. When carrying out this task, all you need is to ask and answer any possible questions. Remember that a clear mindset and general knowledge at first is of importance.

4.1. Decide on target market – potential customers of resell wholesale hair vendors

Target market is understood as the group of customers you aim at. They are the ones who will highly possibly buy your products. So how to decide on your target market? Try to answer these questions according to your own situation:

  • Who can be my potential wholesale buyers? Are they other wholesalers, retailers, salons or hair stylists…? 
  • Which set of customers is the most plentiful and easy to approach?
  • Which one would I have the advantage if cooperating with?
  • Which one can bring a long-term relationship?

Customers of your wholesale hair vendors

4.2. Decide on major marketplace – being visionary wholesale hair vendors

After making decisions about customers, you also have to take the marketplace – where you are about to promote your best hair extensions into consideration. No way is better than to do research and then answer these questions:

  • Will I wholesale hair extensions on the scale of a city, a country, some specific regions or worldwide? 
  • Which marketplace has the biggest purchasing power? 
  • Which one do I need to focus on in my wholesale hair vendors business?
  • Will I wholesale on a traditional platform or modern one (ecommerce)?
  • Can I expand the marketplace easily in the future?

Marketplace of wholesale hair vendors

4.3. Be aware of other wholesale hair vendors distributors – your redoubtable competitors

Another important issue to consider when starting your own business is to get to know your competitors – who also own their business as wholesale hair vendors. By learning and answering these questions, you can be more confident about your competitiveness:

  • How many competitors are there in my intended market? 
  • What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses?
  • What can be my competitive advantages? How can I make full use of my opportunities…?
  • What are my weaknesses? How to fix them?

Competitors in wholesale hair vendors

Once you are able to answer all questions about the overall market, it’s the time you finished half your way of preparation to become wholesale hair vendors.

V. Decide what to sell as newbie resell wholesale hair vendors – Top 3 favorable choices

You know that you want to start your business as wholesale hair vendors. You get the very general knowledge about the field and market. Then you need to discover what to sell to bring you the highest possible profits in this competitive industry.

5.1. The cheapest hair extensions – a good try for new wholesale hair vendors distributors

If you are a newbie and want to give hair extensions sale a try, starting from selling the cheapest ones is a nice choice. Selling inexpensive hair can remove your fear of taking risks: you know, if it doesn’t turn out as good as expected, you can still easily handle the situation and change direction whenever you want. However, remember that price goes together with quality, so choose this way only when you don’t expect high-quality hair extensions and your target customers don’t, either.

For this choice of sale, many kinds of hair extensions are pretty suitable for you. You can choose to resell synthetic hair extensions as they are much cheaper than those made of human hair. Or you can import and resell one single quality hair. It doesn’t ensure the same volume from top to bottom, but the overview is quite okay. Another choice is to resell low-quality hair from Chinese wholesale hair vendors factories. 

This choice does help you with the money issue, but it can become a disadvantage if you want to develop your business in the long term and popularize your brand. Therefore, think carefully before making your own decisions.


Synthetic hair extensions for wholesale hair vendors

5.2. The most high-quality hair extensions – which bring wholesale hair vendors best prestige

A converse choice with the one above is to sell expensive and high-quality hair extensions. It is suitable if your target is to develop a long term business and gradually build prestige for qualified hair extensions. Also it is when you’re willing to invest a big amount, willing to take risks. And of course, your target customers are also willing to pay for high quality products.

The sources of goods for this choice are also very plentiful. You can be of the top wholesale hair vendors selling virgin, raw or remy hair extensions, etc which are made of real human hair. Or another choice is to sell natural-hair wig.


Virgin hair extensions wholesale hair vendors

5.3. 2021 hot trend hair extensions – choice for fashionable wholesale hair vendors suppliers

This choice is suitable when your target is to keep the trend up-to-date to your customers, or to become a reliable supplier for salons or hair stylists. You can also aim at building a reputation for being aesthetic, being trend maker or opinion leader in the wholesale hair vendors business.

Actually, the trend is sometimes quite unpredictable, so you can consult the trends made by influencers like celebrities, famous hair stylists or KOLs all over the world. What’s more important is that you also have to have a certain taste and vision to boost your sales.

You can also divide the trend into many categories according to each shape of face, ways of applying, uses in different events or so on to push the sales. Now, you can consult stylists’ general choices in 2021 here: Top 4 Hot Trend Hair Extension Styles (2021 Updated)


Hot trend collection for wholesale hair vendors

5.4. How about combining the choices?

Another amazing way is to combine many types of hair extensions each time you import: buy both cheap and expensive hair, both lower quality and higher quality one, buy a wide range of types and styles: virgin, raw, remy, tape in, closure, clip in, etc. This is claimed to be one of the best choices for new wholesale hair vendors.

So what are the benefits?

  • Creating diversity for your products, making them easier to sell in comparison with buying just one kind of hair and can lead to being unmarketable
  • Creating chances to observe consumers’ behavior, to see which one is easier to sell, consider which one is more worth focusing in your future wholesale hair vendors business
  • Helping to expand the target market when you intend to expand your business scale by meeting demands of different files of customers

Hair collection of wholesale hair vendors

VI. Tips for your first time being resell wholesale hair vendors suppliers

Even though you’ve mastered all the required knowledge and preparation, tips are always needed to have prominent outcomes!

6.1. Tips to realize whether a hair factory supplier is reliable or not

Actually it is not very difficult, just follow these steps:

  •  Check factory: real or not? qualified or not? → You can make video calls or pay a visit to the factory, thereby, you will find out real wholesale hair vendors
  • Check transaction platform, shipment, payment: clear policy or not, you can visit their website to collect needed information
  • Check distributors’ channels: website, fanpage, read review, testimonials
  • Check suppliers’ other partners if possible → You can thereby know more about their ways of making transactions, check their prestige from the most faithful reviews
  • Check products’ quality beforehand → You can visit, call or make sample orders

How to check a wholesale hair vendor factory

6.2. How to get a good bargain, not all wholesale hair vendors know!

When you are a buyer (you buy from factories), how to get a good bargain?

  • Buying high-quality products at a reasonable price is already a bargain, so remember to do research carefully before deciding on your wholesale hair vendors suppliers
  • Buying a combination of types at once → you still get many kinds of products with wholesale prices instead of buying each type in quantities for each time
  • Requesting more discounts, gifts, special treatment for big orders. Never hesitate to do so because you have the right! Remember that the more you buy, the more benefits the wholesale hair vendors factories get

Wholesale hair vendors get a bargain

When you are a seller (you sell for other sellers/customers), how to get a good bargain?

  • A good bargain you make is when you have a stable source to export → try to build a long term relationship with your customers
  • Giving discounts for big orders → create win win relationship between wholesale hair vendors and customers
  • Skillfully suggesting different types of hair to buyers → create bigger orders

How to get a bargain as wholesale hair vendors

6.3. How to attract customers when you first start as wholesale hair vendors distributors?

To attract customers, marketing strategies are of importance. You should make full use of all your relationships or platforms to promote your wholesale hair vendors business. There are many marketing campaigns that you can apply or even combine. The most effective way now is to promote your hair online through websites, fanpages or even advertisements.

What’s more, giving a special first impression is important. You must know that the 2 factors that customers care most are price and quality, so remember to give discounts and ensure quality in your first transactions.

Also, another important point to remember when you first start is to determine your hair products smartly. No matter how good your marketing is, customers won’t come for such a newbie in the hair market unless you supply hair of prestigious quality. Therefore, having a wise choice of hair in the beginning is essential. Then, which kinds of hair are suitable to start with? You can find the answers here: Advice for wholesale hair resellers


Customers retention in wholesale hair vendors business

6.4. Learning customer behavior will help wholesale hair vendors a lot

Learning customer behavior is a must! New wholesale hair vendors have no experience and often miss this important facet. You may know that customer behavior will change a lot according to their countries, culture or customs, etc. 

So, how can you know your customer behavior when you are just a newbie? Please make full use of the internet: almost all the characteristics, customs, hobbies, shopping tendencies are analyzed on many different websites. Remember that to become successful wholesale hair vendors do need activeness in researching!!!

Then, what will you gain after learning customer behavior? You will find out for yourself different suitable ways of marketing and selling, which will incredibly boost your sales. So, just don’t disregard this issue!


Satisfying customers in wholesale hair vendors

VII. Synthesize all above into a concrete business plan to become resell wholesale hair vendors

After finishing researching all the necessary materials, what you need to do next is to build a detailed plan and carry it out!

7.1. List all you’ve researched on your business plan

First of all, don’t rush but sit and write down all of what you’ve learned. You will need it for long term use. I’m sure that you can’t not remember all the interesting lessons. Or, you also need writings to collect and keep your own experience on your way as one of top wholesale hair vendors.

Some very basic contents you can include in your note are: your business’s executive summary, your concrete goals, mission, objectives or SWOT analysis.


Business plan of wholesale hair vendors

7.2. Prepare all needed resources to become successful wholesale hair vendors suppliers

Planning to become a resell wholesale hair sellers, have you got all the needed resources? Or if you are still ambiguous about what is needed? Then consult this list!

  • Time: define which time your business is ready to start, find out which time is the most advantageous (during holidays, vacations, festivals when buying power is bigger than ever or any other choices?). Becoming one of the best wholesale hair vendors or not strongly depends on this decision!
  • Money: ask whether is it enough yet? Where to call for more investment? What is the plan to call for more capital?
  • Human resources: do you have any partners to get help or you’ll do it alone? If you need partners, and then who are they?
  • Location: online base only or what? Any showroom? How to build or rent a place to make your wholesale hair vendors business more convenient?

Resources for wholesale hair vendors

If you prepared all the above resources, then congratulations, you are very close to your target of becoming a wholesaler. If you are still on the way, then remember to set a deadline for each task to ensure possibility!

7.3. Plan for first appearance as wholesale hair vendors suppliers

  • First, you need a plan for brand issues. You have to decide on the brand name, logo and slogan. You have to build a plan to design all necessary stuff. Will you design your brand by yourself or you have acquaintances to turn for help, or even you will hire others? No matter what, just remember to aim at creating a perfect first impression with your customers. Try to be professional wholesale hair vendors in your customers’ mind.
  • Second, don’t forget to plan for marketing strategies. Actually marketing includes the issues of brand identity and many other important aspects like marketing mix or marketing environment or so on. If you can understand and apply the trend in the marketing environment in satisfying your customers, it will be a huge plus point! So, make sure you pay enough attention to marketing to create a perfect appearance for your wholesale hair vendors business.

Wholesale hair vendors brand

7.4. Plan for current running and for future of your wholesale hair vendors business

Remember that “Prevention is better than cure”. Don’t forget to have a plan for any possible circumstances. You’d better:

  • Have a specific plan for all financial record
  • Have alternatives for sudden changes
  • Have solutions for possible problems and risks

Plan for wholesale hair vendors

You may feel tired at first as you have to finish loads of work. However, trust me, after making sure that all the plans are well-prepared, you will start your business as one of the best wholesale hair vendors distributors super confidently and advantageously.

VIII. Conclusion – the very basic preparation you need to become top best resell wholesale hair vendors

In summary, what do you need to become successful wholesale hair sellers? There are 4 main works, they are to:

  • Do research: on market, product, business knowledge…
  • Make decisions: good/service to provide, distributors to cooperate, market to focus, etc
  • Build a detailed plan, set deadline for each task
  • Carry out the plan and don’t forget to innovate day by day

Steps to start your own wholesale hair vendors business

That’s pretty much of our sharing today. Good luck with your business!

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