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The Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair from Vietnamese hair factories is the popular choice for hair sellers and hair vendors all over the world. It’s not obvious that Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair is trendy now. Let’s take a look at this report to find out the deep- truths of this hair grade and choose the best hairstyles for your hair shops. 


Vietnamese double drawn weft curly hair extensions

1. The density of Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair

All hair dealers care about the density of the hair bundles. No one wants to buy thin hair to resell it to their customers. The hair bundles must have to meet the standard of density for this reason.

1.1. How to distinguish the density of Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair?

If you have bought hair from Vietnam before reading this report, you are definitely familiar with the term “Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair”. However, if you have bought hair from wholesale hair vendors of China and other countries, that term can confuse you, especially the word “Double Drawn”.  You can see the difference of all Vietnamese hair grades of density in the photo below.

Unlike Chinese hair vendors, who divide hair grades into A grades, Vietnamese hair factories only have three grades of the hair. For shorten, the grade “Super Double Drawn” can be the same as the grade 10A to 12A, the grade “Double Drawn” is the same as  the grade 7A to 9A, and “Single Drawn” can be considered as the remaining.

The question is: “Do different grades affect the different quality of the hair bundles?”. Our answer is “No”, the hair grades are only used to differentiate the density of the hair. You can see the Super Double Drawn hair has a fuller tail than the Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair. However, the quality and duration of hair bundles are the same. 


Distinguish hair density

1.2. What is the appropriate length of Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair?

After reading the above paragraphs, you might think of the Super Double Drawn hair since the hair is full from top to bottom. In fact, Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair is still chosen in order by hair vendors to the hair factories. The reason is understandable. The natural shape of hair on a human head has the tendency to be more and thinner from top to bottom. Therefore, this hair type can create a natural appearance for the users. Moreover, thanks to the wavy and curly texture, the tail of the weaves does not look so thin at the end.

You can also take a notice of the length of the hair before consulting the hair for your customers.  For short hair (from 8 to 12 inches, the Single Drawn is still a good choice). For medium length hair (from 14 to 20 inches), Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair can be chosen. If your customers have a strict rule for full hair, let’s consider Super Double Drawn hair grades for long hair from 22 inches.  




Different lengths of Vietnamese double drawn weft curly hair extensions

2. Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair- The trendy hair textures

There are some popular Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair, which never goes out of style, that you can consider for your next collection. We can try separating them based on the suitable occasions. 

2.1. The casual hairstyles in Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair

Water Curly, Burmese Curly, and Egg Curl are worth trying if you are looking for something simple but still not boring.

2.1.1. Water Curly

The Vietnamese Water Curly Double Drawn Weft hairstyle is beautiful, especially at long lengths. You can try some hair accessories with this Vietnamese curly hair style. 

2.1.2.  Burmese Curl

Created by Vietnamese hair factories and starting trendy in the USA, the Vietnamese Burmese Curly Double Drawn Weft now is favorable in all countries. This Vietnamese curly hair style matches well with bold vibes.

2.1.3.  Egg Curl

Who can not fall in love with Vietnamese Egg Curl Double Drawn Weft with the bouncy texture? This Vietnamese curly hair style gives a gentle elegant look.

2.2. The outstanding hair weaves of Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair

The celebrity hairstyles inquires the factors of elegant and  glamorous. Then please don’t hesitate, let’s take a look at our Loose Wavy and Pixie Curl hair weaves.

2.2.1. Loose Wavy

The hair is pretty at long lengths. A twinkle evening gown and high heels are the perfect matching items for ladies in special occasions.

2.2.2. Colored Pixie Curl

Something rocking, something outstanding, let’s call Vietnamese Pixie Curl Double Drawn Weft this time. 


Vietnamese double drawn weft curly hair extension styles

3.  The prestigious supplier for Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair

Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair is the best-selling item for all occasions. To meet customers’ demand, Vietnamese hair factories have produced all styles of hair extension in large quantities. From the Vietnamese Double Drawn hair materials, K-Hair factory has created a lot of versions of hair.

K-HAIR was established in 1992 with the first aim to become a Top 1 hair factory in Vietnam. But we don’t stop at such a high position, in the 2020s, we expect to be in top Global manufacturers for all countries around the world. Our main goal is to raise the beauty of every woman, stimulating their beliefs in self-confidence and to prove that high- quality hair extensions are affordable for everybody.


K-Hair – Biggest Vietnamese hair factory

4. The best hair care tips for Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair

Let’s make sure that you know all hair care tips from hair experts to maintain the hair weaves for a long time. Brushing the hair in the right way, and taking care of the hair are the ways you can save your pocket as well. Vietnamese Double Drawn hair is from real human hair. That means the hair needs us to take care of it for the best look. Let’s spend a few more minutes for the tips here: HOW TO COMB PIXIE HAIR IN THE RIGHT WAY

We hope the term Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair won’t be unfamiliar with you anymore after this article. For the next Sales season, let’s choose Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair for your customers

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