The New Trend Of Keratin Hair Extension For Modern Beauty Standards

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Have you ever dreamed about getting a hair extension? Then keratin hair extension will make that dream come true. All around the world, keratin hair extension is getting more and more popular. The typical hair grows by six inches in a year, and if you cannot wait that long, it is a good idea to buy keratin hair extension. Using keratin hair extension is a wonderful way to change your appearance. Through this article, you will learn everything about keratin hair extension from definition, application, hairstyles to top hair extension supplier in the market.

1. Common knowledge of keratin hair extension

Keratin hair extension may be the finest choice to rapidly give your hair a new style if you do not want to wait a lifetime for your short hair to grow or become fabulously voluminous. The keratin hair extension has the power to completely alter how you feel about your hair in an instant.


Women with keratin hair extension

1.1 What is keratin hair extension?

The protein keratin is found in the hair and nails of animals. Keratin hair extension is a durable hair extension that is sewn onto natural hair. A transparent, keratin-based glue is applied to the hair extension’s tip. Glue, clips, or thermal fusion can be utilized to connect the extensions, depending on how much keratin is employed. Keratin hair extension is among the most widely used and the variety most frequently used for celebrity hair extensions. And while keratin hair extensions may have just become common knowledge, they have really existed for a very long time.

Keratin hair extension is applied with a heat tool made specifically for this hair extension procedure. A tiny group of hair is bonded to the wearer’s natural hair to form a flawless connection using a little amount of keratin glue. Real human hair that has been colored through processing is used to make the most of keratin hair extension, which enables you to take care of keratin hair extension much like your own hair by washing, straightening, curling and styling it.

The majority of keratin hair extensions may last up to three or six months before needing to be replaced or re-bonded since a keratin-based glue creates a strong connection with human hair. Keratin hair extension lasts a lot longer than the average usage time of other types of human hair extensions. High-quality hair Keratin hair extension is adhered with a super-keratin protein glue may last longer.


Keratin hair extension

The removal of keratin hair extension may frequently be done without a specialist’s assistance. Beauty supply stores have a removal solution that is usually used to loosen the keratin glue holding the customer’s actual hair to the hair extension. Any extra glue remaining in the hair after removing keratin hair extension can be eliminated with some more steps. However, only a hair care specialist can remove super-keratin hair extension.

1.2 What is keratin hair extension made of?

As mentioned above, keratin hair extension is usually made of real human hair, but there are three different types of human hair that used to make it, namely, virgin hair and remy hair. These hair materials are usually made of popular Asian human hair which is also the material for raw Indian bundles, Vietnamese hair extensions and Chinese hair extensions.

  • Virgin hair of keratin hair extension refers to strands that have never undergone any sort of chemical or color treatment. To be more precise, it is hair that has never had any kind of perm, bleaching, coloring, or dyeing procedure. Each bundle you purchase should come from the same donors as it is from a single donor. The best part about keratin hair extension of virgin hair is that, with appropriate upkeep and care, it may last for at least half year. Since virgin hair is the result of these processes and the cuticles are still intact, you must take the same care of virgin hair as you would with your own natural hair. However, it also implies that more effort is needed to keep the hair’s appearance and texture.

Keratin hair extension made of virgin hair

  • Remy hair of keratin hair extension may come from different donors and can be dyed and washed. If you take careful care of your remy hair, it should last for six months. Remy hair simply refers to the direction of the hair’s cuticle. Remy hair, in contrast to the majority of non-remy hair extensions, is said to be the highest kind of human hair since the cuticles are preserved and not peeled. However, remy hair is not the highest quality available.

1.3 How to apply, maintain and remove keratin hair extension?

  • Applying keratin hair extension

Firstly, purchase a melting connection tool and keratin hair extension that have been pre-bonded and have adhesive on the tips. You get to decide on the keratin hair extension’s color, length, and weight. The keratin glue on the tips of each extension is heated by this instrument, causing it to adhere to your natural hair. After that, place keratin hair extension near to your natural hair from your scalp. The keratin hair extension should be held with the glue-pre-bonded tip facing your scalp with about three centimeters of space between it and your scalp. Put your natural hair and keratin hair extension in between the tool’s heated plates. To secure it, squeeze the clamping button.


Applying keratin hair extension

To ensure that the glue melts evenly, place the tool directly on top of the keratin bond. Unclamp the tool and remove it away after a little while. The glue is melted and fused by the melting connection tool to your natural hair. Your thumb and forefinger should be used to pinch the molten glue as you squeeze the natural hair and keratin hair extension together. To completely bond the extension to your hair, briefly roll them together with your fingers.

Keep adding keratin hair extension till the hair row, continue pulling down horizontal rows of hair and applying extensions. Once you reach temple level, you can stop making rows, and the final row of extensions will be hidden by the top layer of hair that is clipped up. Finally, shake your hair out and while your hair is still warm, gently run your fingers through it to help the extensions blend in and appear more natural.

  • Maintaining keratin hair extension

To maintain your hair strong and healthy, purchase sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that also has lots of proteins and healing components. Gently mix shampoo into the keratin hair extension starting at the top and rinsing thoroughly thereafter, apply conditioner from the middle of the shaft to the ends, then simply rinse. After washing your hair, always use a low heat setting to dry it. Let your hair air dry and finish with a blow dryer if you want to reduce the amount of heat styling tools you use. Be careful to dry your hair from the roots as well.


Maintaining keratin hair extension

Feel free to experiment with different styles with keratin hair extension because it can be fashioned exactly like your natural hair. Use only mild, oil-free versions of gel, mousse, and other styling products to avoid any risks. To avoid matting, brush your hair every day with an extension brush. Hair that is free of tangles makes your hair healthy and enables your keratin hair extension to stay as long as possible. At least once every day, use an extension brush to gently and completely go through your hair to remove any knots or tangles.

  • Removing keratin hair extension

If you take care of your keratin hair extension properly, it can last up to six months. Do not keep it above the 6-month period because doing so will cause your natural hair to endure too much stress. Stress over extended periods of time and being overweight can harm your hair or cause hair loss. To remove keratin hair extension, use special components in the removal gel for keratin hair extension to break up the bond and make the procedure painless. Apply a substantial amount of gel to the initial bond and pinch the areas several times with your fingers to ensure that the bond is well covered.


Removing keratin hair extension

Your hand should be squeezed to tighten the removal tool’s clamp over the bond. After applying pressure to the bonded area, let your hand relax. Clamp few times as you way up and down the bond to get it loose enough to remove. For removing keratin hair extension does not hurt, pinch the hair above the bonded part. After that, carefully remove the keratin hair extension from your natural hair by grabbing it. The installed extension should be removed right away.

It is typical to see a tiny quantity of keratin glue residue on your hair where the extension was glued after you remove the keratin hair extension. To get rid of the glue residue, comb your hair many times using a fine-tooth comb. Repeat those steps until your keratin hair extension is completely removed.

2. Characteristics of keratin hair extension

All hair extensions have their own benefits and drawbacks, and this is also true for keratin hair extension. However, the cons are insignificant compared to the pros, thus people still love the keratin hair extension.


Characteristics of keratin hair extension

2.1 What are the advantages of keratin hair extension?

Compared to other installations of hair extensions, keratin hair extension can give you a more natural appearance. The bond’s area replicates the natural layered structure of the hair, allowing more free movement of hair and a more organic appearance. The use of keratin glue is gentle on your scalp and hair. Keratin hair extension may be attached and withdrawn with little harm to your natural hair and scalp when the installation is done correctly.

The fact that the bonds on U-tip extensions are so tiny that they may be fully buried under the hair is another advantage. It is hard for others to tell you have keratin hair extension since they blend in with your natural hair. Moreover, U-tip hair extensions are pleasant and light, so they will not stress out your natural hair. Keratin hair extension can last longer than other types of hair extensions because keratin bonds produce a sturdy installation. Depending on how you treat them, it might endure up to six months. Similar to how you would style and straighten your real hair, you can do the same with keratin hair extension.


Getting long hair in instant with keratin hair extension

With keratin hair extension, you do not have to wait such a long time for your hair to grow long. There are many lengths, hues, and textures available of keratin hair extension, for example, you can try a curly keratin hair extension if your hair is straight or if you have short hair, you could choose the keratin hair extension with long hair. Sometimes, styling keratin hair extension may be simpler than styling your own natural hair.

2.2 What are the disadvantages of keratin hair extension?

Keratin hair extension uses U-tips similar to most other hair extensions, which can put your natural hair at some danger. Since the attached strands are heavier than your natural hair, they strain on it and might lead to further breakage and hair loss. Pre-bonded keratin hair extension is more costly than other hair extensions since it cannot be reused. A professional installation may be highly expensive for keratin hair extension since it takes long to complete.


Keratin hair extension may lead to hair loss

Your scalp has suitable time to react to the extra weight brought on by hair growth because hair takes months to grow. However, keratin hair extension presses on your scalp, causing damage and discomfort, and causes a quick growth of hair on the scalp. Moreover, depending on how you place the keratin hair extension to your natural hair, it might harm your hair.

The roots of the hair will be damaged by a tight braid. The glue might burn or make the hair weaker. You will encounter issues like dandruff and other scalp irritations when natural hair oils become stuck in the braid. Applying for keratin hair extension may take a few hours, so you might have to hold your head awkwardly or spend most of the time at a salon to get it done.

3. The potential market of keratin hair extension

Over the past several years, a growing number of customers have demanded keratin hair extension in particular and wholesale hair extensions in general for beauty and business purposes. A greater number of people from all over the world are choosing high-quality keratin hair extension as alternatives to hair transplants or hair loss. So, there is a huge chance for you to become a millionaire in the hair extension industry.


The potential market of keratin hair extension

3.1 Who will look for keratin hair extension?

People with short, thin, or damaged/over-processed hair are the greatest customers for keratin hair extension because keratin hair extension is ideal for adding highlights or covering up a terrible haircut. However, installing keratin hair extension is not advised for those who are experiencing rapid hair loss.

Since a high-quality keratin hair extension is expensive, it is suitable for customers who are willing to pay a decent amount of money for their beauty. For example, American, European or Nigerian customers are known for the high demand on keratin hair extension. Those particular customers usually have thin, short or curly hair and cannot customize hairstyles as they want. Because of that, keratin hair extension is a perfect solution for them.


Customers ask for keratin hair extension

3.2 Which hairstyles are suitable for keratin hair extension? 

  • Long feathered layers for American customers

You may get a feathering appearance with short layers on long hair that is easily fashionable. Instead of calling this style a long-layered cut, it is long hair with short layers. The movement and body this haircut possesses while maintaining its length is its finest feature. For American ladies with medium density and medium textured hair, short layers on long hair work. Because of the length, this style suits women with oval faces quite well. If you enjoy experimenting with your look, it is an excellent hairstyle that can be done with keratin hair extension. It looks lovely curled with a wand and works well for lengthy updos.

  • Long hair with lengthy layers for European customers

The benefit of a razor hairstyle is that you do not have to give up length for mobility with these lengthy, razored layers on long hair. To prevent the bottom line from being too narrow and creating the impression of stringy hair, the wispy layers are kept long. However, whether the hair is blown out smooth or curled, trimming with a razor allows the ends to have lots of free-flowing mobility.


Long hair with lengthy layers of keratin hair extension

  • Layered shag with long hair for Nigerian customers

You may have a little more edge than usual with a long, layered shag. Long layers with a disheveled texture look good on thick or fine hair. It provides you a contemporary style by adding more volume and texture. A shag can be styled in a variety of ways. Attempt an oil or serum when nearly dry for a smooth appearance. Use a textured mouse when wet, a little dry shampoo when dry.

4. Some famous hair suppliers of keratin hair extension

  • The K-Hair Factory in Vietnam

K-Hair is the best hair supplier in Vietnam with many different products of hair extensions, including keratin hair extension as well. The brand K-Hair is pleased to be the first and consistent hair vendor among other wholesale hair sellers around the world for more than 30 years. K-Hair factory offers a selection of hairstyles, and the company has been producing and distributing hair internationally since its establishment. A great number of salons, shops, distributors, and other enterprises are consistently supplied with the highest-quality hair by K-Hair.


K-Hair Factory in Vietnam

To find high-quality Vietnamese hair factory, you can contact K-Hair and be served the best:

High-quality virgin hair extensions are offered by Sach Hair, a hair extension business that draws inspiration from fashion, luxury, beauty, and luxury. Sach Hair thinks that hair extensions should effortlessly give you a pure and elegant appearance. By offering completely natural hair extensions that do not need tools or chemicals and do not harm the environment, Sach Hair is environmentally consciouses. Sach Hair continues to offer stunning keratin hair extension worn by ladies all over the world and has even penetrated overseas markets like Dubai, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and Australia.


The Sach Hair

  • The Rapunzel for Hair

As an Australian company with a premium brand of high-quality items made entirely of human hair extensions, Rapunzel for Hair raised the standard for other hair extension businesses. Rapunzel for Hair was established in 2004 by a group of committed and highly skilled hairdressing experts. Rapunzel for Hair has over 14 years of experience as one of the top companies in the industry, and the employers work hard to stay on top of everything related to keratin hair extension. Its goal is to responsibly source and meet the rising demand for hair that is beautiful and looks natural.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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