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Have you ever been in a situation that you could not customize your hairstyle as you like? Then hair extension will be your best friend to solve hair problems. With Indian hair weaves, you do not have to wait such a long time for your hair to grow long to get the look you desire. Through this article, we will introduce to you some hairstyles with Indian hair weaves, tips to choose the hairstyle suitable for your appearance, how you can apply Indian hair weaves and where to buy them.

1. What do you know about Indian hair weaves?

With the non-stop rising of beauty standards in recent years, learning about hair extensions is the new trend. If you do not know where to start, here is the definition of basic knowledge in the hair industry and introduces one of the bestsellers – Indian hair weaves.


Women with Indian hair weaves

1.1 What is hair extension?

When actual or synthetic hair strands are sewed close to the scalp to extend, thicken, or color your natural hair, they are referred to as hair extensions or hair weaves. While some extensions need to be removed after a year or more, others do not. It is difficult to tell you are wearing hair extensions if their texture and color fit in nicely with your own natural hair. You may wash, condition, dry, and color them just like your own hair. Additionally, they provide you a lot of hairstyle options.

High-quality human hair extensions are often found at premium salons, and synthetic extensions made of various types of synthetic fibers can be found in beauty and fashion stores. For customers, Indian hair weaves are always top choice when it comes to hair extension. Indian hair weaves can be made using real hair or synthetic fibers that resemble hair. Real hair is undoubtedly the type of hair extension that will seem the most natural and flawless, but it also has the same problems as all actual hair, such knotted hair. Although synthetic fiber hair extensions seem like plastic, they are more durable. Real hair extensions are more expensive but last longer than synthetic ones.


Hair extensions of Indian hair weaves

1.2 Definition of Indian hair weaves

Real human hair is used to make Indian hair weaves, which are then sewed, either manually or mechanically, onto a long, horizontal strip called a weft. Indian hair weaves are groupings of high-quality hair extension wefts that have been packaged together and marketed for use in weaves. For sale, a single weft hair extension product is also known as a hair bundle. A hair bundle typically ranges in length from 10 inches to 32 inches and weighs 3.5 oz, or 100 grams. Companies that specialize in virgin hair commonly sell hair bundles, and most of the virgin hair purchased originates from Asia. For example, in Vietnam, K-Hair is the biggest hair supplier of virgin hair.

Indian hair weaves are considered as one of the top qualities of best hair extensions in India in the hair industry and are the best option among all types of hair bundles if you want to give your hair additional length and volume. The lengths you choose will have an impact on how your hair is treated. While some customers favor using dramatic layers of varied lengths, others choose for light layers of the same length. Indian hair weaves can be dyed, tied, or used for any other style you like.


Indian hair weaves

1.3 What are Indian hair weaves made of?

Indian hair weaves are made of Indian women’s hair, but there are two different types of hair that can be used to make Indian hair weaves: virgin hair and remy hair. A little secret about Indian hair weaves is that sometimes Indian hair weaves are made of non-remy hair, but when putting for sale, the seller will label and sell them as remy hair.

  • Virgin hair can be used to make Indian hair weaves and is defined as being undisturbed, entirely intact, derived hair from a single donor. Virgin hair must also have never undergone chemical, bleach, color, or dye processing. The best material for Indian hair weaves is virgin hair. Even though the quality of Indian women’s hair is at the top because of the incredibly light, airy, bounce-filled, and simple to style, India still tends to import a significant amount of virgin hair bundles from other countries, particularly Vietnam since Indian people love the silkiness and softness of Vietnamese hair.
  • Remy hair is hair that has been gathered and separated from many sources, normally at least two donors, going from root to tip in the same direction to prevent cuticle tangling. Remy hair costs more than non-remy hair since this is a labor-intensive and time-consuming procedure for our manufacturers. Remy hair is the second choice to make Indian hair weaves since its quality is only behind virgin hair, but at a more reasonable price. Remy hair extension cuticles all face the same direction, including all the ends are in one direction and all of the roots face the opposite end to make them as natural as possible while retaining their inherent qualities of being glossy, smooth and shining to the touch.

Remy hair of Indian hair weaves

1.4 How to apply Indian hair weaves?

There are two most popular ways to apply Indian hair weaves: weft beaded hair extension and sew-in extension

  • Weft beaded hair extension

In order to stitch these strips into the natural hair, the hair stylist will attach very small bits of the extension’s strands with tiny segments of the natural strands before fastening it with a bead at the roots. The procedure is quite pleasant and usually just takes an hour. Indian hair weaves can be used for up to a year before needing to be removed. Although the extensions will need to be pushed up every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how rapidly your hair grows. Indian hair weaves, as opposed to other types of extensions, prevent the hair from tangling, saving you hours of style and combing time.

The weft’s beads mix seamlessly with your hair and match its color, keeping the extensions firmly fastened to your hair. The silicone beads are designed to protect both your hair and the current extensions in place. Indian hair weaves, as opposed to other types of extensions, prevent the hair from tangling, saving you hours of style and combing time. The weft’s beads mix seamlessly with your hair and match its color, keeping the extensions firmly fastened to your hair. The silicone beads are designed to protect both your hair and the current extensions in place.


Weft beaded hair extension of Indian hair weaves

  • Sew-in extension

The majority of the time, sewing extensions is done at home because it does not involve tape, glue, or heat. Indian hair weaves are made out of hair wefts that have been divided into tiny pieces and ready to be sewed in. Make sure the cornrows aren’t too thick and clumsy and begin braiding the hair from the front to the back. That can be accomplished by braiding smaller strands. Once you’ve finished braiding, tie off the ends. The wefts are prepared for sewing and the needle is threaded. The weft has to be measured and cut into smaller pieces. Since there will be one piece of weft linked to each braid, measure in accordance with the cornrows.

Fold the weave in half to create greater volume. Make the first stitch in the front, starting on one side of the head. Remember to allow a gap of around half an inch between the starting and ending of the cornrow. It should be quite simple to pass the needle through the braid and hair due to its curved shape. Make sure the first stitch is strong and well woven. As you go to the rear of the head, keep stitching along the braid. Make a few stitches to keep the weft in place when you get to the end of the braid and then repeat steps from beginning.

The ability to regulate the weave’s fullness and density is really great. Adding more wefts is all that is necessary to finish the task for the day. So, sew-in hair extensions make it simple to achieve extra-voluminous and full hair since a thread and an inexpensive needle are all that are needed. That helps you save a ton of time and money. The popularity of sew-in extensions is due to this significant benefit.


Sew-in extension of Indian hair weaves

For a very long time, sewing hair extensions has been a common technique and you may also be familiar with it as Indian hair weaves. That is the simplest and least expensive method for reviving and changing your hair. This method has been used to astonishing effect by several celebrities. Just picture yourself with long, smooth hair that you can style anyway you choose.

2. Why are Indian hair weaves special?

With hair extensions, you may create a wide variety of hairstyles, such as half up half down, messy top buns or curtain bangs, and the Indian hair weaves can make them all. As a result, there is no doubt that people are in love with Indian hair weaves.

2.1 Benefits of Indian hair weaves for your appearance

Indian hair weaves from Indian hair suppliers are a quick miracle if you want to change your appearance and have thick, long, straight hair but only have short hair. The great part is that Indian hair weaves can extend hair for more than 10 inches in length and add a lot of thickness to your natural hair. To give your natural hair the right amount of thickness and volume, you may look for the suitable Indian hair weaves. Many women with thin hair use these Indian hair weaves to give their hair more depth and volume, improving the charm.


Confident with Indian hair weaves

Indian hair weaves are also a great, low-maintenance option if you do not have the time to spend styling a fresh hairdo every day. Additionally, using weave hair extensions makes it simple to achieve the ideal holiday hairstyle. You may chill with gorgeous hair while wearing the weave by yourself. You may easily get Indian hair weaves colored hair extensions, so there is no need to allow the impacts of hair colors affect your original hair. You only need these Indian hair weaves on your head to have the brilliant hair you have always desired.

2.2 Different hairstyles of Indian hair weaves

Don’t panic if you wake up every day wondering what to do with your hair. Use these hairstyles with Indian hair weaves to learn how to improve your daily appearance.

  • Waterfall braid

One of the most popular hairstyles for females with medium-length Indian hair is this one. The ideal way to wear a cascading waterfall braid is with the hair loose. Hairstyle with a braid worn in the back or to the side. Waterfall braid requires long hair, which can be achieved with Indian hair weaves. It is a straightforward hairstyle that takes little to no work. The waterfall braid may save you time because it is appropriate for every situation. This hairstyle guarantees that your hair looks great whether you are going out on the town or just hanging out with friends.


Waterfall braid of Indian hair weaves

  • Straight shag

The straight shag is fuller at the crown and thinner at the edges and ends in the conventional shag, which has layers that are feathered at the top and sides. The shag looks great on straight, wavy, or curly Indian hair weaves that are medium to thick in texture. It is a hairstyle for everyone, but if your style is to tousle, this is ideal for you. It requires little care and beautifully shows the hair’s inherent texture. It looks great whether styled with some volume mousse, allowed hair air dry, or dried with a blow dryer. It truly highlights the woman’s features with the layers of Indian hair weaves that frame her face.

  • Soft curls with long bangs

This shoulder-length haircut for medium hair is a basic Indian hair weaves that looks beautiful. The front hair is maintained short, perhaps an inch or two, and let to fall straight while the back hair is curled from the tips with large curls. This curly hairdo is frequently used for everyday appearances. This style is primarily worn by college students as well as by adults.


Soft curls with long bangs of Indian hair weaves

  • Natural waves

The easiest and least difficult Indian hairstyle for medium-length Indian hair weaves and a round face is this one. The hair is styled loosely with waves that seem natural, and it goes with almost any clothing. Regular braids placed on damp hair may also be used to get the look organically. Before plaiting your hair, you can add gel or mousse for a firmer grip. They can keep fit both before and after thanks to this. Any day of the week may be dressed up with this hairstyle.

3. Suitable customers of Indian hair weaves and some tips to buy it

It is said that some people do not know what kind of hair weaves they should buy, so we will make it easy for you to understand whether you are suitable with Indian hair weaves or not.

3.1 Target customers of Indian hair weaves

Indian hair weaves are thick and glossy, which makes it more flexible and long-lasting than other types of Indian hair extensions, so customers who are from Asia, America or Africa will be in love with these products, but not everyone can afford the high prices. More specifically, Africans are the best customers due to their huge demand for hair extensions, especially Indian hair weaves. African hair often has tight curls and kinks and develops practically parallel to the scalp, so if they want straight long hair, Indian hair weaves will be their best choice.


Customers with Indian hair weaves

It is wise that you should be empathetic when giving these particular consumers your product and sale information. It is important to keep in mind that people want high quality products with low costs or free shipping, therefore it is a good idea to compare your items pricing to those of other vendors while providing some extra discount shipping fee.

3.2 Tips to buy Indian hair weaves

Selecting the proper texture, color, weight, and length while purchasing hair extensions for the first time might be difficult. There is a wide range in the length, style, quality, and thickness of Indian hair weaves, so choosing a hair extension is crucial since you must decide the characteristics that are similar to your natural hair.

If your hair is naturally straight, buying straight Indian hair weaves will make the appearance of your look seem much better. The hair should have a texture that is as natural-looking as possible. Choose wavy Indian hair weaves if you have wavy hair texture and want to keep the way it looks. When you apply straight or wavy Indian hair weaves, they usually match your own hair beautifully. Nevertheless, blending curly hair can occasionally be challenging depending on the original texture of your curly hair.


Choose the right color of Indian hair weaves for your hair

Finding a location to sell Indian hair weaves is not difficult since there are many hairs suppliers that support shipping worldwide. K-Hair in Vietnam is one of the biggest hair vendors that you can find, you cannot find K-Hair products of Indian hair weaves, but you will be amazed at the number of different kinds and top quality of hair extensions they have. K-Hair in Vietnam is one of the firms that offers the highest quality human hair at the lowest price on the market.

4. Top best hair vendors of Indian hair weaves

Among thousands of different hair extension suppliers, it is hard to choose a reliable one to purchase its products. However, today is your lucky day as we have listed top five hair vendors that provide Indian hair weaves.

4.1 SGI Hair – Top biggest hair extension factory of Indian hair weaves

SGI Hair is one of India’s well-known producers of high-quality hair. Its goal is to innovate with regard to human hair extensions. SGI Hair wants to produce and provide high-end wigs, hair extensions, and hair care items to customers under their own brand names. A challenging task, but this business is paving the way for other Indian makers and marketers of human hair.


SGI Indian hair weaves

Being a reliable source of high-quality hair for nearly 12 years has elevated SGI Hair status among the most well-known brands all over the world. They are well known for exporting low-cost yet high-quality Indian hair weaves.

4.2 The Chennai Hair Factory – One of the leading in hair extension industry

Chennai Hair Factory is the largest provider and retailer of Indian hair in India. One of the top producers of human hair extensions in Asia is also Chennai Hair Factory. Chennai Hair mostly exports its Indian hair weaves products to nations including South Africa, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Canada. Since 2009, this organization has operated in the market. There are already 20,000 consumers globally, most of them are loyal customers.

The top hair stylists worldwide often use and recommend Indian hair weaves of Chennai Hair. As the main supplier of human hair in India, Chennai Hair’s objective is to increase their customers’ satisfaction. Due to the natural look, vibrant colors, and diverse variety of textures of Indian hair weaves, Chennai Hair’s hair extensions has a very strong reputation.

4.3 Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory – Providing high quality of Indian hair weaves

Another notable supplier and manufacturer of human hair in India is Dhwarak Indian Hair Factory. People claim that this is the best brand to purchase Indian Temple hair for distribution or wholesale. Dhwarak supplies all hair retailers in the United States and across the world. They sell a variety of products, including Indian hair weaves.


Dhwarak Indian hair weaves factory

Dhwarak undoubtedly cares about giving their customers hair of the highest quality. Not every business in India has access to this premium class of human hair. Additionally, it is more difficult to maintain the hair’s quality before shipping, but Dhwarak Indian Hair can do it by using hand processing to keep the natural smoothness and structure of its hair products, giving Indian hair weaves an incredibly full, healthy, and bright appearance.

4.4 Jairpur hair – The most reliable of Indian hair weaves

One of the oldest Indian hair suppliers, Jaipur Hair has been in business for more than 20 years. Jaipur operates plants in Hyderabad and Delhi and takes great pleasure in its virgin hair extensions. Jaipur is praised as one of the biggest distributors and producers of virgin Indian human hair extensions. Additionally, Jaipur is famous for exporting and distributing internationally.

Individual buyers, salon chains, hair stylists, cosmetic or beauty wholesalers, and sellers of all sizes can purchase Jaipur virgin hair extensions. Jaipur website is the one-stop source for the most exquisite Indian hair weaves collection on the market, whether you are just looking for products for yourself or for a hair wholesaler.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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