I-tip vs Tape-in Hair Extensions: Which is the best method K-Hair’s Expert choose?

I-tip vs Tape-in Hair Extensions are the two latest methods in making hair extensions. When it comes to a high standard women hair, we will think directly to a smooth, silky and strong with different length and colors of hairs. Having these hairs is not serious problem, we have numerous way by using hair extensions such as clip-in, sew-in, micro link, so on and so forth. Moreover, in a recent survey, K-hair’s experts noticed that I-tip and tape-in hair extensions are the most popular ways to have a thick and beautiful hair compared other ones! So what is the different of these two types of hair extensions?

1. I-tip Hair extensions:

  • What is the I-tip hair extensions?

Using I-tip hair extensions is a new method which is highly recommended worldwide by many hair experts in the hair business. It has a structure of several hair strands glued together at the top of the tip. Furthermore, I-tip hair extensions can bring more excellent results in hair than U-tip hair extensions since customers can apply these extensions into their hair without using heat where the hair is bonded through an ultra sound applicator.

I-tip Hair Extensions from K-hair Factory

I-tip Hair Extensions from K-hair Factory

  • I-tip hair extensions – the most effective way to make perfect full-head hair?

I-tip hair extensions are not only famous for not using heat affecting customer’s hair but also have different pros which pays attention of almost customers. By contrast, any beauty tools devices all have their disadvantages so users need to take it into consideration before buying to avoid unnecessary disappointment. Let me give you some pros and cons of I-tip hair extensions:

− Pros of I-tip hair extensions:

· Not apply heat into hairs to avoid causing any minimum serious affects which can damage your natural hairs. As a result, these extensions are categorized as a cold fusion method.

Cold Fusion Tools

Cold Fusion Tools

· The extensions are separate strands, the hair moves and looks more natural.

· Quality Remy of I-tip hair extensions has a pretty long lifespan, which can remain up to six-eight months.

· Very suitable for hair vendor supplier whose customers desire creative hairs with any unique colors that nobody else has mixed with various types of hairs style such as loose wave, deep wavy, water curl,…

· Can be applied markedly near to the roots of strands, making these extensions blend well with your initial hair.

− Cons of I-tip hair extensions:

· First and foremost, you will need beads and pliers to apply for these extensions.

· Beads or locks can be visible if not placed appropriately and will slip more easily than any other method.

· This method requires high technique hair experts for a successful application and removal of these extensions, and if happening wrong way can cause serious damage for hairs.

2. Tape-in Hair extensions:

What is the Tape-in hair extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are thin tape wefts with one inch in width pre-taped hair wefts, that get “sandwiched” in between your own hair like bonds. It is the most popular hair extension way in salons and wholesale hair vendors suppliers around the world. This method is made by hand without any tools or chemicals so it is an ideal method for hair extensions!!!

Tape-in Hair Extensions from K-hair Factory

Tape-in Hair Extensions from K-hair Factory

• Is this the best ever method for hair extensions without any cons?

Tape-in Hair Extensions from K-hair Factory

Tape-in Hair Extensions from K-hair Factory

− Pros of  Tape-in hair extensions:

· It is comfortable to install and wear day by day because it is lightweight even you are likely not unrealized wearing these extensions.

· You can not only make many types of hairs you want with Tape-in extensions and but also add more highlight or ombre colors without dyeing or bleaching your hairs.

· Tape-in will blend together with your natural hairs so it is invisible for people to find out these extensions because of the thin in shape of them.

· Especially, these extensions could be reusable. You can remove it whenever you want and install them again with an experienced expert in hair extensions.

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Tape-in Hair Extensions from K-hair Factory

Tape-in Hair Extensions from K-hair Factory

− Cons of  Tape-in hair extensions:

· A serious trouble with Tape-in extensions you need to take into consideration is that if you do not apply them in the right way, these will easily fall down when wearing them. So it is greatly important to install Tape-in hair extensions by a skilled professional to have the best results.

· The most convenient way but the most expensive method to have the gorgeous full-head hair.

3. I-tip vs Tape-in Hair Extensions: which is a better choice?

In K-hair’s Expert opinion, both I-tip and Tape-in hair extensions all have the pros and cons so before making decisions to buy these extensions, customers need to have deep knowledge about them to have the valuable experiences. We would like to give some comparisons below to help you easier choose:

I-tip hair extensionsTape-in hair extensions
Life span8-12 weeks12 weeks
Recommend customerPeople who have a strong texture of hairsPeople who have thin hairs
Time for installation4-6 hours35-40 minutes
Also can make at home
Time for removal2-3 hours15-30 minutes
DamageNo damage if installed
in the right way
No damage if installed
in the right way

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