Indian Hair Factory: Top 5 Best Indian Hair Supplier

You are looking for a trustworthy hair supplier in the maze of numorous hair companies, from Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian factories to Indian, Brazillian ones. As a matter of fact, Indian hair supplier is considered to be one of the main hair distributors for worldwide market. You are wondering which indian hair supplier is the best one. So, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. Here are top 5 indian hair suppliers.

1. K-hair factory: Big competitor of Indian hair suppliers

K-hair Factory is one of the most popular hair companies in supplying Vietnamese hair at affordable price. Having experience in exporting hair to large markets like South America, Africa,…, K-hair always stands at the top of biggest hair factories in distributing: Bulk, Weft, Hair extensions, Wigs,… Positive feedbacks from customers have encourages us to improve our brand every single day.


K-Hair collects hair from Vietnamese women at the age of 18- 34, especially mountainous women. The climate there is cold, therefore, their hair is out of sun light. They also work at the field everyday, which means they have strong health and their hair is strong as well. Vietnamese women have tradition way of washing hair is using natural ingredient such as: grapefruit peel, locust and other herbal. To sum up, K-Hair’s hair is 100% real human hair, no synthetic and no mixed.

With more-than-30-year in hair market, K-hair is proud to rank 1 st in quality with 5 No:

    • No synthetic hair
    • No tangle
    • No shedding
    • No lice
    • No scam zone

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2. Top 5 Best Indian Hair Suppliers

2.1. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

This Indian hair supplier is one of the most popular wholesale ones that hair vendors and salon owners come across online when they want to deal in hair business. This site has a large variety of types such as bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs… which is always available for customers’s choice.

indian hair factory
  • Pros: Diversity on types of hair

  • Cons: High price list

The factory is known to use the triple wefting technique in order to sew their Raw Human Hair that is known to provide a firm and thick look which is envied by many. They are also known to deal in a large variety of wigs like full lace wig, Jewish silk top wig, closure wig,…

2.2. SGI Hair

indian hair supplier This is yet another wholesale supplier that is best known for dealing with such products. One rule that this site has is the fact that the customer needs to get registered before they can start ordering.
  • Pros: High-quality hair

  • Cons: Confusion about price list

They are popularly known to export excellent and cheap Natural Human Hair Wigs along with extensions. They are situated in Chennai which is in India.

2.3. Indian Human Hair Factory

indian hair Yet another site that is known and popular for such products is this one. This particular site is considered to be your one-stop solution to all of your hair extension needs. They are basically experts in supplying Raw Indian Human Hair.
  • Pros: Huge amount of hair in stock

  • Cons: Not good customer service

They are well known to export a diverse and qualitative range of products. Extensions are known to include machine weft hair, wigs, micro weft hair, white hair, blonde hair etc.

2.4. Jaipur Hair

indian hair prodvider This particular location is known to be based in Jaipur, India. They are well-known for being one of the largest and best suppliers in Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions, Lace front wigs, Remy machine weft, Lace closure manufactures.
  • Pros: Affordable price

  • Cons: Sometimes hair is shedding and tangle

2.5. Dhwarak Indian Hair indian hair distributor This is yet another popular hair extension manufacturing unit situated in Chennai, India. The hair extensions, wigs that are being made by them are slowly and steadily capturing the market.
  • Pros: Slow process of production and delivery

  • Cons: Good quality worth your waiting

3. Indian Hair Suppliers: Which is the best ?

K-hair factory is top 1 best factory in suppling good-quality Vietnamese hair: Bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs,…at affordable price. With more-than-30-year experience in providing hair for big markets such as: Africa, South America, East European,…, K-hair factory always rank 1st in quality and quantity best indian hair factory Contact me for support 24/7 and wholesale price

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