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You are looking for a trustworthy hair supplier in the maze of numerous hair companies, from Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian factories to Indian, Brazilian ones. As a matter of fact, Indian hair supplier is considered to be one of the main hair distributors for worldwide market. You are wondering which Indian hair supplier is the best one. So, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. Here are top 5 Indian hair suppliers.


Indian Hair Supplier

1. Indian hair suppliers: Overview of Indian hair vendors

Before giving the list of top 5 best Indian hair manufacturers in India which include the best raw Indian temple hair manufacturers, we want to firstly give you the overview of all Indian hair factories which include the best Indian hair vendors. Through this, we will know what the hair origin of wholesale hair India is and how the production is like. As a result, we will know about the hair quality as well as the hair price in the general Indian hair wholesale price list.


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1.1. Origin of Indian hair: Indian hair temple vs Indian hair ball

When it comes to the origin of Indian hair supplied by Indian hair suppliers and raw Indian hair vendors in the human hair bulk business, there are 2 significant sources to mention. They are Indian temple hair wholesale and Indian hair ball.

  • Indian hair temple from Indian raw hair vendors is the origin of Indian virgin hair extensions or Indian remy hair extensions. Most of them are remy ones. Temple hair is actually hair collected from donors in temples. It is a tradition in India that people will come to temples to shave their head to show their respect to God. The hair from one or multiple donors are then collected to make into hair extensions.
  • Indian hair ball from India hair vendors is the origin of non remy hair extensions and remy human hair in bulk supplied by Indian hair suppliers. The hair is collected from salon floor, public bathroom floor or pipe. It is exactly hair waste from multiple people, so it is called non remy hair, and the quality is super low.

Hair origin of Indian hair suppliers

1.2. Indian hair supplier: Production of Indian hair factory in India

About the production, the best raw Indian hair vendors in India still use backward technique. Almost all the processes are done by hand in human hair manufacturers in India. So both the productivity and quality is not high. Indian hair suppliers tend to export best raw Indian hair to other industrial factories like Chinese ones.

In general, due to the low-quality hair origin and poor production, Indian hair extensions wholesale are typical with 2 main features: low-quality and cheap price. No factories in the world can offer such low prices as Indian ones. In other words, Indian hair factories have such advantages in hair suppliers price in comparison with others.

2. Indian hair supplier: About Indian hair products

What are the best raw Indian hair extensions supplied by top best Indian hair distributors? Below are the answers about all hair extensions types and Indian hairstyles for you to consider. 

2.1. Popular types of Indian hair extensions from Indian hair suppliers

Indian hair extensions wholesale from raw Indian hair wholesale suppliers are quite diverse in choices. Top 5 most popular types for you to choose are best raw Indian hair bundles, Indian hair extensions clip in, Indian hair extensions tape in, microbead hair extensions and fusion hair extensions. Below are their typical characteristics.

2.1.1. Indian hair bundles

Indian hair suppliers are most famous for their hair bundles. In fact, hair bundles from human hair suppliers in India can also be called weft hair extensions or sew in hair extensions. Each hair bundle is a weft of hair that is about 1 meter in width. The hair can be used to sew in users’ real hair or to make into a complete wig with hair closures or frontals.


Hair bundles from Indian hair suppliers

2.1.2. Indian hair extensions clip in

Indian hair extensions clip in from human hair suppliers in India are also hair wefts. However, the point is that these hair weft also include hair clips along the root part. Thanks to this feature, the hair extensions can be easily clipped in users’ real hair and is an amazing temporary type of hair extensions. Sometimes, clip in hair extensions are also made in terms of smaller hair pieces.

2.1.3. Indian hair extensions tape in

Indian hair extensions tape in from Indian hair suppliers are hair pieces that are stuck with hair tape in the root part. This type of hair extension uses tape to attach the extensions on users’ real hair.Then, this is a semi permanent type of hair extensions which is very loved for its convenience.


Hair extensions from Indian hair suppliers

2.1.4. Microbead Indian hair extensions

Microbead or micro ring from human hair suppliers in India is one type of permanent hair extensions. This type of hair extension is made into small hair strands. Each hair extension strand will be attached to users’ real hair strand through a tiny tool called microbead or micro rink. It is totally a physical application, so it is supposed to be damage free.

2.1.5. Fusion Indian hair extensions

Indian hair suppliers also distribute another popular type of hair extensions called fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions. This type of hair extension is also made into small extension strands. However, these strands are attached to users’ real hair through keratin glue instead of micro rings. The extension requires using heat to melt the glue, so it can sometimes cause damage to real hair.


Hair extensions from Indian hair suppliers

2.2. Gorgeous Indian hairstyles from Indian hair suppliers

Besides diverse hair extension types, Indian hair distributors also supply a variety of trendy hairstyles. Some significant of them are straight, curly wavy hair and braids.

2.2.1. Indian straight hair extensions

Indian human hair from Indian raw human hair suppliers is usually naturally curly, so the straight hair distributed by Indian hair suppliers in India is usually not the natural straight but actually processed one. Straight hair bundles are one of the best selling items of Indian hair extensions of all time. It is because straight hair is the most basic style, and it is never out of date. In addition, straight hair is the best base to customize any creative hairstyles.

2.2.2. Indian curly wavy hair extensions

For your information, there are a wide range of curly wavy Indian hair extensions from raw Indian hair vendors in India that suit all preferences. The collection of Indian curly hair extensions includes pixie hair extensions, kinky hair extensions, voluminous curly hair extensions and so on. Meanwhile, the collection of wavy hair extensions from wholesale hair suppliers in India comprises loose waves, body waves, deep waves and so on.

2.2.3. Indian hair braids

Indian hair braids from wholesale hair extensions manufacturers in India are the particular hairstyles used to export to American-African countries. There are two types of hair braids available. They are hair extension braids and hair extensions for braiding. Both of them are super individual and match the African vibes.


Hair extension styles from Indian hair suppliers

2.3. Significant Indian hair color from Indian hair suppliers

In addition to hair textures, Indian hair extension wholesale styles from Indian hair factory are also classified based on hair colors. If you think that Indian hair in India is just boring with the natural black color, then you are wrong! Indian hair extensions can satisfy you with the trendiest colors: blonde, highlight and balayage.


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2.3.1. Indian hair blonde 

Indian hair blonde extensions from Indian vendors are exported by Indian hair suppliers in India to all countries over the world: Asian, African, American or European countries, etc. Blonde hair is bleached from Indian virgin remy hair of the best raw Indian hair vendors, so the color is quite even and good. The blonde hair in fact can also be divided into many different shades like the 613, 60 or 22 blonde, etc.

2.3.2. Indian hair with highlights

Indian hair with highlights is now quite popular in the market. The highlight color is always of trends, and the Indian hair in India is always of cheap price. Therefore, choosing Indian hair with highlights is the best way to both purchase a trendy hairstyle and save money. Popular highlight hair extensions distributed by Indian hair suppliers are piano hair extensions.

2.3.3. Indian hair balayage

Indian hair balayage is a popular item in American and European countries. Balayage color is the combination of ombre and highlight color. The gradient colors look super natural and attractive. Balayage hair is supposed to be one of the hottest items of all time.


Hair extension colors from Indian hair suppliers

3. Top 5 best Indian hair suppliers in India

After all analysis about the factory and products of Indian hair distributors, now let’s see what are the top 5 recommended suppliers. All of the suppliers mentioned below are those with the best overall quality.

3.1. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions – Top best Indian hair supplier

This Indian hair supplier is one of the most popular wholesale Indian hair suppliers that hair vendors and salon owners come across online when they want to deal in hair business. This site has a large variety of types such as bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs… which is always available for customers’ choice.

  • Pros: Diversity on types of hair

  • Cons: High price list

The raw Indian hair vendors is known to use the triple wefting technique in order to sew their Raw Human Hair that is known to provide a firm and thick look which is envied by many. They are also known to deal in a large variety of wigs like full lace wig, Jewish silk top wig, closure wig,…

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

You can also consult other top suppliers here: Top best Indian hair distributors

3.2. SGI Hair – Top best Indian hair supplier

This is yet another wholesale Indian hair supplier that is best known for dealing with such products. One rule that this site of Indian hair company has is the fact that the customer needs to get registered before they can start ordering, especially when you order Indian hair online.

  • Pros: High-quality hair

  • Cons: Confusion about price list

They are popularly known to export excellent and cheap Natural Human Hair Wigs along with extensions. They are situated in Chennai which is in India. This is among the best Chennai india hair vendors to consider.


SGI Hair – Indian hair supplier

3.3. Indian Human Hair Factory – Top best Indian hair supplier

Yet another site that is known and popular for such products among wholesale hair vendors from India is this one. This particular site is considered to be your one-stop solution to all of your hair extension needs. They are basically experts in supplying Raw Indian Human Hair.

  • Pros: Huge amount of hair in stock

  • Cons: Not good customer service

They are well known wholesale hair vendors in India that export a diverse and qualitative range of products. Extensions are known to include machine weft hair, wigs, micro weft hair, white hair, blonde hair etc.


Indian Human Hair Factory

3.4. Jaipur Hair – Top best Indian hair supplier

This particular location is known to be based in Jaipur, India. They are well-known for being one of the largest and best suppliers in Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions, Lace front wigs, Remy machine weft, Lace closure hair manufacturers in India. It is supposed to be one of the best virgin hair vendors in India to buy from.

  • Pros: Affordable price

  • Cons: Sometimes hair is shedding and tangle


Jaipur Hair – Indian hair supplier

3.5. Dhwarak Indian Hair – Top best Indian hair supplier

This is yet another popular hair extension manufacturing unit situated in Chennai, India. The raw Indian hair wholesale, hair extensions, wigs that are being made by them are slowly and steadily capturing the market.

  • Pros: Slow process of production and delivery

  • Cons: Good quality worth your waiting

Then Vietnamese hair vs. Indian hair – which one is better? After all analysis, the answer is definitely Vietnamese hair!

4. K-hair factory: Big competitor of Indian hair suppliers

K-hair Factory is one of the most popular hair companies in supplying Vietnamese hair at affordable price. Having experience in exporting hair to large markets like South America, Africa,…, K-hair always stands at the top of biggest hair factories in distributing: Bulk, Weft, Hair extensions, Wigs,… Positive feedback from customers has encouraged us to improve our brand every single day.


K-Hair collects hair from Vietnamese women at the age of 18- 34, especially mountainous women. The climate there is cold, therefore, their hair is out of sunlight. They also work at the field everyday, which means they have strong health and their hair is strong as well. Vietnamese women have a tradition way of washing hair using natural ingredients such as: grapefruit peel, locust and other herbal. To sum up, K-Hair’s hair is 100% real human hair, no synthetic and no mixed.

With more-than-30-year in hair market, K-hair is proud to rank 1 st in quality with 5 No:

  • No synthetic hair
  • No tangle
  • No shedding
  • No lice
  • No scam zone

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5. Indian Hair Suppliers: Which is the best ?

After all, Indian hair distributors are loved for the cheap price they offer. However, the quality is worth the price. Indian hair extensions are usually of low-quality. Then, what is the best choice for both high-quality hair and reasonable price? K-Hair is in fact what you can consider.

As mentioned above, K-hair factory is top 1 best factory in supplying good-quality Vietnamese hair: Bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs,…at affordable price. With more-than-30-year experience in providing hair for big markets such as: Africa, South America, East European,…, K-hair factory always rank 1st in quality and quantity.


K-Hair Factory

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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