Where to Find the Best Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me

The hair extensions industry has risen in popularity in recent years due to its profitability. However, there are abundant hair providers to select from, making it tough to select the best one. Since “Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me” is a popular search term, this article will help you to make the right choice with the most in-depth information on the issue!


The Hair-making process of K Hair Factory in Vietnam

1. How to Find Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me with High-quality Hair?

Besides shared knowledge about how to find suitable wholesale hair suppliers, the following content will give you a closer look at Wholesale hair vendors: How to find them, and how to find the reliable one:

1.1 Steps to Find Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me

  • Getting started with your search

Take note of the accuracy of the information on the seller’s website. If they appear to be highly competent, they have definitely spent more time refining their business. It demonstrates that they treat their hair seriously. The greatest wholesale virgin hair bundles come from providers that know what they’re talking about, not from websites that only have photos of superstars.

  • Restricting your search

Using focused search phrases is one way to screen out low-quality vendors. Look for something industry-specific, such as “Best Vietnamese Hair Vendor” This will narrow the search results to a list of professional providers who are familiar with industry terminology. Your duty from there is to contact each supplier and ask questions. Where did you get your hair? Do they produce it themselves? If they suggest anything at a low price that seems too good to be true, that’s a red sign.

  • Contact with the vendors

The making process of K Hair Factory in Vietnam

You must have faith in your seller and should feel assured while placing an order. Send them an email or give them a call. If you’re working with a firm on the other side of the planet, the latter may not always be possible. However, if they understand English and are ready to talk on the phone, Skype or video chat is a viable alternative.

After a few emails, you may learn a lot about how punctual, pleasant, and eager to deal with a new, developing firm each vendor is. Your company has specific requirements that must be met. When you email a couple of the suppliers on your shortlist, you should get a feel of lead time.

There are many various varieties of hair on the hair market, and Cambodian hair is one of the finest hairs with good quality since this hair is well-known for its thickness. If you are looking for Raw Cambodian Hair from Cambodian Wholesale Vendors, this article is right here for you!

1.2 How to Avoid Scam from Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me

  • Don’t forget to read every detail from the vendor.

Do they provide a guarantee? What are their purchase conditions? All of this information will be published on the website of a good hair seller that sells the greatest wholesale hair bundles. Information on returns and exchanges, as well as delivery timeframes, should be available on their website. If this information is missing, you should consider using a different vendor.


How to Avoid Scam from Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me

Trust your instincts. If you see any red signals, such as non-responsive sellers, poor websites, or merchants that promise more than appears realistic, you may need to move on to someone else, even if the costs are reasonable. It might save you a lot of grief in the long run. You don’t need the stress of missing orders or not receiving the products or quality you requested.

  • Remember to inquire about samples

Do they provide samples? If you’re afraid to put a large order without seeing it beforehand, that’s a completely acceptable request. Request that the wholesale hair vendors sends you samples of both straight and wavy hair. Samples are an excellent method to gauge the quality. If you like the sample, place a modest purchase (just enough to fulfill the seller’s minimum) to ensure that the sample pieces aren’t a ruse. If the quality is comparable to the sample, you will be more confident in placing a larger order.

2. What to Say When Contacting Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me?

If you are new to the hair industry, it might not be easy to know which questions you should ask your hair vendors. Follow the steps below to see if you’re receiving enough from them:


What to Say When Contacting Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me?

  • Are my payment terms negotiable?

While invoice payments are typically due within 30 days, you can negotiate a longer period of time with your vendor, such as 60 or 90 days. Receiving a discount if you pay in advance should also be considered.

  • How much will my total costs be?

While a supplier may provide you with a price for the cost of a product or materials, be sure to inquire about any additional costs. For example, would you be charged shipping fees, fuel surcharges, or restocking fees if you return an item?


Great Customer Service from K Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory

  • Can you provide me with proof of liability insurance?

Your hair factory suppliers should offer written proof that they have enough liability insurance in the event that their products or parts fail. Each year, obtain a new copy of the liability insurance certificate to ensure that the coverage is renewed.

  • Is it possible for me to get a guaranteed sell-through?

You don’t want to be stuck with a finished product that doesn’t sell or the parts and raw materials for a product that doesn’t sell. Inquire with your vendors about their return procedures.

  • What happens if the products do not arrive on time?

It is unavoidable that orders would come late from time to time. But what happens after that? You want to know if your suppliers will give you a discount if your items don’t come on time, or if they will compensate you for goods they didn’t supply and you had to buy from another source.

3. Where do Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me Get Hair From?


The hair-making process of K-Hair factory in Vietnam

As hair extensions are currently in high demand, some countries must buy hair from other countries in order to make enough to export. In the following content, we will reveal the source of hair used by the majority of hair dealers.

3.1 Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me

Characteristics of Vietnamese Hair:


The Hair from K Hair Factory in Vietnam

  • For the greatest quality, the hair is derived from 100% natural human hair bulk that has not been treated with any dangerous chemicals.
  • The hair color is original, which is black or dark brown, giving consumers a natural appearance.

-> Only the natural color of the hair shows through the dye pigment. However, most producers in China and India tint the hair black or brown; if you want to buy from them, be sure the hair color is 100% original.

  • Since this texture of the hair is full and thick, it is exceptionally easy to produce alternative hairstyles from the basic straight texture, such as curly and wavy.
  • The healthy sources of hair donors cause the hair to be durable over time (up to 2-10 years if customers know how to properly care for it). It could range from 1 to 5 years for treated hair, such as curly wavy color hair.

3.2 Chinese Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me


Hair from Chinese Hair Vendors

Characteristics of Chinese Hair:

  • After a short period of use, the hair becomes tangled and sheds.
  • Comes at a cheap price
  • Shiney and bouncy as it has been gone through many chemical procedures
  • Durability is limited (because of the variety of hair sources, the quality of hair is not stable, which leading to the short using duration of the hair)

In fact, Indian wholesale hair vendors are also popular distributors besides these two above. You can consult the comparison of 3 suppliers here: Wholesale Hair Vendors In Brazil to have a more thorough understanding about these 3 suppliers. We did compare Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian wholesale hair vendors in this post to help readers choose the best suppliers for hair vendors in Brazil.

4. What are the Top 3 Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me?

Vietnamese hair is popular among beauty experts all around the world. If you’re looking for trustworthy hair factories that can provide high-quality products at affordable prices, Vietnamese hair is an excellent option.

4.1 K- Hair Factory – the Biggest Opponent of the Wholesale Hair Vendors in China


K- Hair Factory – the Biggest Opponent of the Wholesale Hair Vendors in China

K-hair factory is Vietnam’s largest hair manufacturer, delivering wholesale orders to all international traders, especially in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.) and America (Russia, Brazil, Dubai, etc.). Moreover, this hair manufacturer has become well-known on social media and among wholesale customers all around the world in recent years. Because of the best price, excellent quality, and guarantee policy, K-hair Vietnamese Hair factory is considered to be a “loyal vendor” of overseas clients.

Contact For More Information

4.2 5S Hair Manufacture – the Largest Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Distributors


5S Hair Manufacture – the Largest Hair Distributors for the Wholesale Hair Vendors in Vietnam

5S Hair Manufacturer is the first Vietnamese hair factory that offering 100% high-quality Vietnamese raw virgin hair in bulk, weft hair, curly wavy hair extension, lace closure frontal, and human lace wigs to wholesale hair sellers all over the world, including Brazil, Dubai, Russia, America, and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.)

Contact For More Information

  • Website:
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hairofficial

5S Hair Manufacture – the Largest Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Distributors

4.3 Layla Hair – A Wholesale Hair Vendor in Vietnam

Layla Hair provides high-quality hair from reputable wholesale hair distributor suppliers. You will get the finest bargain with customized products if you shop with them.

4.4 Queen Hair – A Famous Wholesale Hair Vendor in Vietnam

Queen Hair has over 5 years of experience in both hair extension manufacture and marketing. They are particularly proud of their high-quality hair products, which are believed to be totally composed of actual hair. This manufacturer specializes in retail hair products.

4.5 MicHair Company – A Well-known Hair Vendor

Over the years, Michair Company has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and research in the hair industry. The company is fully aware of its clients’ needs and expectations. Throughout its ten years in operation, the firm has always done everything in its power to achieve complete client satisfaction.

Due to the ease of use, hair extensions have become the most practical choice for people seeking an immediate beauty makeover. In the hair market, UK is a promising provider to supply hair extensions alongside Vietnam, China, and India. If you want to learn more about Wholesale hair vendors in the UK, this article is here for you!

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