Why Is My Hair So Frizzy – 4 Common Causes And 4 Best Solutions

Why is my hair so frizzy
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We can’t deny that curly hair is always in style and has become a must-have for many young women at many ages. Curly hair, on the other hand, is always the most challenging hairdo to style when compared to other typical hair types. According to experts, if your hair is curly and always sloppy and makes you ask the question why is my hair so frizzy, you have one of the factors listed in the next section. If you are looking for practical solutions, make sure you guys check out thoroughly our contents until the end and get the pro tips for a shiny and healthy hair. 

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy

Why Is My Hair So Frizzy – 4 Common Causes And 4 Best Solutions

1. The reasons why is my hair so frizzy

On days when I have no idea why is my hair so frizzy or even why does my hair tangle so easily, despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to get it right. Our hair is particularly sensitive to moisture in the air, which is the true culprit with a unique word: dryness.

Curly hair is drier and more porous than straight hair because the physical structure of curly hair interferes with the uptake of nourishing oils from the roots. When the air is humidified, which means there is a lot of water vapor in the air, curly hair absorbs moisture from the environment, causing it to swell and become loose and ruffled. The reason is curly hair is particularly sensitive to dampness, it is frequently lost and difficult to regulate. Clarify each reason with us right now.

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_2

The reasons why is my hair so frizzy

1.1 Why is my hair so frizzy – Washing hair in inappropriate way

Washing your hair too frequently removes the oil layer on your skin; this lack of nutrients leads your hair to dry rapidly, break, split ends, more prone to frizz, ruining your hair style for an extended period of time. That is why people often worry about why is my hair so frizzy after waking up each morning. 

Furthermore, according to hair care professionals, it is not good to overwash your hair. As a result, washing curled hair 2-3 times a week is highly recommended, depending on your type of hair with certain hair problems or not. When washing curled hair, remember to not rub or wash it excessively to minimize hair loss and knots. A gentle, moderate head massage can help promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. Using lukewarm for your cleaning, instead of cold or hot water is the best.

1.2 Why is my hair so frizzy – Harsh hair care products 

The scalp and hair are exposed to a large number of chemicals after a perm or curl, so they are quite fragile and require much time to restore as well as urge nutrients to nourish the hair. This is also the time when the hair gets dry, not moisture enough, prone to breakage, and you’ll have to ask why is my hair so frizzy if the necessary moisture is not rapidly replenished.

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_4

Why is my hair so frizzy – Harsh hair care products

At this moment, the best shampoo for hair is one that restores, moisturizes, protects against external impacts, and boosts many nutrients for hair. Please consider the contents in your hair care products to guarantee appropriate nutrition for hair growth. A pro tip to pick up product lines that are natural, alcohol-free, paraben-free, chemical-free, mild, and fragrance-free.

1.3 Why is my hair so frizzy – The habit of using towel drying 

Many girls are accustomed to using towels to dry hair; this appears to be a difficult habit to break shortly after a bath. If you have curls, avoid excessively rubbing the ends of your hair with a towel. Because using a towel to dry your hair damages the exterior hair cuticle, hair that loses this cuticle becomes frizzy and out of place rapidly. Why is my hair so frizzy will become such an issue then.

To hold the hair in place for a long period, use a soft soft cotton towel and clean from root to tip, gently squeeze from the bottom up. Furthermore, experts advise that you let your hair air dry or just blow dry in front of a fan, rather than utilizing heat to speed up the drying and freezing process when using a drier at an unsuitable temperature. If you are asking for why is my hair is frizzy, don’t hesitate to consider  this habit in your daily hair care routine. 

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_5

Why is my hair so frizzy – The habit of using towel drying

1.4 Why is my hair so frizzy – Using hot dryer

The next reason why permed hair is often ruffled and difficult to manage is because of this. Drying is especially crucial with some types of curls, such as curls. Drying hair properly can make the overall hair more bouncy, but if the hair is blown in the other direction, it becomes loose, dry, and difficult to style. If you need to apply heat on your hair, this is also something to consider.

Furthermore, exposing hair to intense heat from styling products such as dryers and curlers increases the risk of hair damage and drying. If at all possible, limit the damage to your hair by applying conditioners and sprays after using these devices.To avoid wondering why is my hair so frizzy, minimize the use of these gadgets to dry your hair after washing. 

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_6

Why is my hair so frizzy – Using hot dryer

2. Why is my hair so frizzy – The solutions

With the in-depth knowledge of the reason why is my hair so frizzy, users can be confident to deal with this matter and possess shiny and bouncy hair as they wish. Along with us to figure out how to remove this disturbing problem. In fact, you can also find hair extensions produced by a reliable hair warehouse to achieve a good-looking hairstyle. Besides, following the tips below can also help a lot.

2.1 Picking up hair care products for why is my hair so frizzy

As we mentioned earlier, supplying moisture and hydration for hair strands is the first and foremost step that we need to do to deal with why is my hair so frizzy with the perfect combination of shampoo and conditioner. Definitely, users need to use mild shampoo or detergents as a tip. During washing, people could massage the scalp gently to remove excessive oil and nourish the growth of the scalp.

On the flip side, talking about conditioners, users need to opt for one that contains glycerin as well, particularly in the top ingredients listed on the bottle as for the large content. With the essential supplement for hair strands, your hair strands are likely improved and restored as much as possible. If you have no idea which hair care brands are prestigious or not, ask for the advice of a hair stylist or hair salons for more information: make sure you are on the right track and save budget as well. 

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_7

Picking up hair care products – Solution to why is my hair so frizzy

2.2 Using hair masks for why is my hair so frizzy

Talking about the way to boost the hydration for frizzy hair, we can’t ignore hair masks with their amazing performance. For such a long time, using hair masks is considered so effective for moisture and hydration of hair growth, particularly when you need to deal with why is my hair so frizzy. Hope our following hair masks recipes can be beneficial to your current hair status: 

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_8

Using hair masks – Solution to why is my hair so frizzy

  • Vinegar and egg hair mask: Because of their wonderful ingredients, vinegar and eggs will surprise you with their ability to soften and reduce frizz. Before you start applying this texture, make sure your hair is clean, then wipe it down and leave it slightly moist. 

Then, you can follow these steps: Apply one egg white evenly to your hair and massage your scalp for about 15 minutes, then completely rinse it off with water. To make a paste, combine the remaining egg yolk with a little vinegar and apply evenly throughout the length of the hair. After applying the mixture to your hair, cover it with a clean towel or shower cap and leave it in for 30 minutes to 60 minutes, then wash it with shampoo again to maintain its beauty.

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_9

Using hair masks – Solution to why is my hair so frizzy

  • Honey olive oil hair mask: Before you start incubating, make sure your hair is clean and slightly moisturized. You just need to make a mixture of honey and olive oil to apply on the hair. After applying the mixture to your hair, don’t forget to cover it with a clean towel or shower cap and leave it in for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. After that, you should wash it with shampoo again. To see the effects and stop the issue of why is my hair so frizzy, you need to do it at least once a week.
Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_10

Using hair masks – Solution to why is my hair so frizzy

  • Almond oil yogurt hair mask: Almond oil can hydrate your hair and increase its suppleness and elasticity when used on a regular basis. Many vitamins, including vitamin E, are present in this oil, which nourish the hair while minimizing frizz. Split ends can also be caused by hair that is excessively dry, lacks moisture, or is not well maintained. Almond oil will aid in the delivery of nutrients to the hair’s ends, thereby healing split ends. Before incubating your hair, you wash it, then mix equal parts yogurt and almond oil and apply it to your hair, covering it with a towel or a hat for 25 minutes, then wash it with clean water and shampoo. You can do this 1-2 times each week and notice a significant softening impact.

2.3 Combing hair properly 

We are going to share about brushing your hair on a regular basis. Brushing your hair is a relatively easy hair care routine, but the benefits it provides will astound you. Brush your hair from root to tip to distribute the natural oils evenly throughout the strands. A pig-bristle comb or wide- tooth is ideal for frizzy hair because it does not leave any visible harm to the scalp. 

Your hair will have more moisture supply and hold as a result of this process and address this matter why is my hair so frizzy. 

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_11

Combing hair properly – Solution to why is my hair so frizzy

2.4 Paying attention to pillowcase

If our hair is massaged with cotton pillows while we sleep, it will quickly lose its natural moisture. To avoid this, tie your hair back and cover it with a silk scarf. You can efficiently retain the essential oils of your hair and scalp in this manner.

Using silk or satin pillowcase allows your hair to flow elegantly over the cloth rather than being snagged by it during your bedtime, instead of using cotton material or sort of like that. This can guarantee you could get a sound sleep and don’t need to worry about why is my hair so frizzy. Another way, wrap your hair in a bun and bind with a silk scarf overnight collecting all of your hair’s natural moisture in case you are sleeping on a cotton pillow. This hassle- free application will be effective to get the proper retention of moisture for hair structure. 

Why-is-my- hair-so-frizzy_12

Using proper pillows – Solution to why is my hair so frizzy

We are about to finish the blog with the hope that we could accompany you guys on the long journey to solve the problem of why is my hair so frizzy and get back a gorgeous and splendid hair look all the time. Besides, wholesale hair extensions can also be a topic for you to further discover. Using hair extensions will help a lot to achieve gorgeous hairstyles.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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