Human Hair In India With Advantages And Disadvantages

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Indian human hair is a significant component of the hair business. Everyone raves about how lovely Indian human hair is and how nice it looks and feels in bundles. Many people are unaware that Indian hair comes in a variety of textures, and each packet is unique. Here is some in-depth information on human hair in India, the textures you can buy, and how to have several various styles to test once you have installed the hair, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of human hair in India to help you obtain a clear picture.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Hair In India

1. What is special of human hair in India

Origin, colors and textures are what we are talking about the special of human hair in Indian if you are still wondering:

  • Origin: Once it refers to the origin of human hair in India, two most important sources should be highlighted: dealers of raw Indian hair and Indian hair suppliers. Indian temple hair wholesale and hair ball from India are the two types. Indian hair temple from Indian raw hair merchants is where Indian virgin hair extensions or Indian remy hair extensions originate. They are mostly Remy. Temple hair comprises hair that has been donated by members of the community. In India, it is traditional for people to visit temples to shave their heads as a sign of religious devotion. Then, a collection of hair of one or even more donors gets made, which is utilized to create hair extensions.

Non-remy hair extensions as well as remy human hair in large quantities are sourced from Indian hair dealers’ Indian hair balls. The floor of the salon, a public toilet, or a pipe is where the hair is collected. The term “non-remy hair” refers specifically to hair wastes from multiple people, and also the quality was very poor.


What is special of human hair in India

  • Colors: Black to dark brown and every shade in between are among the natural colors of human hair that may be found in India. “Color codes” are never issued for virgin Indian hair. There may be some color differences between bundles of virgin Indian hair because it is never dyed and is sold in its natural state. But even if that’s the case, don’t be disheartened. Actually, this is a good development. Your talented hairdresser is capable of blending two bundles of hair with little color differences. The hair on our own heads has many different shades that is never one flat hue, so when blended properly, it truly gives you a more realistic look and greater depth of color.
  • Texture: In India, human hair can naturally be anything between somewhat curly and strongly curly. Deeply curly hair is difficult to find and seldom in great quantities. India’s natural human hair has the most wavy to greatly wavy hair style. It’s possible that you won’t be able to get hair that is bone straight or that has a very precise curl pattern. In India, human hair is often available in 3 textures: curly, wavy, and natural straight, with the degree of curl tightness varies greatly. On the other hand, virgin Indian hair is always so adaptable that you may easily flat iron it to achieve a sleek, straight look and sometimes curl it just to achieve the right style.

2. Is human hair in India good?

Human hair in India comes in a variety of textures, from smooth to somewhat coarse. Virgin hair is the greatest hair you can obtain, and while it is expensive, it is worth it because it may be used for a year or more if properly cared for. On the other hand, human hair in India has some disadvantages that may make you consider when choosing.


Is human hair in India good?

2.1. Advantages of human hair in India 

Consider these benefits of Indian human hair before deciding whether or not it’s right for you:

  • In India, virgin human hair is quite uncommon. It is not just thick and lustrous, but it’s also highly durable and flexible. As a result, you can style it however you wish and the hair will seem gorgeous by nature. Due to its longevity, they may also be utilized for approximately 24 months.
  • Human hair in India combines nicely with most hair types, especially Caucasian hair. They appear and behave like your own hair since they are made of genuine hair. They have a silky texture and do not tangle easily. The ideal item for a new you. For many individuals, it is a type of inexpensive hair extension.
  • The reason customers choose human hair in India is because of the hair length, softness, quality and texture. This is an excellent option for most individuals when it comes to hair wigs and hair extensions. Straight, body wave, natural wave, deep wave, and curly Indian hair is offered.

Advantages of human hair in India

  • Hair extensions manufactured from human hair in India are sold at very low costs in India by hair sellers. Furthermore, the low labor cost in India allows hair manufacturers in India to supply hair extensions at lower costs than hair extensions from other nations. As a result, hair vendors that want to save as much money as possible might pick hair manufacturers in India to be their hair suppliers.
  • Because it has the same qualities as Russian or European hair, inexpensive human hair extensions made in India may serve as a suitable replacement if you cannot afford the more costly variety.
  • Human hair in India is highly suggested for African-American ladies who want to get a gorgeous wavy look. Indian hair is smooth and airy, and it is simple to flat iron and curl.

2.2. Disadvantages of human hair in India

However, there are several disadvantages to using human hair in India that must be noted. Consider the following drawbacks if you want to purchase human hair in quantity from providers in India.

  • In India, human hair is made to appear tangle-free and silky using a variety of techniques, but after two washes, the true hair characteristics become apparent. Because they undergo a process to make them touch extremely smooth when you brush your fingertips over them, it might be challenging to purchase hair online or even through hair suppliers.

Disadvantages of human hair in India

  • In comparison to Vietnamese human hair, you may discover a broad variety of haircuts, colors, and lengths from Vietnamese hair merchants on social media. Customers in Vietnam may now select their own hairdo and color. Human hair in India, on the other hand, will be limited to a few hairstyles in India. The reason for this is because developing a hairstyle requires straight hair, while Indian hair is naturally curly. So, once the hair has been collected, it will need to go through a pre-treatment process to straighten it before it can be styled. Human hair in India, which was already frail after styling, becomes weaker as a result of this. As a result, coming up with a fresh hairstyle is difficult.
  • Because of their natural curly hairdo, the quality of hair extensions from hair manufacturers in India is not very excellent. Although there are many different types of hair extensions, hair manufacturers in India must go through a number of stages to restyle their virgin hair, including chemical treatment and straightening. As a result, hair extensions go through multiple procedures that weaken already poor hair.
  • Anti-frizz products are advised to be used since this kind of human hair in India is prone to become frizzy in humid conditions.

This kind of human hair in India become frizzy in humid conditions

  • Natural curlyness of human hair from Indian hair producers makes it difficult to recreate the style. Indian natural wavy hair is rather challenging to accomplish; in order to do so, you must first stretch the hair. Straight hair may be treated into any wavy or curly form the stylist wishes. The already fragile Indian hairs in this style are weakened by this. Additionally, producers of human hair in India are unable to style a wide variety of hair types due to their antiquated styling techniques.

When purchasing human hair in India from hair manufacturers in India, there are almost always both benefits and drawbacks. We shall make adjustments about the strengths and weaknesses of Indian hair manufacturers if you choose to purchase hair from them.

3. Finding the best vendors of human hair in India 

Your hair will never appear as flawless as you would like it to, no matter what you appear to do to it. Perhaps your hair isn’t long enough to style. Perhaps your hair just lacks the thickness and substance it would naturally have. You should be aware that there are options accessible to you that can help you have the hair you desire, regardless of the causes of your dissatisfaction. Let us help you find hair vendors that could solve these problems above.

  • It might be challenging to find a reputable provider of human hair in India. To simplify things, you may first use the list of free hair suppliers to focus your search. 

Finding the best vendors of human hair in India

  • Second, from the list of Indian hair suppliers, you may select the ones based on their location, availability of their products, and pricing that are appropriate for your investment. It is important to notice that due to regional customs, there is more coarse hair coming from temples in South India than in Northern India. Although we haven’t come to the conclusion that all south Indian vendors offer top-notch raw Indian hair, we do believe that you may find an Indian hair seller there who uses the most up-to-date method for applying human hair extensions.
  • After comparing all the information you have gathered about each source, you will select the human hair in Indian of your choice. To reduce hazards, it is advised to get hair extension sample packs to try out before making a larger purchase.

If you’re new to the industry and unsure of where to start, it may be difficult to locate reputable hair suppliers in India. Because there are so many hair providers there, there is a very high risk of being duped, which is why the business is booming in India. Don’t worry if you’re having problems locating a trustworthy provider of human hair in India, we’ve compiled a list of five tips to help you choose the most reliable one.


5 tips to help you choose the most reliable one

  • First step: Look up “virgin hair suppliers in India” and “hair merchants in India” on Google, social media, and e-commerce sites. Alternatively, ask people in your network who they recommend as reliable virgin Indian hair providers. Then, do some research on merchants of virgin Indian hair who have the qualities that are appropriate for your business.
  • Second step: Choose the supplier of human hair in India that best suits your demands after reading client feedback and testimonials about the companies you’ve researched.
  • Third step: Speak with the sales manager of the human hair in India providers via a message service for international communication, and ask for a detailed product description.
  • Fourth step: Arrange a video conference with the sales managers of the human hair in India distributors if you discover through messaging that they have a complete understanding of the product. Ask to see the human hair in India in person to see whether it is of high quality.
  • Fifth step: Request official documents, such as a sales contract, from the Indian hair vendors. If they won’t provide you access to the company’s contracts, you shouldn’t purchase anything from them.

The five procedures listed below might help you find a dependable provider of human hair in India. In order to prevent you from falling victim to a scam, we’ve included a list of warning indications. Keep the following warning signals in mind while dealing with providers of human hair in India:


Dealing with providers of human hair in India

  • The websites of human hair in India vendors lack crucial information like an address and a phone number. Human hair in India vendors do not have a website or social media account.
  • When their code is searched on the government system, the human hair sellers in India do not have any legal paperwork and are not registered.
  • The human hair in India suppliers will not participate in a video conference at the mill and will only interact via text messaging.
  • The human hair in India vendors give false information since they don’t fully understand the product.

The accompanying explanations cover each step needed to operate effectively with providers of human hair in India. Since there is such a large market, the chances of getting duped is higher, therefore if you are thinking about importing hair from providers of human hair in India, you should conduct rigorous study. As a result, we strongly advise you to go by our suggestions for the most effective transaction.

4. Top vendors of human hair in India

Let’s look at the top 3 suppliers now that the factory and goods of Indian hair distributors have all been analyzed. The providers listed below are the ones with the finest all-around quality.


Top 3 vendors of human hair in India

4.1. SGHAIR – Top 1 best human hair in India

SGI Hair, among the top suppliers of virgin Indian hair, made its debut in 2008 with extensive knowledge in the production of Indian hair. SGI also offers a range of weekly, monthly, and yearly discounts. Prices for Indian virgin hair suppliers are probably less costly than those offered by other Indian hair manufacturers when they operate on such a huge scale.

SGI HAIR human hair merchants in India were established with the high intention of ardently inventing raw Indian hair. Their main objective is to produce and market wigs, hair products, and premium raw Indian hair within their own labels.

These providers of human hair in India are a great alternative for you when you already own your company and dislike carrying a large amount of inventory. You’ll get a free personalized label when you make a purchase from SGI HAIR. They have created a no-cost platform to assist you in launching a company if you are thinking about it but are unclear of where to begin.

4.2. DHWARAK INDIAN HAIR FACTORY – Top 2 best human hair in India

Dwarak Indian Hair is among the biggest virgin hair providers in India. The company offers samples as well as a start-up package for new enterprises. Similar to the other mills, Dhawarak in India purchases its raw human hair from temples in the south of the country.


Top vendors of human hair in India

Dhwarak is dedicated to avoiding utilizing chemical treatments on any of its hair products and maintaining the cuticle’s integrity. Dhwarak provides hair goods from Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia in addition to hair weave, bulk hair, closure and frontal items, and clip-in hair extensions made from Indian hair.

4.3. JAIPUR HAIR – Top 3 best human hair in India

One of the biggest direct manufacturers of virgin Indian human hair extensions, remy machine weft, lace closures, and lace front wigs, Jaipur hair, must be included in the top three Indian hair suppliers list. One of the greatest virgin hair suppliers in India is said to be this one.

The firm offering the most human hair extensions in India is Jaipur, although their costs are greater than those of the competition. However, the excellent customer service provided here will more than make up for that.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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