Best 38 Inch Hair Extensions: Uncommon but Fancy

38 inch hair
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Everyone desires long, luscious hair, so getting hair extensions that are longer than their shorter counterparts makes sense. There are a few things to think about, though, before deciding to place an order. Long hair extensions’ longevity and treatment are equally as important as their length. Few people can grow their hair to the unusual length of 38 inches, but don’t worry 38 inch hair extensions can serve as a replacement if you don’t have 38 inches hair.


Best 38 Inch Hair Extensions: Uncommon but Fancy

1. Overview of 38 inch hair extensions

We’d like to provide you with an overview of 38 inch hair extensions in the first part. This section will define this type of hair extension such as 38 inches hair name, length and weight and highlight its key features.

1.1. What do 38 inch hair extensions mean

Without a doubt, 38 inch hair extensions measure 38 inches hair. Perhaps not all of us are as familiar with this unit of measurement. We’d want to convert 38 inches to 95 cm to make it easier for everyone. The 38 inch hair extension is a must-have for women and girls since it effectively helps to make natural hair longer, thicker, more luscious, and more colorful. 

There is a large selection of hair extensions available in lengths ranging from 28 inches to 32 inches and beyond. For individuals who are interested in having really long, beautiful hair that they can style in a variety of gorgeous ways, the 38 inch long hair extension is reportedly one of the best and most shrewd options. Customers all around the world are increasingly using 38 inch hair long extensions because of their high quality, variety of items, and useful features.

1.2. Features of 38 inch hair extensions

We’ll focus on a few common characteristics of 38 inch hair extensions. We shall learn the hair’s length, weight, and cost in specific terms.


Features of 38 inch hair extensions

  • The length of hair in relation to body height should also be considered, in addition to hair length. In reality, the 36 inch hair extension is referred to as knee length, which denotes that it will reach your knee. Please keep in your mind, nevertheless, that when estimating hair length visually, the length also relies on the style you are sporting. For instance, even if your straight 36 inch long hair extensions are 36 inches hair long, they will appear 3 to 4 cm shorter if they are curled or waved.
  • A 38 inch hair extension’s weight might change depending on the bundles or other items that various hair merchants provide. To make things clear for you in this section, we’ll use a specific illustration. Weft hair is one of the most popular varieties of 38 inch hair extensions. Weft hair extensions are frequently bundled together. A 38 inch full wig typically requires 3 bundles, each weighing 100 or 105 grams, thus your 38 inch hair may weigh around 300 grams.
  • This could be the topic that gets asked the most. The price rule is actually the same as the weight rule. The 38 inch hair extension vendors will determine this. Furthermore, it is true that the price of your hair extension will increase the longer it is. The 38 inch hair extensions are more expensive and longer than other medium-length extensions like the 30 inch and 32 inch.

2. Different types and styles of 38 inch hair extensions

There are many different 38 inch hair extensions available. We want to provide a few looks for 38 inch hair extensions that are flattering for everyone and will give you lovely appearances.


Different types and styles of 38 inch hair extensions

2.1. Types of 38 inch hair extensions

Here are some types of 38 inch hair extensions that suitable for almost customers:

  • Clip-in 38 inch hair extensions: 38 inch hair extensions that clip in are micro-clipped in after being stitched in at the top. The simple installation technique of 38 clip-in inch hair extensions makes them popular. Customers can style, maintain, and retain their hair with less time and effort thanks to this temporary attachment. For ladies who are busy or just like to switch up their hairstyle regularly, clip-in 38 inch hair extensions are the best option. After numerous usage, you should wash them to keep 38 inches hair feeling silky and smooth.
  • Sew-in 38 inch hair extensions: One of the most common types of hair extensions nowadays is the 38 inch sew-in or weft variety. A hair band between one and three meters long will be created by sewing hair extensions to the clothes strip. Users should seek the aid of knowledgeable hair stylists since installing it takes intricate methods. Because it looks so natural, this hair extension is regarded as a must-have at this length. As long as users take care of it and wash it properly, this is one type of durable extension that consumers may use for several weeks without having to take it off every day.

Types of 38 inch hair extensions

  • Tape-in 38 inch hair extensions: Hair extensions that are 38 inches long and taped in place are connected using adhesive tabs. Customers just peel off the sheets securing the tapes, then attach them close to the top of hair strands to put 38 inch tape-in hair extensions. Your 38 inch tape-in hair extensions and actual hair will merge together perfectly with numerous thin layers, giving consumers long, voluminous hair with genuine attractiveness. This kind of 38-inch hair extension from the top hair factory is so well-known and no longer unusual with foreign customers, especially women from Europe, Africa, Russia, the Britain, the Americas, and other places. This is due to its convenience and superior quality.
  • Fusion and Pre-bonded 38 inch hair extensions: For hair extensions that seem more natural, consider fusion 38 inch hair extensions, sometimes referred to as pre-bonded 38 inch hair extensions. It is not artificial hair at all since every hair extension strand will always blend in with your real hair. Because you can style and care for both your 38 inch hair extensions and your natural hair at once, styling and maintaining your 38 inches hair is also quite easy. They are linked to one another physically.

2.2. Styles of 38 inch hair extensions

You can style your 38 inch hair extensions to make it looks more gorgeous, and these are some examples of styles you can do:


Styles of 38 inch hair extensions

  • 38 inch straight hair extensions: Everyone should at least once select one of the gorgeous hairstyles that straight 38 inch hair extensions provide. The natural straight 38 inch hair extensions are the most popular of the four varieties since they go with any vibe, whether it be European, Asian, Australian, American, or African. In addition to using these 38 inch hair extensions in naturally straight patterns, you are also free to use your imagination to create unique hairstyles. For instance, all you need to do to have a stylish haircut is cut the curtain bangs. Cut the layers, style your 38 inches hair in a ponytail, or wear your 38 inches hair in buns. Just use straight 38 inch hair extensions to show off your artistic side.
  • 38 inch bonestraight hair extensions: The 38 inch bonestraight hair extension is the finest option for women who want long, ultra-smooth hair. All bonestraight hair extensions are incredibly smooth, silky, and sleek hair. This hair extension style will appeal to even the most demanding client.
  • 38 inch curly hair extensions: In every article we write regarding hair extension styles, we always make note of 38 inch curls. Because curly hairstyles are the most adaptable and aesthetically pleasing, it is completely comprehensible. You may select from a variety of curly styles, including wavy, loose curly, curly, slightly curly, kinky, and more. They are also all wonderful and lovely.

38 inch color hair extension

  • 38 inch color hair extension: The color 38 inch hair extension will stimulate your creativity. You can select a 38 inches hair extension with a pre-existing color or you can opt to alter the color on your own. The balayage color, which guarantees a flawless mixing of at least two color hues, is currently widely popular. Additionally, colors that are highlighted, ombred, hidden, etc. are always in style.

3. Whether to choose 38 inch hair extensions or not

For tall ladies who wish to experience the seductiveness of long hair, 38 inch hair extensions are the finest option. Here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of importing hair to assist you in synthesizing the information. We really hope that these tips will aid in your research and selection of the best hair.

Firstly, these are some advantages of 38 inches hair that you can see:

  • First off, long hair adds more beauty, desire, and other things.
  • 38 inch hair extensions give you the ability to arrange your hair any way you choose comes in second.
  • Really, give it some thought. You can wear any hairstyle or style with 38 inches hair. There isn’t one you can’t.

However, everyone constantly avoids these significant drawbacks of 38 inch hair extensions.

  • It is more difficult to manage and keep these ends healthy as the hair becomes longer. Unless we’re discussing artificial hair. As a result, there will likely be more split ends than with hair that is 20 inches long or hair extensions.

Whether to choose 38 inch hair extensions or not

  • Another drawback to take into account is maintenance expenditures. Long 38 inches hair requires significantly more product to wash, and drying times quadruple.

You have therefore decided. Still want to achieve that wild style with 38 inch hair extensions? You then have a few choices, including:

  • Cut a half-inch off of your 38 inches hair to get rid of the split ends and have a more healthier appearance. Apply little oil right away after.
  • If you think the V-shaped hair does not suit you, think about having your hair double-drawn. Please be aware that the charges will be significantly more than for standard 38 inch hair extensions.

4. How to take care of 38 inch hair extensions

The use of hair extensions is the best approach to completely change the look of your locks. Although 38 inch hair extensions are certain to look lovely the minute you leave the salon, maintaining their immaculate appearance depends entirely on how you take care of them at home. It is crucial that you establish a regular aftercare practice since doing so will increase the longevity of your 38 inch hair extensions. This is crucial at all times, but it becomes much more important if you can’t keep up with your maintenance visits as frequently as you’d want. We’re here to provide you with our top at-home hair care advice so you can continue to look hot with 38 inch hair extensions even while you’re locked up at home.


How to take care of 38 inch hair extensions

  • Washing 38 inch hair extensions properly: Okay, let’s first have a look at how you wash your hair. There are a few things you should bear in mind every time washing your hair, even though you may handle the 38 inch hair extensions the very same way as you would do your original hair. When it comes to washing your 38 inch hair extensions, we always strongly advocate buying the conditioner and shampoo that the hair extension specialist recommends.
  • Whether you select pre-taped wefts or micro rings, tiny, copper rings coated with silicon, each type of hair extension has certain criteria to maintain strong connections. They also need to have the right chemicals in order to preserve the quality of your 38-inch hair extensions and the healthy growth of your natural hair. Avoid using treatments that include ingredients like sulfates and alcohol to keep your 38 inch hair extensions from matting and losing their natural oils.
  • When you have everything you need, you may wash your hair without being concerned about how the shampoo and conditioner will effect your 38 inch hair extensions. We suggest washing your hair in the shower and allow the water flow down your hair if at all possible.

Washing 38 inch hair extensions properly

  • While flipping your hair over the bath may make it easier and quicker to clean, it also increases the likelihood that the 38 inch hair extensions may tangle, requiring you to devote a significant amount of time afterwards combing out knots. Always make sure to focus your conditioner on the ends to hydrate them after washing and your shampoo on the roots to get rid of surplus oil. Any conditioner used close to the hair roots may impair the lifespan of the 38 inch hair extensions by causing the hair to start slipping out of position. To avoid stripping all the natural oils that come from your scalp and hair, try using warm water rather than extremely hot water.
  • Never sleep when hair is still wet: Now that you’ve mastered washing extensions, it’s time to get on to the next step, drying them. It may be tempting to leave a little moisture in your hair before bed, but it’s important to fully dry your hair before going to sleep. Never sleep while moist hair on your 38-inch hair extensions as a general rule for caring for them. Trust us on this one since we’ve seen a lot of clients return for maintenance appointments in the past with matted, knotted roots or 38-inch hair extensions that have fallen out as a consequence of disobeying this advice. Tossing or turning as you sleep may ruin both the natural hair as well as 38 inch hair extensions because moist hair is more brittle.

Always carefully brush extensions

  • Taking special care to remove knots may not help: It also means that when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have dreadful bedheads that you’ll have to invest what feels like an eternity detangling. You will put a lot of pressure on the connections by pushing on your scalp as well as releasing them, even though you take extra care to eliminate knots.
  • Always carefully brush extensions: As a result, if you neglect to take care of your 38 inch hair extensions, they will start to become loose, exactly like when you brush your natural hair too vigorously and see strands starting to fall out of the head. The extensions will inevitably tangle at some point, but the important thing is how you handle it. To start, you should spend money on a good brush. Then, you must brush your hair in a particular order, beginning at the ends and moving upward. Your hair, 38 inch hair extensions, and scalp will all remain healthy with this technique since it puts the least stress on them. As long as you brush gently, the more strokes you give your hair each day, the better. To be more specific, we would advise doing it the first thing each morning, before going to bed, before and after washing.

Reduce the heat damage

  • Reduce the heat damage: Excessive heat can harm hair extensions just like it does your own natural hair. The fact that all of the extensions, whether they are micro rings extensions or tape-in, are made from 100% human hair makes them brittle and prone to split ends. And this suggests that no matter how many reconditioning treatments that you employ, if the 38-inch hair extensions get damaged, you might not have any other choice but to rebuild the hair. Fortunately, there are a number of tactics you may use to reduce heat damage.
  • We recommend the following: Don’t forget to use a protectant before utilizing any hot styling equipment. Try to maintain the degree as low as possible while using hot equipment. Even while your hair may seem great if you straighten it every day or curl it with plenty of chemicals every weekend, you are shortening the life of your extensions. So why not occasionally refrain from utilizing heat?

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