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Vietnamese Hair weaves 2021
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Doing business with Vietnamese hair weaves now is becoming more and more popular in the hair market. As far as I concerned, hair vendors or wholesalers in Africa, Europe, or America market search for the hair sources from Vietnam more than ever before. Therefore, what is the Vietnamese hair weaves and why they can appeal such a remarkable consideration from hair vendors in the world? Please read this article to grasp it.

Vietnam hair weft

Vietnamese Hair weaves

2. What are the Vietnamese hair weaves?

In this part, I focus on writing the definition, origin, and general characteristics. In this way, when reading the open article, you can have an overview of the Vietnam hair weft. Let see together!

2.1. Definition of Vietnamese hair weaves

The Vietnamese hair weaves are bunches of  Vietnamese raw hair which are sewn on one end to form a woven hair strip. Weaving hair is the most popular method for hair extensions, especially in the Africa market. The number of customers who intend to use a hair weave is black women because their original hair is relatively weak, short, thin, and curly hair. In short, Vietnamese hair weaves are made from Vietnamese raw hair which is seen in every hair salon, stores in Africa Countries.

Good Vietnam hair weft

Definition of Vietnamese hair weaves

2.2. Origin of Vietnamese hair weaves

There is no need to consider the origin of Vietnamese hair weaves. Unlike China which always imports raw hair from India then uses good techniques to produce hair, Vietnamese hair weaves are made from Vietnamese raw hair. You can also read a comparison between Chinese hair and Vietnamese hair to see the differences more clearly. Vietnamese women are very popular with the most beautiful long natural hair, especially mountainous women. That is a reason why the Vietnamese hair factory always supplies 100% virgin human hair. Moreover, the climates in the mountainous land in Vietnam are often cold, a little light for natural quality hair. As far as I concerned, the Vietnamese hair weaves are considered the most luxurious hair in the world.

The cheapest Vietnam hair weft

Origin of Vietnamese hair weaves

2.3. General characteristics of Vietnamese hair weaves

Everything is also having one side: advantages and disadvantages. To have a subject overview of Vietnamese hair weaves, I will list some general characteristics by 2 factors: advantage side and disadvantage sides.

2.3.1. Advantages of Vietnamese hair weaves

  • Being easy to apply weave in head

Because the hair has been woven into length, stitching is easier and takes less time than keratin hairs. The hairdresser just needs to use a needle then sew directly in the bottom hair of the customers. The time to implement this is common three to four hours.

  • Changing the customer’s looking

Vietnamese hair weaves have many different types of hair weaves patterns as well as colorful textures. Although the natural hair is short weak kinky, when sticking Vietnamese hair weaves in their heads, you can not anticipate how they are looking like. In Vietnam, there is an idiom like that: “Hair and Teeth can evaluate one person”. Therefore, in this case, I totally believe in this. Moreover, hair weaves are very diverse with length and volume, so you do not need to grow your hair in nature. The longest hair weave I have ever seen is 40 inches, that sounds gorgeous!

  • Long-lasting hair weaves

The Vietnamese hair is totally virgin human hair so the long-lasting of a bundle of hair can be from 1-3 years. Meanwhile, hair stems from other countries like India, China just lasts in some months. Anyway, the long-lasting of weft hair is dependent on people’s using hair. The more carefully people take, the more durable hair is.

2.3.2. Disadvantages of Vietnamese hair weaves

  • Long time to sew in a hair weft

Not to mention to the time for collecting real hair, the time from preparing to sewing hair lasts a lot. The hair workers have to sew each by each piece of hair. Besides, they have to sew in weft double or triple times to ensure that the hair sticks to the weft firmly. Obviously, one worker can make from 5-10 bundles of hair, and about 3 closures per day. That’s why the hair factory requests to hire the patient and caring people.

  • Expensive cost in doing business

Hair is rare, obviously as well as the time to collect and produce hair is spending a lot of time. That leads to the price of hair is very expensive in comparison with other products from nature. Newbie hair vendors will meet with the problem of their budget when entering to hair market. This is also one of the most difficult barriers with them, so if someone wants to start, they must prepare a quite big sum of money.

Vietnam hair weft 1

Pros and cons of Vietnamese hair weave

3. Classifications of Vietnamese hair weaves

In the hair market, hair weaves in general and Vietnamese hair weaves, in particular, can be divided into many different hairs weaves patterns. There are several factors which user can base on them to classify types of hair, however, they are still basing on the main ways such as grades, qualities, lengths, styles, and so on. Now I will illustrate all of them to you as below.

3.1. Dividing Vietnamese hair weaves based on grades

Based on grades, Vietnamese hair weaves separates into 3 types: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn hair, and VIP quality hair. They are a few names of types that are easy and short to remember, unlike 6A, 7A, …10A, 11A, 12A in other countries. Let’s go through 3 below types of grade hair.

3.1.1. Single drawn hair

Honestly, this is the thinnest bundle of hair because people collect 50-60% hair is the same length. Meanwhile, the rest of the hair is shorter than the ones. This grade will be suitable with some textures of hair like curly/wavy hair which I will list below in other parts.

Vietnam hair weft 2

Single drawn hair

3.1.2. Double drawn hair

This is one of the most popular grades in which customers choose a lot now. This type of grade hair includes 70-80% hair in the same length. With this type, the price is reasonable and quality can respond to the customer’s demand.

The best quality Vietnam hair weft

Double drawn hair

3.1.3. Super double drawn hair

The fuller hair than double, this hair bundle is from 80-90% hair in the same length. Customers just need from 2 bundles of super double hair that can make a full head. However, the price of super double drawn hair is much expensive then the other grades, just a few customers have demand on this.

The best quality Vietnam hair weft 1

Super Double Drawn hair

3.1.4. VIP quality hair

The name says everything. The most beautiful full hair for VIP customers with 99% hair in the same lengths costs the most expensive price. It is such a lot of time that workers can collect hair with this grade because it’s very difficult to have the same length like that.

The best quality Vietnam hair weft 2

VIP quality hair

3.2. Dividing Vietnamese hair weaves based on quality

Based on quality, Vietnamese hair weaves includes 3 types of hair weaves patterns such as Virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair. Let go in more detail!

3.2.1. Virgin hair

Virgin hair is collected from one person with the same aligned cuticle and unprocessed hair. Nowadays, in the world of the hair market, we can see that only Vietnam can supply virgin hair for vendors. This is one of the reasons why the price of Vietnamese hair weaves is higher than the other hair.

3.2.2. Remy hair

Unlike virgin hair, Remy hair is stemmed from many people. But it also keeps the aligned cuticles and unprocessed hair. This type of hair is the most popular hair in the world. It’s not difficult to gain them. But now in the hair market, there happen many cases of scamming hair. You need to more alert when selling hair from a hair factory.

3.2.3. Non-Remy hair

Non-Remy hair is the worst type of hair because it is not aligned cuticles that are collected from many people for a bundle of hair. This type of hair is very famous in India and China hair market that leads to their hair can be not as good as Vietnamese hair weft. Indeed, non-remy is popular in the hair market, therefore, it is very easy for customers to meet with scammers. Scammers often sell non-Remy hair under the name of “Remy hair”. This makes customers lost a big amount of money.


3.3. Dividing Vietnamese hair weaves based on lengths

The length unit used frequently is an inch of hair weave. Sometimes, in some countries such as Ukraine, Brazil, Russia..tend to use centimeter units to describe the length of hair. The popular length of Vietnamese hair weaves is from 8-32  inches. There are some countries in Africa enjoying the short hair from 8-20 inches because their budget is limited.

Therefore, you can call Vietnamese hair weaves with length and texture. For example. 12 inches bone straight hair weft, 20 inches curly hair weft, and so on are recalled a lot.

Vietnam hair weft for vendors

Length of Vietnamese hair weaves

3.4.  Dividing Vietnamese hair weaves based on textures

Once Vietnamese hair weaves are divided by textures factors, there are many textures of hair in the market now. Especially with the hair factory can customize for customers, they can create more types of texture hair more than ever before. However, they just stem from some main types of hair weave textures which I will list below.

3.4.1. Natural straight hair weave styles

Vietnamese hair weaves in natural straight styles is the cheapest hair. You can see the naturally straight hair can go along with color or non-color. Due to the cheap prices and easily using, customers often choose to buy or sell hair when their budget is not much. However, you should choose to buy in rightly virgin natural straight hair for your best profit.

Vietnam hair weft for vendors 1

Vietnamese natural straight hair weave

3.4.2. Bone straight hair weave styles

Bone straight hair weaves are other types of straight hair, and this is not natural textures. From now, hair weaves need to be applied chemical to straighten hair from natural to super straight hair. This texture of hair weave is very silky, smooth, and shinning. Like natural straight, bone straight hair weave can be in color and non-color hair.

Vietnam hair weft for vendors 2

Bone straight hair weaves

3.4.3. Curly hair weaves styles

There are so many types of curly hair that customize a lot of demands. I will list all types of curly hair weaves:

  • Natural curly hair weave styles
  • Tight curly hair weave styles
  • Natural wave hair weave styles
  • Wavy curly hair weave styles
  • Loose wavy hair weave styles
  • Deep wave hair weave styles
  • Deep twist hair weave styles
  • Kinky straight hair weave styles
  • Kinky straight hair weave styles
  • Kinky Afro hair weave styles
Vietnam hair weft for vendors 4

Curly hair weaves

4. How to recognize and use Vietnamese hair weaves

How to recognize and use Vietnam hair weft is a big question which everyone needs to know so that they will never meet with scammers. That’s a reason why I think you should read this part clearly.

4.1. How to recognize Vietnamese hair weaves

Because Vietnamese hair weaves are evaluated as the best quality hair in the world, it’s very easy to recognize them. However, you can realize Vietnamese hair weaves based on some factors as below:

  • The natural appearances in looking hair. You can brush your hair through the skin of your hands, if you feel cool and soft, it proves your hair is natural. If not, you need to search again the sources of that hair.
  • The long-lasting hair. The synthetic hair weaves are only soft and silky for a very short time, so after a few shampooings, they will become frizzy and fall out. You can imagine that Vietnamese hair weaves like your real natural hair. If you take care of them as carefully and gently as you would with real hair, it can last up to 3-5 years.
  • The dyed and bleached ability of hair. If it is virgin hair, hair is from one head, then when workers dye and bleach hair. Hair will color quickly and evenly. If the hair is uneven, it is Remy, and if it is not, it could be non-Remy hair.

Then, if you are in Russia, how and where to import Vietnamese hair can apply these recognizing tips? You can import hair from one of top 3 hair suppliers for Russia and check to make sure you get the proper hair!

4.2. How to use Vietnamese hair weaves

So how to use Vietnamese hair weaves is suitable for customers. In fact, the amount of time you can hold the weave depends on your hair type, hair structure, or even skin type. Also, it may depend on the weaves you own. As a matter of fact, synthetic hair often has a shorter lifespan of about three to four weeks than  Vietnamese virgin hair weaves.

After that, how often should you wash your hair? This process is important because you also need to take care of your Vietnamese hair weaves the same way you would love your natural hair. How often you wash your hair weaves depends on how many times you use your weaves per week. However, we do not recommend washing your hair too much, as washing your hair can loosen the pigtails.

5. Suggesting hair suppliers of Vietnamese hair weaves

K-hair Company is always the best choice for you.

K-hair Company is one of the most famous places for your Vietnamese hair weaves in Vietnam. Let see what K-hair Company is:

Founded since 1996, K-HAIR is one of the leading manufacturers of the raw weft and hair extensions in Vietnam. As one of the first hair companies created, we can ensure that we have major experience and a high level of expertise in the hair selling field.

With our core value: “Quality is King”, K-HAIR is proud to provide not only thebest hair quality but also the most reasonable price for various ranges of customers all over the world.

For the past  24 years, we have established a worldwide business network with the participation of many countries and continents such as Brazil, Nigeria, France, Germany, etc, which is undeniable proof for our reputation and position in the hair market.

For more useful information on this section, you can visit the following link:

Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 5 Best Wholesale Hair Distributors

Source: K-hair Company

NOTE: Business support with Vietnamese hair weaves 

 Free consultant

Vietnamese hair weaves are no stranger to hair dealers. However, to better understand this product, not everyone can do it. With 10 years of experience in the hair business, I will give you 100% free consultation with any questions. You can ask me for advice on everything. I will take you from the very first steps to becoming a great hair trader. I commit.

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Free consultant for Vietnam hair weft

Free consultant for Vietnamese hair weaves

Source: K-hair Company

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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