Top 3 Best Vietnamese Hair Suppliers for Russians

Are you looking for good Vietnamese hair suppliers for your business in Russia? The answer is right here!!

There are thousands of Vietnamese hair suppliers in Vietnam and it will take ages to figure out the best ones for you. My Russian clients always complain that they had an exhausting time trying to find a good supplier.

No need to find anymore!

As a hair expert with 5 years of experience, I will provide you 3 Best Vietnamese hair suppliers for Russians that you will no longer have to waste time and money to find.

1. K-Hair Factory-The best choice for Vietnamese hair suppliers.

K-Hair Factory is one of the Leading hair wholesale factories in Vietnam that provides hair for hair buyers around the world, including Russians, Europeans, and Africans. With 30 years of experience, K-Hair deserves the top position of Vietnamese factories. Here are some main reasons that Russians buyers should choose K-Hair


1.1. Raw hair: First priority.

As you know, raw hair is often bought in huge quantities from factories owners and sellers around the world. As a wholesale hair factory, K-Hair – a Vietnamese raw hair vendor can provide up to 10000 kg of raw hair within 2 weeks.

400-kg-of raw-hair-order-of-K-Hair400 kg of raw hair order of K-Hair

Additionally, K-Hair has a variety of raw hair types such as raw black, raw blond, gray hair, ponytail, and other colors.

If you want to try other products, they can provide you different hair types such as tip, tape, clip-in, weft, or your own requirements. After all, they are a factory. They can produce anything

1.2. The most reasonable prices of all Vietnamese hair suppliers

Comparing to other hair suppliers in Vietnam, I can ensure that K-Hair has the most reasonable prices matching its quality.

Why? The reason is simple. There are many hair suppliers in Vietnam and 70% of them are commercials companies which are basically resellers. That explains why there are huge differences in prices between hair suppliers in Vietnam. Indeed, K-Hair is the real factory and they have good material sources so they can provide prices with different qualities at the most reasonable prices.

This point is verified by hundreds of Vietnamese buyers. If you want to check it by yourself, you can contact the Sales Manager of K-Hair (WhatsApp) or check this website:

1.3. Favorited by Russian buyers.

Due to recent reports, K-Hair has the biggest number of Russian buyers comparing to other Vietnamese hair suppliers. It is about 3000 Russian buyers (2019) and it is increasing about 200 to 300 customers every year.

Russian-customers-of-K-Hair Russian customers of K-Hair

2. Mic Hair – Good option for Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Mic hair is a hair company that has a long-term business in hair business with years of working.

Mic-hair-companyMic hair company

Their products are major in European and Russian customers which including weft, tape, raw, etc. Mic hair receives good comments from customers and has a good relationship with buyers around the world.

There is no proof that they are a commercial company or a real factory. However, the quality of Mic is relatively good. They deserve to be the second position in Vietnamese hair suppliers

3. Apo hair.

Apo hair is a hair company with 10 years of experience. They provide hair for many hair sellers around the world, especially Africans, Europeans.

Apo-hair-companyApo hair company

Even though the Russian’s hair market is a new market to Apo hair, they have managed to earn good reputations and good feedbacks from Russians clients.

They provide a variety of products including weft, tape, and raw hair. Especially, making colored hair is Apo’s strength, which explains why they can still earn the client’s trust despite being a commercial company.


All the Vietnamese hair suppliers mentioned above are just my personal opinion. However, due to my own expertise, I can ensure this is 90% correct, which will be a good source for you to look for suitable hair suppliers for your own.

If you need further useful information about hair business or Vietnamese hair, I highly recommend you read Charles’s Blog – a 5 year-experience expert in human hair or contact: WhatsApp: +84833799888 for the best advice.

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