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Many females dream of having Russian hair extensions since Russian women were known for having incredibly glossy blonde hair. Russian hair extensions suppliers seized the opportunity to enter the industry at astronomically high costs. Check out this post if you intend to start a hair company to learn how to run business more successfully and about the challenges you’ll face while purchasing hair from Russian hair extensions suppliers. Let’s provide more clarification if the information you now know about Russian hair extensions suppliers is sufficient. 


Best Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers In Worldwide

1. Overview of Russian hair extensions suppliers 

Based on data acquired from reliable sources as well as the findings of field research, we will present the most in-depth analysis of Russian hair extensions suppliers throughout this part.

1.1. Where do Russian hair extensions suppliers get the hair

Users need to discover a lot regarding Russian hair because it is superior to other online-available hair. Natural Russian hair seems hard to obtain and expensive. The most widely accessible options are “European Hair” as well as Indian Hair. Owing to coloring, much of this type of hair has undergone excessive processing, silicone is heavily applied to the hair to make it appear glossy and healthy. After the silicone is removed from your hair, you’ll have tangled hair which is almost impossible to comb through. This hair is frequently made up of 80% animal fur or synthetic.

  • This is due to the fact that the hair’s natural strands are frequently cut off of the hair before it is placed in an acid environment, therefore it cannot longer be called remy hair. Given how difficult it can be to maintain, the hair won’t last you longer than six months. Cuticles are correctly positioned in remy hair.
  • Russian hair from Russian hair extensions suppliers doesn’t include silicone, thus it can last decades as opposed to only a few months. It can last for a lifetime when you take the necessary care of it. The hair from Russian hair extensions suppliers is gathered from Russian communities. The ladies may develop hair that is longer than a meter length, healthy, lustrous, and gorgeous since they do not color or perm it as frequently.

Where do Russian hair extensions suppliers get the hair

  • Russian hair extensions suppliers are renowned for its Slavic hair brand, which is a popular European hairstyle. Hair extensions as well as hairdressers commonly refer to slavic hair. That hair is unquestionably the most exquisite and uncommon. Given that it is primarily cut from early age donors, hair feels quite soft. It is quite simple to tell the quality of this hair just by simply touching it because it has not been treated in any manner. 
  • Dark or medium brown tones are the most prevalent virgin hues. Although very unusual, super light blonde hair is occasionally available. We may also acquire dark blond colors.
  • Due to the impact of the regime of the old Soviet Union, Russian hair extensions suppliers used to purchase Slavic hair primarily from Eastern European women whenever these nations were still developing.
  • But as a result of tourism development and economic growth, these nations are now wealthier, which has led to a steep fall in the manufacture of virgin Slavic hair.
  • As a result, in addition to Slavic hair, Russian hair extensions suppliers also provide bleached hair imported from other countries, namely Vietnam and China…

1.2. What is better quality hair between Russian and Salvic?

Russian and Slavic hair are frequently considered to be of the same kind when discussing them. However, these kinds create two separate varieties whenever it comes to this topic- hair extensions. First, let’s discuss about Slavic hair.


What is better quality hair between Russian and Salvic?

  • Typically, “Slavic hair” refers to “virgin Slavic hair.” It’s natural hair that hasn’t been colored or treated, obtained from young girls and youngsters in Russia and Ukraine.
  • The greatest quality hair we can have is virgin Slavic hair, which has never undergone chemical processing, coloring, curling, or whatever other processing that can be damaging to the virgin hair.
  • Users can be certain that the Slavic hair that is used for the hair extensions will maintain its natural texture and color because it has been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized which also does not compromise its quality.
  • In almost the same orientation that they grew, all cuticles are arranged in a straight line. The strands become smoother, silkier, and far less vulnerable to tangling as a result of this sophisticated technique.
  • Each bundle of any Slavic hair was cut specifically for you and has its own colors, quantity, texture, and weight because each donor is used only once.

Check out some Russian hair here. Russian hair from Russian hair extensions suppliers typically gathered from donors on Russian Federation territory as well as in a few other former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics nations, including Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, the same as its Slavic counterparts.

  • However, Russian hair frequently goes through some preparation and dyeing, apart from virgin Slavic hair, which is the first significant distinction.
  • The structure, thickness, and color of the hair also make a significant difference, although virgin Slavic hair often has light, unbleached, soft strands, Russian hair from Russian hair extensions suppliers typically has smooth density as well as a wider range of hues, allowing you to choose just whatever you need.

Features of 2 types of hair

  • Russian hair  from Russian hair extensions suppliers has been prized by hair extension professionals for its good caliber, affordable pricing, and extended lifetime. This product may also be 2-3 times less expensive than Slavic hair.

Based on these features of 2 types of hair we hope customers could find the greatest Russian hair extensions suppliers or Slavic hair suppliers that suit you.

1.3. Characteristics of Russian hair extensions suppliers

The wholesale Russian hair extensions suppliers’ hair nonetheless has the following qualities, while having a distinct origin because of the rigid market requirements.

Russian hair extensions suppliers sell hair that costs a lot of money: The cost is one aspect of Russian hair extensions suppliers that stands out. For the mentioned reasons below, the cost is very high:

  • First off, it should be noted that Russian hair extensions suppliers charge a premium price for genuine Slavic hair owing to its uniqueness and low production.
  • The cost is greater for bleached blonde hair because wholesale Russian hair extensions suppliers have to pay extra taxes, customs charges, shipping costs, and storage expenses.
  • Additionally in Europe, because of the high standard of living, they could pay this price. Because manufacturing and labor are just so much more costly in Europe than those in other places, companies who sell  Russian hair extensions must also bear significantly greater overhead expenses.

Characteristics of Russian hair extensions suppliers

Since buying hair extensions from Russian hair extensions suppliers, such price is actually a barrier for resellers, especially since there are so many rivals with less expensive costs but equally competitive qualities, including Vietnam.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Russian hair extensions suppliers

If you’re considering purchasing hair extensions, you may be assessing the advantages and disadvantages of all the available vendors. Knowing which Russian hair extensions suppliers are best for you might be challenging if you have never used hair extensions. There are benefits and drawbacks to dealing with Russian hair extensions suppliers that you should be mindful about.

2.1. Advantages of Russian hair extensions suppliers

There are various reasons why Russian hair extensions suppliers are appealing:

  • Wholesale high-quality hair extensions: As already said, Russian hair extensions suppliers must adhere to a variety of strict customer and legal requirements.
  • One of several greatest wholesale hair providers in the industry, Russian hair extensions suppliers are really a wonderful place to begin if you’ve been trying to do business in countries in Europe. You should never be scared as, in spite of not being a member of the European Union, Russia does have a worldwide voice thanks to its own economic state.
  • Low chance of fraud in Russia or Western countries, frauds are uncommon because of the strict regulatory frameworks in existence. As a result, you may purchase Russian hair extensions with confidence.

2.2. Disadvantages of Russian hair extensions suppliers

Buying extensions from Russian hair extensions suppliers offers a lot of advantages, but there are still a lot of disadvantages:


Disadvantages of Russian hair extensions suppliers

  • As was already said, Russian hair extensions suppliers charge astronomical costs. Hair extensions from Russia have a high cost, its  price everything from 200 to even more than $1000 each item, in contrast to Indian or Vietnamese providers that charge from just $10 per item.
  • A small selection of items are offered. Because of the restricted product selection, it is challenging to meet the demands of a broad spectrum of users. One of the distinctive services provided to customers via Russian hair extensions suppliers is tip-in and tape-in hair extensions.
  • Russian hair extensions suppliers only produce a small amount of hair because it is quite expensive, in order to prevent a decline in sales. Because the hair must be reprocessed after import, your waiting period is prolonged.

Simply put, when you buy items from Russian hair extensions suppliers, you will receive both benefits and drawbacks. To assist you in making the best decision possible, we have listed above all the benefits and drawbacks of Russian hair extensions suppliers and hope that you can make your decision after reading it.

3. How to avoid scams when finding Russian hair extensions suppliers

Given how pricey Russian hair extensions cost, many individuals fake those in order to make more money. These tips can assist you to avoid falling victim to fraudulent Russian hair extensions suppliers. Hence, the following advice about how to prevent falling prey to scam when looking for best Russian hair extensions suppliers:


How to avoid scams when finding Russian hair extensions suppliers

  • Ask the Russian hair extensions suppliers quite as many detailed questions as you could and, including: Keep asking questions to determine if they have been informed well about hair extensions, as such a trustworthy source ought to be.
  • Demanding a video chat or direct communication, or asking for a call through Skype, Viber, or WhatsApp with Russian hair extensions suppliers is indeed a good idea if you are still unable to physically visit the place to examine the quality of Russian hair extensions suppliers.
  • You should initially ask Russian hair extensions suppliers for samples before placing major purchases. Send your second request if and when the quality matches your standards. Being cautious while selecting reliable Russian hair extensions suppliers can benefit your overall business.

To ensure that you receive the greatest advantage, you should thoroughly read or analyze feedback from Russian hair extensions suppliers before making a purchasing decision. Choose trustworthy Russian hair extensions suppliers carefully since doing so will have a big influence on the overall industry.

4. Top 4 Russian hair extensions suppliers

In case you  really want to boost sales and expand your clientele, we’ve chosen a few reputable Russian hair extensions suppliers for all of you to consider. We also suggest checking out others. We’ve chosen four of the top vendors of Russian hair extensions for customers. These are names of Russian hair extensions providers who have a good client reputation as well as many years of expertise.


Top 4 Russian hair extensions suppliers

4.1. I love Slavic hair – Top 1 Russian hair extensions suppliers

It was just founded in 2015, but despite its youth and recent rise to fame, this company has been one of the biggest providers of Russian hair extensions.

  • They are from Ukraine, the Slavic country with the most luxurious hair. They specialized in gathering and distributing local donors’ Slavic and Russian wigs to hairdressers and cosmeticians.
  • They provide a range of colored Russian hair, Slavic hair, as well as hair from other European nations.
  • Like the majority of Russian hair extensions suppliers, they charge quite high rates, but the quality is really decent for the money.

This is one the best Russian hair extensions suppliers which is a good option if you appreciate variety and don’t care too much about money for the hair extensions company.

4.2. Organic Russian Hair – Top 2 best Russian hair extensions suppliers

Since its establishment in 2007, Organic Russian Hair has grown to become a premier provider of Russian hair extensions for both professionals and consumers. Along with providing fitting as well as tipping services, these Russian hair extensions suppliers also provide trade workers with training school courses.

  • Since more than ten years ago, they have supplied Russian hair to salons and experts in hair extensions all over the UK and even beyond. They pake great satisfaction in our exceptional customer service. 

Organic Russian Hair – Top 2 best Russian hair extensions suppliers

  • Their hair is gathered from girls who want to sell their hair throughout the territory of the former Soviet Union. They provide a selection of natural colors as well as a custom blend option. Several renowned hair salons as well as hair extension experts get our hair extensions.
  • They all have high-quality hair. The hair maintains its great quality and extended lifetime since this has only received very little coloring treatments. Therefore, if there have been occasionally very tiny shade variances, kindly be aware of this. Each head of hair gets visually verified twice and labeled with the closest color. 
  • They also have a sibling business, English Rose, a supplier and training facility located in Marbella of Spain. Visit their about section on the website to learn more about these Russian hair extensions suppliers.

4.3. Hair2Love – Top 3 best Russian hair extensions suppliers

With an emphasis on structural qualities, they specialize in Slavic and Russian hair extensions and produce extremely long-lasting as well as fine hair.

  • The Keratin protein in all hair extensions is shielded. Hair2Love always uses gentle techniques when coloring hair. Their high-end product won’t be harmed by washing, dyeing, or drying. Each range contains distinctive qualities and can last from 12 to even 24 months with proper maintenance.
  • They identify themselves as a niche provider of hair extensions, they aren’t a big-box store. Instead, they seem to want to concentrate on their customers and offer a quick buying procedure that is provided through a customized and individualized service.

Hair2Love – Top 3 best Russian hair extensions suppliers

  • In addition to concentrating on procuring hair directly from both Russia as well as the Ukraine, Hair2Love has established a name for itself in the specialized field of texture. Most customers can speak with them directly to suit hair form and weight for their client, producing a faultless outcome upon fitting. These details are all too frequently disregarded or misinterpreted.

All hair provided by Hair2Love offers an extraordinary caliber, and their customers are discriminating hair extension specialists who are willing to spend a premium for uncompromising quality.

4.4. Volosy 24 – Top 4 best Russian hair extensions suppliers

Since 2008, this has been one of the most well-known  Russian hair extensions suppliers and manufacturers. You can get pure human hair here at both retail and wholesale pricing.

  • Volosy 24 have suggested that a testing program be carried out to show that their Russian hair extensions adhere to all sanitary regulations in the Russian Federation by the Committee for Health and Hygiene Control of the Russian Federation.
  • Although Volosy 24 has extremely expensive hair costs, they also provide a customizable discount program.
  • Their packaging is really attractive, the ways of delivery are likewise practical and convenient, as well as the customer response to them has been excellent.

If you are looking to purchase hair, this really is unquestionably one of the best Russian hair extensions suppliers you can not overlook.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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