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human hair extensions halo
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Have you ever wondered which is the best way to do hair extensions? Then you will be satisfied with the human hair extensions halo. Nowadays, with a high standard of living and an increasing demand for beauty, the human hair extension industry has a huge growth potential. While there are many human hair extensions halo sellers around the world, you need some skills to find the suitable suppliers for your own customers. Whether you are an experienced or a novice, this article will guide you how to find the human hair extensions halo factories and introduce you to a few well-known brands that you can trust.


Human hair extensions halo

1. What do you know about human hair extensions halo?

Before learning about how to find human hair extensions halo vendors, it is better to have a look at the general concept of human hair extensions halo. What are human hair extensions halo, and why are they so special?

1.1 The basic definition of human hair extensions halo

Human hair extensions are ways to extend one’s hair by using synthetic or real hair that has been taken from other people. Most human hair extensions may be handled as carefully as natural hair, though. With the quick and simple addition of volume and length provided by extensions, your hairstyle may change organically. They may be an efficient, satisfying method to cover over a terrible haircut or get ready for an important event. However, you should not hurry into having hair extensions.


Human hair extensions halo with transparent

However, human hair extensions halo are a quick and easy way to get longer, fuller hair. No clips, tape, glue, weaves, beads, or other hair fasteners are required; just cover your natural hair with the extensions and fasten them to your head with a band. Human hair extensions halo is one of the most recent ways to add length and volume to your hair. 

1.2 The unique characteristic of human hair extensions halo

Human hair extensions halo are a great beauty alternative to improve your daily hairstyle while also being absolutely safe to use every day. Your hair seems longer, thicker, and overall healthier when you use human hair extensions halo, and also increases your confidence as well. Human hair extensions halo are the newest human hair extension that does not stick to your natural hair. 

Instead, they make use of your natural appearance to stay well-comfortable, but in order to keep the human hair extensions halo in the proper position, your natural hair should remain perfectly securely on top of it. They are ideal for novice users and easy enough to apply for daily wear in a matter of minutes. Halo hair extensions lie softly on top of your head and are fastened with a tiny, invisible wire rather than being clipped in or sewn into wefts.


Blonde human hair extensions halo

Because the human hair extensions halo are so comfy, you will not even realize that you are wearing them. Additionally, nobody else will notice it since they appear so natural. Moreover, the human hair extensions halo are highly secure and can be worn every day without concern. This extension is perfect because it does not harm your hair in any case. So, the greatest hair extension for your gorgeous hair is human hair extensions halo. 

The human hair extensions halo are handy to apply by yourself without assistance from others and are simple to wear and take off anywhere at any time. They are appropriate for people with hair that is thin to medium thick and longer than shoulder length. Human hair extensions halo also offers a comfortable fit and is incredibly simple to use, making it the ideal solution for thin and fine hair. Additionally, it cannot harm your natural hair. The fact that halo braids can be applied safely on any type of hair and significantly glam up your appearance is one of the key reasons why people love them.

1.3 The quality and the average usage time of human hair extensions halo

Normally, human hair extensions halo from many wholesale hair extension suppliers are made of high-quality human Remy hair. They are easily blind and dyed, so you can customize your hairstyle as you like. If you have a large budget, buying a few human hair extensions halo in various styles and colors will let you change your appearance every day. You also need to take care of your human hair extensions halo with a little maintenance though not nearly as much as your own hair would require if you followed your care instructions correctly, which would ensure that you look wonderful every time you install them on your head. 


Before and after wearing human hair extensions halo

Generally, human hair extensions halo last around 6 months, but they can last much longer if you take care of them well. halo Extensions are considered as lasting for a longer time than other extension methods since they can be used for up to two years because you are able to take them out during sleeping time. The halo lasts as long as you let it, but it is recommended that you should not use human hair extensions halo more than two years. To sum up, human hair extensions halo can last from three to twenty-four months with frequent use, effective maintenance, and appropriate care.

2. The potential market of human hair extensions halo

As the hair market is booming in recent years, becoming a wholesaler is both easy and difficult. Before selling the human hair extensions halo, you should clearly understand the product and your customers.


More and more human hair extensions halo stores in recent years

2.1 Target customers of human hair extensions halo

The target customers of human hair extensions halo are large, including all those who have a need for a better appearance, mainly white people who come from Europe and America. For those specific customers, they prefer high-quality human hair extensions halo products made from bulk hair or raw hair, and you should be gentle while providing professional advice. They are polite customers, rarely angry with the sellers, but when they are not satisfied, they will definitely find another supplier. 

When it comes to human hair extensions halo, gender is not a restriction. They are used by both sexes to enhance the appearance of their hair. Also, human hair extensions halo are available in a wide range of colors and textures, it is possible for individuals with a wide range of hair types to pick the ideal extension for their requirements. For example, women in Europe have used hair extensions to improve their look. While some use them to enhance length, some use them to add volume, and some decide to dye their human hair extensions halo the same shade as their natural hair. This contributes to a more organic appearance. 


Customers with different lengths of hair can wear human hair extensions halo

Customers with all kinds of hair length are suitable with human hair extensions halo, but people with thin or short hair are the most potential customer, and those from America suitable the best. The human hair extensions halo works perfectly when paired with short hair but are also fine with medium and long hair if they want to add length or volume to their hair. Both men and women can benefit from using human hair extensions halo because the target market for hair extensions is anybody who wants to improve the appearance of their hair. However, what men and women seek for differs from country to country. So before choosing what to offer and how to sell it, be sure who your target market is.

2.2 Classification of human hair extensions halo

With human hair extensions halo, you can create an infinite number of stylish and exciting hairstyles. Ponytails, buns and half up half down are some stunning American hairstyles you can create with human hair extensions halo that will instantly make you seem glam and self-assured.

2.2.1 Classical and beautiful ponytail with human hair extensions halo

Ponytail hairstyles are an excellent choice to seem stylish and self-assured when you do not feel confident with your beauty. With the help of human hair extensions halo, you can get that smooth, envious appearance in just a few short minutes rather than using different extension methods or having to wait for your ponytail to grow longer. With a little work, you can quickly and effortlessly attach perfect human hair extensions halo to create the ponytail that is suitable for your dressing style. Making ponytail hairstyles with human hair extensions halo is also the best choice if you go to a prom or a club since you do not have to worry that your human hair extensions halo will fall out.


Ponytail human hair extensions halo

2.2.2 Fancy and gorgeous bun with human hair extensions halo

If you do not want to spend much time making complicated hairstyles but still want to seem pretty and elegant, let’s try bun hairstyles. Put your hair up in a bun for a simple yet stylish appearance that will allow you to nourish your hair and guard against breakage and tangling, and with the right method, you can master this hairstyle without putting in a lot of work. All you must do to have that natural look is applying human hair extensions halo, then you will need a hair tie and a few bobby pins to carefully fix your bun.

2.2.3 Stunning half up half down hairstyle with human hair extensions halo

The half up, half down hairstyle is a standard for weddings and is a real classic with many variants and boundless beauty. The part of your hair pulled away from your face offers countless styling options, from ponytails to space buns, top knots to braided fantasy. It may be the most adaptable part of your hair. This style, a favorite of brides everywhere, suits best when worn with human hair extensions halo. For maximum sophistication and effect, just increase your length and volume to completely explore the appearance.


Half up half down styles with human hair extensions halo

2.3 Price of human hair extensions halo

Price of human hair extensions halo may vary by region and country as well as the quality of the hair. There is some information about the price for you to choose between three countries, namely, Vietnam, China, and India.

  • Price of human hair extensions halo in Vietnam is considered the highest among the three countries. In addition to having the greatest customer service among wholesale hair extensions halo suppliers, Vietnam is renowned for its high-quality hair extensions. Due to the usage of natural products, Vietnamese people are known for having strong and lustrous hair. Then the hair products like virgin or remy hair extensions halo are of high quality. Because of its good quality and affordable pricing, Vietnamese hair continues to be quite popular even if it is not mass manufactured like wholesale human hair extensions halo providers from China.

Human hair extensions halo can be made from weft hair Vietnam

  • Price of human hair extensions halo in China is ranked second. Due to their access to cheap labor and the development of advanced technologies, Chinese suppliers of hair extensions are well recognized for their low-cost goods. Chinese hair is frequently blended with hair from many donors, including Indian hair. Because of their low pricing, many people choose Chinese vendors as their human hair extensions halo. 
  • Price of human hair extensions halo in India is the cheapest since it is a blend of several different hair sources. Then, the hair is of poor quality, and its lifespan is quite short. 

To sum up, Vietnamese human hair extensions halo are really worth the price with the best quality products and suitable for high standard customers. For a decent budget, it is recommended to choose Chinese human hair extensions halo, and for low price, India suppliers would be your ideal destination. Buying cheap products may seem “profit” in the short term, but you must bear in mind that these low-cost human hair extensions halo will not last long. As a result, purchasing human hair extensions halo with high price and high quality such as Vietnamese products will bring the long-term effect not only for your appearance but also for your budget.

3. Finding and buying human hair extensions halo

After learning about the human hair extensions halo products and the customers, you are now ready for the next step: try to find and buy them from suppliers around the world. Do not worry if you do not know what you need to do because here is a guide right below to help you get started.


How to find human hair extensions halo

3.1 Steps to place an order of human hair extensions halo

Following those steps is the best way to purchase human hair extensions halo. It is recommended that everyone should read carefully and remember each step clearly.

3.1.1 Searching for human hair extensions halo’s suppliers

Before contacting any wholesale human hair extensions halo suppliers, it is important to do your research about their brands and factories. Looking for their information will help you remove those vendors that are not suitable for you. Finding information by searching on Google or Facebook is a good choice. 

3.1.2 Communicating with human hair extensions halo’s suppliers

After having the details of your favorite suppliers, it is time to contact them. It is recommended that you should call them directly if you need the human hair extensions halo products as soon as possible. Another way to contact them is via email or direct message, but you may get a response in hours or even days.

3.1.3 Ordering your need of hairstyles human hair extensions halo

Telling suppliers what you want to buy and making an invoice with them. Do not forget any products, so you will not have to order again.


Buying human hair extensions halo

3.1.4 Double-check the detail of the order 

Finally, always remember to check your purchasing information again about quantity, weight and price. If you do not recheck your order, there is a chance that you will receive a wrong human hair extensions halo product, which is a waste of time and money.

3.2 How to avoid scam of human hair extensions halo

It is probably a scam if you find a certain human hair extensions halo at a price that looks too good to be true. Online scammers choose well-liked products and list them at steep discounts to entice buyers. When making your purchase, always double-check the website address for typos and seek for secure checkouts.

You run a great risk if you invest in something you do not fully understand if you pick wholesale human hair extensions halo that do not provide clear information on websites or have almost no comments on social media. Even while there are many trustworthy online retailers, sadly, fraudsters can take advantage of the internet’s anonymity to defraud unwary customers.

4. Some well-known brands of human hair extensions halo 

Here are some most famous and trustworthy human hair extensions halo brands in Vietnam, China and India to introduce to you. Choosing those big companies will help you have a long-term business relationship and do not need to find another supplier.

  • K-Hair – The biggest Vietnamese brand of human hair extension halo

K-Hair human hair extensions besides human hair extensions halo

K- Hair Factory was established in the 1990s and is pleased to be among the greatest hair suppliers in Vietnam. The manufacturer promises to offer equally high-quality hair extension goods. The greatest dependable hair distributor offering high-quality hair at the lowest possible price with the finest customer service in the hair market is K-Hair, which is the top-ranked hair manufacturer in Vietnam. K-Hair factory offers you wholesale orders which are also known as raw bundles wholesale and small orders for personal use or sample orders which you can contact their representative for more information. 

With more than 20 years of expertise in the hair industry, K-Hair Factory Vietnam is solidifying its position as the top hair supplier in Vietnam and gaining ground on the international hair market. K-Hair is always appreciated for real faithful feedback from customers about high-quality hair and good prices, clear policy (of payment, shipping, return, etc.), diverse hair choices and professional customer care services. It is highly recommended to choose K-Hair as human hair extension halo suppliers. If you have any wonders about the human hair extensions halo, feel free to contact expert from K-Hair with the information below.


  • K.S WIGS – A famous Chinese factory of human hair extension halo

Over the years, K.S WIGS has been one of the world leading suppliers in 100% human hair with the support of loyal customers and fans. K.S WIGS have expanded its capability in all facets of business, from our very own data research center, graphic design art department to shipping and receiving department for both home and abroad. K.S WIGS is honored and proud to be one of the few leading professional suppliers in virgin human hair with the capability to research, reimagine, design and product development to deliver the most authentic virgin human hair products to customers all around the world. 

  • Haneway – The professional halo hair extension manufacturers in China

Established in 2005, Haneway has been one of the best hair extension manufacturers in China. Its products ranges have expanded to all kinds of hair extensions and wigs during the last 16 years of growth. Haneway is passed all related tests for hair extension and other wigs, so it can be your reliable partner in China and 100% support your business. For hair extensions and wigs, Haneway employs a strict quality management system inside our factory throughout the whole manufacturing process. Every worker is specialized in one specific step to combine their rich experience and expertise to ensure the quality of your hair products, no matter for sample or bulk order.


Some well-known brands of human hair extensions halo and other items

  • Beaux-Hair – A stunning Indian human hair extensions halo’s supplier

Nishtha, the CEO of Beaux-Hair, visited India again in 2019 to research the country’s market for organic haircare. She was disappointed to learn that the market lacked some products, particularly wigs and hair extensions. Getting started was not too difficult because India is the world’s top exporter of hair. Beaux-Hair utilizes only natural hair, obtaining it from South Indian temples, mostly Tirupati Balaji.

  • Guru Hairs India – Indian high-quality products of human hair extensions halo

Hair extensions have become trending amongst people. Advances in technology have drastically altered the appearance and feel of hair extensions. There are many hair extension experts such as Guru Hairs Noida, whom you can consult for permanent hair extensions in Noida and hair extensions in Greater Noida. Customers can book their appointments and confirm their booking for online hair extensions in Noida.


Some well-known brands of human hair extensions halo and other items

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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