Vietnamese hair extensions MERELY A MARKETING GIMMICK?

Vietnamese hair extensions have long known as one of the most favorable hair extensions in the world, especially with demanding markets like the United States, Europe, or Africa. A lot of stories about success with Vietnamese hair have been being written all over the world. However, have you ever wondered why they can keep their stardom for a long period of time and make people clamor for their products? Is what they advertise on media is true or not? Through this editorial, you will be posted with ALL SHOCKING TRUTHS about Vietnamese hair extensions and GET EXPERT ANSWERS for these inquiries.

I. Vietnamese hair extensions- THE BIG PICTURE

1. Definition of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are the hair products which is used to make the user’s hair longer or thicker from Vietnam. The products can range from weft hair extensions, bulk hair extensions, and many other forms. Nowadays, hair extensions in general and Vietnamese hair extensions specifically have become widely used and popular to many people thanks to its effectiveness and convenience. To see Vietnamese hair vendors in the overall picture of all hair suppliers in the world, you can consult this: Wholesale hair vendors


Vietnamese hair extensions definition

2. Characteristics of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are considered to have many special and unique characteristics that hair vendors couldn’t find in any other country. What exactly these features are will be revealed below.

2.1. Length and thickness

Vietnamese hair extensions are famous for its great length and thickness. Normally, a Vietnamese woman will grow the hair from 20″ and above due to the traditional custom. The reason is that they consider long hair to be the symbol of beauty and allurement. Moreover, Vietnamese women usually have the habit of eating healthily, which makes their hair very strong and thick.


Vietnamese hair extensions great thickness

2.2. Richness in black melanin

Vietnamese hair extensions have a beautiful natural black color which can leave quite an impression on the women. The hair from Vietnam is mostly treated by natural products such as locusts, and many other herbal hair care products instead of chemicals or artificial substances. Therefore, the hair can keep their intact hue with richness in black melanin without outside affections


Vietnamese hair extensions rich in melanin

2.3. Elasticity

Elasticity is one of the most prominent characteristics of Vietnamese hair extensions. Whether the hair is processed to be curly or not, the texture stays bouncy and elastic without becoming straighten or losing the curls.

2.4. Softness and silkiness

Being soft and silky are easily noticeable features of Vietnamese hair extensions. Vietnamese women in mountainous areas often work in fields, which give them strong health. As a result, their hair is greatly silky and soft as well.


Vietnamese hair extensions softness and thickness

2.5. Durability

Vietnamese hair extensions have a long duration, normally from 3-5 years depending on the usage of clients. The hair can reach this long period because of its 100% high-quality human hair in particular regions. As widely known, the weather condition in mountainous areas of Vietnam is very cold and humid. Therefore, their hair is not directly affected by UVA and UVB from the sunlight and avoid cuticle damage.

II.  Classification of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions can be divided based on many criteria. In this part, the high-quality hair will be categorized into 3 main parts: Raw hair extensions, Weft hair extensions, and Vietnamese lace wigs

1.  Raw hair Vietnam Extensions

Raw hair Vietnam Extensions are the unprocessed hair extensions that are of the most favorable among consumers. The most prominent characteristics of raw hair Vietnam extensions are the intactness and naturalness of the hair. It doesn’t undergo any treatment like heating or steaming. Therefore, customers could purchase this kind of product to make any style they want. Even Vietnamese single drawn hair has amazing quality!


Vietnamese hair extensions category 1 raw hair

2.  Weft hair Vietnam Extensions

Weft hair extensions are among the most sought-after products in Africa and the US thanks to its convenience. If you are looking for a product that can easily be sold in these markets or can be used to make wigs, this one is your optimal choice. Vietnamese weft hair extensions are 100% human hair that is sewn at one end to make a perfect weft. You can choose to have processed hair with various styles or the unprocessed one like raw hair with the weft and style it yourself.


Vietnamese hair extensions weft hair

3.  Vietnamese lace wigs

Vietnamese lace wigs are made wigs that are produced at the Vietnamese hair factory. Normally, the perfect formula for a full head is 3 bundles, 1 lace closure, or frontal. With closure lace, the lace will account for a small part in front of the wigs while with frontal, the size is ear to ear.  According to the Economist, the selling of wigs is so popular that it even fuels global trade. People are willing to spend a large sum of money for this indispensable thing.


Vietnamese hair extensions lace wig


1.  Origin of Vietnamese hair extensions vs.  other countries

To talk about the origin of hair, it’s a little bit complicated. Many people confuse the name of products with the origin of it. Where do these hair extensions come from? Let’s find out now!

  • Vietnamese hair extensions: These hair extensions originate 100% from Vietnamese women in mountainous areas in the north of Vietnam. The areas include Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, etc where people follow the traditional lifestyle and have the best quality hair in the market.
  • Chinese hair extensions: Not like the hair, Chinese hair extensions comes mostly from India. Because of the large scale of production, China has to import hair from other countries with robust stock like China to run the factories. They normally get the low-quality hair from India at a dirt-cheap price and use special techniques to bring it a glamorous outlook as advertising on the media.
  • India hair extensions: India hair extensions stem from 2 main sources: high-quality hair from donors in churches and temples and mixed hair collected from many areas all around the countries. Because the amount from churches is limited and not always available, Indian hair factories rely mainly on the second source.
  • Brazilian hair extensions: Brazilian raw hair has no actual relationship with the name. This shocking truth has been revealed by Alix Moore on  The Truth About the Human Hair Industry – Wake Up Black America!. In the book, she reveals a flat-out truth that 80% of Brazilian hair extensions come from other countries like Vietnamese or Burmese hair extensions, while the only rest 20% originate from Brazil.

2.  Quality of Vietnamese hair extensions vs.  other countries

  • Vietnamese hair extensions: As mentioned above, Vietnamese raw hair is considered to have the best hair quality in the market thanks to the lifestyle of women and a favorable climate in the regions. It’s clearly demonstrated by the fact that Vietnam contributes a large amount of hair to Brazil for which its sold under that name.
  • Chinese hair extensions: Because of its origin, the hair extensions from China don’t have good quality as expected. Most of the hair is chemical-treated to store in a warehouse. Moreover, many Chinese hair factories even mix hair with synthetic fibers to gain more profits for the business. As a result, hair extensions come from China can be glamorous at the first glance, but after 1 month, it will get matted, tangled, and frizzy.
  • Indian hair extensions: As a leading hair supplier for the global market, Indian factories have 2 grades of quality: high-quality hair from pilgrims and low-quality hair collected all around the country.  Most of the Indian hair extensions are fully-thick with natural black color, which easily blends with people’s natural hair.  However, because of the mixed sources, the hair doesn’t last as long as Vietnamese raw hair  and other high-quality hair from Southeast Asia.
  • Brazilian hair extensions: The Brazilian hair extensions have exceptional quality thanks to donors’ human race, favorable climate, and hair care habit. The hair from Brazil has awesome thickness and coarseness, which can bring clients a natural outlook of sexiness as Latin-America ladies.

Quality of Vietnamese hair extensions vs other countries

3.  Price of Vietnamese hair extensions vs.  other countries

  • Vietnamese hair extensions: The price of Vietnamese raw hair ranges from 8.9$ per bundle for high-quality hair products, which is considered to be very reasonable in the global market.
  • Chinese hair extensions: Chinese hair price ranges only from 6$ per bundle – a very cheap price in comparison with hair from other countries.
  • Indian hair extensions: The price of Indian raw hair varies with different qualities. With donor hair from churches or temples, it’s from 12$ for a bundle with the mixed hair to export, it’s only from 8$.
  • Brazilian hair extensions: The price of Brazilian hair extensions is considered to be higher than hair from any other country. Normally, it’s above 20$ for a bundle of hair extensions.
Vietnamese hair extensions price vs other countries e1601528766802

Vietnamese hair extensions price vs other countries





VIETNAMESE HAIR100% human hair from VietnamHigh-quality and similar to each other with every bundleFrom 8.9$ for 1 bundle
CHINESE HAIRFrom IndiaSynthetic, mixed hairFrom 6$ for 1 bundle
INDIAN HAIR  –          Pilgrims hair

–          Collected hair from various places

Various depends on the souces

–          Pilgrims: good quality but limited

–          Mixed: common

–          Pilgrim hair: from 12$/1 bundle

–          Mixed hair: 8$/1 bundle

BRAZILIAN HAIR–          From real Brazilian people

–          From Vietnam, Cambodia, and other Asian countries

Exceptionally goodStarting from 20$/bundle of hair


1.  By looking

Vietnamese hair extensions have a medium thickness, not too much like Indian hair which can cause an awkward feeling to the users. Moreover, Vietnamese hair extensions are very silky and shiny, but in a natural way. It’s different from Chinese hair extensions, which is super silky and shiny like on videos. Chinese hair factories utilize chemicals to bring these features to the hair in order to attract customers.

2.  By touching

One special characteristic of Vietnamese hair extensions is that the hair keeps its form for a long time. For instance, the curly hair is very bouncy and the feeling of the first touch is the same as the following ones. In fact, the curly style of Vietnamese hair extensions keeps its curls up to 3 years of usage.

2.  By using heat and water

Customers can make use of heat or water to test the hair. Just with some simple steps, you can easily see whether its high-quality hair from Vietnam or not

  • Water: Through the process of dipping the hair into water, people can see if it still keeps the original form.  You can easily comb the hair after applying water without tangling, shedding, or losing the curl with real Vietnamese human hair
  • Heat: By using heat, you can differentiate between Vietnamese hair extensions with other low-quality hair.  Specifically, when being burnt, Vietnamese hair will become ash very quickly and give out a fetid smell. On the other hand, other low-quality hair will have a chemical odor.



  • Use special combers for different hairstyles to avoid losing the curls or making the hair tangle and shed.
  •  Avoid applying excessive heat to the hair
  • Using protection when going out under the sunlight. UVA and UVB can easily reduce the duration of your hair extensions.

Vietnamese hair extensions usage advice


Vietnamese Hair Weave 

Vietnamese Remy Hair 

Vietnamese Raw Hair 


  • Preserve the Vietnamese hair extensions at house temperature, avoid being contacted directly with sunlight
  • Using condition to keep the hair moisture
  • Wash the hair after each time of usage
  • Vietnamese-hair-extensions-preservation-advice

    Vietnamese hair extensions preservation advice


1. K-Hair factory

Being the leading hair supplier in Vietnam, the K-HAIR factory provides high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions all over the globe. With the maxim: QUALITY IS KING, K-Hair has been the trustworthy business partner of clients from more than 100 countries all over the world including Nigeria, Russia, The US, The UK, etc. Moreover, the price of hair from K-HAIR is always competitive in comparison with other because it comes directly from the factory in Vietnam. In 2020, K-hair celebrates its 30th year anniversary in the hair business and heading to the bigger milestones in the future.



K-Hair sale manager support deal Vietnamese hair extensions

2. is a new player in the hair business market but gradually gain the trust of customers in many countries. The company focus on high-quality hair products like weft hair extensions, raw hair extensions, etc with diversity in color, style. One strong point of this company is the up-to-date products. They always renew their technical facilities and update the latest trend in the market


Hairvn Company

3. is one of a small branch from K-Hair, which provide supreme-quality hair to Russia. The products it focuses on are bulk hair, tip/tape hair extensions for this European country. One special feature of this site is that it’s written in Russian so that people can easily find what they want with the most convenience. Website Website

4. MicHair Co.

With more than 7 years of experience in the hair business market, MicHair is trying to affirm its position as a reliable hair vendor providing Vietnamese hair extensions to Africa and the US. Great customer service is a bonus point for this company. You can make a call or text message to this company anytime you want and they will reply in 3 mins


Mic Hair Company

5. JenHair Vietnam

JenHair Vietnam is a good hair exporter which provides hair extensions for small hair vendors in Nigeria, Ghana, etc.  It provides discounts all around the year so if you want to buy hair for personal usage, this one would be your perfect choice.


JenHair Vietnam Company

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