Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 5 Best Wholesale Hair Distributors

The hair market is a very potential market in the world, especially in Africa countries. Many hair sellers have become billionaires just by investing in the hair business. Finding a good vendor plays an essential role in the hair business. You are among choices: Vietnamese hair factory, India hair factory, China hair factory,… You have been selling hair for many years and wanting to change other better hair distributors, or you are newbies in the hair business and want to find a good hair factory for your business with reasonable price and the best quality? Then the Vietnamese hair factory is the best choice for you.  How to find a wholesale raw virgin hair vendors ?


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I. Why Choosing The Vietnamese Hair Factory To Be Your Vendor?

The Vietnamese hair market has blossomed in the last few years and become beloved vendors among wholesale hair sellers in the world. Here are the main reasons making Vietnam among the most preferred places to outsource hair from:

1.1 Origin of Raw Vietnamese Hair

Vietnamese hair

What is Vietnamese Hair?

Vietnamese Hair is human virgin hair collected from 100% Vietnam healthy woman hair donor, prominent with the durability and natural silky, which can be made to many hairstyles without damage. Based on the thickness of hair quality, divided into 3 grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn.

What is Raw Vietnamese Hair?

Raw Vietnamese Hair is a specific type of Vietnamese Hair. Raw Vietnamese Hair is unprocessed hair, natural virgin hair cut directly from only 1 donor, the perfect material to bleach, and dye to many colors.

    • Mostly, raw Vietnamese hair vendors are taken from the villagers in the high mountains ( cold weather zones ), so their hair is really strong and silky because their hair is not affected by sunlight
    • 80% of hair quantity is from women at the age of 18 to 25
    • As you know, the villagers from the high mountains are very strong in health, they work all day. Therefore, the hair quality is together with the donor’s health. It is very strong and durability

1.2 Skillful workers: Best perfect products

      • Vietnamese employees are famous for their industriousness and skillfulness. Vietnamese hair factory doesn’t produce in industrial-scale production like China hair factories but in household-scale. Therefore, each bundle of hair is made meticulously by skillful hands of qualified workers and censored many times to ensure the best perfect quality
      • In the K-Hair factory, the products must go through many processes before getting to customers:
      1. First, each strand is selected carefully after cut from donors to rule out short and bad quality hair
      2. Second, all the hair is washed carefully and then made into the weft, tip/tape hair extensions, wigs by skillful hands of qualified workers
      3. Last, all the products go through double-check process to ensure all the hair is absolutely perfect
Vietnamese skillful workers

    1.3 Reasonable Price

      Vietnamese hair factory is famous for its variety of labors and advancements in modern technology. These help in the reduction of Vietnamese hair cost thereby increasing your profits.

        II. Compare Vietnamese hair factory with India hair factory and China hair factory

          Hair factory in Vietnam, China, and India

            2.1 Vietnamese hair factory

              Vietnamese hair factory is very famous for good quality of hair at a reasonable price. Moreover, the healthy sources of hair donors make the hair become durable in a long time of using ( it can be up to 2-10 years if customers know how to take care properly. The price is estimated to be reasonable, just from 8.9 USD/bundle.

                2.2 China hair factory

                  China hair factory is widely known for industrial-scale production and cheap products due to the availability of cheap labor and advancement in the increased use of technology. Therefore, the price of hair in China market can be considered to be quite cheap. But according to many wholesale hair sellers, China hair is quite nice for the first time but then becoming tangled and shedding easily.

                    2.3 India hair factory

                      Because of India’s economy, the labor and prices of products in India are very very cheap, also with hair products. But the price is always together with quality. The price of hair in India is much cheaper compared with the Vietnamese hair factory and China hair factory. Just 6.7 USD you can get a bundle and we can’t for so good quality hair at a low rate price.


                          Factory AdvantagesDisadvantagesPrice
                          Viet NamGood quality hair, reasonable price, hair with long durabilityHair is not available in stock
                          ( factory makes fresh hair)
                          from 8.6 USD/bundle
                          ChinaIndustrial-scale production, big quantity, hair always available in stockThe hair gets tangled and shedding after a short time usingFrom 7.9 USD/bundle
                          IndiaVery cheap hairThe quality is just at a normal rateFrom 6.7 USD/bundle

                            III. Steps To Find A Reliable Vietnamese Hair Factory To Be Your Vendor?

                              There are steps by steps method so that you can find the best Vietnamese Hair Factory and manufacturers in VietNam. These include:

                                  1. Search platforms like Google and Yahoo which contain almost all the hair factory and manufacture from VietNam
                                  2. Spending time to check their website, Instagram, Testimonials videos from customers to make sure that this hair company is very strong in social media
                                  3. Contact them through Whatsapp hotline and ask to make a video call to see their factory ( this way to confirm that they are not scammers )
                                  4. After you have your first trust that this Vietnamese hair factory is real, then ask them to show their samples and price lists for you to compare with other hair vendors.
                                  5. Compare among many hair distributors to find the best suitable factory for you!


                              >>Tip1<< The hair factory which is willing to calling video with you to show off their office and factory.

                              >>Tip2<< Taking part in hair reviews in Facebook groups and making review topic to get feedback from other hair sellers who bought from these hair distributors. Factory with good feedbacks should be considered

                              >>Tip3<< A direct visit to the factories and the manufacturers offer the best one on one interaction with the products and services offered. 

                                How to choose a reliable hair vendor?

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                                        IV. Signs Showing That You Are Dealing With A Fraud Vietnamese Hair Factory. Be Alert!!!!

                                          There are many hair distributors from many countries in the world and this potential hair market is the target of many scammers to fraud customers. Therefore, when you deal with a hair factory, please be alert to notice whether they are real or not!! There are many signs showing that you are dealing with a fraud Vietnamese hair Factory.

                                            4.1 No website – Not available in many social media

                                                • With many ghost companies or scammers, if they don’t have an official website or not available in many social media, you must consider dealing with them.
                                                • Because with a reliable company, they will be strong in social media with many testimonials and reviews. They will be available on Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

                                            4.2 No Brand Name & Registered company document

                                                • Vietnamese hair factory with no brand name & registered company document should be considered carefully before you get into business with them.
                                                • Ask them to show their Registered company document
                                                • If Hair factories can’t show you their brand name & Registered company and they give many reasons to defend, then you how that this is not a reliable hair company.

                                            4.3 Not willing to video call with you

                                                • Because they are scammers so they are scared of making a video call. They don’t have real hair factories, real employees and company offices to show you.
                                                • This is the main sign to show that they are scammers

                                            4.4 No profound knowledge about hair

                                                • They are not professional hair experts, they are scammers so their knowledge about hair business is very superficial.
                                                • When you chat with them, try to ask them some specific questions in hair business to test their professional knowledge.
                                                • Through their answers, you can decide which levels they belong to and whether they are trustful or not.

                                            4.5 Always rush you to pay money

                                              The things scammers care is money so they always rush customers to pay money as soon as possible. Be alert if you see this sign from your hair vendor.

                                                Signs to notice scam hair factories

                                                  V. Top 5 Best Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Factory in VietNam

                                                    5.1 K-Hair Factory – The Biggest Hair Vendor In VietNam

                                                        • Top#1 : K-Hair Factory ( Quality is King )
                                                        • Location : Main Factory in Bac Ninh Viet Nam
                                                        • 2 representative offices in Nigeria

                                                    History : K-Hair is a big manufacturer and wholesale in Vietnam, which has ranked top 1 biggest hair factory in VietNam in 2020 .

                                                    The K-Hair has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting hair around the world. They always supply the best hair quality to many salons, retailers, wholesalers and other factories worldwide.

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                                                          Variety of styles

                                                            Main Products : 100% natural virgin hair ( no mix )

                                                            Weft Hair _ Curly Wavy _ Colour _ Tip/Tape

                                                            Closure _ Frontal _ 360 Wig _ Full Lace Wig _ HD Lace

                                                              Quality : 100% Natural , Not Chemical , Not Mix

                                                                The hair is taken from the Vietnamese villagers in the high mountains ( cold weather) , so their hair is really strong and silky ( their hair isn’t affected by sunlight ☀)

                                                                  • 80% of the hair is from women ( 18-> 25) 👩👩

                                                                    • The villagers from high mountains are very strong in health, they work all day. Therefore, the quality of hair is also together with their health

                                                                      The duration of the hair is 4 years with the guarantee policy

                                                                        Market: salons, retailers, wholesalers and other factories worldwide

                                                                            • 70% customers are African
                                                                            • Nigeria, US, Canada, Russia, England, Ghana, Thailand,……

                                                                        Contact :

                                                                        Always update newest hot trend collection
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                                                                          5.2 Extensoes De Cabello

                                                                            Extensoes De Cabello Factory ( Apply the highest technique )

                                                                              History :

                                                                              – Established in 1996 under the management of talent Rick CEO , with the long term of 24 years , The Extensoes De Cabello has become the biggest factory of Raw Bulk Hair in Asia ( ranked by Hair business Magazine 2019)

                                                                              – Until 2019 , The Extensoes De Cabebllo has three different factories : Virgin factory , Remy Factory and Colour Factory . Double Check Technology ( DCT ) , the most modern hair technique is applied for the best perfect quality of hair .

                                                                                Supply 100% Raw-Bulk-Virgin Hair

                                                                                  Main Products : 100% VIRGIN BULK Hair

                                                                                      • Virgin _ Bulk _ Raw Natural Hair
                                                                                      • EU Weft Hair _ Tip/Tape _ Colour

                                                                                  Market : salons, retailers, wholesalers and other factories worldwide

                                                                                      • 80% customers are from Europe
                                                                                      • Deliver worldwide to Europe, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, South America, Australia…


                                                                                    Insta : extensoes_de_cabelo_vn

                                                                                      5.3 Rawhairvietnam

                                                                                        Top #3 : Rawhairvietnam

                                                                                          This is the trustable vendor where you can get both Raw, Bulk Hair and Hair Extensions. All hair is virgin human hair, 100% cut off from women donors, so it is clean, no nits, no lice, unprocessed hair. Stretched length (8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″,26″, 28″, 30″). Style: straight, wavy, curly, kinky…

                                                                                              Available in big quantity

                                                                                                Insta : rawhairvietnam

                                                                                                  Whatsapp+ 84 96 3438136( Factory Ceo )

                                                                                                    5.4 Anka Hair

                                                                                                      Anka’s hair has over 5 years’ experience in both manufacturers of hair extensions and distribution of the same. They are proud of quality hair products which are believed to be 100% human hair. Since it has remained so since their beginning has it their promise to customers and themselves.

                                                                                                        Service overview

                                                                                                          · Customization of clients packaging

                                                                                                            · Research for continued quality control

                                                                                                              · Product supervision for quality hair extensions

                                                                                                                · Product catalog

                                                                                                                  This factory focus on selling retail hair products to create a link with Anka for constant retail hair supplies. There is plenty of different hair weaves, Remy hair and wholesale hair weaves.

                                                                                                                    Recommended for: hair seller starters in business, customers who want to buy a small quantity for themselves to use,…

                                                                                                                      5.5 Apo Hair

                                                                                                                        Baco was started 10 years ago to deal with both small and large wholesale hair distributors. They also have a hair factory which enables them to sell their hair wigs and extensions at a cheap price. They are known for their human hair manufacturing to designs.

                                                                                                                          Service overview

                                                                                                                            · Exchange and return policy

                                                                                                                              · Delivery services

                                                                                                                                · Custom hair labeling and packaging

                                                                                                                                  Getting human hair products can be challenging due to the high demand for human hair. Baco is there to manufacture your specific order to meet your product requirements. The standardized quality is guaranteed.

                                                                                                                                    VI. Conclusion

                                                                                                                                      The hair market is really a potential market for your business, and factories play an important role in making your hair business successful. Be alert and smart in choosing your Vietnamese hair factory!!! Selecting the most suitable distributor from the listed wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam above will be the beginning of your success.  A good Vietnamese hair factory will accompany with you to the pinnacle of success!


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