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Virgin hair extension is considered as one of the most precious products or most high quality hair in the hair business. This product would be new or confusing to the amateurs and new purchasers as not only the difference between this hair type is little in comparison with others but there are also countless replicas or fake items of virgin hair available in the market. This article will provide an insight into the world of quality virgin hair to help readers avoid unexpected loss.

Virgin hair product

Virgin hair extension is considered as one of the most precious products or most high quality hair


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1. Definition of virgin hair extension

Virgin hair extensions are the most high quality hair product that each bundle is made from 100% quality virgin hair provided by only one person. After gathering, the hair is slightly processed, particularly being washed but no more chemical treatments are applied.

These hair extensions are mostly imported by European hair salons and Eastern European countries such as England, Russia… Generally, this hair product is used to thicken the natural hair of the users. That’s the reason hair extensions virgin hair beloved in this market.

Definition of virgin hair

Definition of virgin hair: Virfin hair are mostly imported by European hair salons and Eastern European

2. Features of virgin hair extension

What about the features of virgin hair products which are the most high quality hair extensions? Does it have different characteristics from other hair types? Does the virgin hair outweigh other types of hair extension? The information will be disclosed soon.

2.1. Source of virgin hair extension

The hair extension is mainly produced in Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, China, Cambodia… The reason is that native women in those nations have the habit of growing their hair long as well as they have more sufficient hair than people from other continents.

  • China is the top hair exporting country in the world. The hair factories in China even import the hair material from neighboring countries such as Cambodia, India to ensure the great quantity of virgin hair extension available for consumers.
  • India is a competitive competitor of China in producing great quantities of hair. However, the distributors in this country are the most famous for providing the cheapest virgin hair. Their products are made from wasted hair or dedicated hair in the temples.
  • Vietnam virgin hair is recognized as the most luxurious hair in the Asian hair market. The hair donors are living in rural and mountainous areas. Thus, they have limited chemical use on their hair. Vietnamese hair extensions are hence so healthy, smooth and silky.
Source of virgin hair

Source of virgin hair: Mainly produced in Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, China, Cambodia

2.2. Texture of virgin hair extension

The virgin hair has 2 main natural textures.They are natural straight and natural curly. Vietnamese hair is usually straight while Indian hair and Cambodian hair is a bit frizzy and curly. In addition, virgin human hair in Africa even has coily textures which are kinky and yaki curly.

No matter what the texture is, virgin hair has its cuticle intact and alignment uniform. Therefore, the hair is so strong and easily styled to be smooth, soft and silky.

Texture feeling

Texture feeling Vietnamese hair extensions vs Indian hair extensions

2.3. Quality of virgin hair extension

The hair has 3 popular quality grades: super double drawn, double drawn and single drawn. These terms are used to show the fullness of hair extensions.

  • Super double drawn hair is the fullest with 80-90% hair strands equally long.
  • Double drawn hair is less full with the portion of about 65-80%.
  • Single drawn hair has that portion of only 50-65%.

2.4. Length and weight of hair

This hair type is usually grouped into hair bundles. Each bundle weighs 100 grams. No matter what the length is, the weight is stable. Therefore, you will notice that the shorter the hair is, the fuller the bundle looks.

In terms of length, virgin hair is available in the market with full lengths from short to extra long, 6 inch to 30+ inch. One thing to notice is when buying long hair extensions like 30 inch ones, please check the hair carefully to see whether the hair is naturally long or actually attached together.

2.5. Durability of the hair extensions

As mentioned before, virgin hair is the most valuable and high quality hair product in the hair extensions market, and a factor that makes up its value is the long duration of using time. While other hair types have average durability from eight months to a year, best items can remain the original condition from one to four years if it is cared for properly. In other words, they have the longest durability in the hair business, which results in the highest price required.

The Difference Between Virgin Hair VS Remy Hair

3. Different types of virgin hair extension

There is a wide range of hair extensions types produced based on different using purposes. Here are some typical categories of virgin hair available with full details in almost every national market around the world.

3.1. Virgin hair extension clip in

Hair clip in is the product that has the hair weaved together and then stuck with small clips at the root part of the hair strands. The clips are used for attaching the extension on the scalp of users as well as adjusting the position of the hair. This is one of the most common types due to its convenience.

Virgin hair extension clip in

Virgin hair extension clip in: One of the most common types due to its convenience.

3.2. Virgin hair extension tape in

While the clip in hair is a large bundle of hair, the tape in has a smaller amount of human hair on each bundle. This amount of hair extensions virgin hair is evenly stuck on pieces of tape in a certain pattern. This hair type can be applied directly on small clumps of natural hair without requirement for heating. This is one of the safest hair extension types to your head but can not be reused.

Types of virgin hair extension

Different types of virgin hair extension

3.3. Virgin hair extension tip

There are two types of tip hair extensions : human hair extensions U tip and I tip. Generally, a small amount of the hair extensions is stuck together by glue which has a shape similar to a nail or a cylinder. It is essential to have a hair expert apply this hair type for you.

Virgin hair extension tip

Two types of tip hair extensions : human hair extensions U tip and I tip

3.4 Virgin hair extension weave styles

There are some popular types included in the weave styles. First and foremost are the lace frontal and closure hair: they are the human hair sewn or weaved onto a nest by hand. Although the grid is a square piece, the lace frontal has a bigger size in comparison to the lace closure.

Virgin hair extension weave styles

Weave styles of virgin hair


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4. Hair styles of virgin hair extension

Like other types of human hair extensions, the hair extensions virgin hair is designed in multiple styles. If you are a newbie to the categories of best styles, don’t worry, the typical ones are included in this part.

4.1 Virgin hair extension curly

This style of hair is famous for its adaptability and usefulness in limiting the defects of your face shapes, best  have some following curly styles: wavy hair, curls and coiled hair.

Virgin curly hair extension

Virgin curly hair extension: style of hair is famous for its adaptability and usefulness

  • Wavy hair: Human hair extensions wavy is the most girly style of curly virgin hair.
  • You can go for soft wave, wavy or deep wave hair which has loose and big curls. Each type of hair will offer a different look but all of them remain the soft and elegant look on the users.
  • Hair with curls: This best type is more relevant to people who want to express a strong personality. There are soft curls, curly and even ultra curly hair available in the hair market to meet different demands of customers. This type matches the best with street fashion.
  • Other types of curly hair: Beside those well-known types of curly hair extension, there are coiled hair, zic-zac hair and tightly coiled one that provide an unique look for the users. If you want to challenge yourself with an unusual style, go for these hair extensions styles of curls.

4.2 Virgin hair extension straight

If you are a hair lover, you would know that bone straight hair is the most reputed hair style. This hair is the flattened hair with the typical color of black. There is diversity in the grades and length of this hair style.

These hair extensions are typically from 8 inch to 24 inch long. African and European consumers are really into this hairstyle due to its silky and smooth look. Layer hair is another straight style that helps the users get an active and young appearance.

Virgin hair straight

Virgin hair straight: These hair extensions are typically from 8 inch to 24 inch long

4.3 Virgin hair extension colour

You find the black or dark brown boring? Virgin hair with colors will satisfy your demand as the hair can be dyed and bleached to whatever color you want. The hottest colored this year is burgundy hair, 613 blonde hair and purple hair.

In addition, you can also give ombre hair, which is never out-of-date, a try. This hair style has at least two colors blended together from the root till the end of the hair strands. The final best color style can be the hair with highlights.

Virgin colour hair extension

Virgin colour hair extension: The final best color style can be the hair with highlights.

5. FAQs about Virgin hair extension


Above are all about virgin hair extensions. We believe that with these pieces of information, you will be able to choose the most suitable hair products for your use or business. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact K-Hair for 24/7 customer services.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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