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Of all the types of hair extensions, Raw Hair is always the hairstyle that major hair salons and lovers of hair extensions always wish to own in their hair collection. Knowing that the demand for Raw Hair Extension is huge, there are countless Wholesale Hair Suppliers in the market. Therefore, it is very important to choose wholesale bulk hair distributors of raw hair extensions that provide quality and reliable raw hair extensions products. Where can you find wholesale raw hair suppliers? How to find raw hair suppliers? Then this article will give you clarity.


Top wholesale hair suppliers

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1. Overview about wholesale hair suppliers: All things you should know 

If you are a newbie in the Hair Extension market with a variety of wholesale hair suppliers and wholesale raw hair suppliers, all the details about hair extension vendors I give the following are useful for you! After reading this section, all about wholesale hair vendors, raw hair, raw hair extensions and best raw hair companies will no longer be your wonder.

1.1 Clarify 2 most frequently mistaken terms: resell wholesale hair suppliers vs. wholesale hair suppliers factories

In case you still sometimes feel confused because of the phrases “wholesale hair suppliers factories” and “wholesale hair suppliers resellers”. Then, before continuing with further analysis, you’d better make it clear between a normal reselling wholesaler and a wholesale factory (which are two forms of wholesale vendors). Please read our explanation below to make everything clear at first. Then, grasping this basic difference will help you understand our analysis more easily.


Resell wholesale hair suppliers vs wholesale hair suppliers factory

1.1.1 Resell wholesale hair suppliers/sellers

What are resell wholesale hair suppliers? 

They are simply sellers that buy hair extensions in quantities from factories/sellers to resell to other sellers or customers. Actually, they cannot produce hair, but they can still resell at pretty reasonable prices for importing hair at wholesale prices.

You can imagine resell wholesale hair suppliers as intermediaries. They are the “bridges” between original distributors and other small scale sellers or customers.

Nowadays, many commercial hair companies claim themselves as wholesale factories whereas they are just resellers. They do so to try to get trust from other importers, so be alert and you can recognize them by following tips:

  • Make video calls to confirm the factories, commercial resell hair companies have no factories!!! They can’t call themselves as the best wholesale hair suppliers factory when they don’t even have a factory!
  • Require guarantee under ordering time, commercial companies can’t meet your requirement as they don’t directly manufacture the hair!
  • Make sure the prices are near to basis prices; otherwise, those companies are just resellers

Resell wholesale hair vendors

1.1.2 Wholesale hair suppliers factories

Unlike resellers, wholesale hair suppliers factories are the ones that directly manufacture hair extension products. They have factories, equipment, technique and laborers to produce hair. Those factories are where the hair extensions come from. 

If you call the sale of hair a successive range of chains, then hair factories are the first chains. They are the original distributors of hair extensions. They are the suppliers for reselling wholesalers, retailers or even buyers with personal use (salons, hair stylists…)

1.1.3. When is a vendor considered as a wholesale hair vendor factory?

As we know, both kinds of wholesale hair suppliers are wholesalers, but they have different roles. So how to know whether a vendor is a wholesale hair vendor factory or not? The answer is that only when the vendor meets all these demands will it be called a factory:

  • A factory will have material facilities in appropriate scale, including qualified factory and equipment
  • A factory have its technique which is modern enough and productivity which is big enough according to factory’s scale 
  • A factory has the ability to confirm quality of hair at the standard requirements – very easy, reliable wholesale hair suppliers factories produce the hair, so quality is in their calculation
  • A factory has enough human resources (managers and labors) to run the factory

Wholesale hair vendors factories

After all, beginners in wholesale hair suppliers should choose to be resellers. This choice is apparently more simple and less costly than the choice to hold a factory. Knowing this, this text will focus on sharing the experience to become successful resell wholesale hair vendors.

1.1.4 Benefits of choosing top B2B wholesale hair vendors

Now you know the differences between a reseller and a factory, now is more details about a B2B wholesale hair vendor which is more likely to be a hair factory.

What is B2B wholesale? 

B2B stands for business to business; we can understand that wholesale companies sell products in quantities to other companies.

What factors are the benefits of choosing B2B wholesale hair vendors as your distributors?

  • Variety of products: Factories can provide you with various models, and you can even have special model on order
  • Guaranteed quality: You can surely check samples beforehand to ensure the quality, which is of the most concern of every seller
  • NO INTERMEDIARIES: This pretty much helps you save expenses and time, hence getting more profits
  • Clear customer service: Guarantee, shipment, payment, advice…
  • Ability to have online transactions: This is a super convenience; working online gives you the chance to bargain about the price, quality as well as requirement. You can thereby easily have more discussion with the wholesale hair vendors to make sure that your partners can meet all your demands. As a result, the possibility of building a long term relationship is also increased

Benefits of buying from B2B wholesale hair vendors

1.2 What is raw hair from wholesale hair suppliers? 

When it comes to the best products from wholesale hair suppliers, raw hair must be in the top list! Raw Hair from the best raw hair suppliers wholesale is 100% pure hair material, taken directly from hair donor (the donor’s hair must be straight, not curly or dyed hair). Normally, the hair is cut, cleaned and grouped into bundles of 100g by wholesale hair vendors. Let’s see more about the typical characteristics and quality grades of raw hair from a hair vendor wholesale below.


Raw hair from wholesale hair suppliers

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1.2.1 Specific characteristics of raw Hair from wholesale hair vendors

All top quality raw hair from wholesale hair vendors is well-known for its top 2 characteristics. One is that the hair is totally unprocessed virgin hair wholesale. The other one is that thanks to its purity, raw hair from the best raw hair vendors wholesale is the perfect choice to customize bleached or dyed hair. For more detail, please read the analysis of hair from wholesale raw hair vendors below. 3 No: No Chemical, No Synthetic, No Mixed Hair 

First of all, qualified raw hair is 100% human hair that is not processed with chemicals or mixed with other types of hair. It is just cut, cleaned, grouped and sometimes bleached or dyed just in case the customers require. To have 100g of Pure Hair, we as a hair vendor wholesale have to undergo rigorous processing to get the most perfect raw hairs. Normally, a donor can provide only 200g of raw hair. Then, when buying raw hair from wholesale hair suppliers, you need to remember that:

  • First, it’s from hair donors. The source of hair from the donor must be 100% pure hair (donor hair must be intact, not dyed or styled). The best raw hair vendors wholesale will always be able to ensure this for you.
  • If hair donors have previously styled hair, that hair would not be considered raw, it is processed hair. That’s why raw hair from wholesale raw hair suppliers is rare and expensive. If you don’t do your research before buying raw hair from vendors for hair or hair vendor wholesale, you will be dealt with fraud because 90% of vendors for hair will sell you old hair. not coarse hair.

“3 NO” of hair from wholesale hair vendors Can Be Bleached To high-bright Colour

As long as the raw hair is qualified and is supplied by reliable wholesale hair suppliers, it will satisfy users with the great ability of being bleached to the lightest tones! This is such an outstanding feature of raw hair.

  • Raw Hair from reliable wholesale hair vendors is 100% pure, chemical-free, unadulterated hair, which is why it can be bleached up to tone 613 (the lightest tone). This is especially true for the virgin raw hair from virgin hair bundle vendors.
  • At the K-Hair factory, each bundle of raw hair is taken FROM 1 UNIT. We can’t force 2 people to donate hair into 1 virgin hair bundle because their hair characteristics are not the same, so it can’t be bleached to color 613.

Bleached hair from wholesale hair vendors

There are hundreds of Best Wholesale Hair Suppliers in the hair marketplace of raw hair wholesalers today. But it’s not an easy job to find good hair suppliers. Finding a High-quality hair store is very necessary to purchase an extension without consuming much time and money. Here is the reason why finding a high-quality hair store is essential for people who want to start a hair business. Check out top best wholesale hair vendors here!

1.2.2 How many grades of hair extensions are there from wholesale hair vendors? 

There are three main types of hair from the best wholesale raw hair vendors which are virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy Hair. Some new and inexperienced hair buyers or hair dealers believe that coarse hair is virgin hair. Some unreliable wholesale human hair manufacturers have taken advantage of this misunderstanding to sell silk hair at the price of whole hair to make more profits. They just pretend to be real single donor virgin hair vendors. Virgin Hair from Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors

Raw Virgin Hair Wholesale from best wholesale virgin hair vendors is the finest quality raw hair extension that is only cut from a single donor and has no chemicals added. Thus, Raw Virgin Hair supplied by raw virgin hair suppliers is very strong, soft, and silky and also has the same quality, texture, and style thanks to being cut from a single donor. Raw Virgin Hair is always the ideal style for any fashion hairstyle.


Virgin hair from wholesale hair vendors Remy Hair from Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors

Raw Remy Hair from raw wholesale hair suppliers is 100% human hairs and no added chemicals, sourced from 2-3 donors with almost the same quality. Although there is a slight difference in quality and texture, coarse hair from wholesale remy hair vendors will be in one direction and smooth. Pure fairy hair is still standard for many hairstyles and is highly appreciated by customers and brings lots of profits in the hair suppliers business. Non-Remy hair from Wholesale Raw Hair suppliers

Raw Non-Remy Hair from raw wholesale hair suppliers is the hair and has also never undergone any chemical treatment. However, non-Remy hair is mixed hair from many donors and comb suppliers, hospitals, orphanages, etc. It does not have the same quality and the same direction so its quality is lower than the other hairs above from raw virgin hair vendors and remy ones.


Type hair types from wholesale hair vendors

1.3 Typical hair extension products from wholesale hair vendors

As hair from raw hair wholesale vendors is just bundles of unprocessed hairs which cannot be used to directly attach to human real hair, it needs to be processed in factories into hair extensions. Raw hair as well as normal hair from bundles wholesale vendors is mainly produced in two types, which are Raw Hair Extension and Weft Hair Extension. 

  • Raw Hair Extensions from wholesale hair suppliers are Raw Hair that is glued with clips, tape, elastic, or keratin to make the client’s hair thicker, fuller and longer. This hair is for people with short and rather thin hair. Raw hair extension materials are favored by European countries such as Germany, Russia, Uk as well as the USA, Brazil, etc.
  • Raw Weft Hair Extension of hair bundle vendors is also from Raw Hair, made of fine coarse fabric, skillfully sewn under many layers of hair. Raw Weft Hair supplied by raw wholesale hair vendors is suitable for very short and less dense hair for longer, fuller and longer-lasting hair. People in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, etc. have very short and curly hair, so coarse horizontal hair is very popular and widely used in these countries. Recently, European people’s demand for Raw Weft Hair has also increased significantly. 

1.4 Amazing features of buying from wholesale hair vendors

Besides the characteristics of the hair itself as mentioned, let’s see what are the possible pros and cons when buying hair extensions from wholesale hair suppliers. Knowing this will be beneficial for hair buyers, hair retailers and wholesale hair vendors.


You are recommended to consider buying hair from wholesale hair suppliers

1.4.1 Advantages when purchasing hair extension from wholesale hair vendors

The advantages of purchasing hair extensions, especially raw hair from wholesale hair vendors are briefly synthesized into these main points:

  • A high-quality source of hair
  • Pretty 
  • Soft and dense
  • Strong and durable
  • Functional

The biggest competitive advantage of raw hair from raw hair wholesale vendors is that it is 100% natural and does not undergo any chemical treatment, so it is very strong, durable, and retains the purest quality of the hair. 

The good quality of coarse hair extensions (the best one is virgin hair from over 100 virgin hair suppliers) from wholesale hair vendors makes it possible to bleach and dye different light blonde hair colors with many trendy hairstyles such as straight, curly, small or big curls, light waves, or heavy waves without worrying about shedding or splitting ends. Besides, coarse hair extensions also have the longest life, up to several years if properly maintained.


Advantages of choosing wholesale hair vendors

1.4.2 Disadvantages when purchasing hair extension from wholesale hair suppliers

On the other hand, buying raw hair from wholesale raw hair suppliers can be disadvantageous due to:

  • High price
  • Rare source and unavailable

Along with superior quality, price is one of the main disadvantages of coarse hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors. Due to the limited supply, only healthy and qualified hairs can be collected, and the demand for this type is very high, so raw hair has a relatively high price compared to other types. The virgin raw hair is definitely the most expensive one. Coarse hair extensions also need more maintenance and care to have a longer service life. You can consider using hair care products such as best wholesale hair conditioners or shampoos.

Despite the cons, the advantages of coarse hair extensions far outweigh the cons. The price matches the quality. And if you’re running a business, quality builds reputation and customer loyalty.

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1.5 How to choose the best wholesale hair suppliers

Though raw hair from wholesale raw hair suppliers is of great quality, not all raw hair vendors can ensure to provide you with qualified products. Below are all the things and tips to take notice of in order to find the best wholesale hair suppliers.


Always remember to choose the best wholesale hair vendors to work with

1.5.1 Characteristics of reliable wholesale hair vendors

Before knowing how to search for prestigious wholesale hair vendor suppliers, you’d better keep in mind their features. These will be the criteria for you to list and pick the best wholesale hair suppliers, especially the best raw donor hair suppliers.

  • Clear and public information: The information of a wholesale hair vendor includes the company introduction, product catalogs, price lists, order & shipping policy, feedback & reviews, etc.
  • Willingness to discuss: Experienced wholesale hair vendors will always be willing to answer all your questions. A reliable wholesale hair vendor definitely has enough knowledge and responsibility to do so.
  • Professional service: The attitude of the raw human hair vendors’ staff will also decide whether they are reliable or not. Scam vendors will only aim at your money and ignore your real issues.

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Characteristics of reliable wholesale hair suppliers


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1.5.2 Steps to find the best wholesale hair suppliers

How to apply all knowledge above in finding the best wholesale hair suppliers? The answer lies in these simple steps:

  • List down all potential wholesale hair suppliers: (including wholesale raw hair suppliers) To do so, you need to make the best use of the internet and your relationship to get as many suggestions on reliable wholesale hair suppliers as possible.
  • Pick out the most qualified wholesale hair suppliers: This is when you use the first criterion above to see which raw human hair suppliers can meet all the demands.
  • Further discover the chosen wholesale hair suppliers: 2 steps above are only one-sided assessments from you. To make sure your assumptions and findings about the raw human hair suppliers are correct, you need to contact, visit and work with those hair wholesale suppliers to see whether they are okay or not.

How to find the best wholesale hair suppliers

2. Top 5 best wholesale hair suppliers newest update

After showing you all the tips to find the best raw hair suppliers, now we will help you save more time by listing the top 5 most reliable wholesale hair suppliers to consider. Of course, you still can follow the instructions above to find many other suitable suppliers.

TOP 1 wholesale hair vendor – K-Hair Factory – Vietnamese raw hair factory 

Now we come to a leading raw wholesale hair distributor factory, they are called K-hair factory, which has been around for 30 years and offers 100% Vietnamese hair with excellent quality, chemical-free, lint-free. tangled, unprocessed, and unadulterated.


TOP 1 – K Hair Factory – Vietnamese Raw Hair Factory – Top best wholesale hair vendors worldwide

This raw hair factory – top 1 best wholesale hair suppliers – offers you wholesale orders which are also known as raw bundles wholesale and also small orders for personal use or sample orders which you can contact their representative for more information. Hair is collected from girls in mountainous provinces, from 18 to 25 women, so the hair is really durable and strong. Another thing that you guys are very interested in is the 4-YEAR warranty.

Contact: Dealing only wholesale through Whatsapp


TOP 1 – K Hair Factory – Vietnamese Raw Hair Factory – Top best wholesale hair vendors worldwide

TOP 2 wholesale hair vendor – 5S Hair Factory – Vietnamese raw hair factory 

The top two among the best wholesale hair suppliers call it 5S hair factory, a name you may not be familiar with among famous wholesale hair extensions vendors. But trust me you will be amazed at this raw hair factory. It is really the top 2 wholesale hair vendors!

Actually, this vendor among the top best wholesale raw hair suppliers was born in 1989 but since then they only accept wholesale orders for close customers or for some foreigners to come to the factory and buy hair at the place, so that’s why they don’t do much marketing anymore. 

5S Hair Factory is the first Vietnamese raw material hair factory in Vietnam, providing 100% high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions, virgin hair extensions, Remy hair extensions, human hair bulk for braiding, hair clips, hair tips/headbands… Mainly European hair extension products and exported to world hair wholesalers such as Brazil, Russia, United Kingdom, United States.


TOP 2 – 5S Hair Factory – Vietnamese Raw Hair Factory – Top wholesale hair suppliers

TOP 3 wholesale hair vendor – Temple Hair – Indian raw hair factory 

The next company among the top best wholesale hair suppliers comes from India. I found this raw Indian hair wholesale company on my Instagram page but really they don’t update too many pictures and videos on Instagram but when I use them. They answered me honestly.

This hair from wholesale hair suppliers is made by Raw Indian hair which is sourced from temples in South India at our Indian hair factory directly and exported to many different places such as UAE, UK, USA,… but we need to be more careful when buying Indian hair because not all hair that their best raw hair companies offer is raw hair and you can’t dye it! Just make sure that you buy the right wholesale virgin temple hair from the right brand as you can be easily scammed.

TOP 4 wholesale hair vendor – APSARA Hair – Cambodian raw hair factory 

And next is the factory that produces hair materials from Cambodia. You often ask about Cambodian hair and best raw hair companies here, so this company is called Apsara, located right in Cambodia, so the hair they provide is 100% natural, not mixed and untreated physical. They are one of the top wholesale hair vendors to consider.

The problem, however, is that they always apply double pull, no single pull, and no super pull

Cambodia Hair Factory: They are providing a guarantee of the quality of softness, smoothness, natural look, and longevity of the bangs. frizz-free hair.


APSARA – Cambodian wholesale raw hair suppliers – Top wholesale hair suppliers

TOP 5 wholesale hair vendor – Ideal Hair – Chinese raw hair factory 

This company’s hair is amazing as my client has been with this company for three years before she changed to Vietnamese hair. So the service of this company is really top and they are always attentive and give you a lot of information in comparison with many other wholesale hair vendors.

They have more than 4 years of experience in the hairdressing industry and have a good reputation in this area. They mainly export Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, closed lace, all 100% human hair. But the price is high, about 40s per Unit.


Ideal Hair – Chinese wholesale raw hair vendors – Top wholesale hair vendors

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3. Wholesale hair suppliers: Raw hair can be used to make which specific type of hair?

Thanks to amazing purity, raw hair from wholesale hair suppliers can be used to customize many attractive hair colors. The most significant ones are light blond and multiple colors! Each choice of color will bring about a special vibe.

3.1 Light colour tone with trending hairstyle 

As mentioned about the characteristics of Raw Hair, the hair is 100% pure hair of the donor. Therefore, it can be bleached to light tones such as color 613, tone 60, etc. These are also best-selling items of wholesale hair suppliers.

Meanwhile, remy mixed hair cannot be bleached to light color because it is mixed from many hair donors with different hair characteristics.


Blond hair from wholesale hair vendors

3.2 Dyed hair in multiple color – Bring your unique outlook!

You have bought hair from other wholesale hair suppliers for hair before and you have a problem with the color of your hair. Your hair can’t get the color you want but you don’t know why? That’s because the hair source you buy is mixed hair from many hair donors with different characteristics, so it can’t have the same color tone.

If you find for yourself reliable wholesale hair vendors, then the hair is definitely qualified and easily dyed into any color shades and color patterns you want. Top most popular colors and styles are blonde, ombre, highlight, balayage and so on.


Dyed hair from wholesale hair vendors

4. Should I purchase hair extensions from Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors? 

These days Vietnamese hair is searched a lot. Vietnamese hair is well known for its beautiful texture and it is interesting to know more about the top famous Vietnamese hair supply brands. To save your time and money, don’t buy the wrong hair product or spend a lot of time looking for a company that sells good products for you.

Vietnamese Wholesale Hair suppliers are well known as the best hair suppliers in the world because of their high-quality hair at reasonable prices. Raw Hair is 100% pure hair material, taken directly from a hair donor (the source of hair from the donor must be pure straight hair, not curly, dyed). If you are looking for a good hair supplier to start a business, you should go to Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Vendors. Then, what to consider when buying hair in bulk with wholesale hair suppliers? The answer is here: Notes when buying hair in bulk

About the production, actually Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors factories are still working in house-hold scale. However, this does not prevent them from ensuring the quality of their hair extensions. Usually, the laborers are chosen carefully and they are very skillful. What’s more, each process is highly concerned to make sure that the hair still keeps its cuticles and same direction. For all the quality, Vietnamese hair extensions can’t be so cheap as Chinese or Indian ones, but they are definitely not expensive. It can be said that the price is reasonable for such a high quality! This is the important demand that almost all the factories above can’t meet! You can try and have a confirmation for yourself.


Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors

5. How to import hair from wholesale hair suppliers?

The market is open to everyone, so purchasing hair from Wholesale Hair suppliers is not a complicated procedure anymore. These are 4 steps to follow to import hair easily and successfully from the best wholesale hair suppliers:


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Step 1: Remember to investigate before deciding to contact any wholesale hair suppliers

That would save you tons of time. You can research Wholesale Hair Products Distributors on many platforms such as Google, forum, Facebook,… Look into their origins, hair extensions quality, policies, and especially customer feedback carefully.

Don’t choose wholesale hair distributors or wholesale hair suppliers factories which display no clear information on websites or have virtually no comments on social media, that is a big risk if you invest in something that you do not know thoroughly about.

Step 2: Make a contact with Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers


Contact of K-Hair Vietnam – Top best wholesale hair suppliers

Next, if you believe and feel that you are comforted by one particular hair factory, contact them. Search it on their website, or social media. If the wholesale hair suppliers are reliable, they put their phone numbers and email publicly.

You are recommended to connect by calling directly to the wholesale hair raw vendors, that is the quickest way to get in touch.

Step 3: About consultancy process with wholesale hair vendor

Feel free to speak about your commands to the customer service team, so they could give you the best advice on hair extensions.

Moreover, you could ask them for a video call to have a look at the hair factories, if it helps you boost your trust in them.

Step 4: Step to order hair extension from Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers


Steps to order hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors

When you are done with consultancy, place your order with the wholesale hair suppliers. Try to list everything as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstandings between you and your partner from the Wholesale Hair Products Distributors.

Ask about shipping fees and their policies to assure the products you receive come up to your expectation. Also, make questions and have a conclusion about order time. There is usually two ways of delivery:

  • Through agency: This kind of service from wholesale hair suppliers is considered reasonable, but it takes you a long time (at least one week).
  • Through UPS/DHL: It is expensive, but you only have to wait 1-2 days for the products to come on your hand.

It would normally take about 7-14 days for the wholesale raw hair suppliers to complete your products. At this time, require a video call to see your hair extensions carefully.

The deposit payment is often 50% of each contract. You could pay through some international banking services like Paypal, Western Union, Money Grams,…


Wholesale hair suppliers transaction

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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