Human Hair Extensions Wavy: 3 Tips To Keep Your Hair In Wonderful Form

Human hair extensions wavy
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The hair style has an important impact on your appearance and wavy hair is widely favored as it helps cover the weakness of most face shapes. Besides making the original hair wavy, more and more people are into hair extensions to change the look quickly. As a result, human hair extensions wavy is also one of the hottest items in the hair market. This article will provide the basic knowledge and hair care tips for this product.

Human Hair Extensions Wavy

Human Hair Extensions Wavy

 1. Overview about human hair extensions wavy

This type of hair extension has some significant features similar to other types available such as human hair extensions curly… Are you curious about the origin and manufacturing process of this hair product? The answers are included in this part.

1.1. How are human hair extensions wavy defined?

Human hair extensions wavy have a source of hair 100% taken from people then become processed including washed, dyed or bleached and curled by modern machinery in the factories. Thus, this hairstyle offers unlimited options in grades, color and length. 

Human hair extensions wavy 2

How are human hair extensions wavy defined?

For instance, you can use wavy human hair extensions tape in to lengthen and thicken your original hair; you can also purchase a human hair extensions wavy wig to transform your straight hair into a new look in a few minutes.

1.2. The pros and cons of human hair extensions wavy  

Human hair extensions wavy have some certain strong points in comparison with other products in the market that make them outstanding in the categories of human hair extensions, here they are:

  • Being impressive: A girl having volumes of hair can easily catch the sight of other people. This is thanks to special characteristics of the hairstyle as well as the unconditional reflex of humans when they see bouncy hair.
  • Being adaptable: The human hair extensions wavy can match numerous accessories such as headbands, scrunches… Furthermore, wavy hair can go in a different fashion no matter if it is girly, sexy or cool. 
  • Fewer tangles: When the wavy hair is tangled, it is less noticeable compared to the straight hair. In Addition, the volumes of human hair extensions wavy keep the hair aligned and unlikely to be knotted. 
Human hair extensions wavy 3

The pros and cons of human hair extensions wavy

However, this hair type still has some disadvantages that almost all human hair extensions remy have:

  • Being shorter than the real length of hair: As the hair is curled and twisted, the actual length of hair is shortened significantly. Thus, at the same level, the human hair extensions wavy are heavier than the straight hair.      
  • Cannot be straightened: The volumes of wavy hair cannot be flattened even by heating or other methods. In other words, the products have fixed hairstyles and cannot be modified. 
  • Obstacles in brushing: As the hair is twisted, if you do not brush it properly, the hair loss will definitely happen regularly. The brushing and untangling process require more effort than other types of human hair extensions.

1.3. Where can I buy human hair extensions wavy?

Buying online:  

  • Purchasing human hair extensions wavy via e-commerce: Consumers have benefited greatly from the advancement of the Internet, since online shopping sites such as Amazon, AliExpress, and others have brought a plethora of conveniences. You just simply go to those internet marketplaces and search for the term “human hair extensions wavy”.
  • Directly ordering products from official websites of the hair stores: Reputable human hair providers always have websites where they may market their products and take direct orders. You may look up prominent hair sellers who sell human hair extensions wavy and contact the management to place an order.
Human hair extensions wavy 4

Where can I buy human hair extensions wavy?

Buying offline

  • Retail outlets: When you visit the physical hair shops, you can freely try on the items and choose the finest human hair extensions wavy alternative for you.
  • Hair salons: If no stores are available in your area, you can acquire this product from hair salons. As the demand of local women for human hair extensions has been rising, these salons gradually import more products including human hair extensions wavy. You may also request that the hairdresser dye the hair in the color of your choice.

2. Human hair extensions wavy at home

After purchasing the human hair extensions wavy, there are some certain queries arose about how to preserve the hair and so on. Don’t worry, your concerns will be satisfied in this part of the writing.

2.1. How to maintain the volumes of human hair extensions wavy?

  • Using a relevant shampoo: It is advised that you should wash your hair regularly to remove the dirt and bacteria; therefore, choosing an appropriate shampoo is essential. You can go for the one having natural origin that hydrates your human hair extensions wavy gradually.
  • Brushing your hair carefully: As mentioned before, wavy hair requires more technique in brushing. You should use the wet brush rather than the dry one to avoid breaking your strands. Besides, the detangle spray and oil can work well with the knots. 
  • Rinsing the hair with cold water: Although the high temperature of water can boost the work of shampoo and conditioner on your hair, it is not worth it. The reason is when washing the hair with warm or hot water, you are drying it out concurrently. Moreover, the cold water has less effect on the color of hair, especially the human hair extensions ombre
  • Caring for the hair even during sleeping time: Before going to bed, remember to twist your human hair extensions wavy into buns. It is ideal to wear a silk bonnet as it keeps your hair in shape as well as hydrated.
Human hair extensions wavy 5

How to maintain the volumes of human hair extensions wavy?

2.2. Can I straighten the human hair extensions at home?

The human hair extensions wavy cannot be straightened either at home or at the salons. The hair has a fixed alignment of volumes that cannot be flattened by heat or other techniques. If you want to modify the product at home, you just can shorten or add accessories or braid it in temporary time.

You should straighten hair extensions separately if possible, so unclip them from your normal hair before you begin. The simplest approach to straighten your hair extension is washing, blow-drying, and hanging the hair extensions. Next, brush the hair strands to remove any knots or clumps. Spray a heat protectant on it after brushing, then let it dry. Set the iron to its lowest heating setting after that, and when it is hot, run it down one hair weft from top to bottom. Continue until you are satisfied with the results.

2.3. Can I curl the human hair extensions wavy at home?   

Of course, you can re-curl the human hair extensions wavy by yourself. Here are the basic steps that you can follow to reform your hair at home:

  • Step 1: Wash the hair carefully and let it dry naturally. If you want to use the dryer, it is recommended to put on the heat-protected product and dry your hair at low temperature.
  • Step 2: As dry brushing has certain drawbacks; you should comb your hair as little as possible. When the hair is properly dry, use the wide-tooth comb instead of the brush to comb the ends of your hair.
  • Step 3: Use the heat styling tool to emphasize the original alignment of the human hair extensions wavy. However, do not keep the high temperature too long on your hair.  
  • Step 4: Scrunch the styling product to preserve the waves and control the frizz. 

However, curling your hair can cause seriously harm if your hair is not naturally curly and you often use heat-based style methods. When using hot styling tools like flat irons and curling wands, you should always apply some heat protectant spray on your hair.

3. Tips and cautions when buying human hair extensions wavy

Beside the hair lovers and frequent consumers, there are newbie and interested people purchasing the human hair extensions for the first time. Thus, this part provides valuable advice for amateurs to minimize the loss at the first-time shopping.

3.1. Tips for human hair extensions wavy online shopping

If you have time to go to the physical stores, you can see the products and even try it on to make sure the hair fits your look. The quality of the human hair extensions wavy can also be insured when you can evaluate by yourself. However, when purchasing products via e-commerce sites, there are some cons that should be reduced. Here is the proper guideline for online customers:

Human hair extensions wavy 6

Tips for human hair extensions wavy online shopping

  • Choose reputed sellers: On this e-commerce site, you can get the rates and a brief description of each business. Make sure you use a trustworthy address for purchasing human hair extensions wavy.
  • Read the feedback: It is recommended that you shop at stores that have received positive reviews from former consumers. This is the most realistic assessment of the quality of human hair extensions.
  • Request a video or photos that aren’t filtered: The price of human hair extensions generally is not cheap; this is an acceptable request to check on the quality of the products. This will also help you avoid scammers and shops which use the photos from other sellers.

One thing to keep in mind is that the color of your natural roots should never be used when looking for a hair color match. As being the most recent hair on your body, it hasn’t yet undergone natural fading like the others.  You’ll get a product that is too dark if you purchase your hair extensions based on this tone. Furthermore, right hair extensions are made to fit beneath natural hair, so your roots’ color cannot be an exact match. Shopping for clip-in hair extensions online has the advantage of giving buyers the option to exchange or return their purchase if the color match is slightly off.

3.2. Wholesale market of human hair extensions wavy

If you are a retail hair seller finding a reliable address to import human hair extensions wavy in a large quantity, wholesalers are the best options you have ever had. 

3.2.1 The wholesale distributors of human hair extensions wavy

If you want to start a hair business with wholesale hair extensions suppliers, check their information carefully to avoid vendor scam. Here are some recommendations of reliable hair factories for you to consider: K-Hair Vietnam – Top wholesale distributors in Asia
Human hair extensions wavy 10

K-Hair Vietnam- Top wholesale distributors in Asia

K-Hair Vietnam is a major provider of human hair extensions and is the region’s flagship in the hair industry. The factory is dedicated to making high-quality human hair extensions wavy as well as providing exceptional customer service. They work with dozens of long-term partners from Africa, such as Nigeria, as well as America, such as Brazil, and Europe.

Website: K-Hair Vietnam RUKA – Reputed hair vendor in the UK

This London-based hair factory was founded by Tendai Moyo. RUKA is no longer the place to go if you like hair or want to learn more about the European human hair extensions business. This company provides a range of hair types in addition to human hair extensions wavy. You may visit the RUKA website to discover what items are available in certain categories before placing an order.

Human hair extensions wavy 7

RUKA – Reputed hair vendor in the UK SalonLabs – Human hair extensions vendor in Africa

This is a manufacturer as well as a supplier of human hair products in South Africa. Human hair extensions wavy is one of the most exported items of SalonLabs. The production of SalonLabs has high-tech appliances; thus, the quality of hair items is identical and pretty high. 

Human hair extensions wavy 9

SalonLabs – Human hair extensions vendor in Africa

3.2.2. How to import human hair extensions wavy from wholesalers?

  • Make a list of all the things you desire to import: Make a note of the different types of hair extensions you want to purchase such as human hair extensions wavy, wigs,…
  • Find a vendor: Check the distributors’ remarks carefully, determine whether their hair source is qualified or not… before deciding to work together to prevent falling for a vendor’s deception and buying low-quality human hair extensions wavy.
  • Make contact with the vendors and work out a deal: After you’ve chosen the best distributor, you should personally contact the company’s management. Then, to minimize the loss, carefully evaluate the contract, paying special attention to logistics and payment methods.
  • Pay the bill and pick up your products: It’s typical to put down a 50% deposit and then pay the remaining balance once the items arrive. Keep a tight check on the shipping process of your human hair extensions wavy and communicate with the supplier frequently.
Human hair extensions wavy 8

How to import human hair extensions wavy from wholesalers?

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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