Human Hair Extensions Ombre: Top 5 Awesome Combinations Of Color

Hair color has a significant impact on the appearance of people. When the hair business is booming on the global scale, the human hair extensions ombre is a tendency among the consumers. Have you got yourself one? In case you are to buy this hot item, this writing will show you the outstanding characteristics of ombre hair type.  

Human hair extensions ombre

Human hair extensions ombre

1. Get to know about human hair extensions ombre

The hair market is potential and competitive as there is a wide range of hair colors available such as human hair extensions red, blue, blonde…. However, human hair extensions emerge to be one of the best- seller products during these years. 

1.1. What are human hair extensions ombre made from?

Generally, human hair extensions including this hair type are made from 100% hair provided by women. The most dominant suppliers of human hair are the countries located in Asia. The women in those nations like India, China, Vietnam… have the habit of keeping their hair growing long. 

However, the quality of these national hair sources vary according to the way they are gathered. For instance, the Indian factories collect the waste hair from public places and dedicated hair in the temples to make their extensions. Thus, the human hair extensions ombre in this country are not developing and do not have identical color. Otherwise, Vietnamese hair companies gather the hair from native women living in the mountainous and rural locations; therefore the hair source is healthy and silky. Their human hair extensions ombre appear more outstanding.

Human hair extensions ombre 2

Get to know about human hair extensions ombre

1.2. What are the human hair extensions ombre?

The human hair extensions ombre is the hair that is made from real hair with at least two colors blended gradually from the roots till the end, commonly from the dark to light color. This hair style has been trending for decades as it provides a cool and unique look for the users.

1.3. What colors should I choose for my human hair extensions ombre?

There are countless colors that can be offered for your ombre. However, not all of them can work well on your skin tone. Here are some tips for you to consider and get the best combination of colors for your human hair extensions ombre.

Human hair extensions ombre 3

What colors should I choose for my human hair extensions ombre?

  • Dark skin tone: If you have this healthy look skin color, you can go for deep red like human hair extensions burgundy, deep blue, copper or bronze. These colors do not offer extreme contrast with your skin tone; insteads, they make you look more sexy and attractive.
  • Medium skin tone: There are some certain options for people having medium or yellow skin. You can purchase human hair extensions ombre with the toffee, rich or raspberry brown, copper or chocolate colors. Those colors will not make you look tanner than your original skin tone.
  • Fair skin tone: This light tone seems to have the most freedom in choosing the colors for human hair extensions ombre. You can go for the ashed colors or outstanding ones like grey, silver, golden caramel or human hair extensions blonde. You can also challenge yourself with the color of purple or light blue, light green… 

1.4. Recommendations for human hair extensions ombre trends

Have you caught up with the fashionable trends of human hair extensions trends this year? If not yet, there are some significant ideas provided below. 

  • Dark brown to caramel human hair extensions ombre

The dark brown can fit almost all skin tones and this is even the original hair color of some countries. Thus, when it combines with the caramel color, not only can the consumers have a guaranteed option for their new look but they can also make sure that their hair colors are not out of date.

Human hair extensions ombre 4

Recommendations for human hair extensions ombre trends


  • Black to silver hair color

These two extremely contrasted colors can make your appearance more cool and impressive. If the colors are blended well and identically, the human hair extensions ombre will match all the outfits you are putting on.

  • Dark blue to purple hair

This will be unique and one of the coolest hair styles as the colors combined are unusual and do not work well on all skin tones. However, if you can nail it, your appearance would be a hit that helps you catch the first sight from all people around.   

Human hair extensions ombre 5

Recommendations for human hair extensions ombre trends

  • Black with blue human hair extensions ombre

If you still want to have a stunning color on your hair but not too challenging, you can give this combination a try. The black can make the blue softer and deeper, which even matches the medium skin tone.

  • Black to pink ombre hair

Another color that can blend well with the traditional black color is pink. This option of human hair extensions ombre provides a more girly and friendly look to your appearance. The outfit offered can be either white dresses or leather jackets.

Human hair extensions ombre 6

Recommendations for human hair extensions ombre trends

2. Should I buy human hair extensions ombre?

After having some basic knowledge about this hair product, is it worth your investment? If you still hesitate, there is some more information for you to take into account.

2.1. The characteristics of human hair extensions ombre

To be honest, human hair extensions ombre is one of the most recommended items in the hair market. The reason is that they have numerous benefits for the consumers that will be revealed in this part:

  • Protect the original hair and scalp: When you want to have the ombre color, especially the combination having a light tone, you would definitely dye or even bleach your original hair. This process is hurtful and impacts badly on your scalp and strands. Your hair becomes weaker and easy to break. Thus, having human hair extensions ombre is the best solution for your health.
  • Offer diversified and guaranteed colors: There are multiple options of colors in the hair market to meet different demands of the consumers. Furthermore, as the hair is manufactured carefully, for example it is bleached even twice before dying, the colors have the right tones on the extensions. 
  • Can be combined as many colors as possible: When you order human hair extensions ombre, you can definitely ask the manager to make a new product having colors based on your request. Therefore, the hair can be dyed with the number of colors you want. Meanwhile, you can purchase the human hair extensions i tip or tapes in with different ombre colors to stick on your scalp.
Human hair extensions ombre 7

Should I buy human hair extensions ombre?

2.2. How to preserve the human hair extensions ombre?

As there are at least two colors on a product, the maintenance of human hair extensions ombre is more challenging and requires specific technique to make the colors stay in tones as long as possible. 

  • Reduce washing times: Although it is advised that the human hair extensions should be washed regularly to remove the dirt and bacterias, it can not be relevant to human hair extensions ombre. The more you wash the hair, the faster the colors will be removed. 
  • Hydrate the hair regularly: As you can not wash your ombre hair too many times, you should hydrate it properly whenever you wash it. You can go for a deep conditioning and hair mask after using the shampoo. Moreover, there is moisturizing oil as a strong assistant.
  • Use color-proof products: The human hair extensions ombre requires these types of caring products to make the colors stay matte longer on the hair. You should invest in shampoos specialized for ombre color.

2.3. Can I make human hair extensions ombre colors at home?

The answer is “Of course, yes!”. The human hair extensions remy can be dyed and even bleached. If you want to enjoy the whole time creating your own ombre hair, you can purchase a human hair extension which has been already bleached or has a fine base color to bleach at home. Then dye the hair with whatever colors you want. In addition, if you are into the human hair extensions with blonde color, you should use the purple shampoos to keep the color light.

3. The market of human hair extensions ombre

Have you made up your mind? If you are willing to purchase human hair extensions ombre for yourself but are confused with the prices and address of the seller. Don’t worry, this part is for you.

3.1. Where to buy human hair extensions ombre?

Buying online:

  • Ordering items directly from hair retailers’ official websites: Popular human hair providers always have websites where they may sell their products and take direct orders. You may contact the management of major hair vendors who sell human hair extensions ombre to place an order.
  • Buying human hair extensions ombre on online market sites: The growth of the Internet has benefited consumers significantly, as online shopping sites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, and others have introduced a multitude of conveniences. Simply go to those online marketplaces and type in “human hair extensions ombre” in the search box.
Human hair extensions ombre 8

The market of human hair extensions ombre

Buying offline:

  • Salons for hair: If there are no retailers in your region that sell this product, you can get it through hair salons. As local women’s desire for human hair extensions grows, these salons progressively import more items, including human hair extensions ombre. You may also ask your stylist to colour your hair based on your interest.
  • Retail stores: When you go to a physical hair shop, you may freely try on the products and select the best combination of colors for you human hair extensions ombre.

3.2. The price of human hair extensions ombre

The ombre hair does not have much difference in price in comparison with other human hair extensions. For instance, the price offered for five pieces of 14-inch-long clip ins silver grey weft weighing 70 gram on Amazon is $57.49. Moreover, if you change the colors option, the prices are the same. 

Human hair extensions ombre 9

The price of human hair extensions ombre

If you are a hair seller and want to import human hair extensions ombre with a large quantity, you can consider starting a business with a wholesale hair extensions suppliers. Here is a typical price list of human hair extensions offered:

At the same length of 14 inch, the hair is sold in each kilogram, equal to 10 bundles of hair and there are three options of grade for you to choose. The cheapest is $222 per kg while the most expensive is $315 per kg. 

Human hair extensions ombre 10

K- Hair Vietnam- top hair vendor

If you need further information discussion and details about the human hair extensions ombre exportation, you can contact the manager of K- Hair Factory, which is one of the dominant wholesale hair distributors in Asia to get the finest support.

Website: K- Hair Factory Vietnam. 

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