Human Hair Extensions Burgundy: Is It Worth Buying This Product?

In hair extensions, a lot of users have a tendency to choose outstanding colors to express their characteristics. Human hair extensions burgundy with the wine color as a symbol of sexyness has been widely favored recently. Does this hair have the same features and price with the other types? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

1. What is human hair extensions burgundy?

Human hair extension burgundy has the ressemble features as other remy hair types. Here is the basic knowledge about the origin, the characteristics and using guidelines for this product.

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy

What is human hair extensions burgundy?

1.1. What is human hair extensions burgundy made from?

The human hair extensions burgundy is made from 100% real hair gathered from a group of women having similarities in hair materials. This hair has the color of dark red-wine shade with rich tones, which is outstanding and trendy. The most popular human hair extensions burgundy types are wigs, clip-I n and tape-in.

1.2. The features of human hair extensions burgundy

The human hair extensions burgundy is silky, soft and easy to blend with the real hair. This hair product offers a natural look thanks to the aligned hair strands. There are diversified styles offered for example straight hair, braided or human hair extensions curly

1.3. How to preserve human hair extensions burgundy?

  • Always rinse the hair with cold water: The hot water can fade the velvet red color of the human hair extensions burgundy. Furthermore, it is suggested that you should not comb your extensions when it is wet because the hair can be tangled and break.
  • Don’t wash your hair too often: It is ideal to wash your hair extensions every 3 days or more. The reason is that the more you wash, the faster the hair color goes. In addition, the color of human hair extensions burgundy can not be maintained for a long time if it is washed regularly.
Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 2

How to preserve human hair extensions burgundy?

  • Choose the relevant haircare products: You should choose the shampoos and conditioners that make your hair extensions hydrated and provide extra nutrients. The best options are the shampoos without Sulfare.
  • Minimize the usage of styling heat tools and exposure to the sun: The styles that require heat tools like flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons to form will damage your head skin and real hair. Therefore, you should reduce the times of heated styles for your human hair extensions burgundy. Besides, remember to use the products that protect your hair against the UV rays.

2. The human hair extensions burgundy wholesale market

2.1. Who are the major consumers of human hair extensions burgundy?

With a particular length of 20 inch, there are recommended options given from expert for the relevant consumers:

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 3

Who are the major consumers of human hair extensions burgundy?

  • 120 gram with 5-pc set: If you have thin and fine natural hair, it is recommended to purchase for thickening your hair. This amount of human hair extensions burgundy will moderate your hair’s volume and length.
  • 220 gram with 9-pc set: This is the idealest for users who already have medium or thick natural hair. This set is used to get the ultimate volume and length for your hair.  

2.2. The price lists of human hair extensions burgundy 

The price of human hair extensions burgundy does not differ much from others. Here is the price list of wholesalers from separated regions in the world. They are all huge vendors in the hair market that offer the most reasonable costs.

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 4

The price lists of human hair extensions burgundy

As we can see, a bunch of weft hair weighing 100 gram and 10 inch long will cost from $10 to $17 in different countries. The Asian hair extensions market is considered to have the cheapest prices while the prices in Europe and Africa are a little higher. It does not mean that Asian hair products have worse quality than the others. The reason is that the hair source in Asia is sufficient while that in Europe or Africa is poorer; thus, the Asian market has a large quantity of human hair extensions with great quality and prices.     

2.3. How can I buy human hair extensions burgundy?

2.3.1. Purchase human hair extensions burgundy from wholesale vendors

As the hair market has been booming in a wide range of regions, it is not hard for you to connect with a native hair vendor to buy the product. You can find the guideline to find a nearby hair distributor in this article: Human hair extensions near me. If you are into wholesale price and quality, there are significant options for you such as the Asian suppliers, particularly Vietnam, India and China. As the wholesalers have multiple grades of human hair extensions burgundy as well as sell directly without the mediator, the consumers can not only have freedom in choosing but also save money.

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 5

How can I buy human hair extensions burgundy?

2.3.2. Buy human hair extensions burgundy online

Aliexpress, Amazon and other e-commerce make the buying process more simple for the customer. If you are looking for a relevant human hair extensions burgundy, you just have to go to these e-commerce sites on the internet and search for the product by keyword. There is specific information, the shipping support and other policies that will satisfy you when you purchase human hair extensions online.

3. International human hair extensions burgundy vendors.

In case you are newbies or confused with choosing a reliable vendor, there are some significant names recommended for you to consider.

3.1. Meir Hair- Popular distributor of human hair extensions burgundy in Brazil

Meir Hair is a well-known distributor in Africa, especially in Brazil. They offer the most qualified hair types that meet the demands of native consumers. Therefore, you can definitely purchase good-quality human hair extensions burgundy with wholesale price from this vendor.

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 9

3.2. K-Hair – The best human hair extensions burgundy seller in Vietnam

Having run the hair business for years, K-Hair is a trust-worthy vendor located in Vietnam, which has a sufficient source of hair. This company has cooperations with dozens of vendors around the world thanks to its fine customer service and wide range of products. This is another option to purchase human hair extensions burgundy with reasonable cost.

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 7

3.3. Remi Cachet- European vendor of human hair extensions burgundy

Europe is becoming a competitive market for hair business and it is not difficult to find a supplier in this continent. A dominant vendor that can provide wonderful human hair extensions burgundy is Remi Cachet. This company commits to export 100% human hair extensions uk products with fine prices. 

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 8

3.4. Indian Hair Giant- Giant market of human hair extensions burgundy

Indian hair vendors are known to offer the cheapest price of hair extensions. Although the quality can not compare to the neighboring market like Vietnam, the local vendors in this country still ensure to meet the basic standards of hair and guarantee to distribute a sufficient hair quantity.   

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 11

3.5. TedHair- Top Wholesale human hair extensions burgundy vendor in China

The Chinese market is the most potential competitor of the Indian market in comparison of supply-scale. The reason is that they not only have a big population that can provide a great amount of material but also import hair from other countries. If you want to import a large number of human hair extensions burgundy for your shop, TedHair is an ideal name.

Human Hair Extensions Burgundy 10

4. How can I become a human hair extensions burgundy vendor?

 Hair business is a promising field for interested people to invest in. If you are included, we have a short and comprehensive guideline to answer the question “How to take up the hair business?”

4.1.  How to start hair business

  • Step 1: Choose a name- This name should be unique, short and easy to remember or be impressed. It is more attractive if there is a hidden story or a passion behind the name.
  • Step 2: Orient your hair business- To be simple, you should choose which types of hair products you will sell. It would be human hair extensions burgundy or other popular types such as bone straight or human hair extensions curly.
  • Step 3: Register your business- The process of registering is convenient at this time. You can even file your document online to have permission from your state and local agencies.
  • Step 4: Start your business- After having legal rights to run the hair business, you should find reliable vendors to import products and then sell the hair extensions on your own website or physical shop.
human hair extensions burgundy

How to import human hair extensions burgundy?

4.2. How to import human hair extensions burgundy

  • Make a list: You should make a list in specific of the hair extension types you want to purchase. For instance: Human hair extensions burgundy, wigs, ponytail…
  • Find a vendor: To avoid getting involved in vendors’ scam and purchasing low-quality products, you should read the feedback of the distributors carefully, consider if the hair source of that wholesale hair extensions supplier is qualified or not… before coming to a cooperation.
  • Contact the vendors and make a contract: Aftering choosing your own best option of distributor, you should contact the manager of the company directly. Then take the contract into account seriously, take notice of the logistic service and the payment methods to reduce the loss.
  • Pay for the bill and receive products: It is common to pay 50% for deposit and then pay the rest after receiving the products. You should regularly check on the delivering process and keep in touch with the vendor.


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