Human Hair Extensions Remy: Advice From Expert For Business Beginners

Human hair extensions remy
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Human hair extensions remy is no longer unfamiliar with hair vendors and consumers around the world. This hair is common and the most favored due to its features and price. If you are to buy a human hair remy product or are considering importing this hair type or even new entrants just questioning “what is remy human hair extensions”, this article is for you.

1. Summary of human hair extensions remy

What is remy human hair extensions? Is remy hair purely made from human hair? Why are human hair extensions remy are cheaper than virgin hair extensions? The answers will be revealed below.

Human hair extensions remy

1.1. What are human hair extensions remy?

Customers asking “what are human hair extensions remy” or “what is remy human hair extensions” should be satisfied with the definition of hair extensions remy human hair provided below.

What is remy human hair extensions? Essentially, the human hair extensions remy is made from 100% real hair gathered from native women of the distributing countries or imported hair from the neighbors. As the hair comes from a group of donors that have the same characteristics, the remy hair extensions look natural and ressemble. This hair type can be waived, dyed different colors like human hair extensions burgundy, blonde… and even bleached.

1.2. Is human hair extensions remy mixed with fabric or synthetic threads?

Apart from “What is remy human hair extensions”, customers also wonder whether hair extensions remy human hair are really authentic or they can be mixed with synthetic hair. In theory, the human hair extensions remy are made from purely real hair provided by hair donors. There is no fabric or synthetic threads mixed in the extensions. However, due to the competitiveness of the hair market as well as the countless hair vendors active concurrently, a lot of suppliers provide the mixed hair with lower quality in order to make more profit.

1.3. The categories of human hair extensions remy hair, non-remy hair and virgin hair 

There are three main types of human hair extensions remy human hai: remy hair, non-remy hair and virgin hair. There are some particular features of those types of hair extensions remy human hair for you to distinguish. Customers asking “what is remy human hair extensions” can really benefit from this part since it helps them to differentiate human hair extensions remy from others.

1.3.1. Remy Hair

As mentioned before, hair extensions remy human hair is the totally human hair provided by a group of people with similar conditions of hair. Thus, the human hair extensions remy are silky and tangle-free.

1.3.2. Non-remy hair

Non-remy human hair extensions are also made from 100% real hair provided by women. However, that hair source comes from different donors with separated characteristics and quality. Therefore, in comparison to the human hair extensions remy, this hair type is harder to stay aligned.

1.3.3. Virgin Hair

This hair type is considered to be the most luxury item in the human hair extension business. The reason is that the material provided to make virgin hair extensions comes from only one donor for each product. Due to this exclusiveness, the quality of this hair type is better than human hair extensions remy. However, the price of virgin hair is pretty high and it is not favored as much as hair extensions remy human hair.

Human hair extensions remy 2

1.4. The hair care guidance and tips to preserve human hair extensions remy

  • Combing: You should invest in a high-quality comb to use for your human hair extensions remy. Comb your hair extensions remy human hair extensions remy human hair regularly, ideally everyday in order to keep the hairline. Comb your hair from upside to down side while the other hand places gently at the middle of your hair strands.
  • Washing: Remember to wash your hair extensions remy human hair at least once a week to keep it clean and avoid the invisible dust contained. You should find the suitable shapoos and conditioners with high quality which preserves the hair’s characteristics of silky and soft.
  • Style: When you style your hair, although human hair extensions remy can adapt a wide range of styles, you should give priority to a safe method of styling. It will help you maximize longevity of your human hair extensions remy. 

Summary: Human hair extensions remy are considered as the most sought-after hair types at this time. Not only being diversified and sufficient, this hair type also requires the price and caring suitable for most of the users class.

2. The wholesale market of human hair extensions remy

As remy hair is one of the best seller products in the hair market, the prices offered by the wholesale hair extensions suppliers from major nations of producing hair extensions are always the most attractive.

Human hair extensions remy 3

2.1. The benefits of wholesale human hair extensions remy business

  • Price: As the wholesale market has no intermediate, the price of human hair extensions remy is reasonable and stable.
  • Diversity: As the products are exported directly from the hair factories, there are a wide range of options for the hair styles and colors. Moreover, the human hair extensions remy products have ressemble quality and sufficient quantity to meet the demand of hair vendors.
  • Service: B2B is the business form that are popular in human hair extensions remy. It provides fine logistic service along with other policies that can please the consumers.
  • Contact: As the staff of those hair distributors are very supportive and reliable, the vendors can get the assistance quickly and sincerely. The speed of discussion about the selling contract is ensured as well.

2.2. Target consumers of human hair extensions remy

Although human hair extensions remy are popular in the hair business and purchased by consumers from multiple places, the majority of customers are located in Africa and some regions in America and Europe like human hair extensions UK.

2.3. How to find a human hair extensions remy vendor?

As the hair market has expanded widely recently, you can find it easy to connect with a distributor, especially in Europe, Africa or Asia. If you are still confused or have any questions about finding a physical vendors near your area, have a check in our another article.

Human hair extensions remy 4

There is another way for the consumers to find vendors no matter where they are. It is finding a vendor on the internet, you can find a website of human hair extensions remy vendor in the domain of your location. Otherwise, you can have a quick check on e-commerce like Amazon,… check this article for more information: Human hair extensions online.

3. Top 7 wholesale human hair extensions remy vendors in Asia

Asia is known as the most competitive hair market at this time. The vendors in this continent provide a wide range of hair types with reasonable prices. Here are some recommended options for you.

3.1. Baco Hair- “Support your hair business”

Baco Hair is a dominant human hair extensions remy vendor in China offering a wide range of products such as hair bundles, lace closures, lace frontals, and lace wigs. This is a trustworthy company that provides great service and price in China.

Human hair extensions remy 5

3.2. Rebe Hair- top Chinese wholesale hair vendor

Having produced hair extensions 100% made from human hair since the first day founded, Rebe Hair is a famous name in the Chinese hair market. If you want to import human hair extensions remy from China, give Rebe a try.

Human hair extensions remy 6

3.3. K-Hair- Top Hair vendor in Vietnam

This is a flagship human hair extensions remy distributor in Vietnam. K-Hair commits to provide the most high-quality products for the consumers thanks to the hair source with great standard from native women living in mountainous and rural areas. Besides, this vendor is also famous for great customer service and logistic support. 

Website: K Hair Factory 

Human hair extensions remy 7

3.4. SGI Hair- One of the biggest Indian hair vendor

SGI Hair- the short version of Shree Ganesh Indian Hair appeared as a hair vendor in 2008 in India. They have received multiple prizes for distributing hair extensions through the years. If you are into the Indian market and Indian human hair extensions remy, don’t miss this name.

Human hair extensions remy 11

4. Should I start human hair extensions remy business?

As we all know, investing in hair extensions, in other word, being a wholesale hair extensions supplier has great potential as the global market is promising. From the viewpoint of an expert, it is suggested that you should start your hair business by supplying the popular types of human hair extensions remy such as Pixie Curl and Bond Straight hair. These hair types are the most consumed in Africa and some European countries.

Human hair extensions remy 3

Otherwise, the newbie vendors would be confused with the virgin hair and remy hair products. These hair types’ characteristics and prices are different; thus, you should take into account carefully to run your business smoothly.

In conclusion, this article has answered a lot of questions related to hair extensions remy human hair, from basic questions like “what is remy human hair extensions” to how to preserve hair and different price rates of human hair extensions remy.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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