Human Hair Extensions Blonde: The Must-Have Item Of Hair Lovers

Human hair extensions blonde is one of the typical and most-favored hair types in the hair market as it fits almost all shapes of face and is available for multiple styles and grades. This hair extension offers a fashionable look, overrules the tradditional look of human hair extensions black and brings a wide range of other benefits. If you are a new consumer of hair extensions, this is a safe option of color to consider.

Human Hair Extensions Blonde

Human Hair Extensions Blonde

1. The market of human hair extensions blonde

The human hair extensions blonde has a stable sufficient number of consumers. In addition, the wholesale market seems to overweigh the retail sellers in providing these products. Here are the specific details about the wholesale business of the human hair extensions blonde.

1.1. The major consumers of the human hair extensions blonde

There are a lot of styles and categories of human hair extensions available in the wholesale market. Here are some significant ones of human hair extensions blonde:

  • Ponytail hair extension: This type of blonde extensions is widely used by the European people and also other consumers around the world. It offers a perfect look of ponytail hair style in a few minutes and does not require much time to apply on original hair.
  • Tape in/i tip/u tip hair extension: The blonde hair strands are stuck evenly on small pieces of tape. This hair type is used for thicken purposes if the consumers already have the long real hair. Meanwhile the human hair extensions u tip or i tip has smaller amount of hair stick together by the glue and requires heat to apply.
Human Hair Extensions Blonde 2

The major consumers of the human hair extensions blonde

  • Weft hair extension: This hair type is no longer straight to the frequent customers of human hair extensions blonde as it provides a natural appearance and is identical with the real hair. It is favored by the African market, especially the people living in Nigeria.
  • Lace frontal and closure hair extensions: These are a sort of natural hair stitched into a net by hand. The frontal area is bigger than the closure area (the grid is a square piece). The two 13×4 and 4×4 are the most common sizes purchased by the African population.
  • Wig: This product of human hair extensions blonde is manufactured similarly to the lace frontal and closure. However it has a 3D shape and is mostly used by consumers suffering from hair loss and Africans. Wigs can also offer the human hair extensions ombre option for users.

1.2. The supplement of  the human hair extensions blonde

As mentioned before, purchasing the products from the wholesale market is more beneficial as the price offered is reasonable as well as the quantity and quality of the human hair extensions blondes are awesome. You can purchase the products directly from the wholesale hair extensions suppliers in your location or import products from famous distributors all around the world. 

Human Hair Extensions Blonde 3

Where to buy human hair extensions blonde?

Furthermore, thanks to the enhancement of the Internet, you can take advantage of it by ordering human hair extensions through e-commerce such as amazon, aliexpress and so on. Those marketplaces provide not only the fullest information about the products and the exporters but also link to logistic services that are suitable for your accommodation.

1.3. The price of the human hair extensions blonde 

The prices are based on the styles, the length and the grades of products. For example, the straight human hair extensions blonde 18 inch long are more expensive than those with the length of 10 inch. Besides, the straight blonde tape in has different cost from the curly blonde tape in or the straight weft. 

Human Hair Extensions Blonde 4

2. How to import human hair extensions blonde?

If you have just taken the hair business, you would be overwhelmed by the diversified sources of products. To help you minimize the loss because of the vendor scam and fake distributors, take these information into account carefully. 

2.1. Top 6 wholesale human hair extensions blonde vendors 

Along with the promising hair business, there are countless hair vendors appearing. However, their quality of products and service is not ensured. Therefore, here is a list of reliable names for you to start cooperation with.

2.1.1. Indian Hair Giant- Hair distributor in India

This is considered to be the biggest hair factory in India with adequate employees and source of material. The manufacturing location of Indian Hair Giant is up to 4000 square meters; thus, they commit to provide a sufficient number of human hair extensions blonde.

Human Hair Extensions Blonde 5

2.1.2. Rebe Hair- Chinese hair wholesaler

This brand is a dominant name in the competitive Chinese hair market. It was founded in for years, producing the 100% human hair extensions to export to their partners in other continents. Rebe Hair is a vendor worth your consideration as their offered prices are pleasing.

Human Hair Extensions Blonde 6

2.1.3. K Hair Factory- The best Vietnamese hair quality

The human hair extensions in Vietnam are recognized to be the most luxurious products as they have superior standards. The material for manufacture is the real hair gathered from native women living in mountainous and rural areas, who rarely apply the chemical products on their hair. Contact the manager of K Hair to import human hair extensions blonde with the finest customer service.

Website: K Hair Factory

Human Hair Extensions Blonde 7

2.1.4. Meir Hair- Top hair vendor from Brazil

Africa is one of the most active markets of hair business as the demand for consumption is always high, particularly in countries like Brazil. There are a wide range of hair suppliers in this nation and one of the dominant names is Meir Hair. If you are living in Africa and want to start a business with native vendor, Meir Hair will provide you with the best human hair extensions blonde.

Human Hair Extensions Blonde 8

2.1.5. Kimwigs Vendor- UK’s source of hair importation

The number of European hair extensions consumers has been rising recently. Kimwigs in the UK would be a familiar address for the hair sellers in this region. They have multiple styles of human hair extensions available on their website which can meet the demand of both male and female purchasers. 

Human Hair Extensions Blonde 9

2.1.6. HerHairWorld- US hair vendor

Another region in Europe that has competitive trading activity of hair extensions is the US. When it comes to US hair vendors, the name HerHairWorld is always mentioned by the hair lovers. This factory has a wide relationship with international consumers worldwide and commits to supply the high quality of human hair extensions blonde.

Human Hair Extensions Blonde 10

2.2. Guideline for human hair extensions blonde importation

  • Step 1. Make a list of products: You should prepare all the hair types that you want to import in case you miss any of them during your discussion with the hair vendors. To the new businessman in the hair extensions field, you should narrow down the hair types and give priority to the common products like human hair extensions blonde.
  • Step 2. Choose the vendors: You should learn the information from the reviewing writing like this article to save time and avoid the vendor scam. You should also take a look at the feedback of previous consumers and choose the vendor that provides the most convenient service for you. 
  • Step 3. Contact the vendor: When you come up with the reliable name of distributors for your human hair extensions blonde, go to their website and get the official contact. Connect directly with the manager of that hair factory and discuss your importation.
  • Step 4. Payment and Delivery: After signing the contract with the vendor, you would have to pay a half of the total bill as the deposit, then the suppliers will package the products and send to you. Remember to have a regular check on the delivering process of your extensions to avoid unexpected delay.
Human Hair Extensions Blonde 11

The overview of human hair extensions blonde

3. The overview of human hair extensions blonde

Do you wonder why this hair type is widely favored by consumers all over the world or its production? This part will show you the secrets behind the reputation and manufacture of human hair extensions blonde.

3.1. The origin of human hair extensions blonde

This product is made from 100% human hair gathered from native women in supplying countries. Therefore, its features outweigh synthetic or fabric hair extensions. Asian countries, especially Vietnam, are famous for providing the highest quality and sufficient quantity of human hair extensions. 

3.2. The pros and cons of human hair extensions blonde

With the origin from real human hair, this product offers a number of benefits for the users.

  • Has the most feeling of real hair: As this hair type is always slightly processed, there are some characteristics of pure hair remaining. In comparison to other products like synthetic hair, the human hair extensions strands look more natural and identical with the original hair.
  • Long duration: Thanks to the great quality of material, the human hair extensions blonde can be in good condition for using from 8 months to a few years, much more than other types of extensions.
  • Stable alignment and shape: As the human hair material is flexible and strong, the strands after processed are still in alignment for a long time. Furthermore, the blonde color is always fashionable and easy to match with clothes. 
Human Hair Extensions Blonde 12

The pros and cons of human hair extensions blonde

However, there are still some drawbacks existing in the usage of human hair extensions blonde.

  • High cost: As the material is gathered from a certain source, and processed by modern machinery, this hair product costs much more than synthetic or fabric hair extensions.
  • Requirement of proper caring: Although the extension comes from human hair, the strands are still dead hair; thus, it requires proper caring during the using time. You should hydrate it regularly, wash it at least once a week to keep your hair extension clean. There are silky bonnets recommended for you to put on before going to bed. This hat will keep your hair extensions in good condition during your sleeping. 

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