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Which hair extension is the longest one? 32 inch hair extensions must be on the list! Although there are longer hair extensions which are 34 or even 36 inch, they are too rare and the supply is not stable nowadays. The 32 inch hair extension can be considered the best choice for extreme long hair demand. Below we will clarify the hair definition, characteristics, types, styles, prices, installation, hair care and distribution, so that you can know more about this hair extension type.


32 Inch Hair Extension

1. What do 32 inch hair extensions mean?

What are 32 inch long hair extensions and what are their characteristics? If you are anxious to know more about this hair, don’t worry! We will clarify it right now. 

1.1. What are 32 inch hair extensions?

32 inch long hair extensions are extensions with an amazing length of 32 inch. If you are not familiar with hair extensions, here is some initial basic information for you.

  • About the hair use: Hair extensions are used to make users’ real hair look longer, thicker and more attractive with a new hairstyle. Using hair extension is considered the most effective choice for restyling hair as the choices are abundant and users rarely damage their natural hair during the process. Without using a 32 inch hair extension, your hair hardly can ever naturally reach this length.
  • About the hair type: There are many ways to clarify the hair. However, the most basic one is to consider the hair with 2 main types: human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair extensions are made of real human hair, while synthetic hair extensions are made of synthetic fibers. In this post, we will only focus on the human hair extensions as they are more prominent in quality.

What are 32 inch hair extensions?

1.2. Characteristics of 32 inch hair extensions

How are 32 inch human hair extensions different from others in the hair extension collection? The answer is all about the significant hair length, hair weight and hair prices that we are going to list down below. 

1.2.1. How long is 32 inch in hair length? 

The most significant characteristic of a 32 inch hair extension is its length. Guess what! The hair is 32 inch long. It means the hair is about 80cm long. It is twice as long as the 16 inch one. In fact, it is not easy to search for a qualified human hair source which is that long, so you need to be careful to make sure that the hair extensions you buy are of good quality and not made of mixed materials.


How long is 32 inch hair extension?

1.2.2. How long is 32 inch in body height?

Can you imagine how long a 32 inch hair extension is in your body height? In general, it depends on your height and body proportion. Normally, the straight hair reaches your mid thigh. If the hair extension is curly one, it can be shorter than your mid thigh and may still cover your hip. Also, whether you are tall, short or medium will affect the way the hair looks on your body.

1.2.3. How much weight should my 32 inch hair extensions be? 

It is hard to say how heavy a 32 inch human hair extension should be. With the same thickness, a 32 inch long hair extension is definitely heavier than shorter ones like 20 inch or 10 inch ones, etc. Very simple, the longer the hair is, the heavier it is. Therefore, to balance the hair length and weight, hair suppliers can follow the general regulation for each unit of hair. For example, a bundle of weft hair needs to be 100 gram, no matter how long it is. And different types of hair extensions will have different weights.


Weight of 32 inch hair extension

1.2.4. Are 32 inch hair extensions expensive? 

Another characteristic of 32 inch human hair extensions is whether they are expensive or not. In comparison with other hair extensions of other lengths, the 32 inch one can be said to be very expensive. The scarce sources and the wonderful quality do raise the hair value and push its price so high. In fact, you can still buy cheaper ones whose quality is not as good. For example, single drawn hair with uneven length or synthetic hair without natural vibes can be cheaper. However, please remember that the price is together with the quality.

2. How many types of 32 inch hair extensions are there?

You can buy 32 inch human hair extensions full of types from hair suppliers worldwide as any other hair extensions of other lengths. Below are 5 most popular hair extension types that can suit all faces, styles and hair structures. They are clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, fusion & pre-bonded hair extensions and microbead hair extensions.

2.1. 32 inch Clip-in hair extensions 

32 inch hair extensions clip-in are the same as any clip-in hair extensions. The hair clips are attached on the root part of the hair weft, so that you can clip the extension on your hair whenever you need to install a hair extension. There is one thing to notice; that is the hair is very long and sometimes pretty heavy, so you need to be careful in order not to drop or tangle the hair.


32 inch clip-in hair extensions

2.2. 32 inch Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in 32 inch hair extensions are extensions that are attached to your real hair through hair tapes. When installing, you just need to directly stick the extension on the root of your real hair. As the hair is very long and heavy, you need to be careful and stick the hair firmly to prevent any dropping. You are recommended to go to a hair salon to get help. In addition, the protection from water and heat during washing and blow drying will also help the hair stick firmly longer.


32 inch tape-in hair extensions

2.3. 32 inch Sew-in hair extensions

A sew-in 32 inch hair extension is the extension that is attached on your thin hair with sewing in method. Firstly, you will need to braid one or some parts of your hair to sew the extension on them. It depends on the way you sew the hair that the braids can be a horizontal one or ones along your hair lines. This method requires pretty much skill and time, so you’d better go to the salon to apply the sew-in hair extensions.


32 inch sew-in hair extensions

2.4. Fusion and Pre-bonded 32 inch hair extensions

Fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions are agreed to be one of the most natural-looking hair extension types. The hair extensions are attached to the root of your separate hair strands, so they are very flexible and natural. You can easily apply any hairstyles you want on this hair extension type as it blends very well and just functions like your real hair. To attach fusion hair extensions, you will need keratin glue melt by high heat, so you can only apply them at hair salons.


Fusion & Pre-bonded 32 inch hair extensions

2.5. 32 inch Microbead hair extensions

Microbead 32 inch hair extensions look quite similar to the fusion and pre-bonded ones. The hair extensions are also attached on your hair strands (small hair sections). However, this method requires using microbeads as the tools instead of keratin glue and high heat. For your information, microbeads, also called micro rings, are tiny rings made of plastic or metal that are used to attach 2 tips of the hair. And of course, this method is supposed to be done at the hair salons.


32 inch microbead hair extensions

3. Styles of 32 inch hair extension

For all types of hair extensions above, there are many hairstyles that you can choose from. Each style has its individual beauty, so let’s discover all the most attractive hairstyles ever and choose for yourself the most suitable ones.

3.1. 32 inch curly hair extension

Curly 32 inch hair extensions are always a gorgeous hairstyle. Hair of any length can be styled with curls. However, medium and long hair will give the best results. Especially, with a 32 inch human hair extension, your curly hairstyle will be more gorgeous and attractive than ever. You can freely choose any type of curls without worrying about the hair length. The wavy curls will give you muse styles; the kinky curls will give active America-Africa styles; the blond voluminous curls can give the Caucasian vibes or the natural curls will give such an elegant look, etc.


32 inch curly hair extensions

3.2. 32 inch colour hair extension 

Colour 32 inch hair extensions are very diverse and attractive. In terms of colour choices, you can choose dark colours like brown, honey or chestnut, etc. You can also choose medium colours like dark purple, dark orange or dark wine, etc. Besides, you can choose light colours like white, blond or light yellow, etc. In terms of colouring method, you can choose to get the dye in highlight, ombre, hidden, balayage or full colour, etc. You can look at some styles below for references.


32 inch colour hair extensions

3.3. 32 inch straight hair extension 

Straight 32 inch hair extensions give such elegant hairstyles that everyone should choose at least once. Besides natural straight patterns, you can be freely creative to get any new styles from this style of hair extension. For example, simply trim the curtain bangs, and you’ll have a trendy hairstyle. Cutting the layers or creating ponytail, hair buns are also good ideas. With straight hair extensions, just express your creativity!


32 inch straight hair extensions

3.4. 32 inch bonestraight hair extension 

Bonestraight 32 inch hair extensions are similar to straight hair extensions. However, instead of natural straight patterns, this kind of hair extension has a very special straight pattern. Being processed and straightened in the hair factory, the hair is not only sharply straight but also very smooth, sleek and silky. Just touch the hair and you’ll be into its texture! Especially, bonestraight hair is never picky towards users. Anyone with an individual style can wear this hairstyle.


32 inch bonestraight hair extensions

4. How much do 32 inch hair extensions cost?

As mentioned, the prices of 32 inch human hair extensions is definitely higher than those of shorter hair extensions. To let you better imagine, below will be the hair price synthesis for 32 inch long hair from Vietnam, the country which is famous for high quality hair with the most reasonable prices. The price is given in USD for each kilogram of hair (1kg = 10 bundles, 100 gram = 1 bundle of weft hair). The prices will also vary according to hairstyles and quality grades.


How much are 32 inch hair extensions?

5. How to install 32 inch hair extensions?

Now many of you may wonder how to install this type of hair extension, right! Will this long hair extension require a more special installation? Or will it be harder to take care of the hair? In fact, it is not that complicated. Just read the sections below and everything will be clear.

5.1 How to install 32 inch hair extensions at home?

As mentioned, the hair is very long, and a careless installation can cause the hair extension to easily drop off, tangle or shed. Therefore, it is highly recommended that after buying the 32 inch long hair extension, you should go to the hairdresser to attach the hair. However, if you don’t have much time and want to do it by yourself at home, you can choose a simple temporary type as a clip-in 32 inch hair extension. Then, you can follow the steps below to install the hair extension.

  • Step 1: Brush your hair. Make sure it is tangle-free before attaching the hair extension.
  • Step 2: Section your hair. To attach the clip-in hair extension in the middle of your hair to add the hair length and volume naturally, separate the hair into 2 parts: upper and lower ones. Tie the upper one as a bun for convenience.
  • Step 3: Attach the hair extension. Now just clip the hair extension on the hair root.
  • Step 4: Blend and style the hair. Don’t forget to comb, blend and style the hair according to your interest to create a natural look.

Install clip-in hair extension at home

5.2 How to take care of 32 inch hair extensions at home?

To take care of the hair extensions at home, you can follow the steps to comb, wash, let dry, moisturize and store the hair. As the hair is very long and valuable, you need to pay attention to each step.

  • Comb the hair: Just comb it as carefully as you do with your real hair. For straight hair, brush from hair root to tail. For curly hair, don’t forget to comb the tail beforehand.
  • Wash the hair: Please wash the hair with cold water after about 3 times of 32 inch hair extension use. Add particular shampoo for hair extensions, and it will help clean and smoothen the hair better.
  • Let dry the hair: Don’t overuse heat to blow dry the hair. Just dry it with a soft towel after washing it. Then, hang it on for total dryness.
  • Moisturize the hair: Add more conditioner for hair extensions to keep it smooth and silky.
  • Store the hair: Keep dry hair in the particular bag for hair extension to well protect it from dust and keep the form.

Take care of 32 inch hair extensions

6. How to import wholesale 32 inch hair extensions?

If you are a wholesale hair reseller, this part is one of the most important. How and where you import the hair will greatly affect the effectiveness of your business. Therefore, please pay attention to this part.

6.1 Where to buy 32 inch hair extensions for personal use?

For personal use like the use of end-users or use of wig-makers, the quantity of hair demanded is considerable but not too many, the hair extensions can be definitely bought from local hair suppliers. You can go online and search “wholesale hair vendors near me”, and a bunch of results will appear.

6.2 Where to buy 32 inch hair extensions for wholesale purposes?

To buy hair extensions for wholesale purposes, you need to find reliable wholesale hair vendor distributors whose hair products are diverse in types, styles and prices. Thereby, you can meet the demands of different customers, then both keep the loyal customers and attract new ones. Below are top 5 suppliers that you can consider.


Where to import 32 inch hair extensions?

6.2.1. K-Hair – Best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam

The first supplier you can turn to for 32 inch hair extensions is K-Hair Factory in Vietnam. It has maintained its position as the best human hair extension distributor for nearly 30 years. Although the main factory is based in Vietnam, K-Hair has its office located in many other countries like Thailand, Russia or the USA. Thereby, the brand is well promoted and highly recommended by reliable hair sellers from all over the world. You can check more information through:


K-Hair – The best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam

6.2.2. KaBeiLu – Largest China hair factory

KaBeiLu is one of the largest hair factories in China. The factory is operated on an industrial scale, so the 32 inch hair extensions are almost always available, and the prices are very attractive. China is always famous for its giant hair extension business, so it is easy to understand that such a big factory like KaBeiLu has been the supplier of many customers worldwide.


KaBeiLu – The largest factory in China

6.2.3. Remee Hi – Chinese hair supplier

Remee Hi is a wholesale hair supplier in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. Looking at the product categories, you will be overwhelmed with a wide range of 32 inch hair extension types available. You can choose to buy hair extensions, human hair lace wigs, human hair topper, lace front wigs, lace frontal closure, customized lace wigs or so on.


Remee Hi – 32 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.4. FYX Hair – A reliable wholesale hair supplier

FYX Hair is a reliable wholesale hair supplier that distributes 32 inch hair extensions to buyers all over the world. The products include human hair wigs, HD lace, lace frontals & closures, hair extensions and hair pieces. The distributor is famous for good products and nice services.


FYX – 32 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.5. CACIN – 32 inch hair extension supplier

If you are searching for an experienced hair supplier, CACIN is a suitable choice. It has more than 30 years in the hair business. Therefore, the reputation and quality is ensured. In terms of 32 inch long hair extensions, you can choose hair bundles, closures and frontals, wigs or so on.


CACIN – 32 inch hair extension supplier

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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