Jen Hair Review : One Of Reliable Hair Sellers In VietNam

Jen Hair Review is what you want to know? You are a hair vendor in the maze of suppliers and can’t differentiate scammers and legit entities? In fact, being scared of spending a lot of money on a shell corporation is a shared fear among hair sellers. While Vietnam is affirming the position as an ideal destination for trading hair, a lot of scammers are mushrooming. Recently, JenHair Vietnam comes under suspicion of a scammer. This blog will provide all MUST KNOW THINGS about JenHair Vietnam. 

1. Jen Hair Reviews: Overview

How can you get an overview of Jen Hair Reviews? The information below will give you the big picture of this Vietnamese hair supplier. Let’s take a look!

1.1. Jen Hair Review: Formation 

Established in 2017, JenHair Vietnam is a brand that is belonged to Jera Vietnam Co., Ltd, under the management of Mrs. Hoang Hai Yen, the CEO. Specifically, the company specializes in distributing human natural hair extensions to many countries around the world like Nigeria, the US,… 


Jen-Hair Review address

1.2. Jen Hair Review about address

  • JenHair’s office address: Lk9–19 An Hung Urban, Duong Noi, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam.

1.3. Well-noted about Jen Hair Review

  • The company has been staying in the market for more than 3 years and has about 13k followers on the Instagram official page, which is a good sign as a reliable hair vendor.

Jen-Hair Review Instagram

2. Pros and Cons in Jen Hair Review

Why should you choose this hair vendor? The advantages below are the most prominent reasons for buying hair from Jen Hair Vietnam reviews 

2.1. Positive about Jen Hair Review

  • Supportive and friendly staff, who are always willing to answer all the questions and take care of customers’ demands at their best. Thus, this seems to be a common characteristic of hair manufacturers in Vietnam like K-Hair, LaylaHair,… 
  • Posting many customers’ feedbacks on the website and Instagram page, which helps to build trust among hair vendors. Additionally, pictures of the daily working hours in the company are also updated from time to time. 

Positive Jen Hair Review Feedback

  • The diversity in hairstyles, color, grades of quality can carter to the demand of customers. Specifically, it ranges from straight, bone straight to curly hairs with different shades of colors. 
  • Having many sale seasons all around the year makes it easy for customers to buy hair at a more affordable price on many occasions. You don’t have to grab the chance very carefully because you can buy hair any time you want. 

2.2. Negative about Jen Hair Review

  • Customer service: Slow message reply is of great inconvenience and uncomfortable experience to customers. In fact, the complaints about this problem have appeared for a period of time. They don’t usually answer the questions from new start-ups, which is shown by the pictures below. 


    Negative Jen Hair Review Feedback

  • Price: Don’t public the price on the Instagram page, which makes it difficult for clients to calculate and arrange the order. Many people complained to the hair supplier but there seems to be no solution for that. It is supposed to pull customers out of this hair vendor. 
  • Office: Don’t have representative offices in other countries. Thus, this is also a minus point for an international trade company like JenHair Vietnam because they can’t solve your problems immediately when it happens. In the meantime, you can visit their offices in many countries all around the world if you have trouble with your hair or want to discuss big bulk orders. 

3. K-Hair factory vs Jen Hair Review: What to choose? 

You are considering between K-Hair factory and Jen Hair reviews and don’t know which one to choose? So, this list below will reveal to you the best-updated information about these two big Vietnamese hair suppliers and tips to choose the better one.  

3.1. Quality of K-Hair factory vs Jen Hair Review

Hair from JenHair and K-Hair factory is sourced from Vietnamese hair. However, when you buy hair from JenHair and K-Hair, you will still see the difference between the two hair types. The reason for the difference comes from the treatment of the hair. When treating hair, K-Hair always uses quality products from Korea – the origin of beauty care. Meanwhile, hair from JenHair is processed through closed production processes that have not been verified by the authorities.


K-Hair vs Jen hair Review

3.2. Price of K-Hair factory vs Jen Hair Review

If you want to buy hair from JenHair, the price is also something to consider. If we look at the price list of the two sides, we can see the difference. With the hair from the K-hair factory, you get the wholesale price from the factory so you will be able to make more profit from your business. Meanwhile, prices from JenHair are a bit higher due to some objective reasons

price in Jenhair company

Price list in Jenhair Company

3.3. Customer service of K-Hair factory vs Jen Hair Review

In terms of customer service, JenHair and K-Hair factories both have pretty good customer service. They are suppliers from Vietnam with good Vietnamese qualities: diligence, hard work, kindness, and hospitality. Therefore, you can rest assured when buying hair from Vietnam and rarely encounter fraud like buying from Burmese hair suppliers or Chinese hair suppliers.


K-Hair sale manager support deal Vietnamese hair extensions

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4. Suggestions: K-Hair factory over Jen Hair Review

K-Hair factory – The leading hair supplier 

K-Hair is one of the leading hair factories in Vietnam with more than 20 years in the business. 

  • The headquarter: 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi, Vietnam,

Representative offices: K-Hair has offices in countries like the USA, Thailand,… to support the customers at best.

  • USA: No.13911, 13th Dr SE Unit M, Mill Creek, WA, USA, 980125568
  • Thailand: No.36 Ramkhamhaeng Street, Khet Bang Kapi, Bangkok, Thailand 

As a long-standing hair supplier in Vietnam, the factory has gained a reputation in the global hair market as well as certificates from many countries.


K-Hair Certificate

Under the patronage of the Vietnamese government and recognition globally, K-Hair is demonstrating itself as the leading hair supplier not only in Vietnam but also in the global market. 

K-Hair-CEO-in VOIEF-2020

K-Hair CEO in VOIEF 2020

For further information, kindly consult the K-Hair website or WhatsApp +84886331903 and get the best advice for your business.

As you can see, the two brands have their own strong points that you can rely on. If you want to buy hair without considering much about scammer cases that haven’t been clear of Jen Hair Review, K-HAIR IS THE BETTER CHOICE. Because they have: 

  • Patronage of the authorities of many countries all around the world. BEING LEGIT and RESPONSIBLE for customers is the best thing you can find when doing business with K-HAIR FACTORY. While with Jen Hair Review, you can see that there are both good and bad reviews, which can make you confused about the hair vendor. In the meantime, with K-Hair Factory, you can be sure about it.
  • Premium quality: The quality of K-HAIR FACTORY has been recognized and verified by many hair vendors all around the world. The material for hair is selected very carefully together with the treatment. To make the style or color, workers will use some treatment to the hair, which comes from high-quality products. The system of feedback from the K-Hair factory is the thing you can rely on to trust.

  • BEST WHOLESALE PRICE: K-Hair Factory produce and distribute the hair by itself. Therefore, buying from this hair vendor will give you the best price for your business. K-HAIR not only provide hair for hair vendors in Nigeria, the USA, UK, etc, it also distributes hair to many other human hair suppliers in China, India, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, etc.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Many hair vendors can provide you good-quality hair, but the customer service from K-HAIR will satisfy you. They are always willing to support and solve any problems you have. Before the process, they will give you all the updated information and tips for your business to thrive. This process will be very important to direct you in the right way thanks for the long-lasting experience of staffs. After that, they will start processing it and then check the quality after the production. They will provide you the best guidelines for usage. If you have any problems with the hair, they will help you with consultants or other special exclusive policies for K-HAIR customers.

In conclusion, Jen Hair is one of the reliable hair vendors together with the K-Hair factory. Let’s get your business started with high-quality hair from Vietnam with the best wholesale price from K-HAIR FACTORY!!!

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