Indian hair extension – Is it worth for your hair business

Indian hair extension becomes more and more popular in the market of hair business. Is the hair industry worth to choose Indian hair extension for your hair business ? Today, let’s hear some interesting news about Indian hair extension from K-hair expert.

1. Overview of Indian hair extension

The hair market is full of hair with different grades, origins, quality,…Let’s check how popular Indian hair becomes and which feature attracts customers from all over the world.

1.1. Definition of Indian hair extension

Indian hair extension is very high quality hair and is highly regarded in the beauty industry. In India, hair extension india is donated at temples as part of a religious ritual. Individuals involved in this process do so voluntarily as a sacrifice to the presiding deity, and do not have any expectation of monetary compensation. The Temple administration then sells the collected hair to hair extension India producers and the proceeds from the shaved hair are used for the prosperity of the community involved in the process.

Indian hair extension is light, cool, plump and easy to style. If you are looking for a natural wave style then this is the haircut for you. One important reason Indian hair is so popular is that it doesn’t get tangled, fall out easily or lose its natural wavy look.


1.2. Feature of Indian hair extension

Let’s check some features of Indian hair/hair extension india then you will have more knowledge about it for your hair business.

1.2.1. Indian hair extension in term of quality

Then people use combs continuously to make the hair smoother, then divide the hair into strands of different lengths and brush again and tie it into bundles. High-quality hair is placed in an absorbent bath to slowly remove the dark pigmentation without damaging the cuticles. Poorer hair is soaked in acid to eliminate germs. For permed hair extension india, they dry the Indian hair extension and wrap it around specialized rods and put in a large oven at a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius.

To make the market more easygoing, the hair extension india is sometimes mixed with a horse’s mane or goat skin shavings, sometimes even synthetic hair made from acrylic fibers is mixed but still advertised as “real hair”. You can also read more about the comparison between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair to know the quality thoroughly.


1.2.2. Indian hair extension in term of price

First, these so-called “black gold” hair are untidy, washed, then bleached, dyed for color treatment, or put in the oven to form curly hair. Indian hair is exported to all over the world, mainly to Europe. Many customers are willing to spend up to 1,500 USD, equivalent to 34 million VND to own a hair. As a result, the Indian hair extension industry earns hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Not only stopping at long silky hair, Indian hair can also be made into fake mustaches for gentlemen. Indian hair is currently considered the most valuable product in the wig market, completely surpassing hair made from acrylic artificial fibers.


1.2.3. Indian hair extension in term of origin

Indian women are known for their long, thick, silky hair that uses little chemicals. Therefore, Indian hair extension is especially sought after by consumers around the world, even dubbed “black gold”. The supply of this item mainly comes from the hair donation ritual in India, which attracts tens of thousands of people every year.

From 4am until sunset, long lines of Indians lined up waiting to shave their hair. People donate hair at the temples to pay homage and ask for fortune. Indian hair extension will then be collected and auctioned off to the wig makers. Starting from here, hair will be processed in factories to bring to the market the highest standard products. This is somehow different from malaysian hair.


2. Is Indian hair extension worth for your hair business ?

Let’s check the advantage and disadvantage of Indian hair from the hair expert’s point of view to decide whether the hair industry worth choosing Indian hair for your business or not.

2.1. Advantage of Indian hair extension

Raw Indian hair is actually hair industry worth as it is versatile, naturally soft and shiny – and blends well with African American hair. It can be obtained in a variety of textures – such as straight, wavy, or curly, and doesn’t need to undergo harsh chemical treatments to achieve a particular style. The variety in Indian hair extension texture and its natural dark color make it a great fit for the hair textile industry.


2.2. Disadvantage of Indian hair extension

The outer layer of the hair – called the cuticle – has layers of scales that fall in the same direction, like fish scales. But, the problem with hair collected from a comb is that the scales fall in different directions, leading to confusion. Indian hair extension is often soaked in a chemical tank to completely eliminate this layer of “fish scales”.

This solution can solve the mess, but the quality of the hair is also reduced due to the lack of the characteristic flakes of human hair. However, at the end of the process, the hair looks better. Therefore, like the precious ponytail, customers will not know how the human hair has gone through the process ”.


3. Best steps to do business with Indian hair extension

Through the analysis we give above about Indian hair, if you still wanna opt for it for your business, let’s find out somes steps to be more successful in your career.

3.1. Step 1: Find a reliable Indian hair extension supplier

The hair extensions industry has undergone significant changes in the past six years. The profits from selling “remy” and “virgin remy” hair are dozens of times the capital invested in the purchase of bad hair and the accompanying cleaning kit. The sophistication of the black market lowers the quality of Indian hair extension while still meeting consumer demand.

The biggest problem in the hair extension industry is lies. No brand of wig dares to admit to using non-remy. Traders will take advantage of the weaknesses that they cannot distinguish with the naked eye and touch, but have to wait for the process to use for profitable business. According to hair experts, Indian hair extension industry is too new to regulate it. Traders can apply any possible branding and with unforeseen consequences. As an industry insider, some hair vendors often have to travel around the world to see with their own eyes where raw materials really come from.


3.2. Step 2: Be an expert in Indian hair extension business

The remaining 80% are collectively referred to as “non-remy” or “bad hair”, referring to hair items that are of poor quality, often mixed and difficult to classify. Indian hair extension that is normal, uniform in style and texture ensures smooth, shiny finish. If many hairstyles are mixed with different hair epitheliums, it will be difficult to get into the smooth, if not messy, fastnesses.

Furthermore, once doped, hair cannot be classified any more. Good buns will be bundled into ponytails, trimmed, packed and sold intact as when purchased. Best Indian hair extension item is called “virgin remy” – meaning natural human hair, with its strands tied together and never chemically treated. Next is “remy” hair, which is also classified as high quality due to its regular structure, but this hairstyle is made from hair that has been dyed or permed and thus more or less damaged the texture.


3.3. Step 3: Advertise Indian hair extension business

Once the salon’s facilities are complete and ready to go, it’s time to start attracting customers. Recommend to friends, family, hang banners, slogans of the hair extension business around the area or consider posting ads in local newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Additionally, consider the following effective Indian hair extension promotional practices: Advertise on Facebook and Twitter. Set up a Facebook page with information about the salon’s business and keep it up to date with the latest news and promotions. Offer a service to a famous figure in the area and ask them to introduce themselves to everyone. Encourage your clients to write reviews on the Yelp (aka thodia and similar) site as there are so many new clients that often read the reviews about your hair extension business before deciding on buying Indian hair extension from you.


4. Suggest the best Indian hair extension factory

K-hair, the best competitor of Indian hair extension factories. It is one of the most prestigious and quality wig suppliers as well as hair extension business in Vietnam market today. Not simply a prestigious brand, coming to Vietnam, customers will have the best experience in the world of wigs. With a line of wigs that specialize in materials from real hair, K-hair guarantees 100% wigs made from real hair, without mixing any nylon or artificial fibers at all which often happens in Indian hair extension. We guarantee 10 times money back if the customer discovers a hair made of nylon or synthetic fiber.

With this material, when you buy beautiful wigs in K-hair you will be spoiled for styling: curling, drying, pressing, stretching, dyeing. Besides, the K-hair wigs are exquisite handcrafted. So when buying beautiful wigs here, customers will not have to worry about revealing hair extensions when using like Indian hair extension.


At the same time, with the first advanced skin technology, you can comfortably stroke your hair and split it without worrying that you are using a wig. In addition, K-hair’s wig products feature a super breathable scalp made of high quality mesh material. Customers can rest assured to use its wigs during the hot season without fear of being hot or sweating or having an unpleasant itchy feeling. Compared to Indian hair extension, the quality of K-hair wigs is superior, so customers are completely assured when buying beautiful wigs here.

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