Top 3 wig and hair extension trends for 2021

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Wig and hair extension is chosen by many girls to make their hair thicker and more beautiful. Plus, the price is cheaper than the original hairstyle, but the designs of wig and hair extension are varied. Among them, strip clip and U-shaped wigs are most commonly used. Today, let’s check some interesting news about wig and hair extension from K-hair experts.

1.Overview of wig and hair extension

Today, the wig has come back to its true value, changing and growing constantly. For more benefits that wigs bring, let’s listen to valuable sharing from top experts.

1.1. Definition of wig and hair extension

This was the first model in wigs, it was the pioneer in the world of wigs, it is still very popular today for its properties. The mechanical wig head will be like a hat, you will wear it on your head, the hairstyles that will be created before such as a curly wig and hair extension, for men, for women like yellow, chestnut, black wig. For people with baldness, they will stick their hair directly on the scalp. The patched wig design is usually just the part of the hair that covers the lack of hair.They can trim, cut lightly as they want. It is made from real hair so it is expensive. The team up will be a natural and beautiful wig and hair extension. If you want to discover more about the hottest hair extensions, you definitely should miss this post about summer hair extension styles!


1.2. Features of wig and hair extension

Nowadays, wigs are more commonly used for people with little hair or used in art or acting. Especially, it is an indispensable accessory for her to have glittering selfies.

1.2.1. Convenience of wigs and hair extensions

When wearing a full head wig, users can solve the shortcomings that we often have such as: bad hair, a lot of gray hair, thin hair, too short hair, baldness, deformed head and many causes. other people. For half-hair wig and hair extension and other styles, wearing them makes your hair look more and fuller. So, depending on the purpose of use, we choose the appropriate hairstyle.


In addition to the task of changing your style after wearing, wigs are great teachers to cover up defects on the head, sometimes they surprise you. If you understand the features and uses of each type, it will be favorable for the direction of the hairstyle you want. For girls, if you own a beautiful face, it will be easier to wear a wig and hair extension. But not everyone is like that. If you have delicate eyes and are hard to notice the imperfections on the face, choosing the appropriate wig is quite simple. However, for those who do not have experience, consulting with the seller is very necessary, do not rush to decide according to your inspiration.

1.2.2. Price of wigs and hair extensions

Depending on the material, style, length or color, wigs have many different prices. It can range from 200 $ to over 500 $ for a high-end wig. At K-hair, the price of wigs is only 100 $ for artificial hair wigs and more than 400 $ for wigs from real hair. Competitive price, top quality in the market. The great thing this wig and hair extension gives is the confidence for the team, from smooth smooth movements to the hairline that looks real. In addition, they also show the suitability in all fashion styles you want. Using this type of wig you can be completely confident because they are naturally not inferior to real hair. Just a few small steps such as flicking your hair to the side and tying it into a ponytail. There will be a completely new hairstyle wig and hair extension. Because it is processed mainly by hand, the finished product has a very high value up to 500 $ per set.


2. Top 3 best wig and hair extension color trends 2021

You want to dye your hair but dare not try it yet! No matter what, you can easily F5 hair and experiment with all colors with fashionable wigs that keep hair healthy, avoiding chemical damage.

2.1. Red wine wig and hair extension

Reddish brown hair often feels quite youthful, trendy and personality. Want to add more glamor, glamor to this tone, you can consider mixing it with a mysterious, vibrant purple. Especially when a little dreamy purple light, hiding it is enough to change the whole appearance. For male or female reddish-brown wig and hair extension that is a bit “cut off” with bright and prominent colors, try deep tones. They are not “afraid” of dark or white skin, go with any style that is beautiful and always meets the needs of the majority but still extremely trendy. If we are afraid of boredom, we can apply ideas such as ombre dyeing or light hook.


In pursuit of a stylish, seductive and personality style, but do not like the fanciful purple color, the girls can change hair color to reddish-brown wine. This is one of the blends that converge all the advantages such as not being too bright but still bring radiance and freshness to the face, especially the beauty of the west and new. Therefore, if you have tried many options in the reddish brown wig and hair extension hair color palette but not satisfied, you should definitely try this color tone. This is also supposed to be a great choice for Valentine!

2.2. Honey brown wig and hair extension

Talking about this basic brown tone, the traditional copper brown cannot be ignored. This is a color that is hard to fade and never goes out of style. Neutral color gamut does not really stand out, but is not too fading, enough to make the face brighter and more elegant. Whether going to work or school, this dye suits. The orange-bronze brown wig and hair extension color is reminiscent of the sweet image, so girls who love the lovely, cute style will love this tone. They can combine with a number of hairstyles such as shoulder length, thin bangs … trendy to attract all eyes. This color is quite prominent when standing in the sun. Red copper brown has a ombre color, not too ostentatious or faint. This bronze-brown dye is not picky about any skin type or hairstyle. If you change it with curly hair, shoulder-length wig and hair extension or chin-length hair will look even better.


This color has the ability to lighten the skin and make the face look radiant. Gold-brown bronze brings a gentle beauty but also a bit of sexy. In particular, this hair color is easy to match or accessories, allowing you to comfortably dress in stylish and bold makeup when going to the party. This is also a wig and hair extension color that helps the owner stand out even more simply.

2.3. Burnt orange wig and hair extension

This hair color is very suitable for the peach-tone makeup look, making your skin brighter. Another thing that you should compliment on this hair color is that when it fades or goes down, the color will still be beautiful afterwards. If you are too bored with the basic smoke colors, then try this pink orange color once, your wig and hair extension will definitely stand out among many people. For this hair color, it is worth noting that the hair color should be bleached thoroughly to reach the standard color, so choose a good dye so that the color of the hair still has a beautiful color. Compared to the above tones, this color is the safest in the orange system, moreover, this color will not need to undergo bleaching step, this helps to reduce damage and overload for your wig and hair extension.


3. Top 3 best wig and hair extension style trends 202

No one can deny the wonderful role and attractive beauty of the wigs with a variety of styles, styles and colors. And you, whether you are a gentle girl or a personality, will also choose a hairstyle that suits you.

3.1. Bone straight wig and hair extension

Bone straight in recent times has been associated with names such as “flat head”, “Egyptian wish” … The reason is because straight hair gives you the hair without vitality, straight. … On the contrary, the wind blowing the passion of women in this moment is called a wig and hair extension style. Most hair salons or hair salons from small to large apply the blow-down technique. The bulging technique is more complicated than conventional pressing, which just needs straight and smooth. For that reason, the price of puffed hair is also higher than the natural straightener.


There is a need to distinguish between two completely different concepts between fluffy and puffy hair. Hair that has not been straightened or straightened but is naturally ruffled is cotton. And it is this hairstyle that becomes the inspiration for the puffed up wig and hair extension, creating a “hot trend” for young people. The hairline part of the bulging hair technician uses the technique and the ingenuity to create a natural volumetric hair, the rest is still straightened.

3.2. Water curly wig and hair extension

Water wave curly hair is a name for the hairstyle with gentle curls, but it is curled quite long and “tied together” continuously in the hair, so when looking at it, it will think of the waves coming ashore. . Right from the name “water wave” has revealed the characteristic of this wig and hair extension. Water waves are the preferred choice of many girls, and are also chosen by many famous female stars to refresh themselves. Since curly hair has been crowned for a long time, and recently, this curly water hairstyle has been born, eliminating the worries of women about the face will become “softer” with large curls at the ends of the wig and hair extension.The reason that curly hair has become a hairstyling trend for a long time, and is expected to remain in the top of the most popular hairstyles for a long time in the future, is because of its great advantages. .


3.3. Pixie wig and hair extension

Curly hair is the right choice for girls who want to f5 themselves with sexy looks. However, many people are skeptical that the curls will add age to the face, making the girls’ appearance become “softer”. However, if it is water-wavy, then don’t worry about it. It must be said that there are very few hairstyles that make women as luxurious and seductive as the curly water wig and hair extension. The length of the hair not only makes it easy for her to style, but also helps her to be more advantageous in brightening her face and overall physique.


Another advantage of curly water hair is that it is suitable for all faces, water waves can shrink a full round face and also help highlight the slim face of the owner. Because of the nature of wavy, curly wig and hair extension that can have a variety of styling options, girls with natural light curls or sophisticated styling are very beautiful, helping women to appear confident in any situation. Whether it is going to school, going to work, or going out, going to a party, attending an event … Therefore, the water-wave hair is suitable for all faces whether it’s square face with many angles, round face, long face or heart shaped face. 

4. The best supplier of wig and hair extension

Speaking of the top wig brand today, many people are familiar with the name K-hair, this is an indispensable address when you want to buy wig and hair extension with real hair and is considered the number 1 address in terms of reliability. trust the quality of the price and have won the hearts of many wig followers. The shop is committed to all hair products made from 100% real hair, the highest quality in the wig market and the cheapest in the market. K-hair has a direct production in Vietnam ensuring a clear source of prestige. To give customers more information about wig and hair extension made with real hair and why it is chosen by many outstanding advantages: Wigs made from 100% real hair look natural and real, easily styled, perm and dyed comfortably without worrying about your real hair.


With scalp wigs, you will feel real natural, the hair will be transplanted with premium fibers and nets and you are comfortable to use (the lifelike high quality hair is only available at K-hair, and is The only manufacturer that is the sole manufacturer of wig and hair extension technology in Vietnam supplies other suppliers), so coming to the shop you will get the highest quality products and with guaranteed prices. cheapest as a wholesale price

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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