Ponytail Hair Extension – Best Item For A Night Party!

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Ladies, have you ever got rid of short and thin hair? Or you need to rock your hair to a long and voluminous hairstyle for a night party? Ponytail hair extension is definitely what you need. In fact, the best ponytail hair extensions have become an inevitable part of the closet of every girl and woman. So what is its definition? Why is it so trendy? Try to read till the end and you will have thorough knowledge about this amazing ponytail hair extension.


Ponytail hair extension – best item for a night party!

1/ Basic knowledge about ponytail hair extension

In the first section, we would like to bring you must-know basic knowledge about ponytail hair extension. As a result, you’ll go nearer to the best ponytail hair extensions.

1.1/ Definition of ponytail hair extension

As its sound, ponytail hair extension is hair strand extensions attached together to form a wig hair extensions in the form of a ready-made ponytail. It is used to add length and thickness for real hair, bringing the customers a long, voluminous and charming ponytail hair instantly. 


Ponytail hair extension –Before and after

If you have short hair, you no longer have to wait for days, weeks and even months to achieve such a high ponytail. If you have thin hair, there will be no difficulties in transferring your hair to any gorgeous appearance. Thanks to its convenience and exceptional practice, the best ponytail hair extensions have become a trendy beauty item for all girls and women all over the world.

1.2/ Pros and cons of ponytail hair extension

Now we’re gonna take a closer look at the features of hair extensions ponytail to find out their pros and cons. Even the best ponytail extension has its pros and cons, so please pay attention!

1.2.1/ Pros of ponytail hair extension

Ponytail hair extensions are extremely loved because of its convenience, durability, natural looking and hair friendliness.

  • Convenience of ponytail hair extension

The ease of use is one of the most importance factors that make ponytail hair extension a must-have for all the ladies around. This feature is right for all ponytail hair extensions, not only the best ponytail extensions.


Ponytail hair extension is convenient

The attachment of ponytail hair extension doesn’t require any special or heated tools, leading to the fact that it just takes 10 – 20 minutes to rock your hair into an attractive hair look. Maybe at the first time, it will take more time to apply a hair extension ponytail successfully, but practice makes perfect. You just need to practice and then you will become an expert!

In addition to the easy application and removement, ponytail hair extensions can last a long day. In the morning, you just need to take a little bit of your times to take care and style, and then after a long day, you will come back home with a stable and beautiful ponytail hair extension.

  • Durability of ponytail hair extension

As mentioned before, ponytail hair extensions can be removed easily. Therefore, they don’t need too much hair care and preservation like other permanent hair extensions. As long as you take care of your hair extensions ponytail in the right way, best ponytail extensions can last for months, even up to 1 year.


Ponytail hair extension is durable

  • Natural looking of ponytail hair extension

Nowadays, there are a bunch of hair stores and factories supplying various types of ponytail hair extensions with plentiful ponytail extension hairstyles. Besides ponytail hair extensions are also varied in length and color. Choosing a suitable hair extension ponytail which matches with your hair color, your face, your skin tone and your style will bring you an eye-catching appearance than ever.


Ponytail hair extension – natural looking hair

  • Hair friendliness of ponytail hair extension

Thanks to ponytail hair extension with various ponytail extension hairstyles, you can minimize hair styling your hair with heated tools which can make your real hair damaged and fragile. Besides, you no longer have to upset your natural color hair with harmful dyed processes. 

Hesitate to choose a ponytail extension for yourself? Please give it a try and you won’t regret your decision.

1.2.2/ Cons of ponytail hair extension

  • Hair pressure of ponytail hair extension

If you wear your ponytail hair extension tightly for days and weeks, there is a likely that hair extensions ponytail will put your natural hair and even your scalp under pressure. Besides, it may cause uncomfortability for the users. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t wear ponytail hair extensions too frequently. Giving them a break is a way to help your hair breath, and lengthen the lifespan of hair extension as well.


Ponytail hair extension can cause hair pressure

  • Unexpected appearance of ponytail hair extension

The diversification in type, color and length or ponytail extension hairstyles in general of ponytail hair extensions can make it more difficult for customers to choose a suitable one for themselves. A ponytail hair extension can make up your look, but also can break your look. Therefore, you should consider carefully to make sure that the hair extension ponytail can blend well with your hair and look.

1.3/ Classification based on material

In fact, material made out of ponytail hair extensions, or origin of ponytail hair extensions is a key factor that contributes to the lifespan of them. So have you ever wondered how many types of hair extensions ponytail are there based on the material? The answer is 2 main types, namely human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair can be divided into virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair. In this part, we will take a closer look at different human hair materials.

1.3.1/ Virgin ponytail hair extension

Virgin hair is come from 100% real human hair. This hair is collected directly from only 1 person, therefore the consistency of hair is reliable and is one of the best human hair extension of all time. 

Thanks to the pureness of hair and careful collecting process, ponytail hair extensions made out of virgin hair are extremely high-rated. They are strong, smooth, silky and able to bleach to 613 color. 


Virgin ponytail hair extension

Due to the scarcity of hair resources as well as excellent quality of products, ponytail hair extensions are regarded as a high-grade good with expensive expense.

1.3.2/ Remy ponytail hair extension

Remy hair is hair collected from multiple donors. These donors share the same characteristics of hair, therefore the consistency and quality of this hair is guaranteed. 

Ponytail hair extensions made of remy hair are able to be dyed in many color tones, have reliable quality and long lasting use time. Moreover, the price of remy extension is really affordable. Hence remy ponytail hair extensions have become more popular than ever.


Remy ponytail hair extension

1.3.3/ Non-remy ponytail hair extension

Non-remy hair, or mixed hair, is hair material that is gathered from various people, or it comes from hair scattered in public places. As a result, the cuticles of hair strands do not follow the same directions, which means that hair will be tangled and not durable.

Non-remy ponytail hair extensions are said to be low-rated because of its mass collection and low quality. Although at first, non-remy hair extensions ponytail virtually look smooth and silky, after several washing times, as the silicone coat is worn off, non-remy ponytail hair extensions are seriously harsh, matted and tangled. Hence, they are not durable. Non-remy hair extensions ponytail will be sold at amazingly cheap prices and various types of products.


Non-remy ponytail hair extension

1.3.4/ Conclusion

In order to make it more brief, we would like to provide you with a concise table about different materials of ponytail hair extensions. Hope it is helpful for you.


Comparison between different materials of ponytail hair extensions

1.4/ Classification based on types of ponytail hair extension

If ponytail hair extensions are new to you, this section is exactly what you need. There are 3 main types of ponytail hair extensions that you should know, so that you can achieve a fantasy suitable one for yourself.

1.4.1/ Wrap ponytail hair extension

This is one of the most popular types of ponytail hair extensions. Wrap hair extensions ponytail are suitable for everyone, every hairstyle. They include hair attached to a piece of thin cloth and pins on it. The installation and removement of wrap ponytail hair extensions is so easy, taking no time and effort.


Wrap ponytail hair extension

1.4.2/ Weft ponytail hair extension

Weft ponytail hair extensions are well-known because of their extra natural hair look. They are hair extensions that were weaved together, and they look like super long thin curtains. The attachment process of weft ponytail hair extension needs some minutes and you should practice to apply them successfully. Once, weft hair extensions ponytail will bring you extra long black silky and shiny hair. You must be standing out of the crowd.

1.4.3/ Clip in ponytail hair extension

As its name, clip in ponytail hair extension is hair extensions attached to a big clip. The application is quite similar to that of clip in hair extension type. Therefore, it just takes a few seconds to clip your clip in hair extension ponytail into your real hair. Thanks to the ease of use as well as various hairstyles, clip in ponytail hair extensions have become a favorite choice for girls and womens, who want to make up their look instantly.


Clip in ponytail hair extension

1.5/ Comparison between ponytail and other hair extensions

Nowadays, as there are a wide range of hair extensions, some people will feel a little bit confused to distinguish them. Here is a table to compare the difference between some famous types of hair extensions, including ponytail hair extensions. It will help you to have a more gradually basic picture about them.

Ponytail hair extension Clip in hair extension Tape in hair extension Weft hair extension Tip in hair extension
Application method Temporary Temporary Semi permanent Permanent Permanent
Treatment Not require so much haircare Not require so much hair care Careful haircare Careful haircare and preservation Careful haircare and treatment
Longevity Up to 12 months Up to 12 months 4-6 months 3-4 months 3-5 months
Recommendation Suitable for short or thin-haired girl who want to achieve a fantasy long back ponytail instantly Suitable for short or thin-haired girl who want to achieve long and thick hair less than 5 minutes Suitable for short or thin-haired girl who want to achieve long hair in long-term commitment Suitable for short haired girl who want to achieve long, thick and voluminous hairstyle in long-term Suitable for short haired girls who want to achieve long hair with natural looking.

2/ Stunning hairstyles of ponytail hair extension 

Have you ever wonder how many hairtyle of ponytail hair extension? Which of them will match your face? We are here to support you with several stunning hairstyles. Let’s discover 

2.1/ High ponytail hair extension

If you are planning for a night party, or just want to rock into a different appearance, a high ponytail hair extension for night ponytail style is definitely what you need. This pretty party ponytail style is suitable for everyone, especially girls with round faces. Height at the crown of your head will help balance out the roundness in your cheeks.

High ponytail hair extension is beloved and widely used in many countries, specially in America, Europe and South Africa. Customers can wear high ponytail hair as a pretty party ponytail style in some occasions like parties, proms or events.


High ponytail hair extension

2.2/ Low ponytail hair extension

A charming low ponytail hair extension is a dream of every girl and woman. If you want to look more gentle, a low ponytail hair extension is an ideal choice for you. Besides, girls with an oval face can give it a try because this hairstyle is born for you.

A low night ponytail hair extension can be used daily or on special occasions. Different hair styling with different outfits can bring you an attractive appearance. A little bit of makeup with matched accessories will make you so fashionable.


Low ponytail hair extension

2.3/ Messy ponytail hair extension

Messy ponytail hair extensions is such an elegant hairstyle for all of you. If you have a heart-shaped face, this messy ponytail extension hairstyle will help to balance out the largeness of your forehead, bringing you such a flawless and blooming appearance.

Messy ponytail hair extensions are loved by every girl, especially those from Russia and Europe. This messy ponytail extension hairstyle will be suitable when hanging out with friends, going wedding or you can wear messy ponytail hair extension to take photos. 


Messy ponytail hair extension

3/ How to choose the right ponytail hair extension?

Among various kinds of ponytail hair extensions, choosing a suitable one is not easy. We are here to help you with several considerable things as follow:

  • You need to consider the texture of ponytail hair extensions

The texture of ponytail hair extensions is regarded as one of key factors you need to consider before purchasing. In fact, if you get the right one, ponytail hair extensions will bring you a blooming natural look. In contrast, if the texture of ponytail hair extensions does not fit with your real hair, your hair extensions can ruin your all natural look, and they may be figured out by other people as well. 


Different hair texture of human hair and ponytail hair extension

We recommend that if you have straight hair, you also should choose a straight ponytail hair extension. Please take note that the design of ponytail hair extensions must match with the texture and consistency of your hair.

  • You need to consider the color of ponytail hair extensions

Similar to the texture, the color of ponytail hair extensions also need to match with your natural hair color. 

Nowadays, there are various types of ponytail hair extensions in color. They can be dyed in balck, brown, blond, highlight, ombre or even colorful… . Thanks to the diverse in products, we hope that you can consider carefully and choose a right ponytail hair extension for yourself.


Different hair color of real hair and ponytail hair extension

  • You need to choose reliable ponytail hair extension suppliers

There are so many hair extensions vendors supplying ponytail hair extensions in different quality and prices. 

If you plan to directly go to a store and purchase a ponytail hair extension, you should search for their reputation and review on the internet in advance to make sure that they are trustworthy hair stores. 

If you plan to buy ponytail hair extensions online, you need to search for well-known ponytail hair extension suppliers with good reputation and positive reviews. Moreover, you should ask them for the real photo of hair extensions, so that it is ensured that the color and quality of real ponytail hair extensions are similar to what you see on the online website.


Remember to choose reliable ponytail hair extension suppliers

4/ How to wear ponytail hair extension tutorial

If you are into styling your own hair, this section is for you. Follow these steps, so that you can apply your ponytail hair extension by yourself at home.

Step 1: Prepare. The ponytail is like a protector attached to your hair. To make sure the steps go smoothly you should prepare some hairspray, or hair powder to add grip and texture to your hair, ensuring your ponytail hair extension is securely attached to your hair.

Step 2: Divide hair. Depending on your preference, you need to define your ponytail, such as if it is a central ponytail or a side ponytail. Then use an elastic band to fix your natural hair into a ponytail hair extension in the desired position. Maybe you are interested in: These cute hairstyles are back in school

Step 3: Add a ponytail to your hair. Known as one of the simple, easy-to-use wigs, the ponytail clamping process is also incredibly quick. All you need to do is hook the metal comb on the base to your ponytail hair extension. Be sure to pinch the ponytail just above the ends of your hair.

Step 4: Complete. To conceal the wig tip that attaches to your hair, either use a small portion of hair around it or use a lock of the same color as your hair to cover it. You can use a stapler to fix the strands underneath the ponytail hair extension.


How to wear ponytail hair extension tutorial

5/ Must know tips for ponytail hair extension hair care

Qualified ponytail hair extensions are durable, therefore they can be worn for an extended period. However, proper hair care and preservation is extremely necessary for a long-lasting and beautiful ponytail hair extension.


Hair care and preservation for ponytail hair extension

  • Choosing hair products carefully for your ponytail hair extension

You should choose hair products carefully for your ponytail hair extensions. Instead of sulfate products, you can take a look at natural hair products, which contain enough essential ingredients to nourish your ponytail. This will keep your ponytail hair extensions smooth and shiny.

  • Coming your ponytail hair extensions gently

You should comb your hair gently. Remember to brush your ponytail hair extensions at least twice a day with patience, hence your ponytail hair extensions can be kept in their best state

  • Minimizing heat process on your ponytail hair extension

You should minimize heat damage on your ponytail hair extensions. Reduce using heated tools as well as use heat protectants can help to lengthen the lifespan of your hair extensions.

  • Preserve your ponytail hair extensions in a right way

Instead of frequently using, you should give a break for your ponytail hair extension, so that your real hair and ponytail extensions can breathe.

Besides, please note down that you also should keep your ponytail hair extensions away from direct sunlight.

6/ Different hair markets supplying ponytail hair extension

There are more and more hair markets supplying ponytail hair extensions all over the world. Now we’re gonna provide you more information about 3 main hair markets namely Vietnam, China and India.

6.1/ Vietnamese hair market – Top leading market with qualified and reasonable hair extensions

Vietnam is considered the best hair warehouse and famous of their high-rated hair extensions, especially ponytail hair extensions with the most reasonable price.


Vietnamese ponytail hair extension with high quality and reasonable price

The ponytail hair extensions came from Vietnam and have a clear origin with excellent quality. Thanks to the available hair resources and careful productions, Vietnamese ponytail hair extensions are widely used and become an ideal choice for customers from many countries all over the world.  

6.2/ Chinese hair market – Top hair market with cheap price and huge quantity of hair extensions

China is popular with their various types of hair extensions, including ponytail hair extensions. Chinese hair extensions are sold at competitive price

The mass quantity in production and the imported hair resource from surrounding countries contribute to the competency edge of China in the hair business: amazingly cheap price. On the other hand, the large scale as well as uncontrolled hair collection are said to be the factors affecting the quality of Chinese ponytail hair extensions. This means that the Chinese ponytail hair extensions are not of exceptional quality and are durable.


Chinese ponytail hair extension in mass production

6.3/ Indian hair market – Top hair market with low price and abundant materials for hair extensions

India is well-known for their hair extensions, especially ponytail hair extensions as they are purchased at low price

Hair originated from temples and mixed hair – which is collected in public places are 2 main resources for the hair industry in India. Although Indian hair suppliers offer diverse ponytail hair extensions at low price, Indian ponytail hair extensions are not able to meet the expectations for high quality and durability.


Origin and production of Indian ponytail hair extension

6.4/ Conclusion and recommendation

The following table is a conclusion for the mentioned information. Please note that it is evaluated based on the opinions from many experts and customers, so the reliability is up to 90%. Hope that this table will help you to make a right decision according to your demand, budget and expectation

Vietnamese ponytail hair extension Chinese ponytail hair extension Indian ponytail hair extension
Origin Native mountainous women Imported from India, Laos, Campuchia… Temple hair and mixed hair
Quality 9/10 6/10 5/10
Price 8/10 8/10 8/10
Recommendation Optimal choice for customers focusing on high-quality extensions at the most reasonable price Suitable for consumers who want to import sufficient quantity hair at cheap price Suitable for consumers with low budget and have no demand on quality

7/ Top best wholesales ponytail hair extension worldwide

Here are top ponytail hair extension hair factories that are reliable and trustworthy. We highly recommend it to you. Each wholesale hair factory will be introduced carefully with all the general information you need.

7.1/ K-hair – Top leading ponytail hair extension factory in Vietnam

Founded in the 1990s, K- Hair Factory is proud to be one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam. The factory commits to provide ponytail hair extensions and other products which are identically high-quality.

K-Hair Factory Vietnam, with more than 20 years of experience in the hair business, is affirming its position as the leading hair supplier in Vietnam and quickly establishing a foothold in the global hair market. Hitherto, K-Hair Vietnam has been registered as the most trustworthy hair distributor in many countries from Africa to Europe,… with more than 1500 loyal hair vendors worldwide.



K-hair – Top leading ponytail hair extension factory in Vietnam

7.2/ Kabeilu – Top ponytail hair extension factory in China

With 13 years experience, Kabeilu has implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each ponytail hair extension can meet quality requirements of customers. Kabeily maintain a sizeable stock of standard products for immediate dispatch and delivery,normally packages shipped out within 24hours

They also provide free design label, tags, and satin bags services, and drop shipping to help customers start up business easily.

7.3/ Jaipur – Top ponytail hair extension factory in India

Jaipur is one of the largest direct Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions, Remy machine weft, Lace closures, Lace front wigs manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and global distributors of premium Virgin Indian human hair. 

With more than 20 years Industry experience Jaipur can offer you direct access to the finest quality ponytail hair extensions, collected from Indian temples.

7.4/ Indian Mermaid Hair Extension – Top ponytail hair extension factory in India 

Indian Mermaid Hair Extension is an established hair extension factory from India. They source hair directly from Indian Temples and weave them as premium quality wefts in their factory. 

Indian Mermaid Hair Extension offers premium quality in various types of human hair extensions such as closures, frontals, wigs …, especially ponytail hair extensions. Their products will be sold at a relatively competitive price. As the factories almost do wholesale transaction, Indian Mermaid Hair Extension don’t accept payment through paypal. Instead, you should bankstransfer or transferwise if you want to purchase ponytail hair extensions from their factories.

8/ FAQ about ponytail hair extension


FAQ about ponytail hair extension

  • Can I wash my ponytail hair extension?

Washing and taking care of your ponytail hair extensions will help to lengthen their lifespan.We recommend washing it only when it is needed. Whenever you wash your hair extensions, its natural oils are removed, which increases the risk of hair damages, affecting the durability and silkness of your ponytail hair extension.

  • Can I colour, cut and style my ponytail hair extensions?

Of course you can. Qualified ponytail hair extensions made of virgin or remy hair can be treated in the same way you treat your natural hair. Remember to treat and care for your ponytail hair extension properly.

  • How long should my ponytail hair extensions be?

In fact, the common length of ponytail hair extensions range from 16 inch to 24 inch. Therefore, you should consider carefully based on your hair texture, your budget and your demand.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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