Best 2024 Hair Color Trends with Top 6 Must-Try Ideas

2024 hair color trends
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2024 is coming! With the “new year new hair new me” spirit, we’re giving the top 6 best must-try 2024 hair color trends for you. Changing your hair color is a signature way to welcome the new year with the wish that many good new things will come. Please stay tuned to discover the best choices recommended by the top hair stylists and beauty specialists as well as “trend creators”!


2024 hair color trends

1. Overview of 2024 hair color trends

2023 favorite hair colors are almost all about the warm tones. 2024 will be the year of both those subtle and upgraded tones. It’s predicted to be the time of high-fashion colors as well as those which are low-maintenance but fancy.

In general, 2024 is the year of red & copper, brunette, blonde and fun mixes like piano or balayage. Based on these basic tones, you can think of a variety of creative specific colors. Here are the top 6 must-tries you need to look through.

2. Brownie red – Queen of all hair color trends 2024

Brownie red is the amazing combination of brown and red tones. The brown helps to tone the red down and give a warm vibe. Fun part about brownie red is that you can adjust the level of brownish you want to add to the red, and then you’ll literally get one of a kind new color, among the hair color 2024 trends.

Not to mention the trend, brownie red is really the color that flatters your skin tones well. You can see a lot of celebrities embracing their beauty with this hair color. Some of those redhead ones are Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Lana Del Rey and Emma Stone, etc.


Brownie red – Queen of all hair color trends 2024

3. Buttercream blonde – Flawless 2024 hair color trends

The flawless buttercream blonde is really the dream of every girl as this color is not easy to be perfectly done. Unless you already have a blonde base, you’ll need a well-done bleaching and dyeing to achieve this dreamy blonde tone. Getting this hair color for 2024 will definitely make you shine!

Buttercream blonde is the favorite color of light skin tone. It gives a sweet vibe that attracts everyone. Here are the muses of this milky color: Anne Hathaway, Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa and Anya Taylor-Joy, etc.


Buttercream blonde – Flawless 2024 hair color trends

4. Expensive brunette – High-fashion 2024 hair color trends

What is the expensive brunette color? It’s a shiny brunette which brings high-fashion vibes. You can go with cold, deep brunettes or add some balayage effects/subtle highlights to the hair. This color can be called old but good, the ideal choice of all time.

Expensive brunette goes well with any skin tone and any fashion style. It’s the final piece that makes your look complete and shapes the style. Your inspirations can be Hailey Bieber, Jenna Ortega, Gabbi Garcia, Dakota Johnson and Sofia Richie, etc.


Expensive brunette – High-fashion 2024 hair color trends

5. Golden copper – Creamy dreamy 2024 hair color trends

According to hair stylists, copper hair color is one of the most popular choices and hair color trends for 2024 as girls love the unique tone of “a less-vivid red hue with golden undertones like bronze and gold”. With a mix of orangish, yellowish and golden base, the golden copper gives a warm and sweet look.

Golden copper in 2024 will even receive more love from women. You will see the blooming of voluminous wavy copper hair styles. Role models for this are Kendall Jenner, Megan Fox, Anitta and Sadie Sink, etc.


Golden copper – Creamy dreamy 2024 hair color trends

6. Baby balayage – Sweet 2024 hair color trends

Balayage has been the queen of hair color choices through recent years. For 2024, the baby balayage will be the hot trend for sure. The babylights balayage technique is loved for the elegant tiny light hairlines with a gradient effect of soft to bold light to the hair ends.

Baby balayage enables you to maximize your creativity to mix any tones to have such a sweet hair color. Baby balayage with creamy blonde, brown or copper is top-notch. You can set some celebrities with this hairstyle as inspirations: Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Margot Robbie and Haley Kalil, etc.


Baby balayage – Sweet 2024 hair color trends

7. Midnight black – Bold 2024 hair color trends

Guess what is coming back to the trend!! Midnight black is among the hair color trends 2024 for sure! What else can give such bold mysterious vibes? Nothing other than the midnight black tone! This hair color can go well with both curls and straight styles, so you can also add any make-up trends that you like.

With such black hair and bold style, you’ll feel empowered and elegant at the same time. Here are some of the celebrities that nail it with this hair color choice: Billie Eilish, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Jennie and Camila Cabello, etc.


Midnight black – Bold 2024 hair color trends

These are the top 6 of 2024 hair color trends. We hope that you’ve got ideas and inspirations for your next hair colors for 2024. Let’s color up to welcome a colorful year! And don’t forget to follow K-Hair for more trending news.

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