Nowadays, the images of hair extensions not only exist on red carpet but also in everyday life. The extensions have pushed the hair trade up. People want long hair, sometimes disposable, with many colors and textures. Some people are not curious where the hair they are wearing comes from, however, still others want to track its origin. 

According to data of, in 2019, India is the top 2 hair export countries with the export value at about 19 million US dollars. There must be reasons that Indian hair factories can gain such incredible figure.  Therefor, this report specifies the in deep truths of hair business in India via reviewing top best Indian hair factories. The top 5 Indian hair factories  stated in this report are the main human hair exporters to all over the world. 

1. Overview of Indian hair 

Statistics of the value of hair exported in 2019, India received the figure of 19 million US dollars, just followed after Hong Kong. The main markets that Indian hair factories aim to are: the USA, China, Myanmar and  Cambodia. 

Report of hair export countries in 2019 of

Countries import Indian hair

Though hair weaves can transform the way you look, there’s something uncanny when wearing the hair from other people. So let’s look through the real places that Indian hair factories collect the hair. 

1.1. Origin of Indian hair

There are 2 directions to track the source of Indian hair: North India, New Delhi and South India, the city Chennai, surrounded by a lot of the old temples and pagodas. North Indian hair is  influenced by Western culture, the hair is dyed and processed. It is also the cheapest type of human hair, collected from hair salon floors, hairbrushes and drains. Meanwhile, Southern Indian hair is  ethically collected at temples and pagodas.


Shaving head to sacrifice the hair to the Gods in India

Indian women sacrifice their hair to the God to bring good luck. “My husband is drinking and my children is doing badly in their studies. I want these problems to be overcome”, said by an Indian woman going to temples to shave her head. It is an easy revenue source for the temples, bringing more than 7 million dollars per year (stated by Refine29). Temple hair is the main source for top best Indian hair factories as well. 

1.2. Advantages of buying Indian hair

There are 2 main good points to buy hair from India: Constant hair source goes along with Cheap price.

1.2.1. Abundant hair source- collected from pagodas across India 

With the belief on luckiness, happiness and success, which can reach to by shaving their head to God, women in India supplies about 500 tons per year to the hair sellers. Indian hair factories haven’t met difficult situation of lacking hair source until Covid-19 occurs. This pandemic prevents Indian hair factories to collect hair as usual, especially when India fails to restrict the spread of the disease. 


The hair is collected across the whole country

1.2.2. Crazy cheap price- an attractive factor of Indian hair factories 

Thanks to the abundant domestic hair, Indian hair factories can offer the cheap price for their customers. Price list is from 5 or 6 US dollars per bundle for 8 inches weft straight hair. One more thing need to be clarified, with the hair is from mixed source, quality is not assured and the price can not be higher. 


A worker with simple tools at an Indian factory

1.3. Disadvantages of buying hair from India

Beside attractive factors that Indian hair factories offer, there are some dark secrets of such hair industry.

1.3.1. Bad quality hair- due to mixed hair source 

When collecting hair from a hundred or even thousand women in areas, quality is the impossible thing to control. Plastic, mixed with fallen hair, which can be burnt when you straighten the hair at high temperature. The hair is detangled, processed with chemicals, coat with silicon and sometimes mixed with synthetic and animal hair. While it’s ok with some users, it’s less than a higher quality, elusive hair. Besides, passing off virgin hair as remy hair is the tactic of hair dealers. 

1.3.2. Short durability due to low-tech factories- the unexpected consequence of customers

Most of the hair factories in India apply handmade process for production. The machines are just simple tools to clarify hair direction and stretch every piece of hair into the long ones. In general, they can not make the hair perfectly due to bad hair source. Though most of Indian hair maybe favorable with the ones only need hair to use at one time, if you are looking for longer durability, you should search for prestigious and trustworthy factories from India or Vietnam.  


Inside a hair factory in India

2. Comparison of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

Different characteristics of climate, lifestyle and technology lead to the differences between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair.

2.1. Origin of Vietnamese hair


Hair origin in Vietnam and India

Vietnamese hair

Indian hair

Vietnamese women, especially in cold mountainous areas, where the sunlight merely affect the hair.  Indian women, the ones who go to temple to shave their head to wish for good things. 

2.2. Vietnamese hair- the high quality hair source for extension

Tracking hair origin  is the importance first step of hair production. Have you ever wondered why Vietnamese hair and Indian hair can be distinguished through a look? Here is the answer:


Wavy hair of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

Vietnamese hair

Indian hair

Virgin hair from donors Remy hair, collected from thousands women.
Silky, soft hair

No mixed, no tangle, no shedding hair

Mixed hair

Tangle and shedding hair

2.3. Prices worth money when buying Vietnamese hair

For some people, matching specific textures and  colors is worth paying top dollar for. 


Difference in price and textures of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

Vietnamese hair

Indian hair

Price starts from 8 or 9  US dollars per bundle. Price starts from 5 or 6 US dollars per bundle
Durability normally up to 5 years, can be 10 years thanks to good maintenance. Durability usually from 1 to 3 years

3. Top 5 best Indian hair factories

Finally, we can name the best hair manufacturers and find the most appropriate supplier for your own brand.

3.1. K-Hair factory – the leading hair supplier in Indian market

K-Hair was founded in 1992. With 30 years in hair business, K-Hair now is the biggest hair factory of India market and export all over the world. 


Workers at K-Hair factory

With the variety of hairstyles and colors, K-Hair confidently supplies high quality hair with the most reasonable price, only from 8.6 USD per bundle. Hair products include: weft hair, frontal, closure, raw hair, colored slice, tip, tape, clip-in. K-Hair also customizes for the other styles and colors. 

Click in to watch feedback of K-Hair: K-Hair feedback

Click in to contact K-Hair: K-Hair 24/7

3.2. Jaipur Hair- a cheap Indian hair supplier

Jaipur Hair is the big hair factory in India. With 500 loyal customers all over the world, Jaipur Hair is the good choice to choose hair extension. Main product is natural black straight weft hair with affordable price from 6 USD/bundle.

Click in to contact Jaipur Hair: Jaipur Hair

3.3. Indian Human Hair Extension

Indian Human Hair Extension is one of the eldest factory in India. The prices are quite reasonable for some customers. The catalog is full of textures and feedback is quite good.

Click in to contact Indian Human Hair Extension: Indian Human Hair Extension

3.4. Raw Indian Hair Wholesaler

Raw Indian Hair Wholesaler is the start up company in hair business. Customer services are good with  friendly and polite staffs. The price is higher than the average, from 9 USD/bundle, however, it’s still worth a try.


Click in to contact Raw Indian Hair Wholesaler: Raw Indian Hair Wholesaler

3.5. Sri Kumaran Hair

Sri Kumaran Hair is the new name with hair experts and hair lovers. Though being the new face in hair industry, Sri Kumaran Hair still be the potential of top best Indian hair factories.


Deep Wavy hair

Click in to contact Sri Kumaran Hair: Sri Kumaran Hair

4. Conclusion- how to choose the best Indian hair manufacturer?

Here above is the list of Top 5 hair factories in India. The keys to choose the appropriate hair supplier are: 

  • Most reasonable price: Cheap things ain’t good and good things ain’t cheap. 
  • Quality is king: Let make a wise investment with every decision
  • Target audience: Determine customers with every type of hair and the suitable prices.


Though most business are going down due to the heavy effect of Covid-19, hair extension is still the flourishing and potential niche with whom can grab the chances. Choosing Top best Indian hair factories is also a wise choice to make money and expend your business. Let make the cooperation with win-win roles and experience the good products and professional services from your suppliers. 


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