Top 5 Most Famous Hairstylists In The World (2023 Updated)

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Celebrities and models are a great source of inspiration when it comes to styling. That’s why we love them so much. We can easily spend hours and hours scrolling through your Pinterest or reading articles after articles just to look for their newest look on the carpet. But who is behind those looks that we love so much? Who is the hand that has created such iconic hairstyles that left us mesmerized? The hairstylists of course! With that being said, let’s take a look at the most famous hairstylists in the world and see which faces have changed fashion history.  

These are all amazing people and amazing sources of inspiration for many people out there who are on the path of building their style. They are definitely worth your attention, so go and show them the loves that they deserve. 

1. Hiro Haraguchi – Japanese Most Famous Hairstylists

Hiro Haraguchi is considered one of the top ten hairstylists in the world by The Richest. He has been working with celebrities such as Vera Wang and Lisa Kudrow, taking care of the styling and hair care products. Hiro Haraguchi’s pride lay in his ability to create a comprehensive personal look for each of his clients. To him, each client is unique, therefore no hairstyle will be completely the same. 

He began his career in Japan and now works out of a salon in New York City. His passion has made him into one of the world’s most well-known hair stylists of today, and it will surely help him keep his place in the list. 


Hiro Haraguchi – Japanese Most Famous Hairstylists

2. Tracey Cunningham – Globally Famous Hairstylists

You can find Tracey Cunningham at her base in Beverly Hills in California. The shop is called Byron & Tracey and is located at 9294 Civic Center Drive in Beverly Hills. It’s her pride, as well as a place for her to transform her passion for hair into action and create such beautiful hairstyles. Her famous clients include Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Emma Stone, and many others.

While you might not get yourself a haircut at her salon, you can still follow her on her social media for inspirational posts about hair and hairstyling. If you’re looking for new ideas to try and change your hair, definitely check her out. 


Tracey Cunningham – Globally Famous Hairstylists

3. Andy LeCompte – Inspirational Famous Hairstylists

You can find Andy LeCompte at his shop called the Andy LeCompte Salon. It is located at 616 North Almont Drive in Los Angeles. He got a quite impressive portfolio with a list of globally famous celebrities such as Madonna, Katie Holmes, Megan Fox, and Demi Moore as his clients. Penelope Cruz is full of passion. He loves what he is doing and he is unafraid to show it through the way he takes care of his client’s hair. 

If you’re a sucker for beautiful hairstyles, then go and check him out on social media. You’re gonna love this guy. 


Andy LeCompte – Inspirational Famous Hairstylists

4. Marie Robinson – Famous Hairstylists Behind The Hollywood Most Mesmerizing Looks

Marie Robinson is an amazing hairstylist and the owner of the Marie Robinson Salon. Her salon is located on the fourth floor at 155 Fifth Avenue in New York. She has been working with celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart, Heather Graham, and many other globally famous names as well. Her creations can be seen in movies and celebrities such as Naomi Watts of The Impossible and Marisa Tomei of My Cousin Vinny, Rachel Weisz, and Anne Hathaway as well. You can also read about top 1 celebrities wearing wigs here.

She puts her creativity into her works and turns them into a work of art. Her hair designs are just so fitting and mesmerizing that we can’t get enough of them. 


Marie Robinson – Famous Hairstylists Behind The Hollywood Most Mesmerizing Looks

5. Oribe – Most Well-known Famous Hairstylists

Perhaps one of the most iconic beacons in the hair beauty community is Oribe. He is the hands behind some of the most beautiful hairstyles on the silver screen. His client list includes many globally famous names such as Scarlett Johansson Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz, January Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Mila Kunis. Superstar singers Rihanna and Britney Spears are also regular clients of his salon located at 1627 Euclid Avenue in Miami Beach.

He is a great inspirational source for any fashionista out there. Although he has passed away, his passion that has shown through his creations will become his ever-living legacy. 


Oribe – Top Most Famous Hairstylists

So now that you’ve known about some of the most famous hairstylists on the planet, why don’t you check out other amazing hairstylists that you can follow on social media too? Our post on Best Instagram Hairstylists That You Can Follow 2021 and Best Female Hairstylists To Follow For Hair Trends 2021 can help you with that. The hairstylists that are featured in these lists are all amazingly talented people that deserve more recognition. Go and check them out for more inspiration and new ideas on how to change your hairstyle.

And if you feel inspired enough to want to up your hairstyling game, check out amazing ombre, wavy, or raw bulk hair extensions. For even more fun ways to style your hair and other hair-related topics, you can go here. It will guarantee worth your time. 

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